Woke up early and saw everyone fawning about the HBO party and Tom, “your un-American” Hanks. I’m almost getting diabetic listening to it.

6:34 a.m. Spike Lee has come on and once the founding fathers were mentioned Lee started attacking them. For those of you who voted for Barak Obama for the hope of absolution, forget it.

6:38 a.m. At least answering Lee has stopped the sugar. Scarborough makes a great point that kids going to school in say 1st grade will remember Obama as their first president and will not think anything of having a Black President. The importance of this can’t be overstated.

6:40 a.m. The pretense that Obama didn’t run as a black candidate is very funny. His only qualification was that he was a black candidate, but in fairness the media was the one who pushed the “history”.

6:42 a.m. The sight of Pat Buchanan and Spike Lee sitting three chairs from each other and discussing the founding of the county and MLK is something. The shot of it I think would make Charles Johnson’s head explode like Kryten over Ketchup on Lobster.

6:47 a.m. Now Lee is complaining about the lack of black coaches. He must have taken Frederick Douglas’ advice post emancipation, agitate agitate agitate.

Let it not be forgotten today that if it wasn’t for George W Bush and the security he brought to the country the public celebrations of yesterday and today might have been conducted in an atmosphere of fear and cowering rather than celebration. Those who are celebrating have forgotten it, I won’t.

7:02 a.m. Spike Lee says it had to be ordained by God. Apparently when republicans believe this we are fools, if democrats believe this it is celebrated.

7:05 a.m. Barnicle compares the last 8 years to domestic abuse. Oh c’mon!

7:07 a.m. Andrea Mitchell has replaced Pat. Should have mentioned it 4 min ago.

7:10 a.m. Spike Lee leaves saying he is glad to be an American. That’s a great close.

Update: fixed a sentence that had dropped its end.

Today is the last full day of the presidency of George W. Bush. Personally it has been a good 8 years with a few stumps in the road such as my current employment situation but it has been quite a time. I want to say thank you to a good and decent man who did despite the nonsense of people who don’t know better was a fine president.

I want to say that I am grateful for your actions. During the recount mess at the start of your presidency you showed class and restraint. In the most trying of times you have remained steady and have not wavered due to political pressure nor forgotten your primary duty to your country. Even when you have failed such as with the attempts to rein in Fanny and Freddie and reform Social Security your attempts to do what others have failed showed the political courage that you have.

As I would with any other man they’re have been things I have disagreed with. I object to the following

The Steel Tariffs
McCain Feingold
The Bailouts
The Amnesty Bill

These positions that I disagree with. The early steel tariffs was political payback, it can be expected but was not wise. As for the others although i disagree with them all strongly I accept that your support was on principle though I disagree with them strongly.

I thank you strongly for your decisions on Stem Cells, Judges Alito and Roberts, Abortion and Life, Kyoto and drilling. These things particularly on Alito and Roberts will mold the country for years to come.

And most of all for the willingness to stand up and lead, first in the days after September 11th, next the 14th on a pile of rubble

On the speech on the 20th:

Finally in the lead-up to Afghanistan and the long slow advance into Iraq. I remember those days. Not withstanding the lack of memory by many of your foes I recall the long debate, the slow build up and the deliberation. The going to the UN and to the congress. The quick victories and most importantly the long slow slog leading to the surge and final victory. When many even who supported you were willing to lose for political reasons you were not. You promised to remember, you promised to remember your duty even if the country forgot; and you did.

You were steady in the hardest of time. It was a tough time for you and the stress of it shows on your face, but so does your resolve and your faith. You humbly acknowledged the prayers said for you and partook of their strength. Most of all you have kept our country in general and my children in particular safe. For some that is a debt they refuse to acknowledge for myself it is a debt I can never repay.

Thank you so much. May God bless you in your retirement as he has blessed us by your work.

Update: Apparently the Dali Lama likes him too, another Kryten head exploding moment, but for the left this time.

Update 2: Sissy Willis looks at the other side’s thoughts.

