Anyone who has read this blog as our 10th anniversary knows that until the announcement of the new Doctor I was a fanatical Doctor Who fan.

I watched the show, I watched the reruns. I watched the old episodes both alone and with my sons, I enjoyed the big finish audios and invested heavily in all of these things.

I now don’t bother. I’ve watched the odd rerun on Amazon but I just don’t care anymore. I actually have big finish audios that I ordered before the new woke doctor was announced and I haven’t listened to them or opened them. In fact there was a four disk 8th doctor adventure featuring Alex Kingston as River Song that I was in the middle of, but it’s as if a switch was turned off. I just didn’t care anymore. I haven’t even charged my iPod anymore which contains 9 months worth of doctor who, that is, if you listened to it every day for 8 hours it would take you 9 months to hear them all. I used to listen to them every single day.

Now as I said, I just don’t care, particularly now that what I’ve already predicted has come true that THIS Doctor isn’t going to have the eccentricities of previous doctors. After all this Doctor is a Woman so there can’t be any reason to laugh at, or mock or tease the character.

I have predicted that this show is going to be a ratings train wreck, it will do good for one or two episodes out of curiosity but as the show continues to be about the SJW agenda and not science fiction, viewers whose primary desire is not to be preached to will fade away. I suspect we’ll reach the point where longtime fans long for the glory days of Colin Baker. Merchandising will fade and the show will go from a British institution to be yet another niche show for the feminist/gay agenda who will, in my opinion be the only ones left.

I’ve also predicted that despite this the media will rave over it and the BBC, Baring Jodi Whitaker coming up with a credible excuse “forcing” her to drop the part will retain this Doctor for a 2nd season despite this because it’s unthinkable that the 1st woman doctor like the 1st black president be shown as a failure. (I also think that replacing Whitaker won’t be enough but that’s another post). I think the show will end up dying a slow and painful death.

But the real question for me is this: How do I judge if these predictions are correct if I don’t watch the show?

And if I watch and review the shows as I’ve done to all the others how will the fact that I don’t care about the show change my perspective?

Bottom Line Doctor Who’s Premieres Soon and for the First Time Ever I Don’t Care so Do I Watch & Review? It’s up to You

If I get 10 comments to this post requesting I watch and review then for the sake of those 10 I’ll watch the premiere and review it. If I get 10 such comments on that review then I’ll keep reviewing the now shrunk 10 show series (funny how they shrunk the number of episodes and added extra companions, almost as if they wanted to cut the Doctor’s air time as much as possible isn’t it?)er .

It’s your call.

Summary: The Doctor Doesn’t want to Regenerate, in fact two of them don’t.

Plot:   The first Doctor and the twelveth Doctor meet in the throes of regeneration.  but neither one wishes to do so.  While they are working on that they are suddenly confronted with first a soldier from the 1st world war and then Bill Potts and then some kind of future alien who is extracting humans from their timeline just before their deaths?   Can the Doctors foil whatever dastardly plan these folks have and even if he can will either of them decide to change.


Writing:  This is in effect the perfect story for Steven Moffat to end his run on in that it perfectly encapsulates his entire run of Doctor Who.  Flashes of absolute brilliance (the introduction scenes particularly) an unhealthy obsession with paradoxes, great plot ideas that are at times written brilliantly and at other times weakly.  The general plot of this episode cool but the the writing of that plot while occasionally brilliant, is really kinda…meh and seems all about showing how woke we all are as opposed to that 1st Doctor’s who was basically painted as a stand in for every fan who didn’t like the SJW choice of the next Doctor, lame.

Acting:    As Always Capaldi is very good although I thought his end speech was so weak I would think he would have objected to deliver it.  Pearl Mackie delivers her best performance of the series.  Mark Gatiss carries his role perfectly but the real question was:  “Could David Bradly pull of the 1st Doctor?”  The answer is clearly yes, I just wish the character was treated with more respect or at least some respect. If not for Simm and Gomez this would be the best acted episode of the season if not the Capaldi era.

Memorable Moments: I am younger, Lethbridge Stewart,  Here’s what’s going to happen, What’s Browser History?, This has been cleaned. It would help if you could see properly.

Doctor Who Flashbacks:  Given that this whole episode is a flashback there is much too much to list here.

Oddities:  It seems to me that the Time Lords would not allow the technology in human hands and there is a long history of them not allowing it.  That’s a pretty big plot hole.

Clara has been extracted from her last moment but the time lords have done the same thing so wouldn’t that be an issue?

Pet Peeves:  First the small ones:

The 1st Doctor can’t steer the ship but somehow gets back to the south pole.  Normally you would think:  Fast return switch but the fast return switch would take him back to Rusty.  How does he manage to get there?

The first doctor has obviously been to the future and should know what Browser History is. Furthermore given the shift in timelines and the fact that it’s at the very end of his, he should remember meeting his 2nd, 3rd and fifth selves.

Given the number of people dying in the 1st World War or in fact on earth at any given time shouldn’t there have been thousands caught in the error?

It didn’t take long for me to get REALLY sick of the Capaldi character going after the 1st Doctor for daring to have traditional views.  The whole holier than thou bit was completely insulting but is totally contrary to the whole,  respecting other cultures, business, that the #sjw team pushes.  Of course the exception is the traditional culture of Western Civilization which we are totally allowed to mock.  It’s rather ironic since the story turns on one of the most extraordinary events in the history of western civilization which is completely a product of that culture being attacked.  The 1st Doctor wasn’t there as the brilliant Doctor that he was.  He wasn’t played as the person to whom every single person watching this series, working on this series or making a living off owes everything to.  He was there as a running gag on how backward he and some fans are to the current Doctor Who team. It’s almost as if the entire episode was about preparing the ground rather than giving Capaldi a story to go out on. That was unfair to Capaldi and unfair to Bradley and the 1st Doctor. Personally I found it quite offensive.

You might be surprised by this peeve as I’ve already objected to the SJW change in Doctor Who but I also think Jodi Whitaker was treated poorly in her premiere in the role. Does she get memorable lines? Does she get memorable scenes, nope. After a completely forgettable (and almost unintelligible) first line the first thing the first woman Doctor to Pilot the TARDIS does is touch one button and gets herself completely ejected from the ship. Thus the first thought when seeing the first scene of Jodi Whitaker as the Doctor is “bad woman driver”.  One might argue that it was similar to Matt Smith’s start but her character didn’t even manage what he did.  Not the way you want to write the 1st scene of the 1st woman Doctor is it?  What a gyp and how unfair to her.

Great Quote(s) 


The Captain: [in shell hole pointing pistol at a wounded German also pointing pistol] There is something I should like to say. That is, there is something I would very much like you to understand. I do not have the slightest desire to kill you. The only reason why I would do so is self defense. However since you are aware that I might kill you in self defense, there is the strong possibility that you might kill me in self defense. It does rather make me rather wish you spoke English…
Wounded German: [Speaks in German no translation available as I type this but it ends with I think it ends in bitter nicht trotten. or “Don’t kill me please” ]
The Captain:or I spoke German. War is hell eh?


The Captain:: She’s coming, she’s coming. It’s her.
1st Doctor: Not human I think. State your planet of origin and your intentions. This is Earth, a level five civilization.t
12th Doctor: and it is protected!
1st Doctor: It’s what? [Alien disappears]
12th Doctor Oh OK Well that usually doesn’t work.
1st Doctor: Protected by whom?
12th Doctor: It tis early days isn’t it?


