Wasn’t it only 48 hours ago that I wrote this?

I submit that in a generation, when both all the parents and the children and the teachers have had access to the web links I’ve shown above the ICK factor will have shifted and you will have not a principal apologizing for an incestual pep rally we will instead have radio hosts excoriating the Star Tribune for reporting on it and calling those who object puritanical and intolerant.

And now Stacy McCain links to this story

A new study has found that one in 13 girls aged 14 to 20 have engaged in ‘multi-person sex’ (MPS).

A total of 328 girls who had visited health clinics in Boston, U.S, took part in the study and 7.3 per cent of them said they had group sex.

This must have been what Barney Frank was complaining about when he talked about Republicans getting into people’s bedrooms on ABC this weekend. After all who are we to say if our daughters are doing it with a bunch of guys?

The next line is the story is classic:

Worryingly, among the girls in that group, 45 per cent said at least one male participant had not used a condom.

Because we all know that there is nothing wrong if the average age of girls having group sex with guys is 15.6 as long as all the guys have a rubber on.

You know I thought the sexual revolution was all about empowering women? I might suggest that it is not the girls getting empowered around here. (I can’t wait to see what Roxeanne has to say about this.)

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Da TechGuy asked me to cross-post about the ‘waxing’ article going around the internet. First, a link to Bob Belvedere’s outstanding commentary on the matter:

After a while, normal sex becomes boring for those who are obsessed with it, so, to keep the thrill factor high, you progressively [pun intended] get more and more perverse. It like taking drugs: to achieve the same level of euphoria, you have to keep increasing the amount you take.

Ah, there he goes, channeling the great C.S. Lewis, who said,

You are much more likely to make your man a sound drunkard by pressing drink on him as an anodyne when he is dull and weary than by encouraging him to use it as a means of merriment among his friends when he is happy and expansive. Never forget that when we are dealing with any pleasure in its healthy and normal and satisfying form, we are, in a sense, on the Enemy’s ground. I know we have won many a soul through pleasure. All the same, it is His invention, not ours. He made the pleasures: all our research so far has not enabled us to produce one. All we can do is to encourage the humans to take the pleasures which our Enemy has produced, at times, or in ways, or in degrees, which He has forbidden. Hence we always try to work away from the natural condition of any pleasure to that in which it is least natural, least redolent of its Maker, and least pleasurable. An ever increasing craving for an ever diminishing pleasure is the formula. It is more certain; and it’s better style. To get the man’s soul and give him nothing in return—that is what really gladdens our Father’s heart. And the troughs are the time for beginning the process.

The Screwtape Letters, Chapter IX.

A lot of people (see a comment a Bob’s site for an example) mistakenly think that we are being a bunch of scolds who are telling people how to run their bedroom lives.  Not so.  My problem, which makes me go all big-sister/maternal on college-aged women, is the way in which young women are contorting themselves for men who barely know their last names.  There is nothing empowered, dignified, nor joyful about worrying what some near-stranger thinks about your body, nor spending time and money on a painful, unnatural procedure for his benefit.  These men are not your husbands, not even your boyfriends or fiances.  As humans, they have worth, but as far as their opinions about the state of your privates: to hell with them.

In short, ladies, you are grown enough for waxing, you’re grown enough to tell the difference between the husband who has vowed his life to you and some stranger who is using you for physical gratification.

With that, my original post, below the fold:

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On a non-religious level it seems to me you can not rationally say that gay marriage is ok and should be legal without also allowing either polygamy and incest between consenting adults. Both have a longer and more accepted cultural history worldwide.

And PLEASE don’t give me the “ick” factor argument about these other things being accepted. Ick is just an argument about culture. It is the same argument that one would have heard concerning gay marriage less that 20 years ago.

  DaTechGuy: Dec 23rd 2008 Richard Cohen, Narcissist or Bigot

That was another little goof of mine, shame. I don’t know why I thought we needed shame

George Burns as God.  Oh God 1977

Without God everything is  permitted

Fyodor Dostoevsky

On Friday the Star Tribune published a story concerning a prank at a high school rally that was …”interesting”:

A prank on some blindfolded Rosemount High School athletes — they were unknowingly and at times amorously kissed by their parents during a recent pep fest — is collecting YouTube views by the tens of thousands and has the principal apologizing for what happened.

Here’s how the practical joke, originated by school staff members, played out during the assembly on Dec. 8:

The captains of the school’s winter sports teams — boys and girls — were lined up and blindfolded. They were told they would be kissed and then asked to guess who was on the other side of their lips.

Some of the parents during the 59-second YouTube video are seen holding the kisses for several seconds, cupping their child’s faces or embracing and swaying.

Deacon Greg is nauseated, The Anchoress is shocked.

I’d like to say I’m surprised but I’m not. I’ve been paying attention. It’s been just one year since the Swiss started talking the repeal of incest laws. It is only four months since psychologists met in DC to discuss “normalizing” pedophilia as a mental illness.

I think they both missed the most important line of the piece (all emphasis mine):

“There is no question that people were offended,” Wollersheim told the Star Tribune. “I apologize to those who were offended, and we won’t do it again.

