The three or four years you spend working towards a degree, is likely to be a tough. You will have your work cut out juggling coursework, a social life, and maintaining links with family and friends back home. Then there are the other things you need to do regularly, such as eat and sleep. No doubt you are wondering at this point in time whether you can even fit a hobby in, since there doesn’t appear to be much free space in your schedule!

No matter how little free time you have, it is worth making time for hobbies. Even if you are pushed to the limit studying for an online masters in computer science at New Jersey Institute of Technology, you should still make time for a hobby. Hobbies help us relax, improve our skills, and can even be helpful to our degree or career. Read on for some useful tips on which hobbies you should choose if you want to boost your degree studies, and career.

Build a Blog

If you have your eye on a career in tech, running a successful blog will give you serious bonus points. It’s incredibly easy to build a blog, with content management systems such as WordPress available to everyone and simple to use. And if you are working towards an online computer science masters, you can showcase your code writing skills and create an online project portfolio for potential clients.

Learn a Foreign Language

Becoming fluent in a second language is a valuable skill to have. We are living in an increasingly global world, with job opportunities available in a multitude of different countries. Just because you live in one country, it doesn’t mean you can’t take a job on the other side of the world when you graduate. Boost your employability in this regard by learning a second language. That way your resume will be more attractive to global corporations.

Develop Websites

Building websites is a fun hobby, but as well as being an interesting sideline, it can also give your career a helping hand. Employers love tech savvy applicants, so showing you can build a website and market yourself online puts you head and shoulders above someone who lacks these skills. It’s also good practice if you are studying a computer science or tech-related degree.

Excel in Sports

Playing sports is an excellent way of letting off steam and maintaining your health and fitness. Team sports in particular are useful, especially if you want your resume to stand out in a pile of hundreds. Employers like people who are team players. Colleges also like students who are happy to represent them in team sports. It’s a win-win situation.

Work Your Social Media Channels

Never underestimate the power of social media. People with thousands of Twitter followers, Facebook friends, or Instagram followers are serious influencers. Employers want people like you running their social media accounts, so you will be in demand.

Don’t keep quiet about your hobbies when you fill in a job application. It shows you are a well-rounded person, which employers like.

When you think of higher education, you think of someone who is enlightened. That doesn’t mean someone looking through the world with tunnel vision so that everything but a narrow path to light is blocked off. Higher education leads students forward into a world where there are people of all races, all creeds, all nationalities, all ages and all political backgrounds. When studying for a higher education leadership degree, such as the one you can find here, you will learn how to be objective so that you can be a truly effective leader.

Personal Ideologies Have Infiltrated Our Classrooms for Far Too Long

Unfortunately, this is where so many universities have dropped the ball. For too long they have allowed professors to spout their own personal ideology which influences students to act and believe a certain way. Perhaps an online EDD program would be a better choice when it comes to seeking a doctorate in education because a student’s parameters of understanding will be defined by what they perceive to be true, not an articulation of what they have been taught in class.

What an Advanced Degree in Higher Education Should Be

As students studying in an online doctor of education in higher education leadership program, they should come out with tools to make them true leaders. Leaders don’t dictate what their teams should or shouldn’t do, but a truly great leader will empower their team to think for themselves. True, there is a core curriculum which must be studied but that doesn’t mean that students must think and act alike. It would be a boring world if this were the case. It would be a world of robots simply acting on command rather than through human responses based on how they, personally, feel about something.

What Higher Education Should Never Be – But Is!

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, a student should never be a simple receptacle for knowledge a teacher deposits there. The student should be empowered to do his or her own critical thinking. Paulo Freire, a Brazilian educator, calls this ‘banking education.’ It’s like making a deposit in a bank where you can draw out assets as they are needed. Isn’t this much like what the United States is seeing in the early post-election days? Many professors with their left wing liberal politics have deposited fear and hate directed towards the right and now that a Democrat didn’t win, that hate is being withdrawn from the depository (student) and is now being circulated among the masses.

Approach from Front and Center – Never from the Right or the Left

This is what higher education should never be. Whether from the right or the left in a political, religious or sociological issue, a student in higher education should be encouraged to think and act for themselves. That is what higher education should be but usually isn’t. Higher education should never be about programming our students but rather offering them the critical thinking tools necessary for them to draw their own conclusion.

