Go ahead and Kiss The Girl, if you dare

I lived in beautiful Princeton, NJ, for almost exactly a quarter of a century. Except for frequently auditing classes and regularly attending lectures and concerts, I was not connected to the University, so I missed most of the politically correct angst going on on campus. PC angst did, however, echo through the town (most of … Continue reading Go ahead and Kiss The Girl, if you dare

#GrabThemByTheBallot: Libs drop trou . . . again

Lady Godiva rode her horse through town in the buff some 800 years ago, and ever since, exhibitionist women have been taking it off for a cause, even when no one is going to name a brand of chocolates after them. The latest are the #GrabThemByTheBallot women, who I suppose mean to attract Pres. Trump's … Continue reading #GrabThemByTheBallot: Libs drop trou . . . again


I've been away from politics for several months while recovering from appendicitis, peritonitis and ileus, a horrible experience. I have grown bored of Latin America’s permanent, ongoing dumpster fires (Mexico, Venezuela, etc.) and loathe the current political atmosphere here in the USA. While I was recovering I simply could not be bothered to pay attention, … Continue reading Ashamed

Venezuela’s upcoming travesty has been rescheduled

Venezuela is holding a general election this year. Yes, the most miserable country on Earth is again going to pretend it is a democracy. How miserable?, you may ask. Let Johns Hopkins economist Steve Hanke tell you, Venezuela holds the inglorious tile of the most miserable country in 2017, as it did in both 2016 and … Continue reading Venezuela’s upcoming travesty has been rescheduled

Let’s hear it for The Curling Dads

The Winter Olympics came and went, and it was full of ads. I tried watching, but as far as I could see the coverage was a ratio of 1:1:2. For every minute of actual sports, you were subject to one minute of athletes' sappy personal stories, and two minutes of commercials. Then there were the … Continue reading Let’s hear it for The Curling Dads

Justin Trudeau dresses up for Bride and Prejudice

When Justin Trudeau decided to go to India, he must have tried to kill two birds with one shot, and dress up like Mr. Darcy in Bride and Prejudice: You could say that Justin vaguely resembles Martin Henderson, who played Mr. Darcy in the 2004 film. Trudeau has one of those faces: He also resembles … Continue reading Justin Trudeau dresses up for Bride and Prejudice

Billy Graham, RIP

Billy Graham has died, age 99. He was one of the most influential people of our time: In his career as an evangelist, Graham preached to more than 210 million people in more than 185 countries and territories. Indefatigable, he wrote a syndicated newspaper column and dozens of best-selling books, had a radio show, and … Continue reading Billy Graham, RIP

Venezuela’s man-made disaster rolls along

Anthony Faiola reports that Venezuela’s economy is so bad, parents are leaving their children at orphanages in the hope that the children won't starve. The latest WSJ headline: Venezuela’s Misery Fuels Migration on Epic Scale Hundreds of thousands of Venezuelans are fleeing their country’s misery and pouring across borders into nearby countries, particularly Colombia, creating … Continue reading Venezuela’s man-made disaster rolls along

All in a (Valentine’s) Day work

It's Ash Wednesday and Valentine's Day, giving you a unique opportunity to simultaneously atone and celebrate if you have a significant other, or just atone. Among the gloomy Libs, "celebrating" Valentine's Day with the Vagina Monologues was a "thing" for a while. Now the Vagina Monologues is canceled due to inclusivity issues, since apparently the … Continue reading All in a (Valentine’s) Day work

Cuba: Fidel Jr kills himself

Cuban state media announced that Fidel Castro's oldest son, Fidel Castro Díaz-Balart, age 68, a.k.a. Fidelito, ended his life: Castro Díaz-Balart was the only son of Fidel and his first wife, Mirta Díaz-Balart, who were divorced before the Cuban revolution. As a child, he was the subject of a nasty custody battle — with his mother, … Continue reading Cuba: Fidel Jr kills himself

