…I don’t know Elena Kagan personally, never met her, never really followed her. I don’t know if she is a lesbian or not and frankly don’t care. It seems to be an “open secret” but I’ve never really gone for “open secret” stuff. If she wants to declare her sexual preference that’s fine, if not that’s fine too. It’s not true one way or another until she says so and either way it’s not my business.

That being said what is really interesting watching Morning Joe this morning is the number of times the words “4th woman” (over and over) vs the number of times “1st lesbian” (never) is being said.

If this is something “everyone knows” the fact that the media won’t and hasn’t said it is very telling. The media has constantly bombarded us with the proposition that Homosexuality in all its forms should be embraced and even celebrated by society. Yet, if this is true, the historic nature of this nomination the “breakthrough” is not being touched. Not even being alluded to.

Why is this the case? In my opinion three reasons:

1. They are convinced that this will hurt them (the administration) in the elections this year. They are already in rough shape and don’t want to make things worse.

2. If it is discussed they want it to come from a conservative outlet so they can cry “bigotry”.

3. Demographics. If you look at Prop 8 the Black community is not on board with the whole Gay Marriage thing. This year there are an unprecedented amount of black conservatives running on the republican side. Cynthia is on the money here. If the black or Latino community move even slightly toward the R column the game will be over for Democrats for generations.

This I think speaks to the hypocrisy of the media more than anything else.

Of course maybe they think she is another Gregg Kravitz.

Presuming she is the nominee I will likely oppose her based on her judicial philosophy (yes I’m going to use the same standard the left uses for us) , however from what I can see there is no question that she is a qualified candidate and philosophy aside certainly can do the job. If she however wants to use foreign or international law as a precedent for ruling then we have a real problem here, but that problem if it exists wont be with who she is sleeping with.

Update: Interesting. I believe the true expression of media bias is not what the media says but what it doesn’t. Take a look at this Media Matters list of “Myths” about Elena Kagan and note what is not said.

Update 2: Legal Insurrection points out another irony.

Update 3: Camp of the saints calls my reasoning fine but doesn’t answer the real question. I know that in the photo at the bottom of his page I’m the guy on the left, which one of the remaining two are him and which is Robert Stacy?

Update 4 Andrew Sullivan and Hot Air address the question Stacy, Cynthia and I have been talking about this morning. Keep track of the relative times. Sullivan is going to be a very important reference at this blog in about 20 days.

Update: Little Miss Attila has the last and the funniest word on the subject:

I’d love to jump into the fray and demand that Elena Kagan disclose any feelings she might have about women as potential life partners, but I’m searching desperately for my gay agenda. I think I may have left it in the closet . . .

That’s a pretty good line.

After his initial speech Jeff Katz talked to me about what got him involved in the tea party movement.

I’m sure Jason Levin thinks this man is dangerous.

…at the Post Party Summit today.

Anita MonCrief at the Post Party Summit

I think we’d better not tell Joan Walsh about Anita being here.. If anyone told her that the attendees of her Voter Registration workshop didn’t express shock, call her Nigger or walk out I think Joan would get the vapors.

Did she ever retract her claim concerning John Lewis? I don’t think so.

(Oh and in case you didn’t know I don’t do this “N-word” nonsense.)

Update: Wrong link updated.

Update 2: Better not tell Charles Blow either.

Just before the break Mika gave the number with all frowns. I think they didn’t expect this number. After the break the spin began.

For god sake guys this is going on even with a bunch of temp census jobs out there and they are all going nuts over it.

C’mon guys help me out here. Justify my faith in you. I know you are MSNBC but C’MON!

Update: The Captain is with them today but notes that as you sow politically so shall you reap:

On the decline, the Obama administration was able to claim lower numbers by using the unemployment rate and avoiding the issue of discouraged workers. They’ll pay for that on the incline as those workers start looking for jobs again. For the next several months, that unemployment rate may hide good news as it hid the bad news last year.

The difference, the media didn’t call the administration on playing with numbers when it favored them. They will certainly back them up now.

…but getting involved in a Navy Seal event was really cool:

The Navy SEAL Warrior Fund began the day at the New York Stock Exchange, where Vice Admiral Joseph Maguire, USN, rang The Opening Bell at the NYSE. VADM Maguire is the deputy director for Strategic Operational Planning at the National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC). Ms. Tracy Tapper, surviving spouse of SOC David Tapper (Killed In Action, Afghanistan, August, 2003) and LT Jason Redman (Wounded In Action, Iraq, September, 2007), accompanied VADM Maguire.

Emotions ran high as dinner hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski of the MSNBC Morning Joe Show emceed the evening events and celebrated the heroes in the audience. Not only did they offer uplifting and inspiring comments about the Navy SEALs and their service to this country, but also offered insights as to the impact the Navy SEAL Warrior Fund has on the families and dependents of Navy SEALs. They both thanked the New York City Police Department Honor Guard for presenting colors prior to the start of the dinner.

