Make America Nuclear Again

Plenty of controversy is swirling about the Green New Deal. While I view the upcoming vote as a pure shame measure by Republicans, I think they also are missing an opportunity for nuclear energy deregulation. I watched with sadness as the Fort Calhoun nuclear plant in Omaha, Nebraska closed, the victim of yet another overreach … Continue reading Make America Nuclear Again

Trump, again, makes the right call on the INF treaty

I've had lots of comments and questions on the INF treaty, especially given my last post on it. I've had to wait a week for others to catch up and start reporting what has been obvious to me for a while: that Russia can't engage in an arms race, and the INF treaty was a … Continue reading Trump, again, makes the right call on the INF treaty

The INF treaty was a sham

The SSC-8, an INF-Treaty Violator On Friday the United States announced suspension of the Intermediate Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty. A simple Google search would make you believe the sky is falling and soon to be littered with nuclear weapons. I couldn't find a single positive article about the withdrawal. But all is not lost. Let's … Continue reading The INF treaty was a sham

Do we owe our Bishops anything?

After Governor Cuomo celebrated expanding the ways to kill more innocent children, the head of Cuomo's diocese, Bishop Edward Scharfenberger…sent him a letter. A really, really harsh letter…well, actually just a letter. Excommunication? Well, that's too hard legally. Yeah, that's only for people who actually get abortions. Politicians that celebrate such things? Meh. It would … Continue reading Do we owe our Bishops anything?

Are we really interested in Syria?

The DoD recently announced the names of those who died in the suicide attack in Syria. Among them was CTIC Shannon Kent. The two questions I now get are one, Did you know her, and two, Why is the Navy over in Syria? Given her duty stations and our Navy being small, I'm surprised I … Continue reading Are we really interested in Syria?

Why navies aren’t cheap

Navies are expensive. Ships drive through the ocean, a thoroughly corrosive environment. Wooden ships fight off rot, worms and barnacles. Steel ships are no safer, eating constant sacrificial anodes to prevent rust from breaking holes in their hulls. This caustic environment has driven innovations in marine engineering to design and build warships that can survive … Continue reading Why navies aren’t cheap

Recruitment ads and Syria

The average Sailor's age onboard an aircraft carrier is around 22 years old. To say that the military is a young person's game is an understatement. This means that the armed forces around the world spend millions on ads to recruit young people, most of whom they know will only stay 3-5 years in the … Continue reading Recruitment ads and Syria

Those crazy, expensive kids

My 3 kids are not perfect. I've had my share of tantrums, meltdowns, late-night puking and the like. It sometimes causes me to cancel plans. Sometimes in gets in the way of things I want to do. But overall, I'd have to say they are worth the occasional pain. I'm not sure if they are … Continue reading Those crazy, expensive kids

The purpose of city executives

For over a year now, I embarked on a journey to design and build a custom house. I've lived in 10 homes over the past 14 years, all with their own style. That experience gave me a pretty good idea of what kind of house worked for me and my family. I worked with a … Continue reading The purpose of city executives

What wasn’t said about vaccines

I didn't know who Senator Mark Green was until I saw a news article saying he thought vaccines caused autism. So I started looking into his background. Low and behold, he's an actual doctor, and he inserted into Iraq with some of the initial SEAL teams as their medic. He talked about it in a … Continue reading What wasn’t said about vaccines

Questioning NATO

Over this past week, I had the pleasure of participating in the BALTOPS planning conference. I say pleasure literally, because the interactions with all of the participating BALTOPS nations was great. That may come as a surprise to readers, since I've been fairly critical of NATO in the past. Those that know me better know … Continue reading Questioning NATO

The coming schism in the Church

It appears that a no-kidding schism is coming to the Church... Wait, nope, wrong church Probably the most under-reported story right now is the massive spat between the Russian Orthodox Church and the Archbishop of Constantinople, Bartholomew I. The Ukrainian Orthodox Church was originally aligned under the Russian Orthodox Church, which had originally established a … Continue reading The coming schism in the Church

Why the Navy needs sleep

For the three years I worked on a submarine, I never averaged 6 hours of sleep a night. Most nights underway, it was 3-4, occasionally 5. In port, I might make it to 6 hours, depending on how much maintenance my division was performing. At the time, I simply felt like a zombie, but I … Continue reading Why the Navy needs sleep

President Trump, please fix the Pentagon

The midterm elections were a meh: the House went blue, the Senate stayed red, and the media was predictable. The follow-on story that I paid more attention to was the Pentagon failing its first audit. I'm not surprised. As someone who has watched a number of wars come and (not) go, spending has been all … Continue reading President Trump, please fix the Pentagon

Hey Girl Scouts, your brand sucks!

The Girl Scouts once again prove that their brand sucks. Their latest lawsuit is over a trademark infringement, saying that because the artist formerly known as Boy Scouts is accepting girls makes it confusing to people, who might think they are the Girl Scout organization. Never mind that you can settle this with a quick … Continue reading Hey Girl Scouts, your brand sucks!