If Only she wore a “Little Drag Queen” shirt to school instead

Our schools remain incapable of teaching math, or history or proper English but if there is one thing they excel at it’s deciding that some things are beyond the pale. Apparently in Laconia NH this shirt is of them:

That the shirt that the autistic granddaughter of one of the founders of the NH blog Granite Grok was made to cover up at school. Her parents (both vets) were not told and found out when they picked her up.

You would think that this insanity would not hit the “Live Free or Die” state but remember that Massachusetts is just across the border and many who helped turn my state into an unlivable place migrated north but didn’t leave the values that prompted their escape behind

Unfortunately for the people in charge at the Woodland Heights school the Grandfather of this kids is one of the founders of the NH political blog Granite Grok and Skip is not amused:

So I’m confused – what part of this dress code is being violated?  I am having difficulty in understanding how “Happy and Free” is a political statement (my best guess as to why Ms. Lindsey Packer (or the Principal, Eric Johnson at (603) 524-8733, x3002) – to me, that’s more of showing gratitude for this country and for all those that sacrificed some or all – including her military veterans parents?

Skip has questioned and interviewed and covered people and issues on the local, state and federal level and knows what questions to ask

“Ensuring success with every student, every day, in every way” – Or ostracizing them – either one. Thanks, third-grade teacher, Ms. Lindsey Packer. Oh, and Superintendent Steve Tucker (603.524.5710, x1001)? You, who just failed upward?

Sidenote: imagine, a Gilford Curriculum Director that failed to establish baseline and milestone metrics in order to be able to evaluate success or failure of new and expensive “packages of learning” for our students and couldn’t even grasp the concept when I raised it during Budget reviews?

Yeah, you.  THIS is your school system.  You’re in charge – whatchagonna do?

And now he is angry

You know, I just got through writing about politics changing the culture to change the politics. We’ve covered incidents like “can’t wear that shirt” in the past many many times by some educational dufus with a bee up their butt, an ideological nitwit, or just plain stupidity that is trying to read something into something else that doesn’t exist.  Now, it has come to MY home and MY family.  And I am pissed!

There’s an old saying about not messing with those who buy their ink by the barrel, but perhaps it should be extended to those who not only use pixels by the billions but have the ability to get their message out nationally. That is likely why the school superintendent gave him a ring to assure him that the shirt is fine and she can wear it anytime.

Skip ended the update with the words Ongoing, and will be updated…. Rest assured I’ll be keeping an eye on the story.

What If it was a LGBTQ Banner? Running from Beto, Chick Fil A does Matt 6:33, Skipping school and Nevertrump for Biden under the Fedora

You might remember the cheerleaders who were in trouble for unfurling a Trump banner at a game. That caused some fuss and with word that parents were planning to attend with American flags, what does the district do cancel the next game:

Ask yourself one question.  If the banner had been a global warming banner, or a LGBTQ banner or an Obama banner how would the media have reacted?  Would there be any other story in the news?

Beto O’Rourke’s “we’re going to take your guns” comments are causing a lot of fear and grief, among Democrats who privately would love to say what he said but knows that it would destroy them. In fact I would wager that there are several house seats and senate seats that are going to go GOP this year thanks to that statement.

Oh and while we’re on the subject, how can you buy back what you don’t own? This is Chief Joseph and the Nez Perce

Many years ago I covered a protest against Chick-Fil-A back in the days when there was only one location in the state. Ten years after the left decided to make them public enemy number one they are now the #3 restaurant chain in the US and have more than doubled sales.

I guess their foes didn’t realize that when Christ said… ” But seek first the kingdom (of God) and his righteousness, and all these things will be given you besides. ” he meant it

Just for the record if I was in school and it was made clear that the school, the news media and the whole world would celebrate me if I skipped for a day, I’d jump on that bandwagon laughing my ass off…until my parents found out and then I’d get off in a hurry.

So let’s not pretend that this climate protest was anything but a stunt

The latest verse in the “I’m the MSM I am song” is apparently bad news for Never Trump republicans as it has the potential to hurt Joe Biden by opening him up to scrutiny that he can’t handle and put them in the position of having to either support a Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren or stay home.

I don’t see the confusion for them, while there are a few Nevertrumpers like Allahpundit for whom any democrat is beyond the pale apparently for the other “true conservatives” Obamacare, abortion and open borders are all fine as long as it comes from old Joe.

