Living in pain with military medicine

The offending hospital for this article When someone thanks me for my service, I normally reply with "Just doing my job." Because, honestly, most of my non-deployed days are just like everyone else's days. I wake up, workout, and head to work, where most of my work is done on a computer. Then I head … Continue reading Living in pain with military medicine

Russia playing the spoiler always, squished. The news broke recently about Russian President Putin meeting with Kim Jong Un to discuss peace on the Korean peninsula. That move is less about peace on the peninsula and more about denying President Trump a foreign policy victory in Korea. With upcoming elections, President Trump needs all the wins he can … Continue reading Russia playing the spoiler

On Judas and Notre Dame

If you're not following the Shameless Popery blog, you're missing out. Not only is the author a regular writer, but he writes in a way that is both deeply theological while also being easy to read. His piece this week on Judas is no different, and it should give us some pause as we finish … Continue reading On Judas and Notre Dame

Why Disney is dark

Because we want girls to expose as much skin as possible to men they know nothing about...sounds like a strip club to me! (Image from IMDB) Disney's stock price has jumped up, largely based on the announcement that it would launch its new streaming service. While parents everywhere are probably rejoicing, we should take a … Continue reading Why Disney is dark

The Baltic Sea…Europe’s South China Sea equivalent

BALTOPS 2018 participants As NATO celebrates its 70th anniversary, the media focus continues to be on whether President Trump will leave NATO. I don't view that as highly likely, but I do think he is going to continue his march towards rewarding countries that contribute to the alliance, while continuing negative rhetoric towards those that … Continue reading The Baltic Sea…Europe’s South China Sea equivalent

Did you secure your phone?

Wait, is that cup of coffee hacking your phone? (image from Wikipedia) If you tell a Marine to secure a phone, he'll probably turn it off and put it in his pocket. When I mention securing a phone, I'm thinking more about making sure it's safe to use from hackers and other people that want … Continue reading Did you secure your phone?

A Three-Point Plan for China

China continues to push for world dominance and to replace the United States as the go-to world power. China's tactic of slowly pushing boundaries (see South China Sea) and hiding internal problems (see Uighur Muslim internment camps) is working, mainly because no nation has significantly challenged China's strategy. Worse, China is prepping the battlespace in … Continue reading A Three-Point Plan for China

The burying of a college admissions scandal

USC School of Cinematic Arts, from Wikimedia So there's a pretty big college admissions scandal being uncovered right now. Eight universities took millions of dollars in bribes to admit kids of rich parents. Yet searching for it in the news is surprisingly difficult. On Google News, all the stories are lumped into the "Entertainment" section, … Continue reading The burying of a college admissions scandal

Protect the environment by attacking cheap housing

Before I moved into my house, I lived in an apartment complex. I hadn't live in an apartment for years, so I had forgotten how not family-friendly apartments can be. Our first night featured two people screaming profanities at each other at 2 in the morning, me calling the cops and then wishing the one … Continue reading Protect the environment by attacking cheap housing

Defending military housing’s bureaucracy

Black mold in Korea By now the extent of military housing problems are making their way on Facebook, and people are outraged. Black mold, untreated sewage, rats, bats, and the like have plagued military housing for years, and now the problems are in full media view. The CNO recently charged all commands with talking to … Continue reading Defending military housing’s bureaucracy

Russia’s disinformation is all the same

I had the pleasure of traveling to Estonia this past week to prepare for an upcoming exercise. While I was there, some of the Estonian officers briefed me about how Russia is running a disinformation campaign in Estonia. That part was no surprise to me; we know the Russians have been doing this for years. … Continue reading Russia’s disinformation is all the same

Make America Nuclear Again

Plenty of controversy is swirling about the Green New Deal. While I view the upcoming vote as a pure shame measure by Republicans, I think they also are missing an opportunity for nuclear energy deregulation. I watched with sadness as the Fort Calhoun nuclear plant in Omaha, Nebraska closed, the victim of yet another overreach … Continue reading Make America Nuclear Again

Trump, again, makes the right call on the INF treaty

I've had lots of comments and questions on the INF treaty, especially given my last post on it. I've had to wait a week for others to catch up and start reporting what has been obvious to me for a while: that Russia can't engage in an arms race, and the INF treaty was a … Continue reading Trump, again, makes the right call on the INF treaty

The INF treaty was a sham

The SSC-8, an INF-Treaty Violator On Friday the United States announced suspension of the Intermediate Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty. A simple Google search would make you believe the sky is falling and soon to be littered with nuclear weapons. I couldn't find a single positive article about the withdrawal. But all is not lost. Let's … Continue reading The INF treaty was a sham

Do we owe our Bishops anything?

After Governor Cuomo celebrated expanding the ways to kill more innocent children, the head of Cuomo's diocese, Bishop Edward Scharfenberger…sent him a letter. A really, really harsh letter…well, actually just a letter. Excommunication? Well, that's too hard legally. Yeah, that's only for people who actually get abortions. Politicians that celebrate such things? Meh. It would … Continue reading Do we owe our Bishops anything?