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After this happened yesterday, a few of my online friends messaged me to make sure that all was well with me. (Bless you.)

As a third night of protests over Donald Trump’s election swept through major cities, nearly 200 people were arrested by Los Angeles police in the downtown L.A.

About 150 people — a mix of adults and juveniles — were arrested near Cesar E. Chavez and Grand avenues by 3 a.m., Montgomery said.

Just after midnight, in a separate set of arrests, about 35 were taken into custody after failing to disperse in the area of Olive Street and Olympic Boulevard, Montgomery said.

“F— Trump” graffiti could be seen in various locations in the downtown area.

I messaged back to let them know that I was okay and, while the above locations are not far–in LA distance–from my apartment, it was very quiet. (Nothing good happens on the street between 12 and 3AM, but that’s a side point.)

There’s a reason for the peace; I live in Koreatown. You all remember the Korean-Americans of LA, right?

1992 LA Riots

Actually, my neighborhood is very mixed racially, but many of the business signs are in Korean. Welcome to LA. Koreans make great neighbors.

I had thought about heading downtown to see what was going on today, but I should have gotten an earlier start.

Meanwhile, I’ve gained a bit of notoriety as a YouTube ranter. The topic? Leftists.

And I will probably write about this story since the human dynamics of it and that of the anti-Trump riots are related. (Careful. The story will inflame your emotions.)

Tomorrow, I must travel through downtown to get to church, so I’ll keep my camera at the ready for any rioters in the wild. And please don’t worry about my safety. I don’t.

OH YEAH AND: I got Instalanched for this post today.

Juliette Akinyi Ochieng blogs at baldilocks. (Her older blog is located here.) Her first novel, Tale of the Tigers: Love is Not a Game, was published in 2012. Her second novel will be done in 2016. Follow her on Twitter.

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Yes, I quit doing this again.

by baldilocks

I’m having a bit of trouble concentrating today. Not an unusual state of affairs, but, today, it’s really bad due to the fact that I’m in the process of incorporating new habits into my life. So I leave you with a review of my already-published novel while I work on the new one. Disclaimer: the review was written by my old co-blogger.  As with my own re-posts, it’s slightly edited.

Tale of The Tigers is a story of two college kids who fall in love.  It’s about race and racism.  It’s a time capsule of the early 90s.  It looks at the dynamics of family relationships.  It examines sex and sexuality.  It reassesses sacred cows of the cult of the politically correct.  It makes important statements about friendship, loyalty and trust.

Like her blog writing, Ms. Ochieng’s novel is chock full of subtleties.  Her characters could’ve turned into cardboard cut-outs.  Instead, the folks that inhabit Tale are flesh and blood people, full of admirable traits and painful weaknesses.  The outline of the plot never devolves into a cliché romance.  Thankfully, Baldilocks takes the story in unexpected directions.  Tale studiously avoids telegraphing its punches, which makes for an exciting read.

Beyond these great things, for me the best part of the book is the fact that the story stays with you long after you’ve finished it.  You’ll find yourself replaying sequences from the book in your mind.  Moreover, you’ll catch yourself pondering the book’s themes long after you’ve put it down.

In short, Tale of The Tigers is a damn fine piece of work from a writer with a powerful voice.

(Thanks to James Del Rey)

Juliette Akinyi Ochieng blogs at baldilocks. (Her older blog is located here.) Her first novel, Tale of the Tigers: Love is Not a Game, was published in 2012. Her second novel will be done in 2016. Follow her on Twitter.

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The latest in my CPAC short interviews

Yes I was sitting on the floor during this interview while Andrew was standing up.

To see all of my video as soon as it’s uploaded check out my Youtube Channel here.


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Cannoli anyone?

CPAC 2014 stills Wednesday 001

The first arrival on Radio Row

CPAC 2014 stills Wednesday 002

Waiting for Credentials

CPAC 2014 stills Wednesday 004

Harriet gets the first Cannoli!

