…that this administration is exactly what they accused the Bush Administration of being?

The groups were protesting don’t ask don’t tell (I’ve given my opinion on it here) but if they haven’t figured out that President Obama used them for suckers then they haven’t figured out anything.

The idea that an administration would close a public park to the public and the press to keep video off the air of a protest is disgraceful and disgusting. As a citizen I am shocked.

More importantly I’m not seeing this reported on Morning Joe today. If the media is not willing to report on this and call it the travesty it is then you’d better send me that $800 a week plus travel because you will need someone who will.

Forgetting the fact that the democratic majority could have repealed Don’t ask don’t tell from 2006 on. How do people justify supporting someone who does this? Do they have so much invested in him that they don’t care call him on it? Or is it like a cult when you have to actually have a personal shock so great that you can be pulled from it?

Via Sissy Willis who was a great addition to my follower list on twitter.

Exit question: If this president is willing to do this publicly what is he doing privately to suppress dissent?

Update: Just a reminder: “Let Him Speak”

Quite a contrast.

Update: Another Instalanche, Glenn is spoiling me, thanks for stopping by. The anchoress was kind enough to point me to a couple of other videos showing how President Bush handled heckling. And one of Bill Clinton too, yet she didn’t link to herself. She deserves a visit just for that. As a matter of fact instead of promoting my blog on this one Let me point you to a few places that you should try. The Lonely conservative, Little Miss Attila, The Camp of the Saints (Particularly if you like cheesecake), The Reaganite Republican, Cynthia Yockey, No Sheeples here (particularly if you like photoshops), Adrienne’s Corner, The American Glob, Barbara Espiinosa, Peg who did a noble deed for my sake, and of course my friend Robert Stacy McCain.

…and Eugene Robinson’s column mentioned is a disgrace as are Joan Walsh’s statements. This “extremist” and “violence” rhetoric by Walsh is a crock.

I’ve had the pleasure to meeting many of these people from all over. These are fine hard working people who believe that government has decided to ignore them. Many of them are also small businessmen who are experienced when it comes to making a payroll and jumping through all the hoops that regulation puts them through.

I challenge her either of them to interview Don Curtis

Here is a man who makes a payroll, provides jobs, and deals with all that the government requires. If you attend a tea party this is the type of fellow you will find over and over again. If the government was made up of people like this we would be in great shape.

If you read this blog at all you know that I consider Byron York one of the finest reporters in the United States. I was very flattered that he gave me a few minutes of his time at the Tea Party Express Rally.

His latest is here.

I was even more flattered that he had heard of me. Very nice guy.

And now a word from the press specifically the Japanese press’ Yushin Sugita:

He is a very nice guy but I had bad luck with him, my initial interview was corrupted and his business card seems to have disappeared.

Back at the hotel after spending the Evening at the Washington Monument rally.

There were a lot of impressive speakers, I managed to score interviews with Breitbart, and even Tucker Carlson (who proved to be a very good sport about the whole $800 a week thing.) Those videos will up over the weekend along with many others as time permits

The feeling of the overflowing crowd was one of unity of purpose, there were a few counter protesters who were quite comically represented their 3 dozen or so as the “other 95%”. Proof positive of the ineffectiveness of their public schools.

Considering how many of these events were repeated all over the country it is going to be very hard to ignore or dismiss.

Any political group that doesn’t take the tea party protests seriously does so at their own risk

on a roll in New Orleans:

A Republican activist and her boyfriend were savagely beaten in New Orleans on Friday for wearing Sarah Palin pins,.

Now the question becomes will the media report on it? I’m sure they will decline, after all they don’t want to seem racist. Since they ignored a black conservative being beaten (Mr. Gladney) they don’t want to have a double standard just because one of the conservative victims this time is an attractive white woman.

Update: Michelle Reports there were no pins involved. Mea Culpa I didn’t make the call that she did.

Let me put it bluntly: If she didn’t come out loudly against Sarah Palin she would not have won this award. Period!

DaTechGuy April 12, 2010 on Kathleen Parker winning the Pulitzer Prize

If Barney Frank was a conservative, Jason Mattera would be celebrating a Pulitzer win today.

Paraphrase of Rush Limbaugh April 13, 2010, Heard by me in the car on the way home today during the first half hour of the show. Since I was not recording I put “paraphrase” in the front in case I got the exact wording wrong.

And Parker is as I tweeted this morning admitting it as well:

I suspect if I changed sides I would have a job in a second.

about this:

Opponents of the fiscally conservative tea party movement say they plan to infiltrate and dismantle the political group by trying to make its members appear to be racist, homophobic and moronic.

Jason Levin, creator of http://www.crashtheteaparty.org, said Monday the group has 65 leaders in major cities across the country who are trying to recruit members to infiltrate tea party events for April 15—tax filing day, when tea party groups across the country are planning to gather and protest high taxes.

The fact that it is reported at all is promising. The question becomes will this become widely reported or even discussed in the MSM. Lets see what happens. I’ll have my camera tomorrow.

…hey it worked for Kathleen Parker.

Kathryn Jean Lopez is very generous:

I know she has been unfair to conservatives — and the truth — at times. But she has also been open to us and it. She has a perch at the Washington Post that she has undeniably used to highlight issues and views that wouldn’t otherwise get attention there.

Let me put it bluntly: If she didn’t come out loudly against Sarah Palin she would not have won this award. Period!

That’s the way it is and the willingness to accept a crumb or two doesn’t change it.

In fairness to Lopez your friends are your friends no matter what their political opinions and she is right to be happy for her.

…and decides to report the Tea Party events as a racistbigothomophobenaziviolent mob, reference this post at Michelle’s and keep it in mind.

MSNBC has already spent a week promoting a special on Tim McVeigh where Maddow is going to try to paint the tea parties with that brush, be ready for more of the same.

As Glenn has said BRING YOUR CAMERAS!

Update: I’m as optimistic that the media will be covering this stuff as the Lonely conservative is about them covering this stuff.