Chick-Fil-A Conquers the Johnny Appleseed Festival in Leominster MA

Yesterday I spent my day off at the WQPH 89.3 FM Booth at Leominster's annual Johnny Appleseed festival held each year in honor of the most famous person ever born there. I spent the day promoting my book Hail Mary the Perfect Protestant (and Catholic) Prayer (available here) , my radio show Your Prayer Intentions … Continue reading Chick-Fil-A Conquers the Johnny Appleseed Festival in Leominster MA

Proper Saladry

by baldilocks A special repost in honor of a loved one whose early death was helped along by poor eating habits. Yes, I can occasionally be caught live in the kitchen. Look quick. When growing up, my dinner task was making the salad. My mom bought the goods and I prepared them to her exacting … Continue reading Proper Saladry

Video Review Firefly’s BBQ Marlborough Mass

We Interrupt the constant call to set our hair on fire over various events to talk some food. As a family tradition when one has a birthday the family goes out to a restaurant of their choice. My oldest son had a hankering for Brisket and the closest place open late Friday the 13th was … Continue reading Video Review Firefly’s BBQ Marlborough Mass

Colds and Hot Toddies

Here in New York's Scenic Hudson Valley, we are still digging out from two big Nor'easter storms that we've gotten in the past week. There are huge piles of snow and big broken tree branches all around my property, but my family was thankfully spared from the power outages that hit this area hard and … Continue reading Colds and Hot Toddies

New York Steakhouse Makes a Bold Stand

While driving down Route 55 in Lagrangeville, New York (about 60 miles north of New York City) on the way to a medical appointment yesterday, I spotted a sign outside of Kelly's Steaks and Spirits that sure lifted mine! The sign announced that they DO NOT air NFL games in that establishment and the sign … Continue reading New York Steakhouse Makes a Bold Stand

Nasty Surprise In A Nutshell

Warning: this post may not be suitable for the faint of heart or weak of stomach... My best friend texted me from work the other day with a picture of what she discovered in the snack that she was attempting to enjoy on her break. She was eating Wonderful brand pistachios, and apparently what happened … Continue reading Nasty Surprise In A Nutshell

Nada for Thee – Empanada for Me!

Maybe he was bored. Presiding over the mass starvation of your country's people isn't a cakewalk, after all. Venezuela's Joe Stalin lookalike dictator has been criticized for becoming a fat bastard while the people in his country wait for hours in line to get bread, resort to picking through trash for anything edible, and die … Continue reading Nada for Thee – Empanada for Me!

No Love From The FDA

"Made with love" doesn't go over well with bureaucrats. Well, you can make the things you cook "with love" in every bite, just don't list it as an ingredient. Via FoxNews: “Love” is definitely not an ingredient in granola, regardless of the amount of effort you put into making it, the Food and Drug Administration … Continue reading No Love From The FDA

Very Old Fruitcake!

My mom made fruitcakes every year during Christmas season; the rum they were soaked in was all I could smell in our house for weeks and I would only eat the special cake my mom made for me that had no alcohol (I prefer my booze in a glass, thanks). My mother said her fruitcakes … Continue reading Very Old Fruitcake!

Voices when I went to the 2017 Catholic Marketing Network Michael Salerno of Salerno’s Pizza

I didn't spend all my time in Chicago at the Catholic Marketing Network, I had to eat sometime so I went to Solano's Pizza in Libertyville and talked to the Owner Michael Solano The food was well worth the trip The Rest of my Catholic Marketing Network posts are here. This blog is a venture in … Continue reading Voices when I went to the 2017 Catholic Marketing Network Michael Salerno of Salerno’s Pizza

Hank and Tank’s another American Success Story from Hamilton Missouri

When you think of American Success stories in Hamilton Missouri it's quite natural for the first thoughts in your minds to be either JC Penny who was born here, or Jenny Doan of the Missouri Star Quilt company who we wrote about here. But at the very end of the street, just beyond the last … Continue reading Hank and Tank’s another American Success Story from Hamilton Missouri

The HuckaBadger

Honey Badger don't care, and neither does Mike Huckabee - and for that, we thank him. Today is the fifth day of May, which means tequila and margaritas are flowing in American bars, to celebrate a Mexican holiday that few really know anything about. Mike Huckabee offended the perpetually outraged by saying on Twitter that he … Continue reading The HuckaBadger


I woke up unusually early this morning, so I naturally (ehem!) looked up my Twitter feed, and came across this from Juliette, Twitter hash #TacoTrucksOnEveryCorner is best trend ever. Finally, an issue that unites Americans! — Juliette A. Ochieng (@JulietteAkinyi) September 2, 2016 Indeed. While I prepared breakfast (huevos rancheros with bacon, in keeping with … Continue reading #TacoTrucksOnEveryCorner!

Natural Maintenance

by baldilocks Being blessed with great health and energy for almost all of my life, I found it disconcerting when I began to get tired at strange times in the day—like 1PM. The cure? Vitamin C and lots of it. An orange, a half of a grapefruit, the juice of a small lemon and a … Continue reading Natural Maintenance

It’s cheese, Gromit!

Food has been in the headlines this week, involving both Republicans, Carson's theory: Egypt's pyramids stored grain, Rubio and Big Sugar. The Florida Senator defends what may be the worst farm subsidy and Marco Rubio and the Virtues of Government Cheese, Rand Paul awkwardly eats soul food with Larry Wilmore, finally jabs at Donald Trump, … Continue reading It’s cheese, Gromit!