CPAC 2014 stills Wednesday 005

You really should buy Michael Isenberg’s book Full Asylum

CPAC 2014 stills Wednesday 007

The Vendor Booth I most wish to visit

CPAC 2014 stills Wednesday 008

In full Fedora/Cannoli mode

CPAC 2014 stills Wednesday 009
The kid with lid strikes a pose

CPAC 2014 stills Wednesday 010


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It’s Thursday and with less than 72 hours to go to finish the week in the black we find ourselves a full $284 away from making Da Full Paycheck and paying Da Magnificent Seven (plus +2)

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Conor:   Think of it another way, are there still people in your society who have not discovered who they really are or what they’re meant to do with their lives… ? They may be in the wrong job… they may be writing bad poetry. Even worse, there may be great poets working as laborers, never to be discovered.

Star Trek TNG The Masterpiece Society 1992

Lorenzo: The saddest thing in life is wasted talent.

A Bronx Tale 1993

A few weeks ago I was preparing to go to Maine with the wife. My plan had been to take the machine do an initial post and see if I could get co-bloggers and guest bloggers to carry the load for the week. One of the people I contacted at the time was Jimmie Bise.

I was surprised to find out that Jimmie was no longer blogging and his famous podcast “The Delivery” was no longer taking place.

I don’t know why Jimmie stopped blogging, he didn’t go into details and when I went to his famous site The Sundries Shack I didn’t see any updates.

Now when we chatted Jimmy was not upset he just wasn’t doing blogging anymore, although he is very active on twitter.

To most it is no big deal, in my mind, particularly after what we saw thee last two weeks  it is a  disaster!

All during the last election cycle I kept advising one thing to candidates: Hire Jimmie Bise!

I suggested it to Herman Cain more than once

He did not…and lost.

I suggested it to Mitt Romney

He did not and lost.

Jimmie not only has an excellent grasp of social media but has spectacular political instincts and even if individual candidates didn’t hire him there would have been an even better use for him that he suggested back in 2009.

What conservatives need aren’t more Bob Novaks but more Andrew Breitbarts, Al Regnerys, and a George Soros or two. If conservatives with money would fund places for budding journalists to get their work in front of a decent-sized audience, there would be lots of Bob Novaks, Byron Yorks, Mark Hemingways, Matthew Vadums, and Stacy McCains showing up. Running a web site isn’t the hardest thing in the world to do, but it does take time. There are plenty of folks who could set up and run a site that does original reporting, but they have to have something approaching a credible budget not just to pay for the reporters but also to pay for their own time. It amazes me how much work we on the right get out of part-time and freelance writers but it should not be that way.

Charlie Crist, who will be a continual thorn in conservatives’ sides if he’s elected to the Senate, raised $4.3 million in just one quarter this year. That much money could fund a good conservative news site for at least five years, if not more like eight. Do you know how much good reporting we could get with a budget of just $500,000 a year? Think about it. Play with the numbers. You think I couldn’t land Vadum and McCain for 70 grand a year, plus add in Ace and Moe Lane for blogging power at the same amount? That’s only $280,000. Set aside fifty grand for tech stuff (hosting, design, troubleshooting) and advertising, another 60K for expenses (to pay reporters to go on the road and for freelancers), 60K for an editor, and 50K to me for supervising the whole operation and there you go. There’s $500,000 a year. And that doesn’t count any potential income the site might get from outside advertising, which you know it’ll get. As the site grows, the budget can creep up, but only for people who will add direct value to the site, but we add on as advertising revenues warrant the increase.

He was ignored, but think, just for a moment if he was not.

Picture a crew of credentialed conservative blogger press during the GOP primaries asking relevant rather than loaded questions. Imagine such a staff asking tough question of Barack Obama and the Democrat Senate candidates that the MSM would not.

Say this is done in 2009 these reporters would be established by now, they would have been asking Harry Reid why the bi-partisan bills coming from the house was ignored. They would have challenged the White House narrative, the media narrative and would have had the credibility to do so.