Drudge and Michelle Malkin have noticed the Pelosi tough talk about trials:

“I think you look at each item and see what is a violation of the law and do we even have a right to ignore it,” the California Democrat said. “And other things that are maybe time that is spent better looking to the future rather than to the past.”

Rep. John Conyers, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, announced Friday he wants to set up a commission to look into whether the Bush administration broke the law by taking the nation to war against Iraq and instituting aggressive anti-terror initiatives. The Michigan Democrat called for an “independent criminal probe into whether any laws were broken in connection with these activities.”

Patterico suggests a preemptive move:

Pardon anyone and everyone in your Administration who participated in wiretapping, interrogations, detentions, and related efforts. Don’t depend on the vague, indecisive words of Barack Obama and his surrogates. Just as you depended on them, the people who helped you combat terrorism are depending on you.

I disagree. Not only is it a bad idea but it is a politically foolish idea. The democrats are all talk and smoke on this subject. They will try to go though some motions to mollify their guys but there is no way at all they will pursue this. It is a high risk move at a time or crisis with the only upside being among fanatics.

My explanation is here, my money quotes:

You can take this to the bank: Any successful attack on American soil during an Obama administration is going to be wholly owned by not only that administration but the Democratic party…

…Any kind of trials will be drawn out affairs and would likely be still going on during a successful attack. How much worse will it be for those who failed to protect the country if those who succeeded in protecting the nation are on trial during their failure?

It was my opinion at the time that the President would offer the pardons as he cares not what the press think. From what I’ve seen about the way the press and the news has been treating not only the incoming president but the outgoing crew even in his last days, I think the smirk is going to win. He is savvy enough to know what this would do to the Democrats they will be forced to either engage their far left base or take the risk I said above. These people won’t do it and it they did it would destroy them. It will be his final victory against them.

Not necessary. Not gonna happen.

Update: Talkleft gives a reasonable view on this from the left.

Was at Circuit City yesterday. The store was packed. The discounts however was unimpressive expect for the 30% off cables that unfortunately I don’t need.

In my disappointment in seeing that I could do better online for everything I might need I looked at the various associates working. Every single person there will be out of a job within 2 months without exception. They must be worrying their buts off and yet there they were dealing with people in a hurry to take advantage of their situation.

Multiply that by every US store. It must be awful!

These people could use your prayers. For Catholics you can dedicate a decade of the rosary to them (i’d suggest the Visitation or perhaps the Carrying of the Cross) if your not Catholic pick an approprate prayer. I’m sure they’ll take it.

At least they aren’t going through hell like Gloria Reuben.

One of the things that I think is going to be quite a shock for the left in a couple of days is the lack of change in their lives with the departure of the US led by George W. Bush or as they would put it “hell“:

It’s a once-in-a-lifetime situation. The last eight years have been such hell.

Lets take a look at IMDB to see what kind of Hell the 44 year old Gloria Reuben has gone though since 2001: Continue reading “What now?”

Well Israel has declared a unilateral cease fire:

In accordance with the cabinet’s decision to accept the Egyptian proposal and the announcement of a unilateral ceasefire in the Gaza Strip, the IDF is currently taking the necessary measures to implement the decision.

The cabinet’s decision was made after the IDF achieved the objectives it set for Operation Cast Lead, chiefly dealing the Hamas terror organization a heavy blow to its infrastructure, weaponry stockpiles, rocket launching program and its terror operatives.

As the decision goes into effect, the commander of the operation, GOC Southern Command Maj. Gen. Yoav Galant, will order the redeployment of IDF forces within the Gaza Strip in accordance with security assessments. Furthermore, the forces will be briefed on the specifics of the ceasefire rules of engagement.

The IDF emphasizes that its forces will respond to any attack against Israeli civilians and IDF soldiers, and that any such attack will be met with a harsh response. The IDF stresses that the current Home Front Command safety instructions to residents of southern Israel remain in effect in light of the possibility that the rocket fire will continue as Hamas cynically seeks to “have the last word.”

And Hamas has its answer:

“We the Palestinian resistance factions declare a cease-fire from our side in Gaza and we confirm our stance that the enemy’s troops must withdraw from Gaza within a week,” said Damascus-based Hamas official Moussa Abu Marzouk.

