I must confess I’m getting kinda antsy being home. December had Christmas and the ice storm to keep me busy. January had the open house and the College search. Now Feburary is here. The boy has picked has almost finalized his choice. (I think Das Full Boat has it) the house is empty and I find my mind turning toward the lack of success in my job hunt.

It’s a depressing situation, my lot is shared by an awful lot of people these days and its perfectly normal to worry. It is not however healthy or normal to let these worries overwhelm you.

I’m sure there are things I can improve and I’ll be taking those measures as I can but that doesn’t lesson the feelings that come up. That has to still be dealt with in some ways.

If you are Catholic then might I suggest a solution. When this is getting you down offer a small prayer set (Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be) and close by offering your feelings as a sacrifice your sins yours and others, and maybe for the souls in Purgatory too.

This turns the source of weakness into a source of spiritual strength and sticks it to the other side that wants you discouraged and depressed and inactive.

Even if you are weak in faith or not Catholic it certainly can’t hurt. If we have to deal with bad times lets use them to humanity’s advantage.

There is shock and horror over the story of a woman who went in for an abortion, went into labor early delivered a live child and then, well lets quote the story:

What Williams and the Health Department say happened next has shocked people on both sides of the abortion debate: One of the clinic’s owners, who has no medical license, cut the infant’s umbilical cord. Williams says the woman placed the baby in a plastic biohazard bag and threw it out.

Doesn’t shock me one bit. We have a society that has no respect for life. The humanity of he unborn child is denied and it is treated as property. Large profits are made by the industry that does this and lawmakers even “catholic” lawmakers defend it with their votes.

Why would you expect this not to happen? What I wonder is how much does this stuff happen and people stay quiet?

This is the society that people have voted for and supported. Just remember if you are one of those people the day may come when your life might not be considered to have value, when you are considered a burden to society in general and your family in particular. And when that day comes and you are put away or worse, don’t complain.

And if you are Catholic and you support abortion either actively or passively; find a priest and make a good confession. God will give you the rest of your life to do so.

After that you’re on your own.

Update: Via Jules Crittenden slightly off subject but with the same theme via at Jules Crittenden “The normalization of evil.”

Update 2: The captain quotes the Pres.

His speech is pretty good he is hitting all the right notes. He goes into some details about his own family and lack thereof. He mentions that his father was a Muslim who became an atheist and that his people were not particularly practicing Christians.

He notes Tony Blair and his coming to his (Catholic) faith. He talks about his coming to Christianity briefly it is interesting so I’ll comment on it later in its own post.

He asks for prayers for himself and the country.

A good solid speech that hit the right tone.

One small thing that I’ll mention since it will be beaten into the ground; He says that no religion says to kill the innocent. The question is who is considered the innocent? He might want to re-read his Koran on that one. Of course this speech wasn’t the place for that question but there are going to be those who hit on it hard, so I’m saying it now.

You know when after a Vatican investigation of the head of a major catholic order it is decided to:

invite the father to a reserved life of penitence and prayer, relinquishing any form of public ministry. The Holy Father approved these decisions.

That suggested there was some there there. Well it took a year after the old man’s death but this stuff is finally coming out publicly:

The Legionaries of Christ, an influential Roman Catholic religious order, have been shaken by new revelations that their founder, who died a year ago, had an affair with a woman and fathered a daughter just as he and his thriving conservative order were winning the acclaim of Pope John Paul II.

Before his death, the founder, the Rev. Marcial Maciel Degollado, had been forced to leave public ministry by Pope Benedict XVI because of accusations from more than a dozen men who said he had sexually abused them when they were students.

Lots of commentary, starting with the American Papist who is all over this:

the Legionaries of Christ have some hard decisions to make with regards to how they respond to this crisis concerning the founder. The eyes of the world are on them, and the prayers of the universal Church are with them. It is somewhat encouraging to see that the current head of the LC’s personally saw to it that a thorough investigation took place. Now let’s hope they follow through on their discoveries.

And he has plenty more on the subject: Continue reading “You didn’t think the guy was sanctioned for nothing did you?”

…over a group of 50 US Catholic (and I use that word very loosely here) sending a letter to the pope concerning the lifting of the excommunication of the St. Pius X society bishops.

Obviously there are no IQ tests for congressmen. The first thing you might want to do before signing a letter addressed to the Holy Father is to make sure you are factually correct or perhaps even in the ballpark. I guess I must have missed the announcement that Bishop Williamson was reinstated – what diocese was he assigned? It is also of course true that the majority of these same Catholic Congressman have 100 percent NARAL records. I guess they are also all holocaust deniers. They deny the holocaust of abortion that has killed 50 million children while at the same time voting to support abortion. There have more than a log in their eye when condemning the Pope, I think the Amazon was deforested to provide enough logs for their eyes.

The ignorance or dishonesty of the media is nothing new, just too bad that Catholics join into this.

The reason he won’t be going Kryten is he wasn’t willing to take a Sucker bet, you can’t get outraged over what you expect. If these “Catholics” can’t understand the whole “Abortion is Bad” concept do we expect them to understand Excommunication?

Father Z is all over this stuff. After all he called it.

He recommends a prayer for the pope here. My prayer of choice for the pope is this: At the end of the Rosary pray the end chain backwards (1 glory be, 3 hail marys, 1 Our Father, one Creed) and offer those closing prayers for the Holy Father and his intentions.