And their success would have been the success of conservatism, Jimmie Bise would be a nationally known name and from that success many successors would have followed nationwide to challenge the left on their own turf.

Instead Obama is president, Obamacare remains the law of the land and the GOP spent this week in retreat and Jimmie Bise is regulated to twitter.

That is not only a tragedy, it’s a waste! Jimmie might not be angry about it but I damn well am!

And if you want to advance the cause of conservatism you should be too.

Update: Somewhat related

Republicans who send out signals of weakness and fear are, in effect, inviting attacks. And because so many Republicans lack either the courage to fight back or the skill to fight back successfully, their enemies are emboldened.

Organizations have images — reputations — and if a negative perception develops, that perception tends to become self-perpuating. The Republican Party is currently perceived as an organization of selfish, cowardly losers, and this makes it difficult for the GOP to attract support from people who admire generosity, strength and success. The party is increasingly defined by its whining pathetic supporters.

Perhaps there is a reason Stacy was on his list

Having been in the midst of an “Occupy” mob when they tried to storm an Americans for Prosperity event two years ago, I understand why some people may fear this kind of left-wing wrath. These intimidation tactics replicate themselves online, as when criminal hackers assaulted Bank of America, PayPal, Amazon and other targets of the digital anarchist “Anonymous” movement. We have increasingly seen Twitter used as a weapon against conservative activists, as when North Carolina Democrats tried to intimidate two Republican women by threatening to “out” their online identities.

These online intimidation tactics have been dubbed #Shutuppery, and examples include the “Stop Rush” campaign mounted last year against talk radio host Rush Limbaugh.

If only there was a guy like Jimmie Bise running an organization fighting back.


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I have some plans for this site that I hope to put into place either November or December but for now the goal remains $305 to pay the mortgage and secure the family bills for October.

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Oh and if a big GOP donor wants to kick in that half million, I’ll gladly approach Jimmie Bise and see if I can coax him out of retirement and get his old plan started.

It’s catchup time at DaTechGuy blog.

A quick reminder that last week’s Under the Fedora Column is available at Conservatively, The Minority Report, Zilla of the Resistance, NACBU & The Conservative Commune. A Peek

On the same subject Morning Joe argued Tuesday that Rush Limbaugh had hurt republicans because Democrats had won 4 of the last six presidential elections. Actually republicans are 3 for seven in elections since Rush was syndicated but here is a better measure.

Both Joe Scarborough and I are going to be fifty this year. From the day we were born till Rush Limbaugh went on the air happens to be 25 years, half our lives. During that time GOP controlled the House of Representatives exactly 0 years and the senate 6 years. At no time did the GOP control both houses of congress.

During the 25 years since Rush came on the air the GOP has controlled the house for 14 years and the senate for 10 years and for the first time in our lifetimes controlled both house and senate for 10 of them.

I’ll make that trade any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

Keep an eye out for this week’s on Wednesday or Thursday at all those sites.

Meanwhile if you didn’t Catch Robert Stacy McCain on DaTechGuy on DaRadio via the Money Matters Radio Network or FTR Radio Saturday, you don’t have to panic you can listen to it here.

This week we have scheduled CNN’s Newest and best acquisition Jake Tapper and in the second hour comedian Jim Labriola

“I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.”

Tora Tora Tora 1970

There are many problems a one sided unquestioning media creates for the country. Much to the surprise of our friends on the left in general and Brett Kimberlin & co in particular they are discovering there are also problems created for those propped up by such a press.

When your side is so used to fawning and unquestioning press coverage that you can’t conceive of a situation where the media won’t have your back, you take foolish risks.

Case in point Robert Stacy McCain and his 32nd entry on the Brett Kimberlin saga:

Focusing on the Kimberlin-Rauhauser connection is, I think, the key to unlocking a mystery that has puzzled me and others for a while: What are they trying to hide?

The frenzied intensity of attacks we’ve seen from Team Kimberlin in the past three weeks strikes many observers as suggestive of what criminologists call “consciousness of guilt.”