“Anything that happens at this school is the principal’s responsibility. I take full responsibility. … There shouldn’t be an event in a school that we offend people with.

Note what is said. He is sorry that people were offended. Not that it was wrong, not that it was creepy, but that people were offended.

The implication that if people were NOT offended it would have been OK.

That more than anything else is the take away here, if it wasn’t for those puritanical prudes who were offended this would be no big deal and we could all have our fun.

The above can stand on it’s own but I’m about to make a VERY uncomfortable point, if you don’t want to see it then don’t click the continue button

Update: Wouldn’t you know that just as I finish this post I’ve worked hours on to schedule for tonight Darleen Click uses the Ick Factor line in a great post at Protein Wisdom!

Update 2: That’s Click not Glick, my bad, thanks Joy.

Update 3: Stacy at Accepting Abundance links quoting applicable law.
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I’m a long time fan and with one exception this preview made me laugh

Of course the sound effects automatically bring a smile to the face. I liked the iPhone joke and stooges fans will recognize an awful lot of gags from this preview

My worry isn’t so much the humor, the Stooges brand of humor is universal and it will take an awful lot of effort to screw it up. My concern is this: There are lines that the boys didn’t cross, with nearly half a century invested in the stooges lets hope the new version respects those lines.

Reg: What the point of fighting for his right to have babies when he can’t have babies?

Francis: It’s symbolic of our struggle against oppression.

Reg: It’s symbolic of his struggle against reality.

Monty Python: The Life of Brian 1979

If you want to know what liberalism does this headline at the Boston Globe says it all:

Led by the child that simply knew

And this opening paragraph:

The twin boys were identical in every way but one. Wyatt was a girl to the core, and now lives as one, with the help of a brave, loving family and a path-breaking doctor’s care.

Brave is not the word for this, cowardly is.

If the kid likes girls things, that’s no big deal, if later in life he decides he is gay and prefers men later in life, that’s his business. If he chooses to cross dress that will be his business too.

But for parents and doctors and the Globe to celebrate the denial of reality, for parents to indulge their child to the point where they allow him to believe something that simply isn’t true is an abrogation of responsibility. Let’s tell a simple truth that apparently the Globe, the doctor and these parent are unaware of.

A child doesn’t know, a child wants. A parent knows and frankly should know better.

In the end this is a free country and this boy’s parents have every right to raise their sons any way they see fit. They have the right to spend as much of their money as they want on whatever kind of treatment they wish. What they don’t have is the right to impose this reality on others, but that is exactly what will happen.

I guarantee that any person who dares challenge their version of reality will be ostracized by the school, by the newspapers and by our liberal friends.

Well, ostracize me if you want, but I’m not playing along.

I’ll give the last word to the pythons:

…comes from a comedy that many of you might not remember called: Support your local Sheriff, starring James Garner, Joan Hackett, Jack Elam, Bruce Dern and Walter Brennan.

In the scene Morgan as the mayor of the town gives new Sheriff James Garner his badge

Jason McCullough: Is there a badge that goes with this job?

Mayor Olly Perkins: Oh, you bet there is…(digs out the badge that has a big dent in it)…I’m afraid it’s a little bent up.

Jason McCullough: That must have saved the man’s who was wearing it.

Mayor Olly Perkins: Well it sure would’ve if it hadn’t been for all those other bullets flying in from everywhere.

You can see it at 19:40

The entire movie he plays the straight man and delivers lines and jokes with simply perfect timing. I think as a comic he was under appreciated.

You know it’s always tough when someone loses a job but I’m really not ginning up much sympathy for this fellow.

The principal of a Gaston County school where a 9-year-old boy was suspended for sexual harassment submitted his resignation Tuesday, saying he wasn’t given a chance to apologize.

You know back in the days when the greatest generation were growing up they did all kinds of things, like playing with toy guns and toy soldiers, keeping score at games, saying “Merry Christmas” without harmful effect, and a person with 44 years of experience in the school system should not only understand that but might have been around long enough to remember some of those things and know better and perhaps he did:

Jerry Bostic told The Gaston Gazette he could understand being written up for the suspension and having someone follow up during the school year, but he added that he was disappointed because this is how his 44 years in education ended.

Remember this is coming from a guy who was branding a 9 year old kid a “sexual harasser” for telling a friend his teacher was cute. Now maybe I’m biased, after all I thought my substitute teacher in 7th grade Ms Macchio was cute and still think so today but if he could “understand being written up” that suggests that he understood he was doing something idiotic and despite that understanding from his 44 years of experience, still did it.

Although he is busy blaming politics for his demise it is actually politics that drove the initial decision, the liberal politics of litigation to change the world. The grievance industry never sleeps and even small national or affiliated state groups can mobilize quickly (particularly in an internet age) and threaten expensive litigation. Zero tolerance is their child. A policy that not only gives power to the busybody who wants to “appear to be doing something” (I’m sure the teacher who first reported the kid thought she was doing it for feminism!) but it’s even a larger boon for the weak of will and character, for zero tolerance means zero judgement.