One of the reason why I like this crew (Joe, Mike, Barnicle and Willie) is they are the most “normal” of the morning people. They could fit in at any local diner around here.

And the timing is pretty good too because:

A Virginia military jury found a Navy SEAL not guilty Thursday on all charges he punched an Iraqi suspected in the 2004 killings of four U.S. contractors in Fallujah.

“I’m really happy right now,” Matthew McCabe, the Navy SEAL, told Fox News shortly after hearing the outcome of the court martial. “It’s an amazing feeling. I’m on cloud nine right now.”

That makes 3 for 3 acquittals for the seals on this. The administration’s decision to go after these guys was in my opinion disgraceful and political.

Glenn put it best:

They were betting on Navy SEALs wimping out. How smart was that? And now we know to regard future charges with skepticism.

Of course the administration thought so, how many actual Navy Seals or serving soldiers do they actually know outside of formal events?

I’ll bet Joe, Mika and particularly Barnicle could have told them these guys wouldn’t fold.

Of course they did!

Apparently 50% of the public has said they would vote for a generic opponent to this president if the election was held today.

Joe & co are correct it is very early and a lot will depend on what happens over the next couple of years but if they are surprised by this then they just haven’t been paying attention.

His numbers have been poor for his policies for quite some time, they have even said so. The surprise was that his re-election numbers hadn’t tanked earlier.

Somebody has got to hit some of these people with a reality stick. FAST!

Oh and a word to Republicans remember it only took 9 months for the president for the meme to change from realignment to crash and burn.

Update: Believe it or not they actually managed to do worse just an hour later.

If there was ever any doubt that the liberal media plays from the same playbook here here it is.

As Glenn points out :

There was no Duke Lacrosse “sex scandal.” Just a wrongful prosecution — for which the prosecutor was punished — and miserable press behavior, which obviously continues unabated.

You know I should really be more jaded at my age, but this stuff still surprises me.

You know pointing out this stuff is kind of like being Allen Dexter as Parson in Paint Your Wagon:

It must be tough fighting over that same niche market.

Rick Stengel gives this as the solution to promote other energy. Higher energy taxes that will solve everything and this is the time to pass it while the crisis is in play.

Amazingly nobody on the Morning Joe set challenged him on this.

Well once Newsweek is dead and buried (unless Rush buys it and makes it a conservative journal but apparently the post won’t allow it) maybe all twelve readers can head on over to Time Magazine to keep their bottom line healthy.

Hey if MSNBC can survive in a niche market I’m sure Time can too.

I will give Stengel credit for admitting that panic over three mile island set back the Nuclear industry in the US by decades contributing to our problems.

his piece from the globe on the death of Mother Theresa is my favorite column of all time on any subject. It’s not available online but you can get a glimpse of the idea of it here:

Well, I think the past week has been, you know, nearly totally media-driven. I think it’s–we’re crazed by celebrity in this culture, not just here in this country. And much of the coverage of the funeral is certainly media-driven, and much of the attraction to the coverage is because it’s so media-driven. And an odd thing happened today. If you believe in God, or a higher being, it’s almost as if God tapped the news media around the world on the shoulder at about 1 o’clock this afternoon and said, “It’s time to straighten your priorities out. Mother Teresa is dead.”

For five straight days we have been making Princess Diana larger than life. She seems like a very wonderful woman, a nice woman. She was 36 years of age. A woman died in Calcutta today who spent all of her life touching the poor and helping the poor. And I’m going to be interested, and I think many Americans would be interested to see if Peter Jennings and Dan Rather and CNN and Tom Brokaw go to Calcutta.

Now today on Morning Joe it was a pox upon all incumbent houses. Sorry Mike you should know better, it isn’t republican incumbents in trouble. Show me some polls that indicate that? It is democrats who are on the run, if you don’t believe me ask David Olby.

Now Margaret Carlson on the same show is trying to talk about the “two year cycle”, the of course the administration will lose seats line.

You would think the tea parties and this healthcare nonsense never happened. C’mon guys!

And Barnicle you still need to get them to do a show from a diner in Fitchburg.

Update: Bennett is Utah is one I should have thought of.

Interesting take on Morning Joe this morning:

The administration is now taking heat over its slow response to the oil leak. Joe and Mike Barnicle both agreed that BP was working with the government and that their response has been good.

This is in stark contrast to the Boot on the Neck rhetoric of the administration.

The problem is they can’t go after BP without highlighting the administrations response. Watch for more BP “stepping up to the plate” rhetoric on CNN & MSNBC.

With stories coming out about the Obama administration’s cash connections and the head of interior rafting while the gulf leaked the White House would rather have a different tone of stories out there.

Oh and Barnicle is right they have stepped up to the plate but nobody wanted to talk about that before.