A source familiar with the investigation of “Team Kimberlin” told me that recent exposures caused them to “freak out,” and that certain streams of communication between their team members suddenly went into “radio silence” mode. Meanwhile, certain of their pseudonymous online presences have begun frantically attacking those who are helping shine the light on Kimberlin, even to the point of sending veiled threats and “disinfo” messages to anyone who seems to be connected to the light-shiners.

As far as Kimberlin & Co were concerned Robert Stacy McCain was just a blogger who could be easily intimidated, particularity since he has a wife and children and is of course not Sicilian

They apparently did not know  of Stacy McCain’s decades of experience in shoe leather reporting. They either didn’t know or care about his work on the Bill Sparkman case, his famous Shoe leather fund road trip.  He was just another little blogger to be crushed

Au Contrare, the attempt to silence Stacy McCain and even more so any attempt to go after his family triggers his fighting spirit  as Charles Johnson discovered:

Who are these people who insult you, your friends and your family? Why does it give them so much pleasure to insult you? And why do they imagine that you will let the insult pass by unnoticed?

Does Charles Johnson suppose that I am a coward? Or that I am too stupid to understand when I am being insulted? Does he believe himself so infinitely superior to me that I cannot hold my own in debate with him?

Does Johnson regret his fight with Stacy McCain?  It’s worth noting that before his conflict with Stacy McCain Charles Johnson had 234 Instalanches dating back to April 22nd 2002.

He has had none since.

The Kimberlin crowd’s needs are diametrically opposite to Mr. Johnson’s.  While Charles wanted and craves attention their ability to succeed is directly tied to flying under the radar and not being noticed. Their decision to first go after Aaron Worthing and then Stacy who wrote about it hasn’t really worked toward that goal: to wit:


Now hundreds of blogs have written about this, My 50,000 Watt station has shouted it out to six states, ABC, FOX and (eventually) CNN has covered this story and now you have US Senators and Congressmen talking about this en masse.

We Sicilians refer to this phenomenon as “bringing the heat on everybody”

I’ve suggested that Kimberlin & Co’s funding is built on their belief that he can do their dirty work, no matter how dishonest or dishonorable, while keeping the rest of the left’s hands clean.

Unfortunately for those enablers of Kimberlin & co, Robert Stacy McCain immediately recognized this story as newsworthy and even  if he haddn’t once his family was under threat there was zero chance that he would let this go until every stone is turned and every fact uncovered.

Bottom line: This is not going to end well for Kimberlin & Co, it will end even worse for the left.

As the left worries and panics of the prospect of impending doom and the swatter in question contemplates my good advice to Turn State’s evidence NOW, lets get back to the point of this article, the foolishness of the left in funding and/or defending these guys.

In a normal world operatives would be very concerned about such a person and folks like Seth Allen on the left would have been heeded instead of rejected.  Instead now the left is in the state it is in with revelations coming,  A reporter smelling blood and the prospect of an unfriendly justice department backed by their political enemies digging deeper come January when they have control to do so.

I submit and suggest that if the left feared and respected the media instead of assuming the 4th estate consisted entirely of the members of “Journolist” they would not be in this mess.  Like a school system that gives everybody a trophy, the media pampered their friends on the left for years and like pampered students they will have to learn how the world is the hard way.

It won’t be pretty.

Update: Kimberlin now claims Swatting Patterico notes an interesting twist:

Interesting point: Kimberlin was interviewed by an ABC News reporter after his alleged SWATting, and apparently didn’t mention it. That reporter did not contact me until June 5, 2012. Her piece came out the next day, on June 6 — 6 days after Kimberlin’s alleged SWATting. Yet he does not appear to have said a word about it to her.