Ayman Taha, a Hamas official in Cairo for talks with Egypt on a truce deal,
demanded that Israel open all of Gaza’sw border crossings to allow in food and other goods to meet the “basic needs for our people.”

Hamas still seems to have fired 8 rockets at Israel since their cease fire, but I suppose it depends on the meaning of the words “cease” and “fire”. Deutsche Weld says 18.

The Muqata and israellycool are going to continue to liveblog just to play it safe.

Public opinion in Israel doesn’t like it they seem to want the job finished, and it looks like from this post at the Muqata this will likely have to be done again:

12:19 PM Ashdod Port: Customs seized shipment of humanitarian aid to Gaza, found to be full of weapons, and warfare related electronics.

It is now up to the Palestinians are they going to stop the rockets or are they going to go through all of this again. That is when we will know if the war is actually over or not. It also remains to be seen if Israel is going to be willing to go back in during an Obama administration.

It may have already happened, but if it hasn’t yet I predict that someone will credit Obama with the cease fire, it will be the Obama effect as the world suddenly becomes wonderful.

The Circuit City failure is going to be very painful for an awful lot of people. Tens of thousands out of work. Thousands of their suppliers and auxiliary companies hit hard.

Their competitors who survive will take a short term hit as well as people flock to get discounted deals.

If you are one of those people doing just that REMEMBER fill out those warranty cards with the manufacturer and/or hit their web sites to register. You won’t have someplace to return stuff so protect your investment as best as you can.

And remember if you do have a computer tech problem, DaTechGuy can support you from anywhere in the world as long as you have a high speed connection.

Update: Full details of terms etc are available at the Circuit City Website.

The Wall Street Journal’s review of the the Nation’s magazine The Nation’s guide to the Nation delivers some comedy that I suspect the book doesn’t intend. But there is one part of the review that hits a particular nail on the head:

The Nation guide recommends a bookstore in Madison, Wis., by saying: “George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld do not want you to shop at Rainbow Bookstore Cooperative.” Yeah, remember that clerk, Dylan, the guy who was named Rainbow employee of the month last June? He’s in Gitmo now.

Gird Yourself for Exciting Yet Imaginary Battles!
As far as The Nation is concerned, just about every progressive bookstore, musician, theater troupe and mime is committed to fighting the stranglehold of censorship. Except, well, they don’t actually get censored, so it’s like they’re committed to fighting the stranglehold of Klingons.

That line encompasses everything about the left and oppression these days. Over and over they talk about speaking truth to power and how there were censored by the Bush administration except that they don’t challenge any power that might actually strike back. Those days a long gone. Maybe they are referring to the violence inherent in the system.

“committed to fighting the stranglehold of Klingons.” Marvelous!

On the drive home from Anna Maria college my son mentioned that he never liked Tom Hanks. I defended him as an actor and as a producer.

However it looks like the kid might have had a point, as he is channeling Richard Cohen with this brilliant bit of insight. The Other McCain gives an opinion that sounds familiar:

With the sole exception of Massachusetts, we are all living under tyrannical un-American oppression. And we never even realized it until Tom Hanks told us so.

How wonderful it must be to have such enlightenment.

It hits me that is this isn’t some kind of hoax that 3.7 million put into a series of 13 bank accounts at 3% will earn $111,000 annually.

Even if taxes eat up say 30% that’s still 2.59 mil at 3% That still $77,700 a year. One person can live a comfortable life off that easy.

This likely means that if the bidding goes no higher then Ms Dylin will never have to work for the rest of her life depending on the lifestyle she chooses.

Of course if this does happen then it will be emulated and the going price would likely shrink. So we will see if this becomes a growth industry.

This is a funny suggestion but a waste of funds:

Is she promising to have sex with the highest bidder, or is she promising to let that person “take her virginity”?

If it’s the latter, some enterprising abstinence group should buy the option and then refuse to exercise it. I bet that’d make for a fun contract dispute after she figured out what happened.

That would sell tickets at Court TV.