I was very excited when the new colonization game came out. I remembered the old one fondly, loved the music and wasted much too much time playing it.

When the new one came out I liked the graphics, using the Civilization system seemed to work and the promotion system was an improvement.

However after a few months I find that it just isn’t fun anymore. We played it this week at game night and it was interesting to play for a while, particularly as a competitive game but without that competition it just is dull. I’m very surprised that I’m so bored with it but that’s the way it is.

Give me the old DOS version any day.

As a reward for his Full scholarship and fees package that he got I cleaned out my oldest’s folder at That’s Entertainment today. Looking though the stuff there were several back issues of Doctor Who Magazine. The December issue has the following to say concerning the soon to be replaced 10th doctor:

At the time of going to press on October 30th bookies Paddy Power made Paterson Joseph their 3-1 favorite. With Christmas Special Star David Morrissey close behind at 5-1.

The odds list included John Simm (8-1), Russell Tovey (10-1), Anthony Head (10-1), Harry Lloyd (18-1), John Barrowman (33-1), Marc Warren (33-1), Dean Lennox (50-1), Richard E. Grant (14-1), Hugh Grant (100-1), James Nesbitt (6-1), Robert Carlyle (14-1), Jason Statham (18-1), Aidan Gillen (18-1) , Ben Whishaw (20-1), Julian Walsh (20-1), Nigel Harman (20-1), Bill Nighy (25-1), Stephen Fry (25-1) he would have been pretty good I think, Chiwetel Ejiofor (25-1), David Suchet (33-1), Paul Bettany (33-1) he’s more of a Master type to me, Joel Beckett (40-1), Christopher Villers (66-1) Ricky Gervais (80-1), Vinnie Jones (100-1), Robbie Williams (150-1).

Cripes the return of the 9th doctor Christopher Eccleston was even given 40-1 odds but nobody at all had Matt Smith on their radar.

Those guys much must have made a fortune.

Comedy is hard, particular when your man is in power:

The old ways are dying hard. Colbert went into the vaults, all the way back to 2000, for a Bush/Gore joke. Jon Stewart did a Bush joke, as well. Ferguson set a record for Day 15; going way last century with a Bill Clinton joke (Clinton will lead the investigation into the accidental showing of porn during the Super Bowl). Stewart and Leno did Joe the Plumber jokes, Letterman did a couple Dick Cheney jokes and a Sarah Palin joke.

You can hear the cricket’s chirp about the president but his cabinet has got a few hits:

The tax situation has been a godsend to Late Night writers. Now they can make fun of the administration without having to actually go after Him. Six out of seven hosts (Kimmel abstaining) found humor in the tax problems of Obama appointments. The funniest was Conan, who suggested the stimulus package could be cut by $50 billion if Obama’s cabinet just paid their taxes.

And of course there is Biden the gift that keeps on giving.

I tend to agree between the domestic policy stimulus bill the rest of the world finding us an easy mark there isn’t very much funny going on.

Hey this is what we voted for we have it coming.

verb: derived from the Red Dwarf episode Beyond a Joke where the concept of Lister wanting Ketchup served with his Lobster causes his head to explode as shown here.

1. The state caused when an event is so shocking to the system that it causes the head to spontaneously explode.

2. The act of one’s head exploding over events that can’t be processed.

3. The current state of Obama supporters who might now be realizing that he had less experience and legislative ability than Dan Quayle; by a LOT.

Update: found an embed

At the same time that the federal government is making a dumb move here in Massachusetts Gov Patrick, (David Axelrod’s dry run for President Obama) is doing it as well on a smaller scale:

The good news is that Deval Patrick has been declared “America’s Best Governor” by the state’s taxpayers and small business owners.

The bad news? That state is New Hampshire.

If you own a convenience store, restaurant or packie north of Massachusetts, you’ve got to have a man crush on Patrick. Just months after packing your store with Bay State smokers saving $20 a carton on cigs, Patrick wants higher state taxes on beer, booze, candy bars and soda, too. Not to mention meals and hotel rooms.

Now Massachusetts is a small state physically. No part of it is more than 40 min from the border of another state, and no part of it is more than 90 minutes from New Hampshire.

But lets say you don’t smoke or drink very little as I do. I’m not likely to take a 20 min drive to save 4 bucks on a fill-up. So instead lets make a day of it:

After Mass we’ll stop at Parker’s Maple Barn (they re-open Feb 11th) and have a big breakfast, maybe pick up a Yankee Candle or a hat at the shop there. Once done we can hit a mall and the wife can do some shopping. My boys are into Comics, games and Doctor Who. There are some really good hobby shops in Nashua, we can catch a movie once we are done or in warmer weather play some mini golf and perhaps we’ll even hit a restaurant before filling up the tank and heading home.

Now instead of just the gas station , coffee shop, the local mall, comic store, movie theater and maybe the restaurant have all lost my business. Multiply this by hundreds and it adds up.

Well they never learn?

In looking for the video for Kryten’s head exploding (Ketchup on Lobster! BOOM) for the last post I found this bit of news at the BBC:

Cult comedy Red Dwarf is returning to TV, 21 years after its initial launch.

The show has been resurrected by digital channel Dave for a two-part Easter weekend special, which sees the cast finally return to Earth.

Written and directed by Red Dwarf co-creator Doug Naylor, the new show reunites the line-up, including Coronation Street’s Craig Charles.

The hit show, which ran for eight series on BBC Two between 1988 and 1999, won an International Emmy award.

This show was always very funny and very offbeat. It will be a very fun time. More details here.