That tells me all I needed to know about how conservative they ever were.

#rephrased Joel Gilbert Will Tell the world what we Bloggers already know about Travon Martin

Via Instapundit I read with some interest this story of an impending documentary that will infuriate the left:

Gilbert did some serious shoe leather reporting as well. He visited all the relevant Miami-area high schools, the neighborhoods where Martin and his friends hung out, the streets of Miami’s Little Haiti, and the town community where Martin died.
At the end of his research, Gilbert knew Trayvon Martin better than his parents did, literally. As their deposition revealed, they had no idea how Martin’s life had descended into a violent mix of street fighting, guns, drugs, burglary, and sex. Although both parents made good incomes, their separate lives created an abyss where a home should have been, and their once promising son fell straight to the bottom of it.
Unwilling to accept their own responsibility for his demise, they took the bait promised by the family attorneys and sweetened by the media and projected their guilt on to George Zimmerman. Although an Obama supporter and civil rights activist, the half-Hispanic Zimmerman proved to be just white enough to play the “racist” killer role in the unholy melodrama that followed.

He’s talking about the Travon Martin case which was before the Michael Brown case the biggest race card fraud that was played by the left in that it wasn’t at all about race but it was about .

It’s an interesting story, it’s a tragic story but most interestingly it’s a story that we bloggers told you years ago.

Stacy McCain told you about it at the American Spectator blog which we access via the wayback machine:

Either of those incidents could have put Trayvon Martin into the custody of the juvenile justice system. However, because of Chief Hurley’s attempt to reduce the school crime statistics — according to sworn testimony, officers were “basically told to lie and falsify” reports — Martin was never arrested. And if he had been arrested, he might never have been in Sanford the night of his fatal encounter with Zimmerman.

Pam Geller wrote about it:

Not only did the media and law enforcement cover up Trayvon Martin’s criminal record — the attack on Zimmerman and subsequent show trial brought systemic corruption to light and led to the takedown of senior officials.
Much thanks to 
Andrea Shea KingPat Dollard and The Last Refuge (who has done yeoman’s work on this case):

the afore mentioned Pat Dollard wrote about it

This new SOP was outlined by a communications directive in 2010 forbidding the sharing of Miami-Dade School Police reports to outside agencies without redaction. Officers had to send any and all requests through the public information officer.
the furor of Chief Hurley when the Robles article hit the press and cited police reports – Hurley smelled a leaker and launched an investigation.
Ultimately the internal affairs investigation initiated by Hurley led to his own firing, because the officers questioned
 told the internal affairs investigators the truth of what was going on and outed the scheme.
One of the examples of this in action was the jewelry incident and Trayvon Martin – as accidentally outlined in the Herald report. But the Herald never knew their reporting had launched an internal affairs investigation which led to the collapse of the scheme.

Stacy McCain again (this time at his blog instead of the Spectator)

Part of the reason it was difficult to get that story across was that it wasn’t easy to explain. It’s a complex story and boiling it down to less than 700 words took me several hours, because I had to sort through a lot of stuff and double-check basic background facts. And here is the most important fact of the whole story:
The liberal media keep leaving that out, don’t they? And why do you think that is? Because if they told you he was from Miami Gardens, more than 240 miles from Sanford, then the media would have to explain why Trayvon was in Sanford the night of Feb. 26, 2012.
Sometimes, if you pull one thread of a story, the whole narrative unravels and this question — “Why was Trayvon in Sanford?” — is one that the liberal media don’t want to talk about.
This is how you know it’s probably the most important question of all.

Sundance at the Last Refuse did the heavy lifting for most of us:

The connections between the Police Burglary report and the School Report of “found items” were never made because the regular police detective in charge of the Burglary case had no idea the School Police Dept. had filed a “found items” report.
Two differing police departments, and the School Officer, Dunn, intentionally took the criminal element out of the equation – instead preferring “school discipline” and not “criminal adjudication”.
It was only when the M-DSPD Internal Affairs investigation kicked in, and six officers gave sworn affidavits, the manipulative scheme to improve criminal statistics within the School System were identified openly.
School Superintendent Alberto Carvalho gave his hire, Police Chief Hurley, instructions to reduce the criminal behavior of young black males. The chosen strategy between them, to insure optical success, was to stop using the Criminal Justice System to punish black student behavior. Instead they instructed the School Resource Officers to use school discipline in place of criminal justice.