Your student isn’t a bank where you can deposit all of your biases to be drawn out at such times as to suit your purposes. Plant seeds yes, but let your students devise the fertilizer of their choosing. That’s higher education and anything less is doing them a grave injustice. Read this question on and you will see that students, themselves, are tired of biased education. It’s time for a change.

Some of the most lucrative career paths that you can pursue are those found within the broader field of technology. Check out the short list of technology jobs below if you’re hoping to land a job that will allow you to enjoy the perks of a high salary.

Software Engineer

Software engineers play an integral role in the field of software design and software development, both of which are also lucrative career paths that you can take once you have your master of science in computer information systems or you’ve received your online computer information systems online degree from a school that has a solid reputation in the field of technology. You’ll work on developing the ways in which various pieces of software will function, and you’ll work closely with software designers, coders, and programmers in order to make the programs work as best as possible. Software engineers, software development managers, and software architects can make over $100,000 a year.

IT Director or Manager

The world of information technology (IT) is vast, so there are a host of opportunities that you can pursue, and they pay very well. Also, if you look through job openings in your local newspaper or on job board websites, you’ll quickly realize that there a lot of job openings that you can pursue because companies are constantly searching for the very best IT professionals to move their brands forward. IT directors will manage and direct all IT operations within a company, and they’ll also provide technical advice that will be used to lead various departments. They work on developing strategies that will deploy software and technology, and they test applications and hardware devices as well. This is yet another position within the realm of technology in which you can make over $100,000 a year.

Solutions Architect

As a solutions architect, you’ll have highly specialized skills, making you a very desirable candidate for the job openings that are available. Oftentimes, a solutions architect will work on helping with the design of various IT systems in order to meet an employer’s needs or a customer’s requirements if they run their own business. Like the positions that are listed above, you can expect to make over $100,000 a year, on average, in this position.

Data Scientist

Data scientists are also in very high demand today, so if you are struggling to figure out what you should study in college, consider this position, which also pays more than $100,000 per year, on average. Businesses of all sizes are seeking data scientists who will know how to collect and analyze data that can be used to improve profit margins and efficiency. As a data scientist, you will be in charge of running systems that are utilized for storing data and finding insights within that data. There are many other jobs that you can become qualified for when you attain the appropriate degree that will prepare you for a career in technology. These exciting career paths are not only lucrative, but also exciting and dynamic, as they are always evolving and improving.

Poker tournaments are the most intense contests. Success in poker tourneys requires a blend of skill, strategy and good fortune. Find out how to boost your winning chances.

Poker tournament play is about so much more than the luck of the draw!

doyle2Doyle Brunson said it best with the following words:

In order to be a successful gambler you have to have a complete disregard for money.

And that’s pretty difficult to do when everyone is on a tight budget. Fortunately, poker tournaments are a different kettle of fish. You buy in for a fixed amount and you receive your chips. You use those chips to bulldoze your way over other players in anticipation of winning the pot. Of course, rebuys are possible in certain poker tournaments, but let’s stick with fixed chip stacks in poker tournaments.

Poker tournaments are grueling contests. You are going head-to-head against a pool of players – card sharks, novices and legends in the making. There are plenty of fish in the proverbial sea, and it’s your job to reel them in, hook, line and sinker. Most everyone you talk to about how to improve your poker skills will reference playing time under real tournament conditions as your greatest teacher.

So, how do you implement effective playing strategies as a poker player?

1.     Manage your stack effectively

You’ve heard it before, but we’ll repeat it again: Manage your chip stack. Think about what it means to play in a poker tournament. You buy in with a fixed amount and you receive a fixed amount of poker chips. Once you have run down that stack, that’s it – it’s game over. It’s so important to be judicious about the bets that you place, the raises you make and the hands that you play. Cash game strategy is dramatically different to poker tournament strategy. With cash games, you can keep buying in until you decide to call it quits. Watch out for the blind structure in poker tournaments. As you advance through the contest, you will notice that the blinds increase dramatically. If you don’t have enough firepower in your stack, you are going to bust out pretty quickly.