It’s ironic as the latest fad going though the schools is zero tolerance for bullying yet the biggest bullies at the school is not the punk trying to steal some kids lunch money, but the organization waiting to pounce if you cross any one of their imaginary lines drawn in the sand.

So Mr. Bostic although I don’t like to see anyone out of work these days I don’t think I’ll cry a whole lot of tears for you this Christmas season.

General John Burgoyne: “…You will understand Sir, I hope, since you seem to be a gentleman and a man of some spirit in spite of your calling. If we do have the misfortune to hang you, we shall do so as a mere matter of political necessity and military duty without any personal ill feeling.”

Richard Dudgeon (Disguised as Rev Anthony Anderson): “Well that makes all the difference in the world of course.”

Lawrence Oliver & Kirk Douglas The Devil’s Disciple 1959

I couldn’t help think of this speech when seeing this video yesterday.

We referenced this video yesterday but decided not to play it on the air. Forgetting the argument of propriety it loses something without the video component. Atlas cheers and Smitty put it well:

Yet somehow the collision of Dylan and Gaza becomes so horrific that you may forget to laugh.

What’s horrific is you’ve replaced a set of dictators who employ various degrees of repression and murder, with a different set of people doing the same thing on a different scale. The murder and repression remain constant.

It would seem to me that the problem isn’t the form of government but of culture. If your culture believes it is right and proper to slaughter and repress people of certain colors and religions it doesn’t matter who rules, you’ll get a culture that produces repression and murder. Replacing a single murderous barbarian bastard with a group of 100 murderous barbarian bastards or 1000 murderous barbarian bastards is not solution, it just means a larger set of murderous barbarian bastards choosing a different set of targets.

I mean look at the news out of the UAE today:

A United Arab Emirates court on Sunday sentenced a blogger and four other democracy activists to prison terms after finding them guilty of charges including insulting the Gulf state’s leaders.

And this is one of the least repressive regimes in the area.

It’s axiomatic that all people, including Arab and Islamic people, have a basic right to self-determination. All people have the right to govern themselves as they see fit.

It is also axiomatic that religious and cultural minorities in any area have the right to live freely without fear of slaughter and oppression.

This is the dilemma, it would seem under the current Arab/Islamic culture we are told to choose one.

I refuse!

I submit that if a culture of a country forces such a choice then the problem is not the country and who rules it, but the culture that supports it.

There was a story a few days ago that caught me eye:

The Occupy protesters who call themselves the 99% because they’ve been victimized by those evil 1% corporatist banker types, are now sitting comfortably in their warm homes as they recruit the homeless, people without warm homes, to keep the protests going in Indianapolis.

After a little googling I also spotted this from the LA weekly

Occupy L.A. might resemble a homeless encampment outside City Hall, but some are complaining that the real homeless are moving in on the anti-Wall Streeters in order to take advantage of the relatively plentiful food.

This from Huffpo via 90% mental

As cities around the country have swept Occupy Wall Street camps from their plazas and parks in recent weeks, a number of mayors and city officials have argued that by providing shelter to the homeless, the camps are endangering the public and even the homeless themselves.

And this from Philly.com

With the story of the occupation changing sometimes by the hour, those who can leave or relocate may have done one or both by the time you read this. Those possessing warm beds will eventually crawl back under the covers.

Presuming Dilworth Plaza’s $50 million makeover is imminent, what becomes of the troubled souls who have emerged from the shadows to form a commune in crisis?

For all the fear that anarchists may force a showdown with police, why aren’t more people talking about what happens when bulldozers roll up on a site inhabited by so many with nowhere else to go?

My reaction to this is: Homeless? There are HOMELESS in Obama’s America?

None of these stories have become big nationally, and they will not, why? Because that would involve acknowledging a problem with the homeless during the Obama years. The arguments that removing the camps can’t be made by the Obama left because it would truly turn the Occupy Camps into Obamavilles.

Rest Assured when the GOP takes the White House and the Senate in 12 months the MSM will re-discover the Homeless and they will be blamed on the incoming Republican president and congress (or George Bush)

But until that time, these homeless stories will remain local, incidental and unnewsworthy.

The deadline for Occupy LA is hours away and according to the AP it appears that the formerly coddled occupods of LA don’t plan on going quietly:

With hours left before the Monday at 12:01 a.m. deadline the mayor and the police chief gave for Occupy LA, very few of the occupiers were packing, and many were instead were making plans for what to do when they stay.

Some handed out signs Saturday mocked up to look like the city’s notices to vacate, advertising a Monday morning “eviction block party.”

Dozens attended a teach-in on resistance tactics, including how stay safe in the face of rubber bullets, tear gas canisters and pepper spray.

It should be an interesting dilemma for Villaraigosa does he play nice and get strung along, looking weak before occupods or does he play rough and become the focus of activist ire.

Even more dangerous is the racial angle for the left. Considering an exceedingly white movement with ties to the democratic power base how much risk is there (if any) of either demonizing or humiliating a “Hispanic” leader?

Either way it won’t be a lot of fun for the left, but then again that’s a good description of the entire occupod movement.