Qualifiers not withstanding it appears that their reports might have more meat than I thought, Confederate Yankee continues to disagree and has some backup. I respect him very much but the conflicting reports don’t seem to confirm one story or the other.

Or to put it another way. I don’t know the truth, so my implication that Digger’s Realm and Kimberly Dvorak were shown wrong was premature and patronizing.

Since I can’t decide what is true and what is not I have no business implying that they are clinging to a false story for that I apologize.

They are blogging sisters who write A sound mind and spirit together:

You know I’ve been thinking of inviting in a guest blogger or an occasional co-blogger, but as long as I’m still not working it might not be necessary.

For some reason the old way of embedding the videos is still failing, must have been a new update that did it.

also known by her real name Barb Gillman.

We talked a little CNMC and a little blogging, her blog is here and her twitter page here

Update: For some reason the YouTube embed was going a tad wacky so if this post seemed to come and go that is why.

Allicia Jensen talks about Catholicguyshow.com , blogging and Catholicism:

This is referring of course to Lino Rulli who was a keynote speaker at the CNMC. It was a great mistake of mine not to score a quick interview with him, but you can find him on radio, at his site and on twitter.

…have no fear, he has the text and video embedded here.

My own interview of him will be going up as the field guide posts continue. This young man is very impressive and I’ll tell you something. As the father of two Catholic sons I’d like to shake his father’s hand and say “Well done”!

Inge traveled all the way from Holland (although she is German by birth) to be at the CNMC conference

For the life of me I couldn’t make out the name of Inge’s blog when she said it. But her twitter page is here. And I managed to find her blog The World According to Taquoriaan and her travel blog here.

Hey her first name sounds like my last name maybe we are distantly related?

Update: She has a podcast that appears to be in German here.

…at David Horowitz News Real Blog about the sudden invisibility of Shirley Sherrod and that’s this.

From what I’ve seen of Andrew Breitbart he is a great poker player, but looking closer and closer at the Sherrod case he might just be a chess player too.

You will recall he was very careful about the release of the ACORN tapes spacing them out and getting the media to fall into trap after trap until ACORN was a broken organization.

Also recall that Breitbart is a totally intergrated web person who worked regularly with Matt Drudge before venturing out on his own. He knows the web well, and that he had the initial video stuff months before he used it.

Is it reasonable to think that he would not have googled this woman? In just a few weeks enough info has come out about her that she has become radioactive. Can one assume that before his initial (and still ignored) column Brietbart or his assistants would have done the same research that others have done and been aware of the trap that the media was being setup for?

Breitbart Nailed the NAACP and the White house, but people forget, they are not his primary targets overall (although he does say in this case the NAACP was). The media is and always has been the wall that he has been chipping away at.

To what degree was this a media trap and with the deification and disappearance of Shirley Sherrod from that national conscience did he manage to make his media case after all?

What do you think?

My latest article at Examiner.com Conservatives in Massachusetts should be grateful not embarrassed by the Tea Party deals with all the tea party has done in the state:

On the night of January 19th flush with victory I asked Former Governor and presidential hopeful Mitt Romney if he and the party would make sure Scott Brown’s victory was a successful revolution (Berlin 1991) as opposed to a short lived failed rebellion (Hungary 1958). The wannabe standard bearer of the GOP answered with vague generalities. Contrast that to Sarah Palin’s direct “cojones” line.

Lucky for the GOP the tea party and its supporters answered for him. People who profess conservatism should be grateful.

You can find a catalog of all Examiner article here.