Q: How insanely paranoid is Andrew O’Hehir’s review of the movie Secretariat?

And Ebert is about as far let as it gets.
Ebert’s article starts thus:

Andrew O’Hehir of Salon is a critic I admire, but he has nevertheless written a review of “Secretariat” so bizarre I cannot allow it to pass unnoticed. I don’t find anywhere in “Secretariat” the ideology he discovers there. In its reasoning, his review resembles a fevered conspiracy theory.

Read the whole thing along with Ebert’s review of the film here.

Of course if you prefer your red meat from a red source there is always John Nolte at Big Hollywood who says:

O’Hehir’s divisive, race-bating language should look familiar to you. This is what the Left does when they’re losing power and out of attractive ideas to launch any kind of comeback. It’s the language of desperate left-wing politicians and their media allies when facing everyday Americans with the temerity to speak out against ObamaCare and a failed stimulus in townhall meetings; it’s the language of White House surrogates desperate to dishonestly shame into silence the millions who organized Tea Parties after waking up to the nightmarish realization that Obama wasn’t kidding about fundamentally transforming America, and now O’Hehir has opened up this new front.

I had no interest in this movie, I was alive when this happened. The Horse ran and won, but I’m tempted to do so just to make him go Kryten

Dianne Williamson makes some interesting points in this column that made my wife laugh out loud:

Despite his City Hall harem, the 17-year mayor keeps getting re-elected. Is he so popular that voters are willing to overlook the indiscretions?

Well considering Leominster has a thriving downtown, a surplus and is in financially solid shape while Fitchburg next door can’t afford to keep on its streetlights while taxes and fees rise I think that might be a clue.

I asked the wife if she would rather have had Dean J. Mazzarella as mayor for the last 20 years here, she didn’t bat an eyelash: “I’ll take the Leominster Lothario.”

Williamson’s case is a valid one but I tend to remember an awful lot of women in this state who were much more forgiving of a certain fellow in the White House a decade and a half ago and a certain senator who ruled Massachusetts for my entire life. As Stacy McCain reminds us:

the conservative who tries to turn the tables on that argument — demanding that liberals explain, for example, how Chris Dodd and Ted Kennedy could make “waitress sandwiches” and still retain the unstinting support of feminists — will again run head-on into the familiar reply: How dare you?

I don’t know Williamson’s opinion on Kennedy or Clinton but I’d be really interested to know. Exit question: How many people who are outraged in Massachusetts over the Mayor’s actions had opinions similar to Nina Burleigh concerning them Bill & Ted?

This post is not going to make me any friends. I wasn’t going to blog on this subject but I read the first paragraph of this nonsense and I’m not going to let it stand:

What made Rutgers University freshman Tyler Clementi jump off of a bridge to his death?

With all due respect to his grieving family nothing made Tyler Clementi jump off a bridge but Tyler Clementi.

He was a talented young man going to a prestigious university in the greatest country in the world. Worldwide he was easily part of the 1% of winners in life’s lottery.

Yet with all his advantages when someone played a nasty prank on him he was so insecure that all despite he had going for him he decided to throw it away because he was embarrassed? Are you kidding me?

The world is a rough place and an unfair place. Tyler Clementi, wasn’t beaten like some who fall in the hands of the Taliban, He wasn’t starved like some children in Africa, he wasn’t a victim of the slave trade, subject to discrimination or stricken with an incurable disease. Like many young men his age he didn’t go to war and face the risks and horror of it and didn’t have to flee a country controlled by drug wars to come to America. He had no reason to fear for his life.

Yet one embarrassment was enough for him to throw it all away and you expect me to feel sorry for him and beat my breast? Give me a break!

It stinks that this man killed himself, he threw away a gift given to him by God. As the father of a young man in college the same age I can certainly relate to his parent’s pain but the idea that right now advocacy groups and pols are about to use a weak guy’s stupid decision to fund raise, appear holier than thou and advance their causes disgusts me.

They are using this man worse than the fools who filmed him did. Those people were college kids, what is the excuse of those advocacy groups full of adults?

It’s a tough thing to say but it is what it is. The person responsible for Tyler Clementi’s death is himself.

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Update: Cripes do Robert Stacy and I have the same brain or what?

I visited every ward in Fitchburg to check on the turnout on Election day

My voting place Ward 6

As always the ladies were delightful

Checking the names

In every ward except ward 1 the turnout was reported as light, below avg. There were plenty of signs for Scott Bove who was my first choice for Sheriff (lost 52-48 in the dem primary to Tom foley) and people stood at ward 1 for him, but most of the turnout looked like this:

I think the contested race on the republican ballot hurt Bove, oddly enough there was a libertarian primary ballot with absolutely NOBODY on it.

The Ballots

My last stop was Ward 2, I had actually planned on stopping there later with my camera but I had time to kill while waiting for my son to finish golf practice. The ladies there were pretty much democrats and we talked for a bit. I told them about the travels of my hat, they asked me what I thought would happen in the election. They were not fans of Martha Coakley, John Olver or Sarah Palin although I did defend Sarah and they seemed to moderate. One thing they were united about was her daughter Bristol.

I mentioned how people where going after Palin because of her daughter getting pregnant and mentioned how I saw high school students attacking her for it back in 2008. To a lady they defended Sarah at this point and VERY strongly.

The gist was that you raise your children the best you could and taught them the best you could but you can’t make them make the right decisions. They had only venom for people who hit her on that. Each of those ladies had children and knew that those kids didn’t always hold up the side.

