Liberalism Explained

Why is it so difficult to talk with liberals? Liberals tend to feel more than think. They feel others' pain. But they don't feel conservatives' pain. A college classmate recently posted a photo of a Nazi flag next to an American one as an example of her growing concern about hate in the United States … Continue reading Liberalism Explained

Politics and Football

Against the backdrop of the increasing politicization of football, the sports journos and announcers have failed to note some important issues during the national championship series. The game between Alabama and Washington was played in the Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl, the conservative company liberals love to hate. The company’s leadership donated money to oppose same-sex marriage … Continue reading Politics and Football

What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger

A former student of mine decided he needed to send a thank you letter to a man who fired him. The purpose was to tell the supervisor that the dismissal was an important experience that made him reflect on what he was doing wrong and how he could improve himself. I decided to eliminate the … Continue reading What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger

Memories of Syria

Syria was always one of my favorite places in the world—an amazing mix of ancient sites that even despots couldn't destroy until now. When I worked for Newsweek and ABC News in the Middle East in the 1970s and 1980s, I spent many days there. It was difficult to report in the police state of … Continue reading Memories of Syria

No Student Loan Bailout!

A student loan bailout is a dreadful idea--one that would cost taxpayers billions of dollars. An estimated 5.3 million people are enrolled in repayment plans, with about $353 billion in outstanding student loans, according to the General Accounting Office. The GAO estimates that $215 billion, or only 61 percent of the debt, will be paid in … Continue reading No Student Loan Bailout!

‘Hate’ and Hypocrisy

Two recent events in Philadelphia underline the hypocrisy of the attacks against Donald Trump as a racist. Only two days after the election, a local news website carried this headline: "Racist and pro-Trump graffiti appears in South Philly following election." The article in described graffiti on cars: "One of the damaged cars was a … Continue reading ‘Hate’ and Hypocrisy

Give Homeschoolers a Break

Amid talk of vouchers and charter schools, the Trump administration should consider significant tax breaks for homeschoolers. The reasons for homeschooling vary. Some parents want to emphasize a religious education for their children. Others want to avoid the left-leaning indoctrination of public schools. Still others face inadequate or unsafe schools. According to the National Home … Continue reading Give Homeschoolers a Break

The Devil’s in the Details for the GOP

The election results pose some significant challenges for the GOP since the Trump revolution may not have been as far-reaching as many would like to believe. Donald Trump did not make significant gains nationally, earning only a few more votes than the Republican candidates in the past three campaigns, as Mark Levin has pointed out. … Continue reading The Devil’s in the Details for the GOP

The Supreme Court Agenda

Two words: Supreme Court. That’s why many people voted for Donald Trump. Trump should have the opportunity to replace at least three justices on the court over the next four years, including the Scalia vacancy, possibly the irritating Darth Vader Ginsburg and the wobbly Anthony Kennedy. It’s conceivable that liberal Stephen Breyer might call it … Continue reading The Supreme Court Agenda

Pennsylvania Dreamin’

Anyone who thinks Pennsylvania is a safe state for Hillary Clinton is dead wrong. Even though the Keystone State hasn’t gone for a Republican presidential candidate since 1988, Donald Trump knows that winning Pennsylvania is critical to his bid for the White House. That’s why he and his surrogates have spent a great deal of … Continue reading Pennsylvania Dreamin’

Hillary’s Hidden Past

As allegedly the most qualified individual ever to run for the White House, Hillary Clinton has chosen to hide one of her longest gigs from her curriculum vitae: her 15 years as an attorney at Rose Law First in Little Rock, Arkansas. While she touts her much shorter terms as a U.S. senator and U.S. … Continue reading Hillary’s Hidden Past

Philadelphia: Democrat Corruption At A Glance

Philadelphia is becoming one of the most corrupt cities in the nation, owing mainly to Democrat control. Just before the city hosted this year’s Democrat National Convention, longtime congressman Chaka Fattah and his son were convicted of corruption. Just after the convention, a slew of Democrat officials faced a variety of state and federal investigations. … Continue reading Philadelphia: Democrat Corruption At A Glance

New York Times v. Trump

The New York Times’ decision to draw a line in the sand against Donald Trump’s threat to file a libel suit may come back to haunt the news organization. The issue involves a story about two women who allege that the presidential candidate groped or kissed them without their consent. In a letter asking for … Continue reading New York Times v. Trump

To Russia Without Love

What Donald Trump said about women is indefensible. What Hillary Clinton has done is even more indefensible. Take her time, for example, as secretary of state. Clinton had one major accomplishment during her tenure: she traveled a lot. As Foreign Affairs put it when Clinton stepped down in 2013, "She leaves office without a signature … Continue reading To Russia Without Love

A Chinese Fire Drill

For the United States to have an effective policy with China, Americans have to stop buying iPhones. Or Apple has to move some of its production facilities from China. And a whole lot more. The trade imbalance between the two countries is so out of whack, amounting to a deficit of more than $300 billion a … Continue reading A Chinese Fire Drill