2.     Don’t spend all your money at once

This one is a corollary to point 1 above. Poker is all about playing smart. And it all begins with careful money management. Consider the following analogy: You’ve saved up a bundle and you’re going on vacation. When you arrive, you have a fat wad of cash to do with as you please, but by the end of your vacation you’ve probably whittled down that cash to nothing, or you’re using credit cards to pay for things. Now, in a poker tournament you don’t want to be throwing around too many chips in the beginning. Remember the blind structure. In the early stages of the tournament, blinds are really low and your chip stack is really big. As you advance to higher levels, everything flips around. Let everyone else throw all their money around while you wait in the wings and carefully move through to the next stages in the poker tournament.

3.     Play tight – don’t cave in to pressure

Okay so this one is pretty difficult for novices to stick to. When you are eager to hit the ground running, you are also prone to playing too many hands. Wise poker players know that your best bet is to hold off on playing anything other than premium starting hands. You want to keep your stack nice and healthy in the early stages so that you have heavy firepower in the latter stages of the tournament. Grind your way through to the final table and then unleash fury on your opponents. If you observe what other players are doing, you will learn from their mistakes. Don’t be the one who everybody else uses as an example of how not to play!

4.     Remember: every bubble bursts

What does this mean? You know that feeling of anticipation you get just before victory is imminent. It’s exhilarating, electrifying and adrenaline-loaded. But, caution is the order of the day. If your stack is running low, you don’t want to let a surge of euphoria wipe you out of the tournament. In poker tournaments, longevity pays dividends. The longer you can stay in the contest and finish in a paying position, the better for you. Let everyone else crash and burn while you rise in the rankings and collect a handsome paycheck for your efforts.

5.     Rock ‘n’ rumble in the heads up stage

If you’ve ever been in a heads up stage of a poker tournament, you know what time it is. It’s time to rock ‘n’ rumble. Now is when you have to play at your best. Heads up contests require intense preparation. Always go into a heads up situation with the requisite knowledge you need to succeed. The pressure is going to build exponentially, and you must know exactly which hands stand a chance of bringing home the bacon.

Cybersecurity has definitely been in the headlines lately because both businesses and government agencies have been hacked and valuable data has been stolen about everyone from employees and politicians to consumers. But big businesses, in particular, are under a greater threat from cyber attacks, and with more people sharing a lot of information about themselves online and with the businesses that they make purchases from, companies need to do whatever they can to keep their information secure.

The Importance of Cybersecurity in the World of Business

Cybersecurity has always been an important topic for all types of businesses. This is why networks, such as an MPLS network, needs to have the right security in place. And this is why businesses make it a point to hire only the very best IT teams, such as Masergy, who know exactly how to set up and create a secure network. Without the right security products and protocols in place, hackers can more easily attack business networks and steal a lot of valuable information that can put both the business and its consumers at risk.

The New Cyber Threats That Businesses Are Facing

These days, the cyber threats seem to be more intense than ever, so businesses need to be more diligent when it comes to securing their data at all times. For example, companies of all sizes and from all industries now face threats that include machine-to-machine attacks, headless worms, the jailbreaking of cloud servers, two-faced malware, and ghostware that hackers can use to actually conceal their attacks so you don’t even see them coming.

Some of the Big Businesses That Have Been Affected

As of the early part of 2015, there were already several big businesses that had been the victims of cyber attacks. These companies were from a variety of industries, and they included Target, Michaels, Community Health Systems, JPMorgan Chase, Home Depot, Staples, Sony Pictures, Anthem, and Primera Blue Cross. When these cyber attacks happened, they made headlines because a lot of data was breached and a lot of consumers’ personal information was made vulnerable.

What You Can Do

Every business should have a cyber security strategy in place. This includes using high quality anti-virus software and educating employees on what they shouldn’t be clicking on when they use the Internet while working. Unknown links or suspicious attachments should never be clicked on and downloaded, even if they’re from someone you know. And make it a point to keep all software, operating systems, and apps up-to-date to have the latest patches and security measures.

If you own a business, you need to take steps to secure yourself from the threat of a variety of cyber attacks. The bigger you are and the more data that you have stored on your network, the more important it will be to protect yourself. Therefore, make it a point to learn not only about the threats that you have to watch out for, but also the steps that you can take to always remain in control and prevent attacks from happening in the first place.

By NVA Patriot

We’re living the Great Revelation; its affects will be no less profound than the 1st Great Awakening of the 1730’s and 1740’s.

Matt 10:26-28, “26) So do not be afraid of them, for there is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed, or hidden that will not be made known. 27) What I tell you in the dark, speak in the daylight; what is whispered in your ear, proclaim from the roofs. 28) Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather, be afraid of the One who can destroy both soul and body in hell.”

