You might remember that a while back I asked Mike Romano if the poor economy is hurting him, he reported that it wasn’t so bad because a lot of people who would normally go out to eat were now buying high quality meats and eating at home.

Likewise I was down at Viola’s Fitchburg Tire and asked Ray if the Michelin tires were selling worse in a bad economy. (As a rule you pay a lot more for a Michelin Tire than any other brand but the quality is very high.)

Ray Said the Michelin’s were doing great and explained #1. People were buying Michelin’s because they needed cars to last longer and Michelin’s helped, #2 People who have the money will always buy the best #3 Brand loyalty, he bluntly stated that once someone tries Michelin’s they tend to stick with them.

I asked if these tires are really that much better, Ray insisted they were and as you might recall he know more about tires than most.

There is a very interesting line in this NYT article on their upcoming advertising campaign:

“When you’re clear about who you are, you actually make money,” said Sharon Otterman, the chief marketing officer for MSNBC, who started work there one year ago.

Hmmm and hmmmm again. What follows this sentence in the story? This does:

MSNBC’s brand was unclear for its first full decade. A creation of NBC News and Microsoft in 1996, the channel bounced from one programming idea to another before Mr. Olbermann, the host of “Countdown,” and Chris Matthews, the host of “Hardball,” seized on antiwar, anti-Republican sentiments in the latter part of the Bush administration.

The channel identified itself as “The Place for Politics” — a catchphrase that it will continue to use alongside “Lean Forward” — and added liberal hosts like Ms. Maddow and Ed Schultz, and a lively morning show, “Morning Joe.”

I think the first sentence should have followed this but more to the point, by taking the pretend mask off MSNBC stops pretending to be all things to all people. People do better being what they are.

And to those who say, “but DaTechGuy” this is a center right country blah blah blah. Remember these things.

  • If only 20% of people in the US are liberals then an awful lot of people.
  • If you are a business, you can make a good living catering to that 20%
  • That liberal 20% of the country, all eat, read, drink , use toilet paper , wash their clothes, buy trash bags (except when Marching on Washington ) etc and advertisers understand this.

So more power to you MSNBC, be yourself, Fox can be themselves and let the best network win and you can both watch CNN cry.

Via Stacy’s new feature Live at 5.

I finally found a new John Olver sign in Fitchburg

Hey a John Olver sign

And is there any more appropriate location for a sign promoting a democratic member of congress…

The perfect setting

then a closed business?

And in case you think it is a stunt, lets go to the video!

Democrats it’s all yours.

and I really don’t have the answer:

Why is the Administration loaning money to Mexico to drill in the Gulf, while preventing companies from doing the same thing here?

Is the administration’s plan to create jobs in Mexico to stem the tide of people coming here? If so they didn’t read this piece from USA today:

ACAPULCO, Mexico (AP) — The bodies of six kidnapped police officers, most of them dismembered, were found Sunday in a ravine in the Mexican state of Guerrero, bringing to eight the death toll from a mass abduction of policemen, officials said.

Fernando Monreal Leyva, director of State Investigative Police, said one survivor of the massacre was located in this coastal state known for beach resorts that has become a drug cartel battleground.

I remember the days when Acapulco was associated with vacations that you won on the Price is Right. Can you imagine trying to give away a vacation to Mexico today? The contestant would be screaming, but not from excitement.

It looks like I should have bid lower on this flight rather than just looking for a good price since with under 45 minutes to its departure the gate area is practically empty.

The free Logan wi-fi for the price of watching one 70 second ad is a deal to my liking as is the pleasure of viewing humanity. I finished Pam’s book on the drive and am now starting The Man who shot the Man who shot Lincoln. I suspect I’ll finish this before the week is through.

Meanwhile while I wait for a plane yet another factory closes thanks to democrats and their green friends:

What made the plant here vulnerable is, in part, a 2007 energy conservation measure passed by Congress that set standards essentially banning ordinary incandescents by 2014. The law will force millions of American households to switch to more efficient bulbs.

The resulting savings in energy and greenhouse-gas emissions are expected to be immense. But the move also had unintended consequences.

Rather than setting off a boom in the U.S. manufacture of replacement lights, the leading replacement lights are compact fluorescents, or CFLs, which are made almost entirely overseas, mostly in China.

Gateway pundit gets to the raw numbers:

212 democrats voted for this bill. 178 Republicans voted against the bill.

With those kind of numbers the attempt to generate fear of a “tea party congress” is unlikely to work. Particularly if Republicans promise to repeal this nonsense, that’s called actually saving jobs.

We get the government we deserve, right now the people believe they deserve better.

Memeorandum thread here.

Moran Square Diner The Sunday of Labor day weekend
If you have watched Mike Barnicle on TV you have probably heard him say the phrase “The people at Moran Square Diner” when talking about the average person and what he thinks.