Captain: Is this madness? Am I going mad
12th Doctor: Well you’re an officer from world war 1 at the south pole being persued by an alien through frozen time. Madness was never this good
The Captain: World war 1?
12th Doctor: Judging by the uniform, yes?
The Captain:: Yes, but what do you mean, one?
12th Doctor: Oh, Sorry Spoilers

12th Doctor: Tell me what to do then, Bill Potts would tell me what to do
Bill: Do what you always do, serve at the pleasure of the human race?
12th Doctor: He’re what’s going to happen. 1st I’m going to escape (whispering to 1st Doctor) you with me
1st Doctor: Where are we going?
The Glass Woman: Escape is not possible
12th Doctor: It is possible and it is happening and I’m taking Bill and the Captain with me.
1st Doctor: Why are you advertising your intentions? Can’t you stop boasting for a moment?
12th Doctor: Mr. Patient too, I could do with a laugh
The Glass Woman: Escape is not possible
12th Doctor: Oh I’m going to do way more than escape. I’m going to find out who you are and what you are doing and if I don’t like it, I will come come back and stop you. I will stop all of you!
1st Doctor: Who the hell do you think you are?


1st doctor: Good is not a practical survival strategy. It requires loyalty, self sacrifice, love. So why does good prevail? What keeps the balance between good and evil in this appalling universe? Is there some kind of logic, some mysterious force?
Bill: Perhaps there is just, a bloke.
1st Doctor: A bloke?
Bill: Yeah, perhaps there is just some bloke, wandering around, putting everything right when it goes wrong.
1st doctor: Well that would be a nice story wouldn’t it?
Bill: That would be the best?


12th Doctor: Oh! It’s not an evil plan! I don’t know really what to do when it’s isn’t an evil plan.


Final Verdict:   4 1/2 stars.  The day before I watched this episode was the first day I had watch any episode of Doctor Who since they announced Jodi Whitaker as the new Doctor.  My sons had it on Christmas Eve and I watched some with them and it reminded me of how much I once loved the show.  However the spark remains gone so this is ironically the 1st episode that I’ve watched with the eyes of a pure critic vs the eyes of a fanboy of 41 years.  I think there was a lot of waste here. This is a good episode for many reasons. It is entertaining, some of the plotting is pretty original, the contrast between the Doctor as explorer vs protector and the resolution with the captain but While entertaining the Doctor’s don’t actually DO anything. The 1st Doctor stands around while the 12th Doctor makes fun of him as a sexist. This could have and should have been a grand adventure, instead it was a lecture on being woke, yet another example of our generation preaching how much smarter they are than every single one that came before it. Ironically the best scene is Bill’s scene with the 1st Doctor concerning good and evil which is wonderful. I’ve never seen an episode both so deep and so shallow at the same time.

Ranking of Season: 5th of 10th  The real problem for this episode, other than the sickening lectures is that it has to compete with the absolutely brilliant performances of  Michelle Gomez throughout the season and John Simm and her in previous episodes that raised the bar to a point where even two doctors just couldn’t match it. While the resolution on this episode were not as horrible as the episode that preceded it the Simm/Gomez combo made up for the deficiencies in said episode more than the Bradley/Capaldi stuff did.

FYI you might wonder why I rated this episode so high if I was so offended? The answer. It’s a TV show whose primary purpose is to entertain, for all it’s faults. It was entertaining and very clever at spots.

1st World Enough and Time
2nd Extremis
3rd The Eaters of Light
4th The Doctor Falls
5th Twice upon a Time
6th The Lie of the Land
7th Empress of Mars
8th The Pyramid at the End of the World
9th Knock Knock
10th Oxygen
11th Thin Ice
12th Smile
13th The Pilot

Top 10 Ranking in the Capaldi Era:  In my previous review I said the following “In a season full of disappointing episodes the fact that this one  wasn’t able to crack the top 10 of the Capaldi era is the biggest disappointment of all.”  The fact that a multi Doctor Episode that includes the regeneration scene of the 12 Doctor couldn’t crack the top ten of the Capaldi era should be a disgrace and in fact is one.  Of course you might say that it’s all because the episodes already in the top ten were so damn good (and they were) but still the Christmas special combining two doctors and including two regenerations is a big thing and it should have been a lot better than it was.

1st The Husbands of River Song
2nd World Enough and Time
3rd. Last Christmas 
4th. The Caretaker
5th  Extremis
6th. The Return of Doctor Mysterio
7th. The Girl who Died
8th. The Witch’s Familiar
9th. Hell Bent
10th. Mummy on the Orient Express

You might recall at the time of my review of The Doctor Falls, I commented on how horrible and contrived the ending was, basically the day being saved by the already unbelievable water God. This post is my alternative ending which I think is not only more plausible in terms of the mythology of Doctor Who but more in keeping with the entire theme of the Season.

We pick up the story from the point where Cyberbill is crying over the Doctor’s Body surrounded by destroyed Cybermen….

[Her own Cyber Body is badly damaged from the blast but she barely noticed it in her grief until suddenly the familiar VOORP VOORP of the TARDIS is heard as it materializes engulfing them and scraps of some of the Cyber bodies around them. Bill looks up and is shocked to see Missy at the controls. Missy has a far away look in her eyes as, she walks toward them.]

Bill: You! You came?

Missy: [her voice sounding slightly off] That Cyberbrain master of the obvious, [moving toward The Doctor] How bad is he?

Bill: (Still in tears) He’s dead.

Missy: [scoffing] Let someone who knows see, [Missy moves toward the Doctor who Cyberbill as put down and looks over him, a slight wince in her face as a tiny glow seems to come and go from it] Not quite but he soon will be, even with the TARDIS helping stabilizing him.

Bill: The TARDIS, [Light suddenly dawning] Wait a second. How DID you get the TARDIS here in the first place, come to think of it how did you get in the TARDIS?

Missy: [Sightly energized as she uses her best talking to idiots voice] I’d been doing maintenance on this ship remember, did you honestly think I wouldn’t build in a fail safe telepathic circuit link to me in case I needed it?

Cyberbill: Needed it, what, did the other one leave you behind?

Missy: [wincing] Not without exchanging gifts [moves to the counsel slightly staggering] There’s one chance, we have to jump start him.

Bill: Jump start him?

Missy: [Scrambling up toward the console] It’s the only thing left, if we can channel regeneration energy through the TARDIS into him in might be enough to bring him through. [She begins flipping switches, and grimaces in pain as her hands move over the console. Clearly something is wrong] There’s not enough power, moving through the Unstable time field drained too much and coming here took most of the rest. Without more power I can’t do it.

Bill: [a look of realization hits her face as she speaks Sounding both hopeful and serious] What about me? [Bill walked to Missy at the console The shot changes to the Cyberman Version of Bill and speaks with the Cybervoice] Can we channel what’s left of my internal power to do it?

Missy: That could work, If I siphon your internal power though the TARDIS it might boost the energy enough to work. But your cyber interface is too primitive to connect and I don’t have time to upgrade it, unless. [Picks up the head of a destroyed a Cyberman by it’s Handles] If we use this, wire you though it and it though the TARDIS we can do it, if you don’t care about surviving that is.

Cyberbill: [The shot returns to Bill’s face, she looks at the Doctor lying on the floor then down at her cyber hands and legs] Do it!

Missy: [grins and starts connecting things with a flourish] It never ceases to amaze me how he manages to find all these humans willing to die for him. I’ve never really understood it [ She doubles over with a cry of deep pain and gasps] until today.

Bill: [a look of concern on her face as she realizes something’s wrong with Missy] What’s going on?

Missy: Those ‘gifts’ we exchanged, they were going away presents

Bill: [A look of utter shock] You’re…

Missy: Yes. [Fumbling weakly toward a switch as she wraps a wire around her waist]

Bill: You mean he?..[with a say what face].Isn’t that…suicide?

Missy: [Raising her head it’s Glowing slightly she’s in obvious distress] Where did you think the regeneration energy was going to come from. [She claws forward connecting a cable to Cyberbill’s chest.] Got to hold it back just a little while longer.

