Forcing the use of aborted babies in vaccines

If you visit a cosmetics or bath products shop, you'll see plenty of advertisements that their products are "cruelty-free," meaning that they weren't tested on animals. You can also now buy vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and a host of other products, exactly to whatever belief system you would like. For people who pay attention to what … Continue reading Forcing the use of aborted babies in vaccines

NATO Shrugged

If you saw Atlas, the giant who holds the world on his shoulders, if you saw that he stood, blood running down his chest, his knees buckling, his arms trembling but still trying to hold the world aloft with the last of his strength, and the greater his effort the heavier the world bore down … Continue reading NATO Shrugged

China’s Navy is a flashback to the 70’s

You can't stop hearing about the Chinese Navy and their advances in technology. Did you know they have an aircraft carrier? There is a “considerable chance” the number of aircraft-carrying ships available in the Chinese navy will be seven instead of four by 2025 because of a “lower profile defense program” that has already taken … Continue reading China’s Navy is a flashback to the 70’s

Put an Admiral in charge of the Space Force

President Trump's announcement that he wants a Space Force has sparked plenty of complaints and tons of memes. He's not the first to clamor for a space force, but he would be foolish to let the Air Force (which seems like a logical choice) run the Space Force. The President needs to put a retired … Continue reading Put an Admiral in charge of the Space Force

Why exactly do we have a MCPON?

Amidst all the news about the military housing children illegally entering the country (because somehow that relates to fighting our nation's wars??), the story about the abrupt resignation of the Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy (MCPON), the most senior enlisted leader in the Navy, seems to have received little press coverage. But it's … Continue reading Why exactly do we have a MCPON?

Since we’re talking trade, let’s talk about Africa

President Trump has been making news with desire to close trade gaps with China, Europe, Mexico and Canada, attempting to counter trade practices that make it significantly more difficult to export to these countries and have resulted in a significant trade gap with the world. While we keep focusing on these big countries, I think … Continue reading Since we’re talking trade, let’s talk about Africa

Fiddling with the edges of suicide

I really liked Anthony Bourdain's shows. And while I don't know Kate Spade, I didn't like the news that she also committed suicide. But I've written before on suicide (here, if you'd like an older article), and I've been watching young people over the last ten years. I honestly don't think it's going to get … Continue reading Fiddling with the edges of suicide

On being uncomfortable

A friend of mine that was ordained last year happened to be passing through the area, so I invited him to join my family for dinner. He's visited us before, and every time he does my kids and wife line up questions galore about Catholicism, what they hear in school, and other topics. After the … Continue reading On being uncomfortable

Our Veteran Groups Are Dying

I'm lucky. This week, I'm at a Navy veteran's group to present a well deserved award to one of my Sailors. It's held in a nice hotel, and the group of veterans are great to hang out with. You'd think everything would be great. But there are problems, specifically one problem: I'm the youngest person … Continue reading Our Veteran Groups Are Dying

What concession?

I am completely confused by the headlines. First, any North Korea article is being buried by small news, like a woman smiling in her mug shot after a DUI-induced murder. I mean, yes, it's a sad story, but hardly historic. So when I do search for North Korea, I get this: North Korea receives a … Continue reading What concession?

Is KRUSTY the future for nuclear engineers?

Nuclear power is not doing well. The cheap fracking of natural gas and oil, while it is putting a crimp on our enemies, is also hurting the nuclear industry. Already racked with the high cost of regulation (we're talking millions per plant), no compensation for carbon emission and a lack of public understanding about what … Continue reading Is KRUSTY the future for nuclear engineers?

Bringing back Second Fleet…and maybe some real training

"We'll be so much more efficient doing this at Fleet Forces." I cringed when I heard these words. I was working at Second Fleet, about ready to transfer, and I heard one of the smart-ass bureaucrats from Fleet Forces tell me this. My reply was sharp "Really? You have no idea what we do here." … Continue reading Bringing back Second Fleet…and maybe some real training

But what is it worth to you?

I've managed to buy and sell a few homes due to constant military moves. While plenty of people will try to talk metrics on homes, whether it's price per square foot or something like that, the reality of whether it was "worth it" is whether you made more money selling the home than what is … Continue reading But what is it worth to you?

Some undesirable end states for Korea

I'm ecstatic to see that North Korea is not only talking about denuclearization, but is also willing to conduct direct negotiations with the U.S. and end the Korean War. In the past, it seemed all we ever got from North Korea was more demands with little promise of anything in return. Sure, it could all … Continue reading Some undesirable end states for Korea

Stand for something or fall for anything

Last night President Trump announced strikes into Syria in response to Syrian use of chemical weapons. Less broadcast was that both the UK and France participated in the strikes. Even less broadcast was that we were in this situation not that long ago, with a "red line" set by President Obama that was subsequently crossed, … Continue reading Stand for something or fall for anything

You’re worth a story

One of my side jobs is helping nearby Navy commands understand Operational Security (OPSEC), a term used to describe protecting unclassified information from the enemy, which they might use to get some sort of military advantage.  Given the speed and connected nature of today's world, it is significantly harder for the military, and especially military … Continue reading You’re worth a story

Should you send a Catholic kid to college?

I joined my local student parish my freshman year of college, and I spent most of the next four years volunteering as an usher. I wasn't a particularly hard-core Catholic, but my belief system had served me well enough that I didn't see a reason to change it. Luckily for me, I fell in with … Continue reading Should you send a Catholic kid to college?

Talk to your middle schooler

Yesterday was my first time volunteering for Junior Achievement, a school program designed to teach kids about setting themselves up for economic success. My coordinator was more than happy to give me the more difficult crowd of 24 7th graders. Luckily, we were at a Catholic school, so the kids were pretty well behaved. As … Continue reading Talk to your middle schooler

Unhistorical sexual relationships

My wife got me started watching the PBS series about Queen Victoria. Being a history nut, it was fun to look up the historical facts after and see what was true and what was "made for TV." In season one, the series was actually pretty decent, capturing a lot of the challenges the young queen … Continue reading Unhistorical sexual relationships

You can keep your Chinese steel

It wasn't too long ago that the US invited China to participate in the RIMPAC Naval Exercise. It was pretty amazing to see Chinese warships, including the Type 052 destroyer Haikou, at the Pearl Harbor Naval Station. Access to the Naval Station included allowing foreign Sailors to purchase items from the Naval Exchange. The exchange … Continue reading You can keep your Chinese steel