The only words that Joe Scarborough & Co seemed to know were “Joe Barton” during their interview with Eric Cantor.

Why Cantor didn’t say to Joe: “I know that the democratic talking points are to try to make the election about Joe Barton rather than Barack Obama, and if that’s the Democrats plan to keep power and win elections then they have very little respect for the intelligence of the American people.”

It’s moment like this why I wonder why I watch the show.

Now that Claire McCaskill is now I wonder if she is going to be grilled or pressed Will they ask about the “Betray Us” vote? The closest thing to a tough question was why are we in Afghanistan from Barnicle.

If this is how even Morning Joe is going to play the game, then I might have to change my opinion on if the GOP should bother going on the show. Why bother when the alternate media is out there?

to this post because he caved pretty fast:

Six days after walking away in a huff, the MSNBC host returned to his spot on the blog on Tuesday morning, with the headline “So, uh, this looks like a nice site.” He began: “OK, I’m back.”

MSNBC has no viewers to spare. So when you appeal to a niche market you belong to that niche, period!

why didn’t you bother to post about Mika’s big revelation?

Because as the Jamie wearing fool points out it isn’t a big revelation.

They have received e-mails and tweets from the White House on Air before as I recall. There is absolutely no secret about it but the fact that she is reading White House talking points (read liberal talking points) verbatim frankly is no different that what the MSM has been doing for years. When Democrats/Liberals have talking points the press has run with them for years. That is no more breaking news than the White House talking points were.

The idea that I’m going to be anymore outraged by it now, particularly since Mika does us the courtesy of not pretending otherwise is laughable.

“The American President told me in confidence that he is a Muslim.” Ahmed Aboul Gheit Egyptian Foreign Minister Jan 2010

I actually take this story from Atlas with a grain of salt, not because I doubt the veracity of Atlas (I trust her implicitly) but because I don’t trust Ahmed Aboul Gheit to tell the truth. I expect them (the Egyptians) to say whatever is to their advantage. She does however raise a much more interesting point:

This is a devastating claim, and yet no media outlet is covering it.

Can someone explain to me how 5 months this was said on Television, not whispered, not a rumor, not in confidence or unattributed, that it takes a US blogger to introduce such a statement to US media? Even to just call it a joke?

If the old media doesn’t want to do it’s job it should get out of the way and let those willing to do the work do it.

He calls out Morning Joe over covering for Obama and isn’t shy about it. You have 3-4 to one going after him, Joe is sitting back, but Mika, Barnicle, Ratigan, and Cramer are all going after him and they aren’t laying a glove on him. In fact Ratigan seems to be conceding points! Money quote from Rudy:

“I know you love him and want to protect him but the people of this country are more important than the president.”

Rudy is the only person who I’ve ever voted for when there was a clear pro life choice as an alternative because he leads.

…but it isn’t the least. He is basically connecting the Militia movement to the Tea Party movement. When asked if he is connecting Scott Brown supporters to the militia movement he bluntly says so.

It is a disgrace, it is just plain propaganda. He wants to paint a particular picture and MSNBC will help him do it for the sake of their political twist. This is simply evil.

Deutsch “questions” if it simply because Barack Obama is black and Matthews demurs. He is smart enough

NOT the confederate flag!
to know that such a charge will cost people he supports votes. He also talks about the Gadsden Flag and what it represents and how it worries him.

It is for this reason why we have women in Boston deciding that the Gadsden flag is a “Confederate” flag and why I got such a reaction from those older Black Women in Georgia. It’s because Chris Matthews and men like him decide to paint a false picture for the few viewers they still have. I didn’t see a Matthews crew at the Twin City Tea Party’s flag day event.

He is a purveyor of bigotry and if he’s not ashamed of himself, its simply because he no longer has that capacity.

…with the left as a whole.

They always manage to associate the words “withdrawal” and “retreat” with “courage”.

Thus they push Bob Herbert Op-ed and again advise surrender and retreat and describe it as courage and bravery.

Tell we should we applying the “If we start with the idea…” rules with the media it tends to work too, doesn’t it?

Tell me As a person who never served if this makes me a “chickhawk”, does this make them “chickendoves”?

But seriously, courage was Bush willing to do the surge when all seemed lost, Courage was John McCain willing to back it when even republicans wanted to run away (it is for that reason why although I support J.D. I’ll always believe the country owes him a huge debt) that was courage.

A few days ago I noted that Andrew Sullivan was making Charles Johnson look like his old self, but now Johnson has managed to grab a little bit of his old mojo back:

The British-based Reuters news agency has been stung for the second time by charges that it edited politically sensitive photos in a way that casts Israel in a bad light. But this time Reuters claims it wasn’t at fault.

The news agency reacted to questions raised by an American blogger who showed that Reuters’ photo service edited out knives and blood traces from pictures taken aboard the activist ship Mavi Marmara during a clash with Israeli commandos last week. Nine people were killed and scores were injured in the clash.

I’m looking at the Memeorandum thread and noticed one common thing few if any mention Johnson.

This isn’t a surprise, I don’t care for Johnson, I don’t like the way he treated my friend Stacy, or Pam or Peg and he has run in my opinion run his site like a cheap dictator, but in the end his position on Israel and his willingness to expose Reuters shows he still has a trace of the old Johnson in him.

Christians in general and Catholics in particular are very much into redemption. I’ve still got a little Pollyanna in me so I’ll include him in my prayers this week. Who knows.

As I woke up this morning I was channel surfing and I stopped on CNN for a moment and they were discussing Helen Thomas and there was something that struck me, beyond the point that if she is function in a job at her age she needs to be held to the standards of the job.

The thought was they couldn’t believe that Helen Thomas really meant what she said about the Jews. They all knew her, she couldn’t actually mean it. She is old etc…etc…etc…

I leave you all this thought:

How many died in the last century because they wouldn’t let themselves believe people actually meant what they said? How many will die this century for the same reason?

If you want to know why people like Pam Geller gets so excited over radical Islam. It’s because she understands this basic truth.

Update: And apparently (via Glenn) some services don’t want any more last thoughts on the matter: