I know for decades the NYT has acted as if communists were simply benign creatures who only have a different view than greedy capitalists. In their minds the west has always oversold the evils contained within.

So imagine my surprise when I saw this article:

Even if we have scant evidence, most foreign journalists have come to assume our phone conversations are monitored. We have learned to remove our cellphone SIM cards when meeting dissidents. At the office, we often reflexively lower our voices when discussing “politically sensitive” topics.

Whenever I see stuff like this I remember a series of Cox & Fordum cartoons where Jimmy Carter would be asking “But Why?” questions and the answer would be “I’m a communist dictator you fool!”

China has long been a source of virus’ and spyware. Anyone who thinks that this is a coincidence is just deluding themselves.

Don’t worry the next time there is a question that doesn’t cover an employee of the NYT I predict that things will be just as they were before, particularly if a republican is in office.

Barnicle line about clunkers and Mercedes when comparing him, Pat and Jonathan to Savannah and Norah is an old fashioned complement that men used to be able to give to women without being considered sexist. I love that kind of thing.

The fact that Jonathan Capeheart & O’Donnell read racism into Gingrich 3 point line says more about them then about Gingrich. Guthrie’s and Barnicle not seeing the same reflects where they came from and how they grew up.

How can you mention Bibi not coming and not mention the administration not granting visas to the two Nuclear scientists?

Update: The Jammie Wearing Fool & Dan Riehl provides video for that great moment in journalism.

I might not be in front of the computer at noontime so lets take a look at the what’s happening on the blogroll:

Ruby Slippers reports on the rubes who actually think that the passage of Obamacare means they will actually get free healthcare:

Evidently not everyone heard that bit of bad news or missed it entirely while cheering the fact 26 year olds will be covered under their parents plan. Perhaps people stopped tuning in after Obama health care speech number 563. If all else fails as an excuse blame the critics for confusing this group of poor souls who just want their free health care and they want it now:

Ironically I just got a letter from our insurance company saying my 19-year-old would soon be dropped from coverage, but can get in as a full time student. Maybe congress didn’t read this bill but the insurance companies sure did.

Peg at What if Has two related posts on the same subject, the first concerns why the Democrats cry “Racist” so easily:

The other day, my good friend Professor Keith Burgess-Jackson pondered why columnists like Frank Rich rail on and on about the racism of Tea Partiers – when nothing could be further from the truth. I added a comment that I thought they did so because they cannot win in the battle of ideas. So – they then resort to slurs and attacks of “racist.”

She links to Roger Simon who uses the Civil War Term “waving the bloody shirt” She then follows up with this item quoting the Washington post:

But by and large, no one I spoke with or I heard from on stage said anything that was approaching racist.

Almost everyone I met was welcoming to this African-American television news producer.

Maybe they can try, “Vote as you marched”, oops sorry the majority of votes for Civil rights were republican ones.

David Pinto at Baseball Musings is following games but also the business of Baseball:

The Yankees are now worth $1.6 billion, keeping them the most valuable franchise. The next closest team is the Boston Red Sox at $870 million. Given that Steinbrenner’s group bought the Yankees for $20 million, he made a pretty good investment. The Yankees do have a high amount of debt, but that’s due to their using the equity in the club to keep improving it, for example, by building a new stadium.

It should be interesting to see what attendance figures are at the end of the year.

Conservatives for Palin is all over yesterday’s Rally and interview with Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann appearance, their focus is media reaction:

Update #2: Andy Barr from Politico affirmatively reports that Palin and Bachmann spoke “[b]efore a predominantly female crowd of more than 11,000 fans.”

Update #3: The St. Paul Pioneer Press effectively confirms the Politico number by reporting that Palin and Bachmann held “a raucous campaign rally of more than 10,000 fans that exceeded the size of many presidential whistle-stops.”…

-Three more local Minnesota newspapers effectively confirm what was reported by Politico and the St. Paul Pioneer Press regarding the attendance at the Palin/Bachmann campaign rally yesterday.

Update: The St. Cloud Times reports a “crowd estimated at more than 10,000.”

I saw it last night, if you didn’t they link to video here. People who don’t think these ladies are going to be a force in the GOP are deluding themselves.

After enduring attacks by Arianna “I get invited to the right parties” Huffington for his failing as Mayor during what was supposed to be a segment about his endorsement of Marco Rubio in Florida.

He pointed out just how far left Barack Obama is and the camera whet to Eugene Robinson of the Washington Post.

