For the first time in many days my kid who has been sleeping on the couch with Pneumonia is in school (the wife is also sleeping in the den). I couldn’t watch Joe without waking people up. So lets have some Joe:

7:28 a.m. Barnicle talks some sense but hey why don’t you count those disappearing electoral votes in NE. By 2020 it won’t matter if the republicans can get us, we will be a fistful of Delawares.

7:35 a.m. They really love that British MP don’t they?

7:38 a.m. Cramer I guess didn’t have much coffee he is very calm.

7:42 a.m. Did he say buy a Miami condum instead of condo?

8:03 a.m. Comparing this to Stockman with Reagan? I seem to Recall Reagan’s stuff worked.

8:08 a.m. The doc is full of it. If one case was deprived then they would make up another one. I’m going on a coffee & donut run for the wife.

8:42 a.m. Cramer keeps saying depression, I think that’s BS.

8:59 a.m. Apparently if a New England Accent says it then attention must be paid.

The American thinker notices something odd, that is unreported:

Rude and shaggy punk rockers who sneer at their president as “a fraud and an a**hole!”, who diss their national icons as “pr*cks” and “murderers!” have recently been arrested for attempting to visit a black civil rights activist who is being tortured in prison for quoting Martin Luther King in public.

And the reaction of the arts community is…

“Should’nt all hip people be outraged by this?..How come I haven’t heard about this in Rolling Stone Magazine, MTV, VH1, Time, Newsweek, Entertainment Weekly, People, Vanity Fair, OK, InTouch, InStyle, ABC, CBS, CNN etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.??

One guess why

It’s very simple. The insulted “president” is named Fidel Castro, the dissed national icon is named Che Guevara, and the black civil rights activist was jailed and tortured for campaigning for civil rights in Cuba for Cubans.

Need I say more?

This is my problem with the left. They will protest the US, they will attack George Bush but they would sooner shoot themselves then dare say a word about Fidel. This is the nasty secret the reason why I don’t respect so many on the left. Their answer to this outrage will be America is worse or its all America’s fault.

The guy who is imprisoned and tortured by Castro, the actual real thing? Can’t touch it. The whole Anti-anti business all over again.

When it all falls then our friends on the left will pretend that they were against it all the time, we were “all” against it. It never fails.

that something is done:

The Vermont Senate voted overwhelmingly Monday to legalize same-sex marriage, potentially setting the stage for a high-profile legislative showdown and breaking a new political barrier in the state that made history in 2000 by becoming the first to approve civil unions for gay and lesbian couples.

If the bill becomes law, Vermont will become the first state to legalize same-sex marriage without being forced to do so by the courts.

The bill, which passed the 30-member chamber by a 26-4 margin, moves to the Vermont House, where it is also expected to be approved. Republican Gov. Jim Douglas, however, has said he doesn’t support the bill.

As you might have guessed I’m not a fan of Gay marriage but if a state’s representatives choose to vote for it and passes it through normal legal procedures then I don’t have a problem. When elected representatives act for the will of the people and if the people don’t like them they can be voted out. If this is what the people of Vermont want then until and unless they change their minds so be it.

…his compatriot Mark Rudd does as Ronald Radosh explains:

After the Columbia strike, when seeking to up the ante, Rudd and his comrades transformed SDS into the group first known as The Weathermen, and later, as The Weather Underground. Unlike his comrade Bill Ayers, who is both unrepentant and who distorts and lies about the Weathermen’s goals and activities, Rudd is reflective and truthful. He does not depict himself, as does Ayers, as someone who was part of the broad peace movement.

Back then, Rudd, Ayers and his wife Bernardine Dohrn favored “the necessity for violence in order to end the war and also to make revolution.” They were fighting “a revolutionary war from within the United States,” Rudd explains. When successful, the Weathermen would then build a new revolutionary army staffed by young defectors from the US armed forces.

To achieve these ends they adopted “armed struggle,” as the only way to achieve their revolutionary goals.

