You need your own cloud

I had warned my wife not to let our youngest daughter play with her phone. Sure, it might keep her quiet for a bit, but her smart phone was expensive, and normally small children make quick work of expensive things. And my daughter did just that. Through her frustration of pounding on the phone, it … Continue reading You need your own cloud

Get rid of the stupid laws

That 13 year old in the back...lock her up! (Photo from Flickr) Chesapeake is coming under fire for having a law that bans teenagers from trick or treating. Fake news? Nope. It's for real: Sec. 46-8. - Trick or treat activities. (a) If any person over the age of 12 years shall engage in the … Continue reading Get rid of the stupid laws

Leadership swagger

Have you ever done a team building outing before? If you have, you might have done something like a trust fall, where you fall backwards into the waiting arms of your team mates, trusting that they won't drop you like a hot rock. When I was still in college I went to a team building … Continue reading Leadership swagger

That Prepper Mentality

When I was still a teenager, I remember the Year 2000 bug. Everyone was worried that the world's economy would come to a screeching halt, satellites would fall out of the sky, and the world would descend into Purge-like violence. On a Saturday evening, one of my hunting friends invited me over to his place. … Continue reading That Prepper Mentality

Screw your blue wave…a Chinese Red Tsunami is coming!

China will own your data and use it to manipulate you. They plan to do that for the whole world. The latest Bloomberg article showing Chinese insertion of spy chips into SuperMicro is just another step in their attempts to do this. Plenty of people think this is a pipe dream and conspiracy theory, so … Continue reading Screw your blue wave…a Chinese Red Tsunami is coming!

A Novena for China

Chinese Catholics are in a terrible situation. They can't practice their faith openly, and they don't have the support of the Vatican, who recently sold out and allowed the Chinese government to pull all the strings and appoint bishops. Even though the Vatican will ultimately have the last word, in reality, if you pick the … Continue reading A Novena for China

Apartment living and people

I've been living in an apartment with my family as my house is being constructed. The last couple of months have reminded me why I'm not fan of apartments in the first place. We moved in on a Friday morning, and that evening around 9 pm I saw a group gathering outside to smoke. They … Continue reading Apartment living and people

Secretary Mattis, the UCMJ, and the power of the ISIC

Secretary Mattis recently released a memo directing commanders to make better use of the military justice system, likely in response to the plummeting number of court martial cases across all services. For the non-military person, this might sound absurd: why are we unhappy when we have less crime among the ranks? A bit of explanation … Continue reading Secretary Mattis, the UCMJ, and the power of the ISIC

McCain was a mediocre Senator

I've heard nothing but how great it was that Senator McCain reached across the aisle during his time as a Senator from 1987 until 2018. During this time I also heard he was a "maverick" and an "independent." I remember him challenging George Bush in the primary and winning my home state. But now when … Continue reading McCain was a mediocre Senator

A tale of two negotiators

President Trump and Pope Francis are about as far apart on the spectrum as you can get. Both men lead large organizations and have tried to implement big change. Most importantly, both are renegotiating deals. Let's compare those results. Pope Francis has been working to reunite a breakaway faction, called SSPX, most of his time … Continue reading A tale of two negotiators

Can we fix our military medical records?

Twice a year, the Navy makes it's Sailors take a physical fitness test. Once a year, the Navy makes it's Sailors go through a battery of medical checks to ensure it won't have Sailors drop dead during this test. Pretty straight forward. Except when you move to a new command, which Navy Sailors do on … Continue reading Can we fix our military medical records?

We need St. Basil to fix our Church

Great challenges demand great leadership from ordinary people, and if Pope Francis doesn't exhibit great leadership during this crisis, it will damage him and the flock that he leads. Peter's right about a lack of courage causing this scandal. Arguments that they are somehow saving the Church go against the truth that scandal never gets … Continue reading We need St. Basil to fix our Church

Pope Francis is a terrible CEO

If the Catholic Church was a corporation, Pope Francis would be it's CEO. And in terms of a company, the Catholic Church is pretty impressive: ~1.3 billion members, a few hundred billion in assets, missionary operations throughout the entire world, and the inspiration for great organizations such as Catholic Charities USA. It's a big order … Continue reading Pope Francis is a terrible CEO

What matters in NDAA 2019: pay, career, cyber and China

The 2019 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) passed this week. You can be forgiven if you missed the announcement, because it certainly didn't make headlines. I didn't find out until I checked my email and received my automated Defense News. I'll go out on a limb and say that because it passed in a normal … Continue reading What matters in NDAA 2019: pay, career, cyber and China

Stop trying to “find yourself”

I've noticed a troubling trend. When faced with adversity, setbacks or the like, a lot of people decide to go off and "find themselves." You've probably heard it too. The vision you and I have is someone trekking off into the woods for a month and then suddenly emerging as a "new man" or "reformed … Continue reading Stop trying to “find yourself”