A nice split screen came up with Robinson telling us how much to the center the president is, and Rudy was laughing his head off as he says it.

It looked like me when someone says: “There is no such thing as organized Crime.” anywere near me.

Remember Rudy is not a conservative icon, if you can’t convince Rudy on this one, you can’t convince anyone. The TV ad writes itself.

Update: Robert Stacy has video of the Arianna stuff but not the Eugene Robinson stuff.

…they noted it will be the first since the scandal broke.

No mention on the lack of press conferences by the president over the last nine months. Then again both Norah O’Donnell and Chuck Todd defended the president on Chris Matthews show this weekend so it is not much of a surprise.

I wonder if they will hit Bruce Springsteen over his affair. I don’t know how many of Tigers women were married.

…they had a shot.

Then they went after the pope and lost me at once. This pope already stepped up to the plate on this and anyone who has followed the scandals for years would know this. I suspect they still haven’t read the links I provided yet.

The MSM has to remember they are not the only source of information anymore and anyone who is you know actually informed isn’t going to fall for this crap.

Update: Of course they aren’t questioning the NYT because unlike bloggers they have layers of fact checkers.

Update 2: The gullibility of the NYT makes Hot air’s headlines. Will it make the MSM’s anytime soon?

Update 3: And here are some interesting numbers care of POWIP

…it would be necessary to invent him:

By using the word “regime,” Limbaugh was doing something he does all the time: throwing the language of the opposition back in their faces. In the Bush years, we often heard the phrase “Bush regime” from some quarters of the left. So Limbaugh applied it to Obama.

Apparently some people didn’t get it. On MSNBC, Chris Matthews appeared deeply troubled by the word. “I’ve never seen language like this in the American press,”

York document’s Matthews deep distress at the use of the word “regime” and how it so bothered him, then of course finds over 6000 uses during the Bush years including this gem:

Finally — you knew this was coming — on June 14, 2002, Chris Matthews himself introduced a panel discussion about a letter signed by many prominent leftists condemning the Bush administration’s conduct of the war on terror. “Let’s go to the Reverend Al Sharpton,” Matthews said. “Reverend Sharpton, what do you make of this letter and this panoply of the left condemning the Bush regime?”

Oops. Perhaps Joe McCarthy never called the U.S. government a regime, but Chris Matthews did. And a lot of other people did, too. So now we are supposed to believe him when he expresses disgust at Rush Limbaugh doing the same?

the left’s abiding belief that people on the right are so foolish that they don’t know how to do a google, Nexis search nor our ability to see video tape never ceases to amaze me.

The are so used to the concept that they are the gatekeepers that mere mortals like ourselves could not possibly catch them beclowning themselves.

Update: And of course Glenn saw this early this morning, He must type like lightning!

…and the Three Stooges on WSBK.

Moe Larry & Curley win every time, at least the stooges unlike Friedman are only pretending to be fools.

Update: Anna Marie Cox compares Code Pink to the tea parties with a straight face on Reliable Sources, David “I’m the only true conservative” Frum and Craig Crawford of don’t call her on it and of course Howie Kurtz doesn’t either.

It takes a certain amount of ignorance and dishonesty to make this comparision, it is this combination of errors that have caused CNN’s audience…
…and of course they are going to play up the NYT Pope stuff, I’m torn between the desire to just listen to my Tom Bakers and to see if he challenges the Times at all (HA).

Update 2: Well the panel will be the reporter from the times and Sally Quinn! Absolutely no chance of anything truthful here, time for Tom Baker. Enjoy last place CNN.

…the press didn’t have a lot of objections to “blow Jobs“:

The White House is working hard to secure deals that yield fluffy, feel good commentary about the Obama White House. One American White House reporter used colorful terms to describe the arrangement. The reporter said, “They want ‘blow jobs’ first [in the press sense]. Then you have to be on good behavior for a bit or be willing to deal, and then you get access.”

When you sell yourself for a living It just becomes a matter of haggling.

You just knew Robert Stacy was going to have fun with this didn’t you and Ann Althouse and the Mudville Gazette comment, but it is Ed Driscoll who asks the important question:

Considering the near-monolithically favorable coverage that Obama received on the campaign trail from the inside the Beltway crowd, to equally gushing coverage after The One won the gig, how gushing does the hagiography have to get before it qualifies for B.J.-level “journalism” in the White House’s jaundiced eyes?

MSM you have no business complaining, you did this to yourselves.