Well the Moran square diner is a real place that has been cooking breakfast and lunch for people for

You don't get more old fashoned than that menu board
over 70 years. It’s named after Fitchburg Native Pat Moran who played 14 seasons in the major leagues. He played on both Chicago Cubs world series teams ( 1907 & 1908 ). but is best remembered for his 1919 World Series victory in 1919 (with some unsolicited help from disgruntled White Sox Players) as manager of the Reds. That’s a shame as the hardball times says Pat Moran might be the most underrated manager in baseball history.

Your breakfast cooked right in front of you
.wife and youngest stopped down for breakfast there today and the family was hard at work dealing with the Sunday rush. If you are looking for fancy this is definitely the wrong place for you, but if you want a good breakfast in a quaint old fashioned dinner cooked to a T this is the place. You will be hard pressed to find a better sausage patty and eggs.

When I told Mary during breakfast that I would write a post about the place she smiled, She was really surprised when I came back 15 minutes later camera in hand.I showed up after breakfast camera in hand.With the Sunday Rush on Chris had absolutely no time to talk to me, but Mary was able to find some time after a little wait. I didn’t mind. I enjoy a watching a master at work. You might not think of short order cooking as an art to master but then again you haven’t tried his breakfast and just watched as he goes through order after order.

Working steady

When you make your living $5-$6 dollars at a time you have very little room to factor in a bad economy so if you want some advice on making it in a diner, I’d listen to what Mary has to say. BTW I was actually surprised to find out that Cousin Mary and her Husband Chris are only the 2nd owners in all of those years. I still think morning Joe should broadcast from here some day

BTW somehow this post got mixed up with a post in defense of Stacy McCain that I put up earlier

I planned on taking a day or two off with scheduled posts and what happens, the left goes nuts over Todd Palin talking to Stacy McCain.

I’ve already spent plenty of time defending Stacy from Johnson & Co. I’ve known Stacy via e-mail now for a year and in person for 9 months. He has stayed in my house, I have seen him up close and personal. I have shared a front room in a hotel with him and my hat still sits on his head on a daily basis.

On occasion he drives me crazy, he is an interesting passenger to share a car with, he is on perpetual hyper-drive, smokes like a chimney and is a coffee vampire. He has Watching him cuss out his pc when it is running slow is an experience.

But as a reporter who is better, who came up to Massachusetts crashing on a couch to cover Scott Brown on his own? Who while Andrew Sullivan et/al were pinning the Bill Sparkman suicide as “right wing violence” actually went to the scene of the crime to talk to people, who covered Mattie Fein in Ca36 when the paper there would not? And who flew to Alaska on his own dime (and the dime of those who hit his tip jar) to cover the Joe Miller victory first hand?

I haven’t done it as I don’t have the money or backing but Why didn’t the MSM do these things? Why hasn’t Andrew Sullivan done this he has the Atlantic to back him? Why hasn’t Charles Johnson, the new darling of the left? Who would do these things if Stacy did not?

This is why the left can’t stand him. He does this without caring what they say. All he does is get the story and fight for conservative values and victory. They can’t stop him so they have to attack. As a blogger and as a reporter he is worth any 6 of them.

On a personal level he is my friend, I would trust him with my own life and with my family’s. I have not seen him carry himself in any way that would make me think otherwise.

Finally I’ll say this to the Palin family in general and Todd Palin in particular. You have more to worry about by associating with my fedora than you do associating with Robert Stacy McCain.

Memeorandum thread here. And let me say it is disgraceful that there needs to be such a thread.

Update: Somehow this post got replaced by a post I’m scheduling for tomorrow on a local diner. I’ve managed to put it right and you can read about Moran Square in the morning

Mike Forte hosted gubernatorial candidate Charlie Baker in his shop Forte’s Parts connection, however when I interviewed him there we didn’t talk politics we talked shop:

If you want a better perspective on how the economic climate has effected his business, the Framingham Tab profiled him in January.

“Trips and expensive cars — they’re the first to go,” he said. “Since 2006 I’ve been feeling it, but since autumn 2008 we’re off by about a third.”

“I’ve cut back everything,” he said. “I’ve been getting killed.”

Forte isn’t alone in his struggles.

This has been a difficult year for small businesses. In the first quarter, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than 400,000 businesses with fewer than 100 employees ceased operations, eliminating one million jobs. Some experts are describing 2009 as perhaps the worst year for small business since the Great Depression.

As they say, read the whole thing.

…but his cronies apparently can sink a bank with the best of em.:

Hmmm. Feds moved to shut down Obama crony bank ShoreBank today, but it’s not really going away

Now one more bank failing is not news, but doesn’t it strike you as odd that so many taxpayer bailed out companies are so anxious to do a favor to this particular bank that is shall we say “connected”?

You know if you are a business it’s nice to have a friendly reputation but it’s even nicer to have a reputation for success.