Via Twitchy who reports on the $10k reward via Velvet revolution. My reaction:

I really didn’t think these guys were this stupid. Lee Stranaham pounces:

Subsequent to inquiries I made this morning, I received the following email from the Montgomery county Maryland public information office:

Good Morning,

I searched our 911 call database for the above listed address. There was no call listed for 5/31, nor anything similar to what you described. I then searched each of our 6 districts for the entire day of 5/31 for a murder in progress, murder just occurred or murder occurred earlier call with negative results. I then spoke with our director to determine if this type of incident was brought to his attention recently and it was not. If your research proliferates any further detail that would help us to narrow down the search, please let me know. I can always check another address if you find one, but for the time being, I don’t see anything similar to what you described.

Meanwhile kudos to the 87 members of congress (via the Lonely Conservative) asking to this to be investigated.

Hey since Kimberlin now claims to have been swatted maybe he can call on some democrats to sign onto this list to help him find the REAL swatters.

Update 2: Here is Kerry Pickett’s story:

Adams collected a little over 80 House signatures for her letter last Friday afternoon from her colleagues on the House floor during votes, a task rarely accomplished in such a short period of time before the weekend of a recess week. Members are known to dash out of the Capitol after final votes are taken at that particular period.

“I hope that the Attorney General takes a very hard and close look at this, because it’s putting our citizens at risk and in danger–because they’re having people arrive at their house with heightened awareness–because they had a 911 call with a report of shots fired or holding people hostage or whatever the quote-unquote 911 call was for,” Rep. Adams explained.

Some wonder if Mr. Holder will take the swat-ting issue seriously enough to take action on it through the Justice Department, as the Obama Justice Department is known for not responding to members’ requests for information in a timely manner often.

Of course he will, after all Democrat activist Brett Kimberlin now claims to be a victim.

Stacy McCain comments:

That’s actual news, you see, and not something the mainstream media can dismiss as trival and irrelevant. Once big-time political reporters (and some savvy tech journalists) start peeling that big onion and see the connections to Brett Kimberlin, to Neal Rauhauser, to the “Anonymous” hackers, to Anthony Weiner, to Andrew Breitbart, to Barbra Streisand, to the Occupy movement . . .

Trust me: I know reporters. Somewhere out there, I’m sure, Michael Isikoff and other reporters are looking at this story and recognizing what an opportunity it presents.

Of course some reporters didn’t need a congressional letter to immediately recognize this as newsworthy.

But people attending the conference had already started to notice unusual activity by a number of people in the hotel’s lobby and began to film them, said Peter Michael Dominic Ingemi, a talk-show host.

“They started bantering back and forth,” he said. “We all had video. They were filming us and we were filming them.”

I love my full Catholic name but too bad they didn’t plug, the show, the station or the blog.

Ironically before I knew about this picture Tony Katz had already joined me today on DaTechGuy on DaRadio along with Yid with Lid, Tabitha Hale of Freedomworks and Moe Lane to talk Blogcon and the Occupods.

We’ve been informed that there may be several thousand occupods returning for noontime Denver time, unfortunately we have been informed by the hotel that although they won’t stop us from going outside to cover them, anyone who does will not be allowed back inside. Police and security will be on site and I expect the media might choose to spin our failure to go out to cover them as something other than it is. Which is why I’m mentioning it now.

Update: A question for the Denver post, if you want to sell papers who would you rather run a color photo of, Tony Katz and DaTechGuy or Tabitha Hale?

Robert Stacy McCain is preparing one of his famous roadtrips to Cover Herman Cain’s bus trip in Iowa:

The “Common Sense Solutions” bus tour kicks off Aug. 4 in Des Moines. I’m thinking of booking a one-way flight because it’s my first trip to Iowa and, while I’ll be following Cain’s bus tour across the Hawkeye State, I also want to catch up with as many of the other candidates as I can before the straw poll.

My general idea is to get a solid on-the-ground perspective of the political landscape in Iowa, to talk to organizers, activists and operatives, developing sources so that all I have to do — as we move ahead toward the February 2012 GOP caucuses — is make a few phone calls to get the straight lowdown.