Cyberbill: [Finally understanding that they’re making the same sacrifice] I’m sorry, I didn’t realize, you…

Missy: [With a slightly scornful look on her face like a miser caught secretly putting money in a poorbox] You’re not the only one. [half staggers and half crawls to the Doctor wrapping the final cables around his legs] It’s ready. [ In tremendous pain, she raise her head and looks at Bill. ]

Bill: [Nods.] Goodbye Missy.

Missy: [Nods back, Pulls herself up to the console, turns and looks at the Doctor. The shot slows, suddenly she’s deep in thought with the same look on her face as when she was talking about remembering all the people she ever killed] It’s funny. For millennia this was the moment I had dreamed of. The Doctor Dead, Me with his TARDIS, and nobody standing in my way. [Turns toward Bill] I killed him once you know.

Bill: [Suddenly worried] What?

Missy: [deep in thought] I was in a position to blackmail all of creation, life under my rule or death for them all. The only way he could stop we was to pull out a live cable hundreds of feet in the air with nothing else to hold onto. [ Transparent background shot of the 4th doctor pulling the cable out on the Pharos project in episode 4 of Logopolus] I watched him do it, saw him hang, lose his grip and fall. I laughed as he plummeted and lay there dying, with that ridiculous scarf around his neck and that stupid grin still on his face as his friends gathered around him. He died and took the Universe from me. The Universe.[stares at her glowing hands again brighter this time as if nothing will stop it] All I have to do is regenerate and everything I ever wanted for all my lives would be mine [suddenly with the “Evil Missy” look in her eyes] and nothing and nobody in the universe could stop me.

Bill: [Very worried.] Missy!

Missy: [With a tear in her eye] But now all I want is this! [She flips the switch, sparks and explosions fly from the console, The TARDIS , Missy, Cyberbill and the Cyberhead glow with the Regeneration energy. Missy screams in agony. Cyberbill screams and as she collapses suddenly the Cyberhead screams first with her voice and then a voice that slowly becomes mechanical. The column goes up and down, the console crackles and the doors swing open and the cyberhead with the last trace of Bill voice is swept into the Vortex, Handles and all, It will land in the Maldovan Market where Matt Smith’s Doctor will eventually find and adopt her. Missy dives forward closing the doors before the Doctor’s body glowing body can be swept into the vortex. The TARDIS stables and the energy dies down. She staggers toward the Doctor with the energy surging around him, collapses on top of him.]

The Doctor: [A tight shot on his face as he Opens his eyes. He sits up and sees Missy weak and almost lifeless lying over his legs. He looks at her in horror while she looks back and smiles.] Missy!

Missy: [whispering very weak] It worked, I knew it would.

The Doctor: [looks at the still sparking Tardis and cables then down] What have you done?

Missy: [still weak, no longer glowing] Couldn’t stand with you [smiles again], will this do?

The Doctor: [putting it all together, shocked] You didn’t have to do this, you could have regenerated the new you would have thought of something.

Missy: [whispering even weaker] We couldn’t take the chance, couldn’t count on a new me being willing to save you.

The Doctor: We? [Looks to the left and in horror sees Cyberbill’s lifeless form, sparks still coming from the chest unit] No, I’m not worth either one of you let alone both. [He cradles her head in lap ] Hang on

Missy:  [Reaching for his hand] Just for a bit.

The Doctor: [taking her hand in his anger and a trace of panic rising in him]All we’ve been through, we’ve come so far, YOU’VE come so far, I can’t lose you now! I won’t allow it!

Missy: [she smiles at him] You haven’t lost me, you saved me, [their hands slightly glowing together] I’m a part of you now.

The Doctor: [in a tone of resignation] Missy…I….

Missy: [ She looking lovingly at him, winks, and with her last breath] Say…something…nice. [and slumps away without regenerating]

The Doctor: NO!  [Completely overcome hugs her lifeless body sobbing uncontrollably, the shot widens encompassing them and Cyberbill’s body, the shot narrows again, the Doctor lays Missy’s head down stares at her wracked with both guilt and grief, and suddenly doubles over and falls down…

…and we cut back to the original at the point of his flashback of to his companions

That’s how I would have done it. Not only is it better but I think it would even give a proper excuse for him regenerating into a woman as both Bill and Missy’s energy is what triggers it.

I’d be interested opinions on this.

What our age mostly does is appropriate the cultural creations of greater talents and make them into something other.

Mark Steyn

The coming of the SJW/Ghostbusters Doctor has radically changed some very ingrained habits of mine

I’ve not gone to the BBC site to check for updates. I’ve not visited Big Finish about upcoming new releases.  I’ve not done my weekly check of Amazon which offers excellent pricing on Bigfinish items if you don’t mind waiting a few months or more to get them nor checked Big Finish to see what new releases I should be looking out for.

In fact I have not bothered to watch a single episode of the series on demand, in repeats, via the VHS tapes that I started recording in 1981 nor listened to any other Big Finish episodes I own.  I haven’t even touched the ones I hadn’t heard or opened yet and I’m still debating if I’m even going to bother to listen to the end of the boxed set I was in the middle of because I’m simply no longer interested in the character called “The Doctor”

So given that lack of interest while I was away at the Catholic Marketing Network Conference (still wearing and bearing 4th Doctor Scarfs because they are MY trademark now) I had heard absolutely nothing concerning the series.  So imagine my surprise when the 3rd sentence out of my youngest son’s mouth when I walked though the door just after midnight Sunday morning after a week in Chicago was the news that at least one living Doctor, Peter Davison, not only gets why Jodi Whitaker as the Doctor is a mistake, but was willing to say so in public in front of a bunch of fans:

Peter Davison said she is a “terrific actress” but that he has doubts that she is right for the role.

He said before an appearance at Comic-Con in San Diego: “If I feel any doubts, it’s the loss of a role model for boys who I think Doctor Who is vitally important for.”

The veteran actor then commented: “So I feel a bit sad about that, but I understand the argument that you need to open it up.”

As you might guess it didn’t take long for the counterpunches to come, led by 6th Doctor Colin Baker.

“They’ve had 50 years of having a role model. So sorry Peter, you’re talking rubbish there – absolute rubbish,” the father of five said. “Well, you don’t have to be of a gender of someone to be a role model. Can’t you be a role model as people?”

Given his gender the use of “They’ve” is a tad odd in this context but in one sense Mr. Baker is right, one can be a role model regardless of gender, but the Doctor wasn’t a “role model” for boys, he was a HERO and it is the nature of men to desire and aspire to be a hero.

River Song:   I posed as his nurse. Took me a week.
12th Doctor:   To fall in love?
River Song: It’s the easiest lie you can tell a man. They’ll automatically believe any story they’re the hero of.

Doctor Who the Husbands of River Song 2015

To understand why this is important consider this spectacular piece from the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics at Santa Clara University on what a hero was

The term “hero” comes from the ancient Greeks. For them, a hero was a mortal who had done something so far beyond the normal scope of human experience that he left an immortal memory behind him when he died, and thus received worship like that due the gods. Many of these first heroes were great benefactors of humankind: Hercules, the monster killer; Asclepius, the first doctor; Dionysus, the creator of Greek fraternities. But people who had committed unthinkable crimes were also called heroes; Oedipus and Medea, for example, received divine worship after their deaths as well. Originally, heroes were not necessarily good, but they were always extraordinary; to be a hero was to expand people’s sense of what was possible for a human being.

What a hero is

Today, it is much harder to detach the concept of heroism from morality; we only call heroes those whom we admire and wish to emulate. But still the concept retains that original link to possibility. We need heroes first and foremost because our heroes help define the limits of our aspirations. We largely define our ideals by the heroes we choose, and our ideals — things like courage, honor, and justice — largely define us. Our heroes are symbols for us of all the qualities we would like to possess and all the ambitions we would like to satisfy. A person who chooses Martin Luther King or Susan B. Anthony as a hero is going to have a very different sense of what human excellence involves than someone who chooses, say, Paris Hilton, or the rapper 50 Cent.