Making the #SOTU great again

"Americans fill the world with art and music. They push the bounds of science and discovery. And they forever remind us of what we should never forget: The people dreamed this country. The people built this country. And it is the people who are making America great again." That was the underlying message of Pres. … Continue reading Making the #SOTU great again

FB dismisses Daniel Greenfield as spam

A couple  of days ago, I shared on Facebook Daniel Greenfield's article, The Imaginary Hispanic. A dozen years ago I pointed out that there is no such thing as Hispanic. There are Peruvians, Puerto Ricans, Paraguayans, Panamanians, and whatnot, However, here in the USA there are a large number of people who are making money … Continue reading FB dismisses Daniel Greenfield as spam

The news, and the dregs

news: information reported Here are some news you might have missed: As JD reported, jobless claims are at a 45-year low and 164 major companies and rising have given their employees salary raises and bonuses because of the lower tax rates. Apple unveiled plans on Wednesday that would bring back the vast majority of the $252 … Continue reading The news, and the dregs

Booker’s Senatorial Tears

I'm old enough to remember when John Boehner was the only man crying on Capitol Hill. Boehner cried when he got the House gavel. He cried with the Pope. He cried with kids. He even cried with Arnold Palmer, fer cryin' out loud. I was glad he retired. Now the tears are in the Senate. … Continue reading Booker’s Senatorial Tears

Speaking of sh**holes, where were you?

The Trump Era News Cycle is a pattern of 1. Trump tweets or says something, 2. Sh**storm develops over the tweet or the remark, 3. Important international or national developments go ignored. The latest storm is over Trump's remark, “Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?” Just as before, the … Continue reading Speaking of sh**holes, where were you?

Your lyin’ eyes UPDATED

Back in 1950 Akira Kurosawa made Rashomon, IMDB as describes the plot, A heinous crime and its aftermath are recalled from differing points of view. Thus, the Rashomon effect, The Rashomon effect occurs when the same event is given contradictory interpretations by different individuals involved. The effect is named after Akira Kurosawa's 1950 film Rashomon, in which a murder … Continue reading Your lyin’ eyes UPDATED

Fire and Fury is out today: Debunked, bothered and bewildered

Michael Wolff's book, Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House, was released today, amid a bombogenesis of free publicity. Winter storm Grayson's flurries were nothing compared to the controversy. During his short stint, Steve Bannon apparently had Wolff at the White House, blabbing away on everything and anything concerning his employer. Debunked, The NY … Continue reading Fire and Fury is out today: Debunked, bothered and bewildered

Waiting for Snow in Ocala

Florida! The Sunshine State . . . but not this week. Florida temperatures this week are certainly not tropical: As I write this post, it's 37F. "Feels like 30," says Weather.com. The UV Index is 0 out of 10 due to the pouring rain. Yesterday they had snow in Titusville, south of where I live. … Continue reading Waiting for Snow in Ocala

OK, so I’m worse than Melania

Newsweek's Monday headline blared out, MELANIA TRUMP ORDERS REMOVAL OF NEAR-200-YEAR-OLD TREE FROM WHITE HOUSE. Not just any old tree, but the tree that Andrew Jackson brought some 200 years ago from Tennessee for his wife. Notice Melania's sideways glance, Melania Trump orders removal of the near-200-year-old tree from the White House https://t.co/mkntr7Ytlf pic.twitter.com/Ck8Vj7VXgB — … Continue reading OK, so I’m worse than Melania

Embassies in Jerusalem: Why Guatemala?

On Sunday, Guatemala's President announced plans to move its embassy to Jerusalem. Guatemala follows US in planning Israel embassy move Guatemala, along with 12 other countries, had their embassies in Jerusalem until 1980, when they moved them to Tel Aviv after Israel annexed East Jerusalem, in a move not recognised internationally. All other countries still … Continue reading Embassies in Jerusalem: Why Guatemala?