This made a big enough splash that Rush Limbaugh talked about it:

So real crimes would be committed by students, not just Trayvon, and rather than being categorized as such they were just pushed over here into another column on the spreadsheet that said “disciplinary actions.”  So, at the end of the day, these reports made it look like that the school district and superintendent had really started kicking butt on crimes in the schools and had really reduced it, when they hadn’t whatsoever. 
The upshot is that criminal activity wasn’t punished.
It was barely even disciplined.
And so the perpetrators were never held to account, nor did they ever have to come to grips with the severity of their actions. 
RUSH:  So think about it.  In some schools you get thrown out for a long time for just drawing a picture of a gun.  But in Miami-Dade, you can commit real crimes and the school will cover-up for you to make their stats look better. 

And finally there was my own small contribution to the discussion:

I’m sure the city figured it was just easier to just let things go and I’m sure assuming his parents knew about it, they would have agreed.  A lot less trouble all around.
What could possibly go wrong?
If they did this, and Trayvon Martin still found himself on that fateful night watched by George Zimmerman I’m wondering how different might things have been.  If he had,  say, some kind of probation over his head might Trayvon Martin have   thought: “I don’t like that ass following me but I don’t want to risk any trouble right now.” and instead of turning back to confront George Zimmerman used the more than ample time he had to just go home?
We don’t know any of this but we do know this. If you have a school and police department 
gaming the system to improve the stats they are selling out the community who they work for, the schools and the kids, both those who got into trouble and those who don’t all for the sake of bragging rights.
How many more kids seeing the system being gained in this way by the authorities for their own gain will look at that, and decide they can do the same? How many will end up someday in trouble, in jail or dead because of it?

In short the facts that this film is going to discuss are already well known to to conservative writers, conservative thinkers and conservative bloggers as we discussed them half a decade ago.

But to media types who worry that the TV show Friends is too white to be discussed today these were facts to be suppressed and ignored and if you live in the left’s media bubble or only escaped it a few years ago these facts are completely unknown to you.

Why? because the left’s primary strategy in the Obama years was to weaponize race and that took precedence over the good of black youth like Travon Martin or the life of an Obama supporter who was completely expendable for that purpose.

That’s why I think this film the Trayvon Hoax is going to be important and that’s why the media will do all it can to suppress it or if they can’t destroy it.

Report from Louisiana: Locking Up Cell Phones

The new school year is now underway and with it come all of the typical classroom management issues that frustrate many teachers, especially at the middle and high school level.

One of those problems is cell phones. Since the cell phone has become as common as the Number 2 pencil teachers have been struggling to either incorporate the technology into the lesson or ban the devices altogether. There seems to be no middle ground as most teenagers simply can not deny the lure of social media or games on the phone.
It’s so much more entertaining to participate in an ongoing game of pool on the phone with a friend than listen to that history lecture.

In Bossier Parish, Louisiana, one high school English teacher used the first day of school to conduct an experiment: “Students measured how often they received notifications on their cell phones, from text messages, to phone calls, to news alerts, to Snapchat pings,” and by the end of the day there had been 868 distractions, or notifications, from student devices.

How can teachers compete against this?

Benton High School in Bossier City, Louisiana has found a way. The school purchased Yondr pouches, such as those used at some concerts. At the beginning of the school day students are required to put their phones in the pouch and there it stays until the end of the day when the pouches are unlocked as students leave the building. Students rent the pouches for the year and retain possession of the pouch/phone all day.

While teachers celebrate this development, students are nonplussed. Many feel like they are being punished for the sins of others.

As of now, two Bossier Parish schools are participating in this experiment, but teachers across the parish are hoping it catches on. The cell phone has moved beyond a classroom management problem. Many students pull out the phone and check messages simply as an automatic reflex these days and hey, while there, let’s take a cute selfie, and check that email, and check that new YouTube video real quick.

I’m curious to see how this pilot program works. I’m not clear on what happens if a student is caught with a second phone; many students have more than one phone and routinely carry a “throwdown phone” in case a teacher tries to take their device up.

It would all be much more ideal if students just had the willpower to keep the devices put away, but we are talking about teenagers and when many adults can’t even do this, how can we expect kids to?