And how the concept has been perverted over the years

A couple years ago the administrators of the Barron Prize for Young Heroes polled American teenagers and found only half could name a personal hero. Superman and Spiderman were named twice as often as Gandhi, Martin Luther King, or Lincoln. It is clear that our media make it all too easy for us to confuse celebrity with excellence; of the students who gave an answer, more than half named an athlete, a movie star, or a musician. One in ten named winners on American Idol as heroes.

Gangsta rap is a disaster for heroism. Just this week, director Spike Lee lamented the fact that, while his generation grew up idolizing great civil rights leaders, today young people in his community aspire to become pimps and strippers. Surely no one wants their children to get their role models from Gangsta rap and a hyper materialistic, misogynistic hiphop culture, but our communities are finding it difficult to make alternative role models take hold.

In a age where there are so few male role model the concept of being a hero is important even in, as Greg Hodge at the Huffington Post notes everyday life

You must empower us to fully devote to you and here’s how you do it.

One word: HERO. It’s that simple. Men want to be heroes. Men project that need and desire onto women in order for them to live out their hero fantasies. Certainly, as men, we all go about it in different ways — we are all very different people — but we share this one unquenchable desire. Let your man be a hero every now and then, even if he is not feeling that heroic, even if you have to act. Remember, it’s that fleeting expression, that look of trust and admiration, that passing gesture, those few words that make us feel like your heroes.

So much is satisfied in men if you empower them to feel like heroes. You will reap the benefits.

To expand on this, think of how the rise of lawlessness and crime in communities paralleled the rise of single motherhood and absent fathers. The first Hero a young boy has IS his father and when that hero is gone he searches elsewhere,   As the strong father figures recede in western culture  it becomes vital that there be a hero for boys who can be defined by a speech like this

Winning? Is that what you think it’s about? I’m not trying to win. I’m not doing this because I want to beat someone, or because I hate someone, or because, because I want to blame someone. It’s not because it’s fun and God knows it’s not because it’s easy. It’s not even because it works, because it hardly ever does. I do what I do, because it’s right! Because it’s decent! And above all, it’s kind. It’s just that. Just kind. If I run away today, good people will die. If I stand and fight, some of them might live. Maybe not many, maybe not for long. Hey, you know, maybe there’s no point in any of this at all, but it’s the best I can do, so I’m going to do it. And I will stand here doing it till it kills me. You’re going to die too, some day. How will that be? Have you thought about it? What would you die for? Who I am is where I stand. Where I stand, is where I fall. Stand with me

That’s why the Doctor was so important, Colin Baker remarks not withstanding boys need more than “role models”, they need HEROES they can aspire to be, Heroes who will face their fear at the cost of their lives, who will dangle from a cable to save worlds, who will give that last bit of anti-toxin to their friend rather than keep it for themselves, who will absorb energies to save a young girl just at the start of life or radiation to save an old man at the end of his years. It’s no coincidence that Colin Baker himself did not agree to a proper regeneration story until his doctor was given a proper heroic ending.

No matter how much the SJW warrior class feels otherwise, no matter how “established” the concept of time Lords switching gender is (and for the record it was only “established” because the show runner about to depart choose to establish it) these boys looking for heroes understand that no matter what face he carries the Doctor is One Single Person and no matter how much the media culture, the hollywood culture, the LGBT culture and the BBC culture wants to pretend otherwise, Jodi Whitaker’s “doctor” will not be a “role model” or an inspirational hero for boys because while the Russell Davies of the world are predominant in those cultures, out there in the actual world for every Russel T there are 100 or more boys who, while they might aspire to win or save a 35 year old woman they do not aspire to BE one.  Until the casting of Ms. Whitaker those boys could see themselves as the Doctor, now  even if the role goes to a man after Ms. Whitaker they can not.

Thus the Doctor, who was once a British institution, passes from the pantheon of male heroes who will inspire those boys who will become men and becomes just another character on just another TV show.

Peter Davison gets this even if Colin Baker does not and he will doubtless pay a price for it in media scorn (likely not enough to put him below Mr. Baker on the most popular doctors list) and perhaps even lost income from work not offered and convention invites unsent.  The elite media in England and the US  will doubtless such a result as Mr. Davison and those like me who agree getting their comeuppance It’s a final irony that the willingness of Mr. Davison’s to speak an honest truth against the grain is, dare we say it, heroic.

I suspect in those smug celebrations this those given by Mr. Hodge is well made

Don’t get me wrong — taking men down a peg or two is necessary on occasion; my wife has needed to do just that over the years, and she does it very well. But remember the stop button, ladies — cutting us off at the knees is not helpful to you. You don’t want to break us; if we are broken, we don’t work.

I’ll give the last quote to Scott Lafarge the professor who wrote that piece on heroes I’ve quoted

the ideals to which we aspire do so much to determine the ways in which we behave, we all have a vested interest in each person having heroes, and in the choice of heroes each of us makes.

The need for heroes is never more apparent than when they’re gone

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Today Doctor Who decided to take the final step in their long sjw path and go full Ghostbusters.

Jodie Whittaker has been announced as Doctor Who’s 13th Time Lord – the first woman to be given the role.
The new Doctor’s identity was revealed in a trailer broadcast at the end of the Wimbledon men’s singles final.
The Broadchurch star succeeds Peter Capaldi, who took over the role in 2013 and leaves in the forthcoming Christmas special.

As you might guess all of the usual suspects are overjoyed, it’s being hailed a breakthrough and there doesn’t seem to be a single voice in dissent.

Well as person who has followed the series religiously and as the only person in history to question a future US president at a press conference wearing a Doctor Who Scarf, let me bluntly say what I suspect a lot of other people would like to say but dare not if they want to ever work for the BBC again.

I dissent.

This is a bad idea, in fact for reasons I’ve already written about it’s a horrible idea not only in the short term but for the entire franchise long term. for the 1st time ever kids can go online and find celebrity nudes of the Doctor, isn’t that special?

I’m not going to reiterate all the various reasons from my old post but I am going a step further.

I not only dissent, but after 41 years I’m done.

It’s not a step I take lightly, this is something that has been special to me for over four decades. It’s a fandom I shared with my sons and celebrated together. All three Doctor Who scarfs I own are gifts from friends or family.

Now I know that since the series came back there has been a bit of a sjw agenda that has been pushed since the 2nd half of the 1st season. As the years have gone by it’s become more and more open but I let it go, first because I was so pleased to see the series back, then because I thought David Tennant was great, then because I thought Matt Smith was the best thing to happen to the series since Tom Baker, then because Peter Capaldi had given the character depth and then because Michelle Gomez was just so good as Missy and she and Capaldi worked so well that you wanted to see what happened next.

The actual reality is that I loved this show and even as it tried to nudge me away or suggest that I and my values were unwelcome I clung to it because of what it meant to me and mine. In a world becoming increasingly hostile it was my last my childhood escape that decades later was still intact.

So why would a female Doctor make the difference? Why would that escape be gone. The answer comes from this remark from the new show runner is why:

Chris Chibnall, New Head Writer and Executive Producer says : “After months of lists, conversations, auditions, recalls, and a lot of secret-keeping, we’re excited to welcome Jodie Whittaker as the Thirteenth Doctor. I always knew I wanted the Thirteenth Doctor to be a woman and we’re thrilled to have secured our number one choice. Her audition for The Doctor simply blew us all away. Jodie is an in-demand, funny, inspiring, super-smart force of nature and will bring loads of wit, strength and warmth to the role. The Thirteenth Doctor is on her way.”

and this from the BBC:

It was always unlikely that the Doctor would continue to be white and male, especially as the BBC has committed itself to greater diversity on its programmes.

