As Mercury Is Close To The Bering Sea

Twenty-two years ago, popular music was drenched in and defined by alternative rock. Although grunge was reeling from Kurt Cobain’s suicide the previous year, artists spanning the alt world - Live, Alanis Morrisette, The Smashing Pumpkins, Alice In Chains - all had number one albums. Even as mainstream artists such as Hootie and the Blowfish … Continue reading As Mercury Is Close To The Bering Sea

The Greatest Lost Metal Band Of All Time

Some years back, alt rock cult favorite Wilco released a song titled “The Late Greats.” It paid homage to a set of fictitious artists, all creators of tremendous albeit unknown musical achievements. The 77s did a cover version of the song that is vastly superior to the original: There are many real life bands and … Continue reading The Greatest Lost Metal Band Of All Time

Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid

One of the few advantages growing older brings is experience. Experience is routinely discounted by those who have none, sometimes overrated by those who incorrectly perceive themselves as having some, and best recognized by its fruits, ofttimes borne by its faithful sidekick patience. There’s a reason why Scripture tells us love is patient and kind. … Continue reading Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid

Don’t Lose Heart (An Open Letter to Sister Toldjah)

ST: Hope you don’t mind me saying all this in public. Speaking of which, best I introduce you to folk who, to their loss, aren’t aware of you and your work. ST (short for pen name Sister Toldjah) is a lady of the South; North Carolina to be precise. She was blogging about politics long … Continue reading Don’t Lose Heart (An Open Letter to Sister Toldjah)

Blood and Roses

Two days after the event, I’m still having incredible difficulty processing the thought that Smithereens lead vocalist/songwriter/guitarist Pat DiNizio is gone. DiNizio had been fighting some major health issues for the past several years, but to lose him at 62 seems almost criminal. The Smithereens were never a huge commercial success. They never had an … Continue reading Blood and Roses

In Praise Of The Unappreciated

In most every area of life, there’s a seeming perpetual second fiddle; someone or something that while garnering a certain amount of acclaim is always viewed as the poor man’s version of whoever, or whatever, is the high profile high roller. This happens a lot in music, where an artist in a given genre no … Continue reading In Praise Of The Unappreciated

Nikki Edgar’s Thanksgiving Gift To Us All

Namely, pop music that doesn’t suck. Nikki Edgar, née Nikki Leoni who released a few contemporary Christian albums back in the day, has just put out her first solo album in quite some time and first under her married name. Heartache Easy is ... well, it’s so good it’s almost ridiculous. Presently, pop music is … Continue reading Nikki Edgar’s Thanksgiving Gift To Us All

Lord Of The Past

Lord of the here and now 
Lord of the come what may 
I want to believe somehow 
That You can heal these wounds of yesterday 
So now I'm asking You 
To do what You want to do 
Be the Lord of my past Oh how I want You to Be the Lord of the past … Continue reading Lord Of The Past

Gord The Polar Bear

Indulge me as I take a brief trip down memory lane. I started blogging in 2003, at the time focusing on NASCAR although often chasing down rabbit holes and/or digressing. In May of 2005, for reasons I don't recall I created a character to occasionally show up in the blog. Specifically, a polar bear named … Continue reading Gord The Polar Bear

Sin City Is Getting A Whole Lot Hotter (And Why That’s A Good Thing)

I have an online friend named Alison. Alison is smart, witty, and quite attractive. Unfortunately, Alison is also dealing with a pancreas from hell, this manifesting itself in numerous hospitalizations including one at the present time. Prayers for her healing are requested. Alison recently moved to Las Vegas. No, not because she wants to be … Continue reading Sin City Is Getting A Whole Lot Hotter (And Why That’s A Good Thing)

You’re Nice, Therefore It’s All Your Fault

Once upon a time, I mused on my blog about the quiet force of nature known as The Nice Guy™. You doubtless know one; the guy who’s spoken of highly by all who know him yet remains strangely solo in a duet world. Why is that, one wonders. Could it be that far too many … Continue reading You’re Nice, Therefore It’s All Your Fault

Crazy Voices

Get out of here You crazy voice You’re the devil Not my Father Or some evil Flesh desire Let me be I am free Back in the dim and distant past known as last year, upon its rerelease yours truly wrote a review of contemporary Christian music pioneer Oden Fong’s 1979 classic record Come For … Continue reading Crazy Voices

Why You Should Love Hockey Even If You Hate Sports

Although I am a California man, I love hockey and have ever since I was a kid, transistor radio hidden beneath my pillow so I could listen to California Golden Seals game. I was devastated when during my high school years the Seals first moved to Cleveland and then “merged with” (translation: disappeared into) the … Continue reading Why You Should Love Hockey Even If You Hate Sports

Couldn’t Be Done

Given the omnipresent heaviness of current news around the world, with natural disasters and threatened man made ones on all sides, thought it best to take a moment and breathe. The NFL seems hellbent on self-destruction, what wth continued permitted player protests during the National Anthem plus a deadly inability to address CTE. You’d think … Continue reading Couldn’t Be Done