Rudd’s book is Underground My Life with SDS and the Weathermen but don’t worry, Radosh’s review informs us that he still thinks the US is evil and he explicitly states that his Dorn’s and Ayers goal was to kill hundreds of US soldiers and their women at Ft. Dix. So honesty hasn’t changed him as much as it could.

It does however have him a mere 29,433 slots behind Mark Levin today at Amazon.

via Powerline. What’s always bothered me about this stuff is how people are so willing to gloss over Ayers attempts at mass murder and make excuses for it? Would do the same with these fellows? If not why not? Both were terrorists and both used the law and system at the time to avoid murder charges.

It’s the same thing, but its Paul Kengor’s anti-anti-communists gone wild..

…it doesn’t absolve the voter’s responsibility:

Hello, children, you elected this guy. Take some responsibility!

No, don’t go complaining the people did that. You did it. Obama is your man, your hero. You never vetted, never examined him in any depth at all, even though the candidate had hardly any experience other than running for office. (Oh, yes, he was a “community organizer.” So was I, in a sense. You want to elect me?)

He notes the rats jumping ship after only two months

But what we have instead is an orgy of finger-pointing. The four New York Times columnists referenced in the Politico article above are simultaneously ganging up on the man they thought, only eight weeks ago, was a combination of the cat’s meow and the bee’s knees. Nary a word of self criticism in their attacks. No surprise there – and don’t expect it in the future, any more than you will get an honest apologia from Messrs Frank and Dodd over Fannie and Freddie. Just like the politicians, these columnists are men and women (Dowd) who are concerned first and foremost about their jobs and power. They won’t do anything to jeopardize that. They’ve had that power for a long time, thinking it was permanent; but now that they see it might not be, they are holding on to it for dear life. Their jumping off the Obama bandwagon so early is a sign of what deep trouble he is in. And they desperately don’t want to be blamed for it.

But they will be blamed – by us and by other people. They deserve to be. Their day is over.

I have to disagree at this point. If it was even 10 years ago you might be able to make this argument but today we have the internet, and blogs, and fox news and people online who will not only fact check you but will have loud debates over who is saying what. If somebody barfs in bolivia you can’t hide it from the net.

Yet we the people with a vast amount of information at our fingertips. More info than the most powerful kings of yore or of FDR or even Reagan just 30 years ago, choose to watch youtube videos, play pogo or look for hot chicks online, play fantasy baseball or World of Warcraft. Plenty of vetting information not filtered by the press was out there for the people, they either choose to ignore it, discount it or most likely not bother to view it.

The press didn’t do their job in the last election that much is clear but did regular Americans. I can respect a person who knew this stuff but decided either his positions or their agenda was better served by candidate Obama vs candidate McCain, but I have little respect for those who didn’t even bother to check. They had access to all the stuff Roger is talking about but it just wasn’t important enough to check.

Like I always said we get the government we deserve.

Some general thoughts for the last few days.

First when you are sick it is amazing how little the vagaries of the political world matter. When you are lying in bed with fever you don’t care what joke the president cracked or no.

That being said if President Bush had said that…etc etc etc.

Is it just me or it it almost becoming a cliché to say those words “if George Bush had done that”, it’s pretty sad that this is the case only two months into a presidency.

And slate is still doing Bushisms. They just can’t help themselves. Hot Air is answering with their Obamateurism of the day.

I actually thought that the Comedy Central show “That’s my Bush” was actually kinda funny. think it’s safe to say we won’t see a comedy central show called Obama & Mama about a president dealing with his mother-in-law living in the White house. The concept of a mother-in-law comedy in the White house does have possibilities but it would never happen.

This won’t be our first post racial president until we can laugh at him like any other president.

Then again I don’t recall laughing at the president being normal until Nixon. In fact other than Carter and Bush #1 every president from Nixon on has been the butt of public jokes. That is a real change in my mind or maybe I am whitewashing history.

In my opinion Ezra Klein’s attack on Ann Althouse is dishonorable.

It’s hard to remember sometimes that only 4% of president Obama’s first term is done. There is still a lot of time for him to make things work out.