Casting the first female Doctor is something many viewers have been calling for. And strong female-led stories have been successful on the big and small screen in recent years, in films ranging from The Hunger Games and Star Wars to Wonder Woman, and in TV series like Game of Thrones.

The BBC will be hoping today’s announcement will not just excite viewers, but will also demonstrate that the time travel show has firmly moved into the 21st century.

Do you see the point here. We’re not making the Doctor a woman because it will improve the dynamic of the series, we’ve not choosing a woman because it will enhance the narrative, it’s not about the younger kids who watch or the 50 year plus history.
We’ve not even choosing Jodie Whitaker (an OK actress) because she was the best thespian for the job. No dammit we’re going to make the Doctor a woman because Chris Chibnall wants the Doctor to be a woman, the BBC wants the Doctor to be a woman (perhaps that’s why Chibnall was chosen) and we’re all going to prove how modern and diverse we are so dammit that’s how it’s going to be!

In other words it’s the SJW agenda being shoved in my face.

Well BBC it’s your show and Mr. Chibnall you’re the boss, and you have the right and authority to do with your show as you see fit.

Me I’m the viewer. I’ve got a limited amount of time and a limited amount of money to invest in my entertainment and in this 21st century world that you are boasting of moving into I have a plethora of entertainment choices to invest my time and money in.

And I choose to no longer invest in the Doctor Who franchise, either the new series or via Big Finish.

My Congratulations Mr. Chibnall, my congratulations BBC, my congratulations Ms. Whitaker, you’ve managed to do what age, marriage, children and all the difficulties of life over four decades have not been able to, you’ve made Doctor Who just another TV show to me and made me no longer be invested in the character of the Doctor.

Now I can see the blowback comming in fact Ms. Whitaker take on the role suggests the form it will take:

What does it feel like to be the first woman Doctor?
It feels completely overwhelming, as a feminist, as a woman, as an actor, as a human, as someone who wants to continually push themselves and challenge themselves, and not be boxed in by what you’re told you can and can’t be. It feels incredible.

7) What do you want to tell the fans?
I want to tell the fans not to be scared by my gender. Because this is a really exciting time, and Doctor Who represents everything that’s exciting about change. The fans have lived through so many changes, and this is only a new, different one, not a fearful one.

Scared? How DARE you suggest that my or anyone else’s objections are based on fear, either of your gender or of change. You are a performer, you make your living giving performances for your customer base the viewer. It is for the customer to choose to stay or go based on their entertainment preferences

And I choose to leave.

Now Mr. Chibnall is a good writer (Boradchurch season 1 & 2 are excellent season 3 so far meh) and Ms. Whitaker is a passable actress so I don’t doubt that there will be some interesting stories, in fact I predict that the first half Ms. Whitaker’s first season will do quite well ratings wise, maybe even well in terms of merchandising, however I suspect by the 2nd season it will be Sylvester McCoy and 1989 all over again, but the BBC will do their best to ignore it because they can’t let the first female doctor fail. They’ll retain quite few of the older viewers and a good part of the cult fan base, but in the end instead of national and international institution that gets kids and their families and hold them for generations, it will become just another BBC Drama.

It’s a shame but hey, it’s not a big deal, after all it’s just a TV show.

Closing thought: How long do you think it’s going to be before assorted sjw groups decide they are aggrieved because the Doctor is a white woman rather than a black man or a black woman or an asian man, or a muslim woman or a transgender woman who defines as a gender yet unknown. Or perhaps Mr Chibnall will have Whitaker’s doctor define herself as a man or something else to keep the SJW crowd happy?

I don’t know and frankly I don’t care, not my problem anymore.

Update: That didn’t take long

New FEMALE Doctor Who Jodie Whittaker NUDE modelling and bath scene from Venus

Just what the series needed a Doctor that boys who aren’t gay could masturbate to.

Meanwhile Colin Baker weighs in

I would remind the esteemed Mr. Baker that this is the attitude that led to the show being cancelled the first time, on the plus side, it’s arrogance is completely in character in terms of what the 6th doctor would say.

Summary: Will the Doctor’s Failures cost him his life

Plot: Stuck on Floor 507  everyone’s world is in tatters.  The people there are slowly being assaulted by Cybermen, Nardole dealing with the Amorous advances of a woman, Bill is dealing with now being a Cyberman, the Master and Missy are dealing with each other while Missy deals with her conflicted emotions concerning the Doctor , oh and there are a bunch of rapidly evolving cybermen out to kill them all finally the Doctor is dealing with all of these things that are to some degree his fault.


Writing:  I am of so many minds with this story, there are so many excellent plots running parallel ins and outs and emotions (I really like the parallel evolution Cyberman business) that make it almost a masterpiece, and then you get the resolution that is so bad, so ridiculous so lame that despite the emotional strings it tries to pull you have to say to yourself:  Really you got us all worked up all last week for this?    What an absolute joke.  One half expects that the very surprise ending leading to the Christmas special was just about defecting us from how absolutely lame the resolution was.

Acting:   With the quality of this cast this is pretty much a no brainer.  Everyone pulls his weight and then some Mackie doing well with the split role and Simm and Gomez working well together but  I really think there needed to be at least one more Capaldi Gomez scene

Memorable Moments: Stabs in the back, scary lady, the mirror, willing to try anything once, he’s dead and never liked you, yes it’s wrong.  Do you want to be alone.

Doctor Who Flashbacks:  Too many to name from dematerialization circuits (the three doctors), to not accepting reality (Clara in Asylum of the Daleks) 11th Doctor , to different faces in the mirror (regeneration of 2nd doctor Power of the Daleks) to final words, particularly at the end.

Oddities: While I actually expected things to end this way for Missy’s regeneration it seems to me that knowing that there is a variation in personality after regeneration the Master’s decision is a bit rash to say, don’t regenerate. However this episode illustrates why the timelords instituted the 1st law of time. The Doctor says they can’t get to the bridge because of the time difference, but the closer to them they get the smaller said time difference becomes thus as they get closer it becomes harder for them to catch them.
Pet Peeves:Quite a few actually the big one is the same pet peeve as in The Pilot, the concept is lame, the use of it is lame and the use of it as a resolution is the worst copout in a long time. It’s like that three step cartoon where the scientist shows step one, in the middle has “then a miracle occurs” and then step 3 and the guy looking says: “I think you need more detail in that middle step”. Furthermore is squishy water lady was able to save the day this way where was she when bill was dying in Oxygen or every other time when she was about to die? The Master says he will never stand with the Doctor but then spared him in the end of time when he could have killed him and let him die. Can someone explain to me how the doctor is able to hold back his regeneration and if he’s holding it back, how is he not just dying?

Great Quote(s) via transcripts

Again lots of great quotes we’ll again stick with just a few FYI posted this before the transcripts got up as the show was being broadcast so I reserve the right to fix anything I got off by a word or two.


