Everyone is imposing on everyone. You’d think that reading the headlines. Today’s latest is Jeff Sessions imposing religious beliefs on people:

“Freedom of religion is one of our nation’s most fundamental values, which is why it is already strongly protected by the First Amendment to the Constitution,” Isaacs said. “But the freedom of religion does not give people the right to impose their beliefs on others, to harm others, or to discriminate.”

Hmm, let’s break this down. So Sessions says that religious organizations can be exempt from providing abortion care, and Rebecca Isaacs says that’s imposing Christianity on someone. Did Sessions say you have to believe abortion is wrong? Did he ban abortion? Did he say insurance providers aren’t allowed to cover abortion?

Nope, not at all.

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America never deserved Puerto Rico

Nearly Half of Americans Don’t Know Puerto Ricans Are Fellow Citizens

With headlines like these, who needs enemies? You’d think the continental US has hung Puerto Rico out to dry.

Except…what’s that in the background?


It’s the USS KEARSARGE, unloading supplies and Sailors onto Puerto Rico!

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Yesterday one of my more inquisitive petty officers asked me why China backed off on its promise to cut all banking ties with North Korea. Specifically, he asked me why China would support a regime that murders and brutalizes its own people.

“Easy,” I told him. “They aren’t Chinese, so China doesn’t really care.”

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Photo courtesy of US Navy, http://www.doncio.navy.mil/uploads/0412GDD49863.jpg

The U.S. military is well known throughout the world for being the best trained military force on the planet. But recent events are eroding that, and it should cause worry for the average American.

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When I purchased my first home, I intended to use a VA loan. I thought that the VA loan was one of those awesome military benefits, but my realtor talked me out of it, saying it would take too long. I thought it was odd at the time, but I went ahead and pursued a conventional loan.

Years later, I’m finally getting ready to close on a new construction house, and I chose to use my VA loan. Unfortunately, everything that realtor said about VA loans came true.

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While the Fat Leonard scandal continues to rock the US Navy, and collisions put two US Navy destroyers out of the fight, the CNO asked his leaders to stand down their organizations for a day in what he called an operational pause. His basic message was that we’re taking casualties in “routine” operations that we’re supposed to be good at, and that’s a problem. For my organization, we stood down on Thursday, and my leadership team had some enlightening discussions with our Sailors.

If I had to speculate on what’s happening, I think the high tempo placed on too few platforms, coupled with old-school leadership mentality, is starting to break our toughness.

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More junk mail…this time, a letter from our Bishop asking for money in the annual Bishop’s Appeal.

During this last appeal, my high level of annoyance surprised me. I certainly don’t mind donating money to the church, and I’m old enough to understand that the Catholic Church needs money to keep the lights on and run overseas missions. But every year when the Bishop does his annual appeal, it just bugs me.

This week I finally realized why. It’s Cub Scout popcorn time, and my son and I were walking around so he could sell popcorn to the neighbors. We’re in a large neighborhood, so we don’t know everyone. At one home, the lady asked my son where he lived, and when he said that he lives up the street, she brightened up. “I love supporting my neighbors,” I heard her say.

And then a thought struck me: I couldn’t pick my Bishop out from a lineup of people (apparently it’s this guy). With the exception of the video we have to watch in church and Confirmation, I never see the Bishop. To me, he’s just some guy working at the cathedral. When my priest asks for money, I know him, but the Bishop, not so much.

I’m guessing the Diocese is struggling to gather money, because I get plenty of follow-up letters asking for more. I don’t think this is going to be effective long term, certainly not with the younger generation. The Diocese needs to understand that future generations are growing up donating to people. Websites like GoFundMe derive success from telling a good story that compels people to open their hearts and wallets. In stark contrast, the Bishop’s annual appeal lacks a good story, disrupts a Mass, comes once a year and from a person you don’t really know. Not a formula for success.

This post represents the views of the author and not those of the Department of Defense, Department of the Navy, Catholic Church, or any other organization.

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Iceland abortions, compiled by Wm. Robert Johnston

“They used to say that a child conceived in love has a greater chance of happiness. They don’t say that anymore.”

-Vincent (Gattaca, 1997)

This week in the commissary I passed a mother and daughter in the frozen seafood section. Her daughter was probably 9, and by her facial structure I guessed she had Down Syndrome. I made sure to smile at her and wave (if I hadn’t had three kids in tow, I would have stopped to chat). You would think it normal to smile at people, but CBS reminded us that kids like the one I passed by are being murdered at an extraordinary rate.

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The ad I’m now seeing off I-95 in Connecticut, found on this blog

For anyone who has to travel on I-95 in the western portion of Connecticut, you know there is always traffic, and often it is at a standstill. Well placed ads on the side of the freeway make sense there, and I started to see black and white ads (like the one above) rabidly promoting veganism as a way to prevent animal cruelty.

Normally I don’t care much about veganism or other fad diets in general, but what I’m starting to notice is that a lot of really smart people my age (the Xenials if you will) are pushing veganism in various forms for their families. They think it’s healthier, gets back to our “agrarian roots,” and that if we only just stopped killing animals and eating processed food, world peace would rain down like manna from heaven.

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No, not the NFL draft…that one where we take people and put them in the military.  Well, most people anyway…

Dennis Laich seems to think bringing back the draft is a great idea, as he is quoted  saying so here in this Military Times article.  He argues that it will be cheaper (due to making pay cheaper), close the civil-military gap, and bring in talent from Ivy League and other places.  I’m in the military and live it every day, and I personally think the draft (and the current Selective Service) should go away completely.

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