Dance Of The Adorable Spiders!

With Thanksgiving in the rear view mirror, the Christmas Season has officially begun, yay! I have a little boy at home who loves to show me videos he finds of little critters doing cute things, and among his (and my) favorites are the Peacock Spiders. The males are very pretty and do flashy dances, for … Continue reading Dance Of The Adorable Spiders!

A Tale of Two War Criminals

There were two trials recently for two men who were each accused of genocidal war crimes. The men were on opposite sides of a conflict. One man was sentenced to life in prison, one man will serve no time at all and is free to live his life however he pleases. One man massacred thousands … Continue reading A Tale of Two War Criminals

Nasty Surprise In A Nutshell

Warning: this post may not be suitable for the faint of heart or weak of stomach... My best friend texted me from work the other day with a picture of what she discovered in the snack that she was attempting to enjoy on her break. She was eating Wonderful brand pistachios, and apparently what happened … Continue reading Nasty Surprise In A Nutshell

Some Happy News

The non-stop barrage of negative news and/or nasty fake news can really grind us all down sometimes, so I scoured the web and found a few things that I hope will help lighten the load and brighten everyone's weekend. Honor Flight Brings Veterans to D.C. to Visit Their War Memorials Lea Gabrielle joined 150 veterans … Continue reading Some Happy News

Nada for Thee – Empanada for Me!

Maybe he was bored. Presiding over the mass starvation of your country's people isn't a cakewalk, after all. Venezuela's Joe Stalin lookalike dictator has been criticized for becoming a fat bastard while the people in his country wait for hours in line to get bread, resort to picking through trash for anything edible, and die … Continue reading Nada for Thee – Empanada for Me!

After Multiple Arrests, New York Democrat Finally Drops Congressional Bid

In New York's 19th Congressional District (which I used to be a part of before a recent redrawing put me into the 18th instead), Steven Brisee was running among several other Democrats hoping to oust Republican Congressman John Faso from his seat. But Steven Brisee can't seem to stop himself from getting arrested! Steven Brisee … Continue reading After Multiple Arrests, New York Democrat Finally Drops Congressional Bid

Oh, Shut Up, George!

The left and their #NeverTrump enablers are all giddy over former President George W. Bush's speechifying in which he attacks President Trump (without having the courage to use the man's name) and the people who support Trump's agenda of placing the well being of the United States and American citizens over the interests of our … Continue reading Oh, Shut Up, George!

Ring Ring Ring Ripoff

Be careful when you answer the phone! If you are told that a relative is injured or in some kind of other desperate situation, beware. It's commonly known as "The Grandparent Scam", because elderly people are often the victims, but it could happen to anyone who isn't sufficiently skeptical and gets caught off guard. Someone … Continue reading Ring Ring Ring Ripoff

No Love From The FDA

"Made with love" doesn't go over well with bureaucrats. Well, you can make the things you cook "with love" in every bite, just don't list it as an ingredient. Via FoxNews: “Love” is definitely not an ingredient in granola, regardless of the amount of effort you put into making it, the Food and Drug Administration … Continue reading No Love From The FDA

Yet Another “Movement” for Violent Leftist Kooks

You may not have heard of them yet, but they want your stuff and they mean to take it from you, because raaaaacism. via FrontPage Mag Discover the Networks: Formed in May 2017 and based in New York City, the Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement (RAM) is a contingent of the Marxist/anarchist Antifa movement which has made many headlines this year with … Continue reading Yet Another “Movement” for Violent Leftist Kooks

First Fall Friday Free-for-all

Happy First Day of Fall, y'all! The Autumnal Equinox happened at 4:02 pm EST today. We can now look forward to shorter days and longer nights, and Halloween candy that is already on sale on store shelves everywhere. Where I live, we also get to look forward to apple festivals, pumpkin picking, and vibrant colors … Continue reading First Fall Friday Free-for-all

Life and Links

Like a lot of families at this time of year, life has been hectic this week for mine. It was our first full week of Homeschooling for the new school year, I took my girl puppies to get spayed, observed September 11th by talking about it with my kids, and have been worrying over my … Continue reading Life and Links

Democrat Outed As “Furry” Fetishist Resigns

A Democratic Councilman in New Milford, Connecticut has been forced to resign after it became public knowledge that he is a "furry" fetishist who lists rape among the things he "tolerates" on an adult site for people who are into dressing up like cartoonish stuffed animals - often for sexual gratification. Via NewsTimes: NEW MILFORD … Continue reading Democrat Outed As “Furry” Fetishist Resigns

Caterwauling Over Catcalling Criticism

"Hey baby, you got fries with that shake?" - some dopey guy to some random female walking past Everylady and her mother has likely been the subject of catcalls at some point in her life. Some people can shrug it off, some can't - some write articles complaining about it and some write articles complaining … Continue reading Caterwauling Over Catcalling Criticism

#WarOnStatues: Catholic School Removes Jesus and Mary

Another day, another sad story of the erasure of history to avoid "offending" the perpetually offended. California's first Catholic School, the 167 year old San Domenico School, has decided that images of the Blessed Mother and baby Jesus, along with statues of Saints on campus, might offend or "alienate" people, so they have got to … Continue reading #WarOnStatues: Catholic School Removes Jesus and Mary