I told you it was a sucker bet:

“If the pope wants to do some good for the Church, he should leave his job,” eminent liberal Catholic theologian Hermann Haering told the German daily Tageszeitung.

There are plenty of people who don’t know what Excommunication means I’ve discussed this whole thing here, but this guy is a theologian. He has no excuse.

This pope isn’t going anywhere while the heart is still beating. Our liberal theologians however are under no compulsion to stay. They will raise money and become popular with the world in general and the press in particular. It should be a clue to a theologian that something is wrong when their popularity is strongest with the wrong target audience.

Father Z offers a sucker bet:

This is probably the week we will start to see an acceleration of expressions of real hatred of the Holy Father and the SSPX.

The nastiness is starting to seep out cracks in the foreheads of the progressivists which split open when Benedict lifted the excommunications.

These people are terrified.

I wouldn’t bet against this if you were giving 100-1. Just because it is the Catholic Church doesn’t mean we don’t have our own angry left.

Boston has a really good Cardinal in Sean O’Malley. Damian Thompson recommends him for his comments on the St. Pius X society but he really shines on his blog over the Right to life march:

Last week, the March for Life was a great success. The numbers of people who participated — particularly the number of young people — and the enthusiasm of the people for the cause was very encouraging. However, it is disturbing to see that the secular press, for the most part, chose to ignore a gathering of this proportion.

This week someone shared an article with me written by Don Feder, whom many of you will remember as a long-time Boston Herald columnist. In the article, he expresses dismay that the March for Life did not even receive a mention in the New York Times. He makes a strong point when he says that, had the cause been one that the liberal media was in favor of, even if there were just a few people there, it would be given prominence of place.

Sadly, the pro-life cause frequently receives this sort of unfair treatment. The media often seem to prefer to ignore the fact that huge numbers of Americans are dismayed at the lack of legal protection for human life in our country and are willing to express that in a public demonstration. This is certainly indicative of what a lacuna there is in our national media when it comes to the pro-life cause.

Indirect proof?

Pat Dollard express’ outrage and some disbelief at vandalism and disrespect for religion and free speech rights by the “tolerant” left.

The College Republicans were in possession of a number of crucifixes used in a University-sanctioned Right To Life display. When the display was taken down, they were stored in the College Repulicans’ side of their shared but divided office space with the College Democrats. When the last College Republican members left the offices this last Friday, January 23, the crucifixes were safely stored on their side of the suite.

This Monday afternoon, January 27, when the first College Republicans to re-enter the offices did so, they discovered some of the horrifically desecrated crucifixes, stolen from the private property confines of their storage containers, and proudly displayed on the College Democrats’ bulletin board, and other areas, including a bowl, laid out as if they were candy for any member of the public who visited the office to take home and enjoy. One crucifix featured the College Democrats’ version of Christ: a large penis with an actual condom pulled over the top, in lieu of His crown of thorns.

Via The other McCain.

In one respect the college has to be called on this to enforce their own rules and the laws of the community. If you don’t demand your rights they will not be forthcoming.

On the other hand this has to be expected. No Christian worth his salt should be surprised at anything like this, remember these words:

“If the world hates you, realize that it hated me first. If you belonged to the world, the world would love its own; but because you do not belong to the world, and I have chosen you out of the world, the world hates you. Remember the word I spoke to you, ‘No slave is greater than his master.’ If they persecuted me, they will also persecute you. If they kept my word, they will also keep yours. And they will do all these things to you on account of my name, because they do not know the one who sent me. If I had not come and spoken to them, they would have no sin; but as it is they have no excuse for their sin. Whoever hates me also hates my Father. John 15:18-23

A Christian in general and a Catholic in particular needs to know and expect this kind of thing. It’s part of the job description. The Church will always have enemies because it is on one of two sides and the enemy will always have servants and or dupes willing to help.

If you have been following events in the Anglican communion as I have you would know that as western branches of the church have embraced non-biblical teachings. (Hello bishop Gene Robinson) or deferring to Islam (hi Rowan Williams) have shrunk while African churches that have held to scripture have thrived.

Well the successor’s of Henry VIII have created an opening and Pope Benedict is driving a truck right through it:

The Pope is preparing to offer the Traditonal Anglican Communion, a group of half a million dissident Anglicans, its own personal prelature by Rome, according to reports this morning.

“History may be in the making”, reports The Record. “It appears Rome is on the brink of welcoming close to half a million members of the Traditional Anglican Communion into membership of the Roman Catholic Church. Such a move would be the most historic development in Anglican-Catholic relations in the last 500 years. But it may also be a prelude to a much greater influx of Anglicans waiting on the sidelines, pushed too far by the controversy surrounding the consecration of practising homosexual bishops, women clergy and a host of other issues.”

Would they keep their structures? Yes:

If the Pope agrees, the TAC, which has a large number of married bishops and priests, would answer to the Pope but keep their existing structure, clergy and some elements of Anglican identity.

This has been in the works for some time. Damian Thompson makes a prediction:

My guess is that, if this happens, Anglo-Catholics in the C of E will move to Rome in unprecedented numbers under a similar arrangement.

I guess all those who said the Catholic Church was doomed because they didn’t change like protestants had it backwards. A society that expects instant gratification not a place to go for advice when you are a church that takes a view over centuries. That’s why Christ built it on a rock that still stands strong.