Advice About Natural Cure Advice

by baldilocks A repost Here's something many don't know about me: I am a big fan of natural cures. It's recent development--last five years--and it was born of my aversion to prescription medications, of a theory that God has provided all the things in nature needed to maintain good health, and of the desire to … Continue reading Advice About Natural Cure Advice

Add high levels of lead in drinking water to Chicago’s growing list of problems

By John Ruberry Chicago, which is for now America's third-largest city, has suffered a rough 21st century. It is beset by a declining population, a high murder rate, soaring taxes, poorly-rated bonds, and burdensome public employee pension debt. Now you can add lead in tap water to Chicago's problems. Chicago pumps its water from Lake … Continue reading Add high levels of lead in drinking water to Chicago’s growing list of problems

Healthcare in China

Getting to see a doctor in China isn’t easy. After I had a persistent cough, however, I had to see a physician. Almost everyone goes to a hospital to see a doctor. That's the way the system works. What is interesting is how the healthcare system forces Chinese to do something they abhor: standing in … Continue reading Healthcare in China

An Open Letter to the Cheesecake Factory on Behalf of Trump Supporters

Penny:   Here you go, Quesadilla, salad, here's your pizza and thanks to Sheldon's heated discussion with my manager One Barbecue bacon burger barbecue sauce bacon and cheese on the side. Sheldon:  Thank you Penny:   Go Ahead, eat it, I dare you. The Big Bang Theory The Panty Piñata Polarization 2008 Hunt Bromley: I say Mac … Continue reading An Open Letter to the Cheesecake Factory on Behalf of Trump Supporters

Saint Dymphna

Saint Dymphna was an Irish princess born in the seventh century to a pagan king and a Christian mother. She is the Patron Saint of people who are suffering from mental illness and/or emotional stress, nervous disorders, epileptics, victims of incest, runaways, and mental health professionals. I first learned of her from my grandmother, who … Continue reading Saint Dymphna

Platypus, Save Us!

The weird egg laying mammal with a duck's bill on its face may hold the key to the problem of our antibiotics not working well against resistant bacteria and germs. Via Sky News: A breakthrough by Australian scientists has found that the platypus - which is already a unique creature - is also in possession … Continue reading Platypus, Save Us!

Colds and Hot Toddies

Here in New York's Scenic Hudson Valley, we are still digging out from two big Nor'easter storms that we've gotten in the past week. There are huge piles of snow and big broken tree branches all around my property, but my family was thankfully spared from the power outages that hit this area hard and … Continue reading Colds and Hot Toddies

An Act of Love from a Traffic Jam

A lady was sitting in a traffic jam with her dog, Sherman, in the car with her. Sherman, a beautiful 230 pound English Mastiff, is not just a beloved family pet, he is also a therapy dog who visits people in senior communities, home-bound people, and people with other special needs to help to lift … Continue reading An Act of Love from a Traffic Jam

Dog Tales

Life is better with dogs. I should know, since I have a whole family of six of them living with me and my husband, kids, and cats! Here are a few tales of heroic dogs to brighten your weekend... It was 4:30 am when a sleeping couple was awakened by their two dogs recently. The … Continue reading Dog Tales

Report from Louisiana: It’s Flu Season

By:  Pat Austin SHREVEPORT --  Odds are good that either you or someone you know has the flu right now.  According to the latest CDC report, about 9,000 “laboratory-confirmed influenza associated hospitalizations” have been reported during this season’s flu outbreak and at least thirty children have died as a result of the virus this season. … Continue reading Report from Louisiana: It’s Flu Season

Butterfly Rescue!

A woman found a Monarch butterfly who was born with a torn wing and would be unable to fly and live out his little butterfly life, so she decided to try to save him with surgery! Via Sunny Skyz: Romy McCloskey has a good reason to cherish butterflies more than most people. Before her mother … Continue reading Butterfly Rescue!

Illinois’ bubbling soda tax rebellion

By John Ruberry "And it was inevitable that some of these people pushed back..." Ray Bradbury, The Martian Chronicles. Could it be that the deep-blue residents of America's second-most populous county, Cook County--Chicago is the county seat--have had enough? Probably not, at least yet. But serious dissent may be bubbling as the effects of Cook … Continue reading Illinois’ bubbling soda tax rebellion

The battle for life must go well beyond politics

President Obama and many on the left celebrated today as the 100th anniversary of Planned Parenthood. They used catchy hashtags like #100YearsStrong to promote the idea that this "healthcare" company has been a positive force in America for the last century. Meanwhile, seven million babies have been murdered by them. Is that a harsh way … Continue reading The battle for life must go well beyond politics

Good Thing From Government

by baldilocks The benefits of quitting smoking are manifold.  I seem to enjoy sunshine and fresh air—such as it is in Los Angeles—more than ever. I wake up and get started earlier and am happy about it—even with our seemingly dismal political future looming.  As soon as the sun is on the horizon, I want … Continue reading Good Thing From Government

Screwtape Applauds Sr Jane Marie Klein

Everyone who acknowledges me before others I will acknowledge before my heavenly Father. But whoever denies me before others, I will deny before my heavenly Father. Matthew 10:32-33 You know there are very few things more depressing when on a pilgrimage to the grave of a nun who built an organization proclaiming the truth of … Continue reading Screwtape Applauds Sr Jane Marie Klein

Senate Dems: Zero funds for Zika

Zika virus is ravaging in South America. It has been linked to thousands of cases of microcephaly in Brazil, and now it's emerging in Colombia, since, for Zika-infected pregnancies, microcephaly risk may be as high as 13 percent. While the virus is mostly transmitted by mosquitos, a man with Zika can transmit the virus to … Continue reading Senate Dems: Zero funds for Zika


by baldilocks Sometimes you have to separate yourself from the Internet for a few waking hours. I do it regularly in service to and in conversation with my God. But I find that it’s also necessary to do it at home; not just to clean your house, to cook a meal, to finish a novel, … Continue reading Disconnect

Natural Maintenance

by baldilocks Being blessed with great health and energy for almost all of my life, I found it disconcerting when I began to get tired at strange times in the day—like 1PM. The cure? Vitamin C and lots of it. An orange, a half of a grapefruit, the juice of a small lemon and a … Continue reading Natural Maintenance

Flint water crisis shows how the left operates

By John Ruberry The Flint crisis--dangerous levels of lead have been found in its drinking water--is a travesty, but one that the left is using to advance its agenda. Background: Two years ago after telling the the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department in a cost-cutting move that it would stop buying its Lake Huron water … Continue reading Flint water crisis shows how the left operates

Stamping out Oughtism, a HUGE hole in Obamacare

by Steve and Timothy Imholt (mainly Steve, Tim was too angry, as he is an adult with autism and has an autistic son he pays out of pocket to cover.) Do you remember the debate about why Obamacare was going to be so very good or so very evil (depending on who was hogging the … Continue reading Stamping out Oughtism, a HUGE hole in Obamacare