One of America’s first celebrities, George Whitefield, connected the colonists to God and each other without the then church hierarchy. Benjamin Franklin, in his 50’s at the time, befriended Whitefield and enjoyed a lifelong friendship. Franklin, a printer, the “Drudge” of his time, printed Whitefield’s sermons. Franklin himself was a world renowned celebrity. One can say we were founded and led by celebrities.

The Great Awakening’s laid the foundation of our American character. The 1st Great Awakening fostered the second starting in the early 1800’s through 1830. The 2nd Great Awakening conceived the Abolitionist movement which in 1854 bore the Republican Party, after the Kansas Nebraska Act. This Act, coupled with the Dred Scott decision, created an insurmountable divide between slavery and freedom. The 2nd Great Awakening, ending in the 1830’s led to the end of slavery 30 years later.

Scholars studying the American history we make, will mark the start of the Great Revelation precisely and accurately to 3 October 2005. On that date, President George W. Bush nominated Harriet Miers as a Justice for the Supreme Court.

The nomination of Ms. Miers came after the resignation of FEMA director Michael Brown, who oversaw FEMA’s failed response to Hurricane Katrina. With the Katrina debacle fresh in the public zeitgeist, citizens delivered a swift, seismic reaction to the revelation of Bush cronyism for the Supreme Court. In less than one month, Miers withdrew. Bush revealed Republicans wanted cronyism, not competence.

One year later, Republicans lost control of the Senate and House. Two years later, Republicans lost the presidency to a leftist radical whose pastor of 20 years was revealed to be a raving, racist anti American lunatic. During the election of 2008, Americans saw the Republics living in Washington DC throw in with progressives and viciously demonize a conservative woman governor, Sarah Palin. People noticed.

President Obama revealed his true colors and governing approach when he told House Republican Whip, Eric Cantor, “Elections have consequences, I won.” People noticed.

Rick Santelli built on the revel, naming the stimulus protest movement the TEA Party. Not long after the stimulus, President Obama pushed through transformative legislation for health insurance against the will of Americans. Eight months later, the American public, observing the revelations of the nature of President Obama and the democrats, reacted giving the largest mid-term landslide election recorded in more than 100 years to the Republican Party.

In the lead up to the 2012 elections, Washington DC Republicans, despite consequential political gains throughout the country, repeatedly failed to fight the disruptive changes of President Obama. Later, Americans watched elites squander hundreds of millions of campaign dollars on failed get out the vote tools, leading to failed campaigns. We saw the cynical, jaded nature of the Republican consultant class and voter disdain.

The Great Revelation is that apt label for our times.

Today, many are looking for leaders and doers. The progressive movement for the first time is fully revealed and in retreat across the country at every level of governance.

Yes they have made gains because of the courts. But, like Dred Scott, each court ‘win’ becomes more pyric.

No single leader can be identified with taking back state and local government. In the less time than president Obama won two elections, the American progressive movement has lost 30 State legislatures, 30 governorships, and thousands of local level elections.

With each revelation, Americans, the moral doers reacted to blows received, with counterpunches. Bush cronyism fell first. Next, ACORN the progressive vote stealing scheme fell. Public sector unions sought to force themselves on all, and got beaten in WI. From union busting in Wisconsin led to Michigan becoming a right to work state. At local levels, individual citizens organize (Oath Keepers), protecting businesses in Ferguson. At a high school in Mississippi, citizens slapped a progressive judge around by singing hymns at a football half-time, despite the Judge ordering no hymns. All of us can throw sand in the progressive gears.

What’s the common feature in the age of Revelation? Each Revelation of Progressive abuse, provokes a counterpunch. The zeitgeist of our age is to acknowledge the revelation, identify the problem and counter it. Momentum shifts continually in this battle for Freedom. In the age of Revelation, the progressive movement is exposed for what it is, tyranny. When Americans identify a tyranny, they awaken. Some faster than others, but once awake – Americans change the world for the better – check the history.

by   Jim Laurence

Caesars Online Casino where you can enjoy popular online gaming for real or for fun, comes to New Jersey

It’s pretty amazing how gaming technology has evolved over the years!