Stacy McCain’s goal is a full $300 less than my goal was 5 days ago, and there are a full 9 days before he has to leave.

We all know Stacy as a live wire, he drinks coffee compulsively, drives much faster than he should, smokes like a chimney, is one of the hardest partiers in bloggerdom, and is willing to drop the blog gloves the moment his honor (or the honor of a friend) is challenged.

He is also one of the most effective shoe leather reporters you’ve ever seen, he’s able to distil a long speech into the one or two most important themes within it without a second thought. He’s incredibly well read, can spot an interesting person in a crowd of hundreds and has a grasp of the English language that many reporters making big money can only imagine. He has the peculiar talent for getting himself where the story is and getting the info that the MSM missed, or chooses not to report. I’ve learned more in the 18 months I’ve known Stacy than a four-year degree could teach me. All he’s learned from me in return is the value of a fedora.

And the fruit of all of this effort, at the cost of time away from his family he offers to the entire world, with only one request. Hit The TIP Jar!

Stacy writes for money and has never pretended otherwise, he is getting ready to tell you another story first hand of a campaign in action. If that’s something you want to read, then head on over to the Other McCain and kick in a buck or two and when it’s written and commented on all over the world, you can look back and say:

“Yes it a really good story, I commissioned it you know.”

Today is one of the few times that I not only woke up with nothing to say but didn’t see anything in the AP wire that inspired me so it’s time to empty the brain of some thoughts:

First some reader/listener feedback:

A reader pointed to this post about stolen railroad track and suggested that instead of story about metal theft if might be a dry run for a terror attack. I hate to admit it but that never crossed my mind.

The solo show got high marks from people who have commented, I’m thinking I might do that at least once a month.

The appearance on Fox 25 and the NY Post article both got great reviews from readers and listeners.

Lombardi said that when you get in the end zone act like you’ve been there, before, but I think it’s ok to save the game ball the first time you make it.

I’d love to hear some guest suggestions btw.

Is Nancy Pelosi STILL blaming Bush for the current economy? I guarantee that if the economy remains in this state the Democrats will be blaming George Bush right up until Jan 20 2013, at which time they will Blame Sarah Palin

Or Herman Cain

or Tim Pawlenty

or Maybe even Mitt Romney

BTW will the Democratic Senate actually ever do ANYTHING?

Speaking of Palin in today’s LA Times there is a piece by Andrew Malcolm wich pointed out that Palin had her Paul Revere history right and the MSM has it wrong. Yes you read that right, in the LA Times! Do you realize how many liberals are going to be spitting up into their cereal this morning?

And Yet Morning Joe’s “News you can’t use” segment that didn’t find Anthony Weiner worthy of touching is going all out on Palin this morning. Don’t any of these people actually READ history?

There is also a hubbub about people editing the Paul Revere page on Wikipedia. Seriously anyone who uses Wikipedia as a primary source for anything is really foolish, Glenn Reynolds put it best years ago, on uncontroversial topics Wikipedia is ok, otherwise no.

Although last weeks show was fun, I really hope I don’t do another show that is filled with Weiner jokes, but Andrew Breitbart apparently has a HUGE scoop coming out today that will break it wide open.

I remember a few years ago I was at a library in the Museum of Science in Boston and looking at a book on Tornadoes, I was stunned to see that where I live is “Tornado Alley” as far as Massachusetts is concerned, I was even more stunned to see Nature confirm it this week.

Remember at the beginning of the season when everyone said the Yankees would not be a factor this year?

I also noticed that people were hitting Jeter for poor performance. Listen, I’ll bet that he will trade personal numbers for first place any day of the year. That’s what a leader does and why Red Sox fans like myself still fear him with the game on the line.

Hockey and Basketball should not still be played during June.

I’m not a fan of the Slutwalks but Jessica Valenti make an important point on Morning Joe concerning this today: “Would I be sitting here if they were called ’empowerment walks’?”