The Master:  I can do this, they’re not difficult, they’re Cyberman.
The Doctor:   Go Ahead, knock yourself out
Missy:  Your wish is my command (cold cocks the Master)  I’ve secretly been with you all the time
The Doctor:  Is that true?
Missy:  Don’t spoil the moment
The Doctor:  I’ve got to know
MIssy:  It’s hard to say I’ve of two minds fortunately one of them is unconscious


The Doctor: I’m sorry but you can’t be angry our temper is a luxury you can no longer have.
CyberBill: Why can’t I be angry?
The Doctor: Bill Please
CyberBill: You left me alone for 10 years why can’t I be angry (shoots a beam out of her headpeace and blows up the barn door)
The Doctor: because of that, that’s why, because you’re a cyberman
Nardole: Right everyone back to work, nothing to see here, just somebody broke the barn no biggie.
The Master: I had some trouble taking off
Missy: The black hole?
The Master:Too close to the event horizon.
Missy: And you screwed up you went too fast.
The Master: I blew the dematerialization circuit
Missy: Which reminds me a funny thing once happened to me once.
The Master: What?
Missy: [Throws the master to the all pressed against him] A very long time ago a very scary lady threw me against the wall and made me promise to always ALWAYS have a spare dematerialization circuit. I don’t remember much about her now, but she must have made quite an impression. (pulls a spare dematerialization circuit from her pocket)
The Master: you know you basically have me to thank for that
Missy: You’re welcome
The Master: By the way Missy is it wrong that I
Missy: [looking down then up] Yes very


The Doctor: [To Missy and the Master walking away] No NO! When I say no you turn back around. Hey I’m going to be dead in a few hours, so let’s have it out, right now you and me. Winning? Is that what you think it’s about? I’m not trying to win. I’m not doing this because I want to beat someone because I hate someone or because I want to blame someone. or because it’s smart. God knows it’s not because it’s easy, or because it works because it hardly ever does. I do what I do because it’s right, and it’s decent and above all it’s kind. Just that, just kind. If I run away today, good people will die. If I stand and fight some of them might live, maybe not many of them maybe not for long. Hey you know Maybe there’s no point in any of this at all, but it’s the best I can do so I’m going to do it and I’m going to stand here doing it until it kills me. You’re going to die too, someday. What would you die for? Who I am is where I stand, and where I stand is where I fall.


12th Doctor:Nooooo.  I will not change!

Figure in distance:I will not change, I will not, no no no, the whole thing is ridiculous 

12th Doctor:Is somebody there?

figure in distance (getting closer)  Who is that?

12th Doctor:I’m the Doctor

1st Doctor:The Doctor?  No I don’t think so, no dear me no.  You may be “a” Doctor but I’m “The Doctor” the original you might say.

Final Verdict: 4 1/2 stars  Given what I’ve written above you might have expected a lower rating but this episode was like watching Godfather 3.  If you’ve never seen any of the other movies it’s a pretty good picture, clearly above average and in some aspect great, but it can’t hold a candle to the 1st two as they are two of the greatest movies of all time.  Likewise this episode suffers from it’s final 10-15 minutes which with a different resolution (one that seemed pretty obvious to me btw) between being a five star top Capaldi episode and contender for the best of the new run, to being a far above average episode where the writer couldn’t figure out how to get to that final scene so he took the easy way out. I know how I would have done it and perhaps I’ll put that into a stand alone post sometime in the future.

Ranking of Season: 4th of 10  It was touch and go if it would be 5th but there is just enough good stuff to edge out the Lie of the Land which also had a kinda lame end. The irony being I really wanted to love this episode but in the end it ranked behind an episode that ironically I really wanted to hate.   The fact that this episode that disappointed me so much still ranks 4th in the season tells you everything you need to know about how bad this season was.

1st World Enough and Time
2nd Extremis
3rd The Eaters of Light
4th The Doctor Falls
5th The Lie of the Land
6th Empress of Mars
7th The Pyramid at the End of the World
8th Knock Knock
9th Oxygen
10th Thin Ice
11th Smile
12th The Pilot

Top 10 Ranking in the Capaldi Era:  Last week after World Enough and Time I wrote “I imagine the next two episodes might cause some movement on the list and boy will it be disappointing if it doesn’t”   In a season full of disappointing episodes the fact that this one  wasn’t able to crack the top 10 of the Capaldi era is the biggest disappointment of all.

1st The Husbands of River Song
2nd World Enough and Time
3rd. Last Christmas
4th. The Caretaker
5th  Extremis
6th. The Return of Doctor Mysterio
7th. The Girl who Died
8th. The Witch’s Familiar
9th. Hell Bent
10th. Mummy on the Orient Express

Summary: Will the Doctor’s Trust in Missy cost Bill her life, or has it already done so?

Plot: The Doctor decision over the objections of Bill and Nardole to let Missy play Doctor as a test to see if she’s changed get Bill’s heart literally blown away by a panicked janitor on a 400 mile long space ship next to a black hole. She taken below decks where time runs at a much faster speed to a hospital time runs at a much faster speed than the top of the ship where she is befriended by an odd man named Razor a given a cybernetic hart. Years pass as she waits for the Doctor. Will he be able to sae he from the Hospital of Horrors and for her as she waits for the Doctor, but is there an even greater danger awaiting them or maybe two.


Writing: It seems to me that this episodes an the ones that follow are the entire reason for the seasons with the rest of it just filler. The episode is about as good as it gets and maybe even better. The mix of humor (those are genders) and horror (pain, pain) is simply amazing

Acting:: Ok Capaldi, Mackie and Lucas are all excellent but Michelle Gomez and John Simm both as Razor and the Master steal every scene they are in. Gomez’s scenes with Lucas and Mackie are great, Simm’s scenes with Mackie are better and the brief periods where Simm and Gomez are together are simply awesome.

Memorable Moments: He likes me, do you like disguises, Tea, That’s his name, this is a bad idea. Cradle Robbing, Pain

Doctor Who Flashbacks: Prime Minister (sound of the Drums last of the Time Lords) the Master’s Goatee (Roger Delgado and Anthony Ainley. Mondasitan Cybermen (The Tenth Planet 1st Doctor), Venusian Akido (3rd Doctor)

Oddities: Missy Pointing her umbrella as if it’s a weapon, I suspect that it is one.  the episode starts with the Doctor’s regeneration, if this is a three part episode ending with the Christmas special it’s a cliffhanger and a half.  I found it an interesting change where the earlier incarnation recognizes his later version before the reverse then again he had months or years to study her.

Pet Peeves: The whole time Lord Gender speech is less about time lords and more about SJW,

Great Quote(s) via transcripts

Much too many to list them all so we’ll settle for five

Jorj: Who are you?
Missy: Well, I am that mysterious adventurer in all of time and space, known only as Doctor Who. And these are my disposables, Exposition and Comic Relief.
Nardole: We’re not functions.
Missy:   Darling, those were genders.
Jorj:   Please, stay exactly where you are for your own safety.
Missy:  He likes me. So exciting.
Jorj:   I’m coming through.
Missy:  Hurry, my stallion. And if I’m in the shower, just bring me some beans on toast. That’s
Nardole:  Urgh.
Missy:  That’s roughly human flirting, isn’t it?

The Doctor: I pick a scenario, we drop her down into it, and we see how she does.
Bill:  How does that work?
The Doctor:  Ah. We just take the Tardis for a spin and we graze for distress calls. We pick a good one. Our usual Saturday.
Bill:  And what if she just walks out and slaughters everyone just for a laugh?
The Doctor: Well, I will be monitoring you the whole time.
Bill:  Me?
The Doctor:  Yes. You and Nardole. You can be her companions. See?
Bill:  Ah, nah! Forget it. Absolutely no way.
The Doctor:   Nardole agreed.
Nardole:  No, I didn’t.
The Doctor:  You did in my head, which is good enough for me.

Razor: Do you want the good tea or the bad tea?
Bill:   What’s the difference?
Razor:   I call one good, one bad.
Bill:   Er, I’ll take the good one.
Razor:  Excellent, positive attitude. Will help with the horror to come.
Bill:   What horror?
Razor:   Mainly the tea.

Missy:   Oh, this is super interesting. I assumed this ship was from Earth, full of squishable little humans, but it’s not from Earth at all, is it?
Razor:  You don’t remember me, do you?
Missy:  Looks like an Earth-like planet, but not Earth itself. Very Earth-like. If planets had twins
Razor:  You don’t remember being here before, do you?
Missy:  I’ve never been here before. Will you please stop wittering on or I’ll have to splat your brains for finger paint.
Razor:  Oh, you have been here before. You really can trust me on that.