Online gaming is nothing new to Americans, but regulated online casino gaming most certainly is. Barely a year ago New Jersey Governor, Chris Christie went all-in to pass legislation in favor of online gaming. Along with Nevada and Delaware, New Jersey is part of a select few US states that now allow all legal age players within their states to play online casino games for real money. The regulation is ground-breaking, given the turbulent history of online gaming in the US. My mind harkens back to the infamous Black Friday a couple ago when the Department of Justice seized the domains of several ranking online poker rooms, indicted key individuals, and imposed severe punitive measures against these organisations. But that’s all behind us now! US players clearly want the legality of online gaming to be left to individual states, and a groundswell of support is now following the passage of legislation in the aforementioned states. Introduces Powerful Gaming Platform

One of New Jersey’s finest online casinos is Caesars Online Casino. Following in the footsteps of the Caesars brand, this popular gaming operator spared no expense in rolling out a magnificent selection of casino games in a state-of-the-art gaming platform. For starters, players have the option to enjoy any of the games in a free-play format, direct off their browser. The flash platform runs off HTML 5 technology, with no download required. Even if you choose to play for real money, the only requirement is that you provide documentation to validate your identity and location upon registration. Only legal age players – 21 and above that are physically present in New Jersey can access the real money gaming platform. The technology that went into creating this high-powered gaming platform includes geolocation tracking. Simply put, this ensures that players comply with the requirement that they have to be physically present within the state of New Jersey.

Popular Casino Games Available To All New Jersey Players

Players looking for some fun will find it in abundance at Caesars Online Casino. Among the many popular casino games categories are online video poker, jackpot games, table games, online roulette, free blackjack online, slots and standard casino games. There are plenty of high-profile games such as Cleopatra, Double Da Vinci Diamonds, Monopoly Plus, European Blackjack, Vegas Blackjack, Win Win Blackjack, European Roulette, Double Bonus Spin Roulette, Casino War, Mississippi Stud, Rags to Riches, Sushi Express and Millionaires Club III. These and other games pepper the gaming arena at this ranking online casino. Games like online blackjack come with strategy charts to make it easier for players to make decisions about when to hit, stand, double, split or take insurance. Once you’re ready to make the switch to real money gaming, you can enjoy a generous 100% welcome bonus up to $300 on your first deposit. Many other weekly, monthly and holiday promo offers are also available to real money players in New Jersey.

It really amazing when you think of it.  There was a time when  if you wanted to game, you have to travel first to Las Vegas, then came Atlantic City, then came the river boats and the reservations, now the online revolution has means you don’t have to travel at all.

by 1389AD & CzechRebel

(Note DTG: On Sept 9th I sent out an e-mail blast promoting my post The Orcs of Russia & Memphis. I got a reply from 1389 counterjihad blog objecting to my “mindless Russia Bashing”. I wrote back with the following offer saying in part:

If you would like write an original rebuttal explaining why the general perception of Russia, Putin, Ukraine et/al is wrong, why the former soviet block countries fears are unfounded and why we should be working with Putin/Russia rather than against. Feel free to go through the posts that I’ve presented and critique them & toss in critiques of other blogs. Make it as long or as short as you need to make the case.

On Wednesday Sept 24th I received this piece in reply. You can find the piece crossposted at 1389 blog.

To say most of the opinions presented below (particularly concerning the Church & Fatima) are not mine is an extreme understatement. My rebuttal to this post will go up at 7 PM tonight as I thought it contrary to the spirit of my initial offer to rebut it here.  So according to my promised offer I present the emailed piece unedited below.


This is in response to the article, The Orcs of Russia and Memphis, which aroused the disagreement of both of the admins of 1389 Blog, namely 1389AD and CzechRebel.

Yes, we are familiar with orcs, those benighted, debased, and subhuman slave-warriors of the evil empires of Sauron in The Lord of the Rings and of Morgoth in The Silmarillion. We acknowledge that orcish behavior in human beings is sinful and we cannot condone it in any way.

Yes, we wholeheartily recommend the writings of J.R.R. Tolkien and no, we are not at all troubled by the fact that Tolkien, and his mother, were ardent Roman Catholics.

No, Vladimir Putin is not Sauron, Russians and their allies and sympathizers are not orcs, and modern-day Russia is not the evil empire of the USSR that once enslaved much of Eurasia. Quite the contrary.