Speaking of Morning Joe again the anger over Edwards after the MSM tired to bury the story is laughable, but at least it wasn’t as bad as this quote from Scarborough:

“If you keep dropping using drones killing civilian men, women and children all you do is make more Terrorists”

he said this in the Anniversary of D-Day, the day will come when people forget it’s significance, but can you imagine if this show was on in 1944?: “If you keep dropping Bombs on German cities killing civilian men, women and children all you do is make more Nazi’s”

If like me you weren’t willing to wait till next week and watched Doctor Who from the British feed you now know who River Song really is. I sure hope that the “Good Man” she kills isn’t who we expect.

BTW if you don’t want to wait till Saturday in the US the clip of the big reveal is on Youtube here.

Speaking of Doctor Who I’ve been way behind in reviewing the Big Finish CD’s but they have been pretty good.

The 8th doctor stories are now going to be replaced by a 4th Doctor Series featuring Tom Baker, The new McGann stories are going to be folded into the main series again.

Sadly Elizabeth Sladen had agreed to do new audios with Baker just a few days before she died.

BTW the last 8th doctor Adventure To the Death written by Nick Briggs seams to have been specifically tailored to get the Doctor to the mindset to destroy both the Daleks and the Time Lords per the new series. Quite a season/series finale.

Speaking of season finales I sure hope the Big Bang series finales means that Raj gets to develop as a character. He is the only one that has not been allowed to grow.

Saw Hangover 2 with the family, it was not my first choice but it was funny. I think the series works because in addition to the weird comedy it is basically, like the first one, a detective story.

I suspect the new Green Lantern movie will be absolutely horrible, but as a Green Lantern fan since I was 13 how can I not go see it?

I’m still angry about the comic books out of SF, it is yet another version of the Big Lie.

BTW if you wonder why I’m so unwilling to trust the Arabs on the middle east it’s because of this event that took place 44 years ago this very day:

Gravely disappointed, desperate, the king (Hussein of Jordan) retorted with a warning of his own. If the fighting continued, Jordan would have no option but to corroborate Nasser’s charge of an Anglo-American conspiracy.

It was not an idle threat, as Hussein proved a half-hour later, when a phone call arrived from Cario “Will we say that the U.S. and Britain [are attacking] or just the United States?” asked Nasser, inquiring whether the British even had aircraft carriers. Hussein responded, “United States and England” agreed to issue a statement to that effect immediately. Nasser was heartened. “By God,” he exclaimed, “I will make an announcement and you will make an announcement and we will see to it that the Syrians will make an announcement that American and British airplanes are taking part against us from aircraft carriers. We will stress the matter. And we will drive the point home.” Six Days of War page 226

Remember King Hussein was OUR ALLY. The most pro-US arab country out there, and they were ready to sell us in a second for a political advantage. That’s why I don’t trust Jordan any more than the rest of them.

Confession is a lot like housecleaning. If you go often you will find that you tend to have less tolerance for small sins within yourself and will avoid them. Just like housecleaning, if you tend to excuse a dirty house it will remain dirty.

I confess I’m much better with Confession than with housecleaning.

A correction, last month I opined that the job numbers were skewed by the McDonalds hiring spree, I was one month early, it was THIS month that the McDonalds numbers kicked in. Mea Culpa.

It is a very odd thing to be recognized when I go places. As long as I have the hat people tend to know me.

I just can’t afford to go to the Smart Girl Politics event in St. Louis, I’m Hoping to go to Blogcon but the radio show will have to make more money before that happens, or I’ll have to be sponsored.

I really haven’t shaken the Tip Jar much but when it comes down to it, after expenses I’m taking in a whole lot less than I did on Unemployment and trips like the Palin hunt were expensive for me. I need a new Lawn Mower, and we use a Board and a stick to keep the Dryer door shut while it is running. If anyone is in a position to kick into the Tip Jar it will be much appreciated.

If you are in a position to kick in Big then I can run a ad on the radio show promoting a favorite charity of yours (provided said charity doesn’t conflict with Catholic moral Belief).