Missy:   Okay, listen to me. I may be about to take that silly little gun away from you
Razor:  He’ll never forgive you, you know, He’ll never set you free. Not when he discovers what you did to his little friend.
Missy:   I haven’t done anything to his silly little friend.
Razor:   Oh, but I’m afraid you did. But a long time ago.

Final Verdict: Five stars  or to put it another way, Wow!

Ranking of Season: 1st of 10  I really had a hard time ranking it above Extremis but there is simply too much great acting here to do otherwise.

1st World Enough and Time
2nd Extremis
3rd The Eaters of Light
4th The Lie of the Land
5th Empress of Mars
6th The Pyramid at the End of the World
7th Knock Knock
8th Oxygen
9th Thin Ice
10th Smile
11th The Pilot

Top 10 Ranking in the Capaldi Era:  2nd  I’m partial to a happy ending so it couldn’t dislodge the Husbands of River Song.  It was also a little hard to rank because it’s a multi part episode.  It’s also kinda sad that it pushes Eater of Light off the list but I imagine the next two episodes might cause some movement on the list and boy will it be disappointing if it doesn’t

1st The Husbands of River Song
2nd World Enough and Time
3rd. Last Christmas
4th. The Caretaker
5th  Extremis
6th. The Return of Doctor Mysterio
7th. The Girl who Died
8th. The Witch’s Familiar
9th. Hell Bent
10th. Mummy on the Orient Express

Summary:   Will the fate of the 9th Legion be the fate of the Doctor and his friends?

Plot: The Doctor and Bill find themselves arguing over the fate of the lost 9th Roman Legion that disappeared in the 2nd century AD, so they decided to go back to find out what happened.  They and Nardole discover a gateway to another dimension guarded by a Celt who thought it would be a good idea to let the monster they were guarding though to stop the  Roman invader, but when said monster decides everyone is on the diet and the world is threatened will the Doctor be able to forge an alliance between Roman and Celt to stop them in time?


Writing: Rona Munro does everything right here with a traditional Doctor Who story with all the fixings from natives to Romans to a cool monster.  This episode could have been been written for any Doctor and any in any Era and other than the sexual preference references it would have worked.

Acting: Of all the episodes to this point this is, in my opining the best acted by everyone involved.  Every performance from every lead and supporting character is far above par, particularly of course Capaldi, Lucas, Mackie (who has really grown in the role) Michelle Gomez in her cameo and all the rest

Memorable Moments: I know more about Roman’s than you,  All Crows talk,  Popcorn,  totally found the 9th Legion. Stop being brave. Talking crows

Doctor Who Flashbacks: Arguing over history (Robots of Sherwood)  Fans of the Roman history/legions (The Pandorica 11th Doctor)

Oddities: It didn’t hit me until this moment that this is really the first time that Bill really has reason to notice the TARDIS translation circuit.   seems to me it might have weapon that ties the men into knots seems kind of cool but very impractical.   Also I’m pretty sure I remember Nardole being able to fly the TARDIS.

Pet Peeves: I know the Doctor is softening toward Missy/Master but is he really going to give her unsupervised access to the TARDIS engines?

Great Quote(s) via transcripts

The Doctor:   What are you doing?
Nardole: I’m ingratiating myself.
The Doctor:  Stop it. It’s nauseating.
Nardole:  It’s called charm.
The Doctor:  I’m against it. I’m against charm.
Nardole:  Yeah, we all know that.

Bill: Something to do with the Tardis. Maybe, telepathic field? So now that we all understand each other, how do we all sound?
Lucius: You sound like children.
Kar: You sound like children too.
The Doctor: You all do.
Bill: Is this what happens when you understand what everyone in the universe is saying? Everybody just sounds like children?
The Doctor: There are exceptions.
Nardole: Thank you very much.
The Doctor: Not you

Nardole:   Right, shall we go back home? Time you were guarding that Vault. We don’t want Missy getting any ideas.
Missy:  Oh, one should always try to avoid those. Hello! You lot were ages. I was getting ever so worried.
Nardole:  How did you get out of the Vault? Sir, what do we do? How could this happen?
The Doctor:  It’s all right, Nardole. She’s been doing some work for me.
Missy: Sorry. I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I assumed they knew. Should I have stayed below decks?
The Doctor:   No, no, no, no. It’s fine.
Nardole:   She’s supposed to be in the Vault!
The Doctor:  How were the engines?
Missy: Better than you deserve. You are naughty. Do you ever do basic maintenance?
The Doctor:   No, but I’ve got a plan for that.
Missy: What?
The Doctor:  You.

Final Verdict: Five stars  What every Doctor who episode should want to be

Ranking of Season: 2nd of 10  I kept looking for reasons not to like this episode and failed miserably to find one.

1st Extremis
2nd The Eaters of Light
3rd The Lie of the Land
4th Empress of Mars
5th The Pyramid at the End of the World
6th Knock Knock
7th Oxygen
8th Thin Ice
9th Smile
10th The Pilot

Top 10 Ranking in the Capaldi Era: 10th.   The more I thought about it the more that I found I liked it better than Face the Raven and it almost edged Mummy on the Orient Express but either way it’s nice to see the season finally get places.

1st The Husbands of River Song
2nd. Last Christmas
3rd. The Caretaker
4th  Extremis
5th. The Return of Doctor Mysterio
6th. The Girl who Died
7th. The Witch’s Familiar
8th. Hell Bent
9th. Mummy on the Orient Express
10th. The Eaters of Light

Summary:   Will Mars be the newest edition to the 19th Century British Empire or vice versa

Plot:  To the surprise of NASA the message “God Save the Queen” is discovered on the surface of Mars spelled in rocks.  The Doctor Bill and Nardole go to investigate and while the TARDIS decides to head back to Earth with Nardole on board the Doctor and Bill find a detachment of 19th Century red coated British infantry who accompanied an Ice Warrior back to Mars, the Brits are looking for wealth but the Martian is looking for his queen.  Will the both find what they are looking for and can they co-exist or will the first interplanetary war be between the armies of two Empresses?


Writing: The episode is a mixed bag, there are a lot of interesting twists but also a good supply of stereotypes, particularly concerning the soldiers of the British Empire. Yet the plot concerning the clash of empires works, and the Doctor Dilemma knowing what the future of both Mars and the Ice Warriors are is particularly interesting.  Furthermore we haven’t, at least on TV, seen much if any of female Ice Warriors which makes another interesting twist.  It was also a very Victorian ending.

Acting: The best job here belongs to  Adele Lynch’s Empress Iraxxa although her voice sounds a tad like the Queen of the Racnoss.  There is also Matt Lucas’ Nardole and Michele Gomez Missy who both do an excellent job.  Pearl Mackie is very credible and of course Capaldi is Capaldi.  I thought Ferdinand Kingsley but I suspect he was written that way.  The rest of the British foot soldiers are credible in their parts, stereotypical as they were.

Memorable Moments: Friendly aliens, Of course I can fix the TARDIS, Well you are victorian,  Surrounded by males

Doctor Who Flashbacks: Alpha Centuri of Peladon Fame (3rd Doctor Curse and Monster of Peladon) amazingly voiced by Ysanne Churchman at age 92 who last voiced the role back in 1974.  The portrait of Queen Victoria is the actress who played her opposite the 10th doctor (Tooth and Claw)

Oddities: The weapon that ties the men into knots seems kind of cool but very impractical.   Also I’m pretty sure I remember Nardole being able to fly the TARDIS.

Pet Peeves: I would think that once the first shot bounces off the Martian Armor someone might have thought of aiming at the exposed face and throat?

Great Quote(s) via transcripts

Godscare: Don’t move. I’ll sort this beggar out.
The Doctor:   No, no, no, no! You don’t understand. This creature is no threat. He may look like a monster to you
Godscare: I wasn’t talking to you.