It looks to us at 1389 Blog that your biggest problem is that you are a Roman Catholic who has imbibed too much of the Vatican “Kool-Aid.” Don’t get me wrong, we are NOT anti-Roman Catholic. Some of our writers and correspondents are practicing Roman Catholics. But they have NOT drunk the Vatican “Kool-Aid.”

Very, very, very few Roman Catholics understand the Holy Orthodox Church. I, CzechRebel, am a member of the Eastern Orthodox Church, so is 1389, so is our dear brother in Christ, Vladimir Putin. The Orthodox Church is an institution of peace and Vladimir Putin is a man of peace. If President Putin wanted to rule Ukraine, he would have taken it long ago and probably half of Poland just for good measure. Fortunately, President Putin is a committed Christian, perhaps the only such leader today of the countries in the “Nuclear Club.” Continue reading “Guest Post: Defending Vladimir Putin, the Russian people, and the Orthodox Christian faith”

By P. Bernard

Let me start by saying I am a middle aged white man. Like many of you, I believed that one’s skin color can be a factor in the attitude police have towards the public. Today I am not so sure I believe it. It may have a factor in how physical they might get with you, but it does not seem to affect their attitude towards people at all. I am a pretty large man at 6’ and 325 pounds. Feeling intimidated or fearful of bodily harm is a foreign concept to me. It was not such a foreign concept the night of August 28th.

About 11:10 p.m. or so, my wife Jenny woke me up to tell me she thought someone was trying to break in through our kitchen door. The noise woke her. I could hear banging on the door and the locks rattling in the kitchen through the closed bedroom door. I peeked out and could see flashing police, ambulance, and fire engine lights coming from outside. I knew it wasn’t a burglar and panicked, thinking maybe the house was on fire. I could also see several flashlights through all of the kitchen windows as though people were trying to see what was going on inside. All of the lights in our apartment were off and it was totally dark otherwise.

There’s a heroin problem in my area, so once in awhile someone gets a little unlawful around here. People fight over drugs right on the corners sometimes, but in 5 years there hasn’t been a peep on my street. In the middle of the night last night, my wife wakes me up to tell me there’s half a dozen cops busting on the door. There’s a paramedic in my driveway with a teenage girl that looks like she took a beating. My initial thoughts were “Oh no, they think I did this.”

I walked into the kitchen towards the door. The pounding I heard sounded like someone trying to beat it down. It was no wonder my wife thought someone was trying to break in, but we could not see the flashing lights from our bedroom until I opened the bedroom door. I called out that I was coming, but the pounding continued like there were a thousand zombies coming for our brains. I could not understand how they were in the hallway to begin with and thought they had broken through the back door. I was really starting to think the house was on fire but was confused because I couldn’t smell any fire. It was not until the next day that I realized the tenant on the third floor had let them in. I unlocked my kitchen door and opened it enough so that they could see me. I was wearing boxer shorts and a T shirt, and sporting the messiest bed head hair you have ever seen. I made sure my hands were visible at all times once I saw the police. Getting shot or tazed is never on my agenda and these guys didn’t sound very happy to be here.

I immediately asked “What’s going on, officers? What’s going on? How can I help you?” I could hear people upstairs talking. I think I heard them grilling the tenant on the third floor, but couldn’t pay attention to it. I thought it was the couple on the second floor answering questions, but had to pay attention to this officer that was screaming at me.

My questions of what is going on were completely ignored. Rather than a civilized conversation, questions were fired at me as though I was some sort of criminal suspect. The whole time, this one officer that did most of the talking seemed ready to pounce on me at any moment. His hands were on his utility belt ready to pull out whatever instruments may have been on it. All but one of the officers and an EMT that was in the hall for some reason, seemed perfectly content to let him do whatever he wanted with me. From that point on, I made certain to use the word “sir” a lot, and to keep my hands in full view at all times. I began to realize that being a middle aged white dude was not affecting this officer’s attitude towards me. To him, I was a suspect and therefore not to be trusted. If my lips were moving, I must have been lying.


“Two drugged up girls just ran into this house. This girl outside swears she saw them come in here. Where are the two drugged up girls that just ran in here!?” I was asked, in a very accusatory tone. His voice was at an intensely loud level. There was a lot of hostility in it.


I said “What are you talking about, sir? All this pounding woke us from a sound sleep.”