The point being that a room that was maybe 30-70 against Palin in Mass was 100% defending her when you went after her kids. If Democrats have 24 months to get this through their head.

Update: As for myself, my first thought when I see a young girl like that is “Is this wife material for my sons?” Stacy is right, she is as he calls her fine but if my boys brought her home I’d hesitate. It would be a tough slog to be raising another man’s kid at this stage in life. One mistake, even a big one doesn’t disqualify a young lady, and I’d wager I’d like her if I met her, but I’d ask my boys to think hard and soberly if by some miracle they came home with her on their arm.

…then there is a real problem:

The idea of natural rights is only a philosophy. At its core is the idea that we are owners of our own person. The alternative is that we are owned by other individuals or owned by a collective (the State). If we are not “endowed by [our] Creator” with these rights, from whence do they come?

The upsetting question is not whether Obama believes in God, or whether he’s an Atheist—I don’t care about that at all. The upsetting question is this: If Obama doesn’t believe we are endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights, then what is his explanation for the source of the endowment? I have an awful feeling in my gut that his answer is “the government.”

We go from Pellucidation to Gateway Pundit and Jim Hoff:

What a shock.
Barack Obama dropped “that are endowed by our Creator” from the Declaration of Independence in a speech he gave this past week.

Other than the fact both of these bloggers are part of DaTechGuy’s field guide to bloggers you don’t get much more different than a Transgendered atheist and a Devout Roman Catholic, when both are on the same page here you know there is trouble.

How much trouble? This much:

Byron York Tweet 9:18 a.m. 9/19/2010

How powerful is the wave that is heading toward capital hill? So powerful that it has actually driven Barack Obama to Church!

Adrienne links to this post at the national Catholic Register that explains it all

As it turns out, the Republicans wanted the base to get involved—just not so much. What they really wanted is for real conservatives to turn out to vote but certainly not run. Newly involved fiscal conservatives are finding out that the Republican party wants their votes, just not them.

Welcome to the club.

This is the position that culture-of-life conservatives, like me, have found ourselves in for a generation. I know that many culture-of-life conservatives feel that the Republican party has expected us to get out and vote for candidates of their choosing in return for the privilege of lip service to the life issues we care most about. But many of us COL conservatives have come to the conclusion that much of the Republican leadership does not really care about these issues, at least not enough to really do anything about it.

Now fiscal conservatives find themselves in the same situation.

I keep coming back to this post that Smitty put up a bit ago:

But something happened to DeMint in these leadership seminars that would change the course of his life. The gatherings were entirely focused on the means for concentrating and preserving political power: How to milk K Street lobbyists for political contributions; how to place earmarks into appropriations bills so they would be deemed essential to the folks back home.

One day, DeMint had had enough. He rose up in a seminar to question why representatives of the party of smaller government were so focused on earmarks and political fundraising. Why aren’t we talking about reforming the federal tax code or addressing the health care mess?

Midst laughter, someone shouted, “You’ll catch on to the system, DeMint.” But DeMint never did.

If your only belief is that you need to be elected so you can grease your friends and have power, we aren’t interested in you. To quote Adrienne:

All this talk about Christine O’Donnell not being electable is making me tired. The elitist snobs in the Republican party wanted the people of Delaware to nominate the RINO incumbent Mike Castle because they would have you believe Ms. O’Donnell doesn’t have a prayer of winning the election. Well, so be it!

It is something I talked about before:

Pubic office wasn’t meant to be a meal ticket, it is meant to give the best possible governance by advancing idea and policies for the public good. I’ve read the resolution and it looks good to me.

The party has to decide if principles are more important than the approval of the MSM.

And if principle won’t do it consider: Conservatives are a huge source of Republican funding and have been sending back fundraising solicitations with colorful comments. What is more important? A happy MSM or a happy voter base?

What’s the use of being elected or re-elected if you don’t stand for something?

Jacob Sutherland is a regular at the twin city tea party and attended Glenn Beck’s Restoring Honor Rally

This was split into 3 parts to accommodate YouTube

I had a feeling after this talk my Arch enemy good friend Chris’ head blew up

His comments concerning the Al Sharpton crowd “How can you be angry? You won.” was funny, he also credited Sharpton with about 10k. He calls the 3k number low and as he was there I believe him.

You will note I put this under Religion, you can not avoid putting the Beck Rally there.

Q: What was the first thought in my mind after coming home from a couple of hours of errands and seeing the following tweet from Michelle Malkin concerning James Jay Lee.

Not knowing who he is what would be your first thought?

Again that was before I knew anything about what was going on just seeing the tweet. I think that is the strongest critique of liberal academia today that I can think of.

Honestly if you knew nothing about that man other than the information from that tweet wouldn’t your first thought be NGO or Tenured Professor?

to make them accountable to the people?

Conservative activists are trying to oust three judges on the state Supreme Court whose unanimous ruling last year legalized same-sex unions. Their decision stunned opponents nationwide and delighted advocates who were eager for a victory in the heartland.

Why are supporters of Gay Marriage worried about this? It’s explained after the jump:

Gay rights groups have been less successful in the voting booth; in every state where the issue has been put on the ballot, voters have agreed to define marriage as exclusively between a man and a woman. emphasis mine

One can legitimately disagree on having elected vs appointed judges, both systems have advantages and disadvantages, but to get all in a huff because an elected official is being held accountable for actions in an elected office is just nonsense and highlights the disrespect and disdain the elites have with the voters in general and apparently our republican system in particular

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