Then again after calling for Imus to be fired for insensitivity his special Olympics joke was really stupid. Not so much the joke which was kinda lame but that the President cracked it. Where was the teleprompter when you need it. Wasting its time blogging!

Of course he could have said it was candlepin bowling. That takes real skill. There has never been a perfect game in Candlepin Bowling.

And can someone tell me how a protest of 25 people at AIG make the top of Yahoo news while 3000 “tea party” protesters don’t warrant a mention?

Bert Blyleven and his Dutch team have done the sport of baseball a great service. All baseball fans should be very grateful…

Unless you are from the Dominican Republic.

This by the way is the first time that a Cuban baseball team didn’t make the semi’s of a tournament in 50 years, I’m heartbroken.

Is it just me or is there just nothing worth going to the movies to see anymore? I haven’t been excited about a movie since the LOTR trilogy.

And I still can’t believe they cut out the death of Saruman from the theatrical release. Buy the extended version instead.

Rich’s comic blog is nearing the end of his Doctor Who strip that has run 210 pages so far since march of 2007. If you are even the least bit of a doctor who fan and you haven’t already checked it out you are missing something wonderful.

I sure hope there will be an actual physical comic, I would very much like to buy it.

I have not checked for Dr. Who Audio’s on ebay now for several weeks, April 12th can’t come fast enough for me.

Eventually the normal business cycle will turn and the country will be back on its feet again. The only question is when it will happen and who will be in a position to take credit for it when it does.

And it would be nice if Catholic Colleges can have pro-life rather than pro abortion speakers at their commencements.

And those quarter sovereigns that I picked up at £47.50 (or 47.10s if you want to go old style) are now selling direct from the royal mint at £67.50 That is a £20 increase in under 3 months. I hope you followed my advice way back when and picked some up.

Oh and they make that Darwin coin in gold too. Price £625.

The Marxists, and Answer are still protesting the war. Gotta do something to keep that bankroll full.

And Gateway Pundit has more pictures from his tour of Spain and Morocco amidst his political blogging. They are really something. Just keep scrolling down.

And finally before I hit the sack and get rested up for tomorrow I want to thank one of my favorite fellows of the left Mike for his good wishes during my illness. If you haven’t figured out that good friends come from left right and center then you spend too much time on the web and are too angry to enjoy real life.

Bryon York proves that his move from National Review hasn’t lost him a step:

the image of Obama as a centrist, pragmatic problem-solver was born. It was an image that would last through the campaign, and through the election, and all the way until Inauguration Day.

But now, after nearly two months of the Obama administration, more and more voters are wondering: Is the Barack Obama they voted for the same Barack Obama who now occupies the Oval Office?

As Glenn says read the whole thing.

One side effect of my unemployment has been rising early so I’ve been able to watch Morning Joe every day.

It is a very enjoyable show, I liveblog it almost every day. Joe and Mika have incredible chemistry and except when Andrea Mitchel who I can’t abide is on the guest just click together, Willie, Pat and even on occasion the Doc just work.

They are not shy about disagreeing with each other and they are principled even when I disagree with them. Mika reminds me of my wife, she is not only a handsome woman but she has her opinions and is not afraid to defend them and I get the sense that she is above all the mother of her children. Joe is the only republican hosting anything on MSNBC.

Because of the very tilted lineup over there this is the one show where a republican can get anything near a fair shake over there. In addition to that democratic pols are actually challenged on things, and because the rest of the lineup is so fawning they feel obliged not to duck them.

Stories that are often totally ignored by all the MSN except for Fox are often touched briefly there. Once Morning Joe touches it other outlets that try to pretend that Fox news isn’t news can be hit over ignoring such stories. In addition their much more conservative radio show goes even farther and is referenced on the show. Conservative opinions that are never heard by many get aired by them.

It is the best chance for conservatives to make their points in the mainstream media and as the Pelosi immigration story proves, if there is no video there is no story.

Oh and today Joe mentioned that Barney Frank won’t come on the show, that says something.