He said “This girl outside swears she saw two drugged up girls run into this house, this door right here,” as he pointed to our back door. “Where are they!?


I said “I really know nothing about it, sir. Like I said, sir, I had been sound asleep only minutes ago. Sir.”


I made sure to use the word “sir” a lot, and be as polite as f the Queen of England Herself were standing before me. It did not help at all.


Then the officer yelled “Two drugged up girls we’re looking for just ran into this house. Where did they go!? Where are they hiding!? Where are you hiding them!?”


Again, I said “I have no idea what you’re talking about. There is no one here except me and my wife.”


“Where are they hiding? Where are you hiding them? How can you be so sure these girls aren’t in there?” I was again asked.


“Because nobody else lives down here except for me or my wife,” I said. “If they’re here, they broke in while we were sound asleep.”


He completely misheard what I had just said, or still thought I was lying.


“So they ARE here! Where are they hiding!” he yelled, and got in my face. It was clear that he had not heard me. One officer had, the one officer that seemed civil, and affirmed what I had said as the one yelling at me continued.


I said again, this time deliberately slow and clear to be sure he understood what I was saying, “No sir, they are not, unless they broke in while I was sleeping. Sir.” His hand had not moved from his belt where I was not sure if he had his hand on a stun gun or pepper spray or what. I did not want to find out. He held that stance the entire time, as though he was waiting for an excuse to stomp me.


Then I was questioned randomly by all of them, all at once, about who lived upstairs, where my children were and how old are they, are there any younger girls in the building (after already telling him that nobody under 37 lives in this house). None of them seemed interested in my name or who I was. They did not seem to believe me that whoever they were looking for was not in my apartment.


The one who did most of the talking immediately turned to the basement door, which was behind him. The basement door has a hasp on it for a padlock, with a pin through it to keep it from popping open by itself.

He asked “Is this the only way in the house to the basement!?”

I said “yes, sir, it is.”


He asked “How can you be so sure they aren’t down there!?”


I told him “I cannot be, sir, as I was sound asleep 5 minutes ago. Please, feel free to go down and take a look.” At that point, I felt the 4th Amendment didn’t exist on Coram Street at all.


The one civil-acting officer told him he should calm down. They could not be down there because the pin was in the hasp and the outside door had been secured when they arrived. He told the one grilling me that they would have to have keys to get inside. This officer seemed to know at that point that they were all barking up the wrong tree, but this one bully style guy would not admit it. Instead, he continued down the path on thinking I was a suspect, hiding something from them.


Then he asked “How do I know you didn’t let them in and put the hasp in after they went down there? If I come in there am I going to find them hiding in your closets or something!? Why are you covering for them?!”


At that point, I pushed my door wide open and said “Officers, maybe it would be better if you came inside and looked around for yourself. Please, feel free to do so. If they’re here, they broke in, so please, feel free.”


I was done being accused and treated like a criminal. To Hell with my 4th Amendment rights, I thought, let’s get this guy out of here before he decides to crack my skull open. I was convinced any other reply was going to be met with a club to my head. What I really wanted to do was tell him to go pound sand and get a warrant. I felt as though if I did not let them in, they were going to come in anyway and beat me for my trouble.


In fact, it seemed a certainty.


I was bullied and strong armed for an “invitation” into my home. As far as I knew at the time they had broken in to begin with, so I was not assuming they would stop at the outer door. I had no desire to get my skull cracked and spend the night in the hospital and/or jail for exercising my rights. I was pretty scared and thought that was exactly what was going to happen.


At that point, an officer outside on the porch reported that the girl who sent them to our door admitted that she was not so sure these drugged up girls came into this house. She wasn’t so sure she had been entirely truthful. She was messed up on drugs. They all groaned in disappointment. “Sorry to bother you,” they said. Their apology sounded more like disappointment.


They took the girl to the hospital in the ambulance. Turns out, she had overdosed on heroin and was out of her mind. Everyone was gone in a matter of minutes with absolutely no explanation of the intrusion to our home. The police blotter yesterday shows only a girl picked up here and admitted to the hospital for a drug overdose. When I sent a message to the police department via their Face Book page, I was told the only information they could give me was on the public police blotter.