Bill:  What, you can deal with big green Martians and, and, and rocket ships, but you can’t deal with us being the police?
Godscare: No, no, no, no, no. It’s just such a fanciful notion. A woman in the police force.
Bill:   Listen, yeah? I’m going to make allowances for your Victorian attitudes because, well, you actually are Victorian.


Godscare: Your Majesty, I have a request, if that may be permitted.
Queen Iraxxa:  Speak!
Godscare: That man was not one of us. Please, do not judge mankind by his cruelty or indeed by my cowardice. Spare my friends and my world.
Queen Iraxxa: Your request does you credit, soldier. It will be considered.
Godscare: God save the Queen.
British Troops: God save the Queen!
Queen Iraxxa: You will die with honour, with bravery, and in the service of those you swore to protect.
Godscare:  Thank you. You don’t know what that means. Thank you.
Queen Iraxxa:  But not today. In battle, soldier. To die in battle is the way of the warrior. Pledge your allegiance to me and my world, and I will ensure you have the opportunity.
Godscare: My life and my service are yours. [kneels] To the end.
Queen Iraxxa: To the death, my friend. To the death.


Final Verdict: 4 1/2 stars another good episode

Ranking of Season: 3rd of 8  That makes 4 episodes in a row that were of the normal standard I would expect from the series as opposed to what we got at the start.  Let’s keep the trend going.

1st Extremis
2nd The Lie of the Land
3rd Empress of Mars
4th The Pyramid at the End of the World
5th Knock Knock
6th Oxygen
7th Thin Ice
8th Smile
9th The Pilot

Top 10 Ranking in the Capaldi Era: Doesn’t place but not by much likely 11th if I went that low

1st The Husbands of River Song
2nd. Last Christmas
3rd. The Caretaker
4th  Extremis
5th. The Return of Doctor Mysterio
6th. The Girl who Died
7th. The Witch’s Familiar
8th. Hell Bent
9th. Mummy on the Orient Express
10th. Face the Raven

I’m in Kansas City this week on a vacation that’s a side effect of my wife’s serious operation back in Feb. As she couldn’t go on the trip with her sister as planned and had to use up our voucher miles before Sept or lose them she suggested finding somewhere that the RedSox were playing and go see them there. This is the first time since I started writing that I’ve been somewhere without the express purpose to cover some political event or conference. The only work I’ll be doing are this week’s posts and perhaps the odd interview if one drops into my lap. It is so weird to wake up somewhere else without having to be somewhere or to have 30 or 50 interviews to upload. Of course given that the Room AC is not working properly and I spent two hours on twitter and on the phone between priceline and the sheraton four points people and their parent company trying to resolve it due to my wife’s breathing issues it’s even weirder. It seems the final plan was to keep her awake all night trying to get things fixed till she was too tired to not fall asleep even with no AC in the summer heat and the noise of the rather loud fan they provided. I presume that plan worked because while I stopped tweeting on it at 1:30 AM and fell asleep soon after, as of this writing (9:30 am central) she and my son are still out like lights so I don’t know when they finally gave up and crashed. Even odder the room isn’t oppressively hot as it was when I dropped off so I guess at least for a brief time during the night the AC kicked in and combined with the rather loud fan managed to drop the temp to an OK level, but then again I grew up without AC and never had breathing issues and can sleep on a wooden pallet with a piece of cardboard on it so the real test will be how DaWife feels when she wakes up. The last gave of the series is a 1:05 start so I’d like to get her up early so we can get a spot of breakfast but as I don’t know when she got to sleep I think I’ll let her sleep as late as we safely can.

Now I know why my parents never went on vacations.

Kaufman Stadium is a lovely place to watch a baseball game but as in Denver it’s still very odd to go to a ball park and: Not see it full, See promotion after promotion during the game, see the necessity for the scoreboard to be used to get the crowd to make noise. But that’s the difference between practically selling out an entire season and having to draw people. Our three tickets for the first game at Kaufman stadium in the upper deck of left field cost what it would have set us back for Standing room in Fenway park…for one of us.

This is my first trip to the midwest and there is a real sense of Deja vu in coming to a place like this. I’m reminded of the days of my youth when Massachusetts was populated by normal people with normal values and not run by frenzied leftists. If I was younger I’d leave for a place like this in a second as the liberal New England in general and Massachusetts in particular is no place to raise a family if you don’t want to have to fight every day to raise your children as Faithful Catholics or Christians of any stripe. You can’t imagine how much I miss those days, it’s also the reason why there are so many Red Sox Fans everywhere else. People might leave the craziness of New England but one’s love of the Red Sox comes with you.

The Death of Otto Warmbier is to some degree a surprise. One might think that to North Korea an American foolish enough to put themselves willingly in their hands is an asset to exploit so normally one might think that any torture would be designed to be painful but not fatal however it’s a vivid reminder that with the Norks you are dealing with one of the worst regimes in the history of history and unless your a Christian Missionary ready to become a Christian Martyr giving your life in the hopes of saving souls, it’s not a place to willingly put yourself.

The left’s pious insults concerning Mr. Warmbier’s death and their previous statements concerning “white privilege” come as no surprise as sadly I’ve come to expect no better from them, the real question is what kind of retaliation will we see from this president. What price will the Norks be made to pay and how will he pull it off without setting and can he afford to be patient in making them pay that price.

Yet another special election (actually two as there was one in SC as well that the Democrats decided to concede rather than sink a fortune in) is now over and Karen Handel despite being an unexciting candidate managed a five point win despite millions of dollars from the bluest states there pouring into the state to defeat her. I think this from Hotair is telling:


11:10 pm: Finally, here is Karen Handel’s victory speech. At 2:30 Handel thanks President Trump and the crowd responds “Trump! Trump! Trump!” At 3:15 she thanks Steve Scalise and spends a moment talking about the need to find “a more civil way” to disagree. “In these United States of America, no one should ever feel their life threatened over political beliefs and positions,”


I think that while the DC shooter managed to only wound Steve scalise, he managed to kill Democrat chances to win in GA06 as voters in that district who might have stayed home decided they didn’t want to reward attempted murder. Of course this doesn’t change the fact that the GOP needs to get moving on their agenda as Chris Muir seems to have pegged.

The attack by Mr. Osborne in London was, in my opinion one of the most predictable crimes in the history of history in terms of simple mathematical statistics. Given that we’ve had over 31,000 Islamic Terror attacks worldwide since 9/11 (40 attacks in 15 countries from June 10th though the 16th alone) sooner or later probability stated that you would actually get a westiner targeting Muslims. I have no problem calling what he did terror, but I insist that leftists who do so do the same concerning every other attack done by Muslims in the name of Islam. The real question is will the same people willing to throw collective guilt on Englishmen over this attack respond in a similar way to what happened in Brussels yesterday?

It also plays into one of the things I’ve predicted, the longer both the authorities in power and moderate muslims decide to deny and ignore the danger of radical islam, the more likely you’ll see people like Osborne decide to, in his mind, strike back. I expect to see many more like him if the state of denial continues. This of course does not justify his acts of murder which not only need to be vigorously prosecuted but punished to the fullest extent of the law.

A little Doctor Who, I see that Big Finish has decided to give a series to Derick Jacobi playing the “War Master”. Jacobi’s time as the Master on screen lasted less that 15 minutes before he regenerated into John Simm but during that time he ruled the screen. I’ve often wondered what he would have done with the role if he had been given more time. Now we’ll find out.

Finally we are going to be seeing the first Multi-master story in Doctor who outside of Big Finish My bet is that Michelle Gomez Master is killed by John Simm’s master with her at the moment of death remembering doing so. Even if I’m wrong the word is she will not be returning to the role. While I wasn’t a fan of the whole gender bender business Gomez made the part her own and has simply owned every scene she has been in in a way we haven’t seen since Alex Kingston. Doctor Who fans will miss her.

Update:  Dropped a “r” from Otto Warmbier’s name, corrected