Invincible Ignorance from the NYT … Again

Sometimes called Aggressive Stupidity by me by baldilocks It would be overly optimistic to expect even a small portion of the staff of the New York Times to be Catholic or Protestant. However, it's even too much to expect any of them to be religiously literate. This happened in the aftermath of the Notre Dame … Continue reading Invincible Ignorance from the NYT … Again

California’s War on Plastic

by baldilocks Shooting blanks as usual; hitting the average Californian. The state has outlawed or restricted single-use plastic bags, plastic drinking straws, and plastic cutlery. Future targets: plastic detergent bottles, unattached caps on plastic bottles, and polystyrene containers (typically used to hold restaurant takeout orders), which more than 100 California cities have already banned. Some … Continue reading California’s War on Plastic

About the Coup Attempt

The biggest -Gate yet by baldilocks Worse than Watergate, indeed.  In 1972, Republicans were caught using former CIA operatives to spy on their political rivals. In 2016, Democrats have now been caught using active FBI and senior Department of Justice employees to spy on President Trump. It is no longer debatable whether or not it happened, because A. G. … Continue reading About the Coup Attempt

When Socialists Smarter Than AOC Come Along

by baldilocks It's one of those days in which I waited too late to pick out a writing topic. Therefore, I invite you to read this. It's a good summation of the AOC phenomenon, if a pessimistic one. The true moment when the game was up and Ocasio-Cortez was reduced to a footnote in history … Continue reading When Socialists Smarter Than AOC Come Along

Black Americans, Freedom, and Gratitude

by baldilocks Originally posted in 2012 at my old blog. Slightly edited. Consider it a glancing commentary on reparations for the descendants of American slavery. Short version: I'm against it. All debts in the matter are paid. Recently, I had a misunderstanding with a Facebook friend about a comment I left on her page.  My … Continue reading Black Americans, Freedom, and Gratitude

The US Congress is a Den of Iniquity

And you pay for the party by baldilocks For years, people have repeatedly suggested that I run for office, specifically, for the House; this was especially so when I lived in Maxine Waters’ district. I refused because I didn’t want my personal life and people involved in my personal life to become public spectacles, but … Continue reading The US Congress is a Den of Iniquity

Not Russia and Not Trump

by baldilocks We knew that Hillary Clinton’s server situation was really, really bad. Intentionally, bad. Mind-blowingly bad. How bad was it? The watchdog group Judicial Watch is suing the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) to produce records detailing the FBI response to warnings that a foreign power has comprised then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s … Continue reading Not Russia and Not Trump

Two Guys Don’t Get Prosecuted

by baldilocks People seem puzzled when some public figure asserts a thing to be true when it's patently false -- the way Jussie Smollett is doing right now, in the aftermath of the state attorney’s refusal to prosecute him for the 16 charges related to his hate crime hoax. I have been truthful and consistent … Continue reading Two Guys Don’t Get Prosecuted

Lost on Double-Think Road

by baldilocks At The Federalist, observations of a late-stage in the pathology called postmodernist thinking. For most of my life, outrageous humor was popular and lucrative, and those (mostly conservative Christians) who condemned it as obscene and degrading were dismissed as boring Puritans who hated fun. Transgression and irreverence were cool; the president using an … Continue reading Lost on Double-Think Road

The Brains of Your Children on Socialism

by baldilocks Roger L. Simon: Amidst the welter of good and bad news we are assaulted with every day, by far the most dangerous long-term are the new polls showing America's youth tilting significantly toward socialism. Not surprisingly, these same young people haven't the slightest idea of what socialism really is, its history or what it … Continue reading The Brains of Your Children on Socialism

Something to Look Forward To

by baldilocks No, Minnesota! You can't get away! Matt Vespa: For Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN), she’s embroiled her whole party with an anti-Semitism fiasco that isn’t going away. It’s not her first time either. It’s pervasive. It’s repetitive. It brings forward legitimate allegations that she’s an anti-Semite. She said in 2012, that Israel is hypnotizing … Continue reading Something to Look Forward To

Our Betters Get Busted

by baldilocks Down goes the credentialing system!  Two famous actresses made headlines Tuesday after they were charged in a massive college admissions cheating scheme. But Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin were just two of 50 people who were implicated in the scandal. Prosecutors accused more than 30 rich parents — including company executives, a professor, a … Continue reading Our Betters Get Busted

On Refusing to Let Others Pull Your Strings

by baldilocks Randall Kennedy: A student read a sentence in class from James Baldwin’s The Fire Next Time: "You can only be destroyed by believing that you really are what the white world calls a ni**er. [edited for DTGB sensibilities throughout]" Airing the N-word caused a commotion. The professor leading the class, Philip Adamo, asked the students … Continue reading On Refusing to Let Others Pull Your Strings

New Mexico Gun Battle Only Metaphorical For Now

Keep an eye on the long game  by baldilocks Because the majority of the American side of my family lives in New Mexico, I have been keeping a close eye on the state legislature’s gun-grab and the statewide push-back, led by the county sheriffs. From Reason Magazine: New Mexico is the battleground for the latest … Continue reading New Mexico Gun Battle Only Metaphorical For Now

Into Africa

by baldilocks The New Colonialism's tentacles are well in place. As part of the trillion-dollar international development strategy, the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), Chinese companies have been instrumental in providing artificial intelligence and facial recognition systems to African governments. In 18 out of the 65 countries assessed by Freedom house, Chinese companies including CloudWalk, Hikvision, and … Continue reading Into Africa