I understand the instant distrust the police tend to have with the public. When that distrust turns into bullying and terrorizing innocent bystanders, waking them up in the middle of the night from a sound sleep to question or interrogate, and frightening those innocent bystanders into skirting the 4th Amendment protection against unreasonable search and seizure, well then, sir, to that I say it is too much. I treated each of those officers with courtesy and respect, and my courteous cooperation was met with the sort of hostility and suspicion I have only experienced from schoolyard bullies back in grade school.


I understand that when someone reports a crime, the police have the duty to follow up and investigate it. This is not a license to strong arm the public. I believe my civil rights have been abused. I find the police behavior that night as completely unacceptable. It should have been perfectly clear to any reasonable person that we had been sound asleep when they arrived. It should have been obvious to any reasonable person that the word of a wasted junkie might just be less reliable than the honest citizen you viciously roused from a sound sleep.


And I have to add… I seriously wonder how that entire scene would have played out were I not a middle aged white man. That one officer in particular, who did most of the yelling at me, seemed like he was aching to kick my ass. I hate to think what may have happened if I was black or Hispanic or something other than white.


Or, Lord forbid, I had tried to exercise my rights…

by J. Niewicki

It is evident to anyone observing the events over the past six years that Obama, although un-American in his actions and advocacy, is not stupid.  Though many of those who oppose Obama know this, they still do not consider the real reasons for his actions and react with very little consideration to the real reasons Obama does what he does.

Consider the recent events surrounding illegal immigration into the United States.  Why would Obama allow such at thing to happen?  What benefit does he get from such an event?

More money?  No, most are children.

To improve the chances the next president will be a Democrat?  Not likely, according to a recent poll released by Gallop and cited by, only 22% of Americans favor increased immigration, 33% would like it to remain as it is, and 41% believe it should be decreased (4% had no opinion).

So why would Obama allow these events to occur?

It is the opinion of this article’s author that President Obama’s motive is to create dissonance between the racial groups in America.  From this frame of reference, the motives surrounding the recent actions of Obama are clear.

Consider the facts:

  1. The messaging being perpetuated by the media and all other actors regarding these events are about the thousands of children immigrating into America.  Not adults, not families, children.
  2. Not only children, but children of a demographic which when criticized fall directly into the narrative that America is a racist nation.
  3. Obama clearly sees the world through the prism of race.  When a police officer was doing his duty in Cambridge Massachusetts, Obama’s initial reaction without knowing much about the circumstances was to defile the officer and tie the event to racism.  When later it was found that the officer was an expert on preventing racial profiling and even taught at the police academy about the harm such actions could cause, Obama rightfully and to his credit changed his tune.  Yet as in insight into the roots of this thinking, this event show clear insights.

Obama, by allowing what can only be described as a miniscule number of children into the country in comparison to the total number of people here today, accomplishes a number of goals by allowing this to happen.

First, he is able to prop up an event that he knows is a hot button issue to American conservatives.  Second, he is able to frame that issue in relation to children and minorities.  Third, he is able to point to the over reaction of conservatives in America and validate the myth that they are both racist and (this is the cherry on top that makes this move genius by Obama) – hate children.

So what do conservatives in America do to respond to this?


  • Hold rallies where Obama operatives can hold up signs of racism and hate.
  • Take precious resources from fighting Obamacare so that fewer people notice the ACA does not make health care more affordable or more available to people.
  • Remove the focus from the IRS scandals and NSA encroachment into the lives of everyday Americans.

Therefore, conservatives, please stop being so stupid.

Obama is winning because the conservative movement takes his bait every time.  Immigration is not the issue, it is the welfare state.  If the principle that people have a right to the unearned was not perpetuated by both the conservative and leftist groups in America; if we returned to the principles our country was founded in which liberty and individual rights were our highest values, we would welcome all immigrants into our country.

When this was the reality in America, the only people who would make the effort to come to our country were those who could produce and contribute to our overall success.

Why would we not want these people here?

Unless we laboriously outthink our opponents, we will lose.  The American experiment is dying because the recognition of its foundation is all but lost in the public discourse.  We must reaffirm and speak publically of the right of every individual to pursue his or her own life as they see fit; to pursue their life, their liberty, their pursuit of happiness; not the lives, liberty, and happiness of others.   Only then will we stunt the continuing progress of Obama’s agenda.

If conservatives want these types of actions by Obama to stop, they must start looking more closely at why Obama does what he does, and recognize his long term goals; some of which this author believes are focused on dividing the United States of America.