DaTechGuy Jan 24th:

here is what I think the government should do outside of the normal functions of controlling the money supply and interest rates:

Do nothing.

That’s it, no stimulus, no bailouts, no directed loans. Let the business cycle work itself out.

The Politico Jan 28th:

In fact, government stimulus plans have a long history of failure. Remember last February’s $168 billion economic stimulus package? President Bush called it “a booster shot for our economy” and promised that it was large enough to have an effect. It wasn’t, and it didn’t work.

This time around, the Do-Nothing Crowd argues that the new spending — which dwarfs last year’s effort — is probably insufficient and definitely unwise. It is largely an economic argument. But there is also a cultural dimension. Many of the Do-Nothings argue that a painful recession is the best way to destroy America’s runaway culture of irresponsibility and debt. Economic turmoil, after all, has a way of grounding Americans.

Via Glenn who makes this statement of fact:

when it’s prudence vs. pork, prudence usually comes in a poor second.

I’d say when it prudence vs. almost anything it comes in a poor second.

Barak Obama yesterday in his interview:

he hoped for a restoration of “the same respect and partnership that America had with the Muslim world as recently as 20 or 30 years ago.”

Us Muslim relations 30 years ago:


News from Iran today:

Iran will have enough enriched uranium to make a single nuclear weapon later this year, the prestigious International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) predicts…

Yup looks like Obama will get his wish. BIG Jimmy Carter vote for this one Carter 6 Arthur 2

If this is the real thing then a lot of people are going to go nuts.

The press however will be delighted because there will be a large visible republican politician who they can spend all their time hating. If people fail to support Obama she can be blamed and McCain and his people can blame her for the lack of bi-partisan behavior. The rise of SarahPAC may make my prediction concerning the turning of the media impossible. Lack of transcripts or no.

It sure won’t be boring.

UPDATE: Hot Air readers like the idea.

Update II: If you don’t get the Kryten reference watch this.

Update 3:
Allahpundit confirms it.

Yesterday I visited old Alfred who just came back from the hospital. I’d never been in his house before but saw him there daily as its next door to the Catholic grammar school that my boys, I and all my family went to since 55. He’s been in that house since the 40’s

The steps were solid stone 3′ x 2′ x 1′ The door was the old green door of my grandmother’s house, even the same type of paint. The chairs and tables were the same thing I used to see in her house. The stove had to be at least 70 years old and I think I’m underestimating it.

Alfred is 96 years old (will be 97 this year), he grew up on the street as my mother who he still calls “kid” (she will be 85 this year) We talked for a while and he talked about how as a kid he worked like a dog from sunrise to sunset, feeding the chickens, milking the cows, doing chores constantly.

He comes to mind today when I saw the doctor on Morning Joe complain about McDonalds, soda etc etc etc. She was stating how we should eat better, exercise more and get rid of the electronics, no TV no Computer yada yada yada…

She is correct about the health benefits and all that but the thing that really jars me is her objection to cheap plentiful food.

Any study of human history will show you that until the 20th century the specter of starvation and struggling to be able to feed a family was the norm of human existence. Anyone who lived through the depression knew how had it was to feed a family. Alfred’s his father and his family didn’t work like dogs because they wanted to, they did because they had to.

In a large chunk of the world the problem still remains and tens of millions face the scourge of hunger, not US food stamp hunger but African, Asian and South American no food to eat no clean water hunger. In human history that was and for a huge chunk of the world it still IS the NORM.

Thank God for a place where a person can eat and be full for less than the price of one hour of labor of the lowest paid person. You can make fun of McDonalds BK and the rest you can critique Chinese buffets, processed foods, genetically modified food etc etc etc, but these have helped to reverse the equation of human history and misery.

Dinesh D’Souza asked this question of an acquaintance of his “Why are you so eager to come to America?” He replied, “I really want to live in a country where the poor people are fat.”

We will all die of something someday but thanks to this modern world if you are in the US it won’t be of hunger. If one of our biggest problems is too much to eat they we should be damn grateful.

8:01 a.m. Mika sounds rather disingenuous complaining how Blago is using the media to make money and playing the media just before what was a 12 min segment to open the 8:00 hour totally on him.

8:08 a.m. Barnicle makes a great point; if Fitz waited then the seat would have been sold and you would have had by definition a corrupt person in the senate.

8:10 a.m Eugene Robinson “I’m a columnist do I want him to go away?” His answer is no.

Including commercials that means that likely 25% of the 8:00 hour was spent on blago. She could have “torn up” the story there is a precedent for that on the show.

8:18 a.m. Ron Paul is on the air preaching 3 things letting the markets work, and keeping the government bailouts away. Cutting spending and Taxes. Isolation. If you could divorce the final message from the others he would make a lot of sense.

8:38 a.m. How DARE McDonalds provide a meal at a low price when people are hurting financially and still make a profit.

8:40 a.m. Isn’t it a bit disingenuous to be on television telling people to shut off the TV and put away the computer when the show is offered on the Blackberry and as a podcast and on the web and with YouTube clips etc etc etc.

8:42 a.m. Hey tell you what lets eliminate electricity all together get back to a farming economy lose all that technology has given us and just break our backs to feed ourselves like the good old days. We will work like dogs and not have any time to do anything and do it 7 days but when we die from exhaustion we’ll look great!

8:58 a.m. Barnicle is wrong Paul did have an answer. He just didn’t like it. His answer was let the market work. They just didn’t like the answer.

Going over the press’ feeding frenzy over the Pope’s decision some things struck me:

If Williamson had been an Iman the press coverage of him would either be non-existent or be considered a hate crime in Canada, Sweden and Holland. It would be really nice if just once the antisemitism in Islam got a tiny bit of attention.

Have you noticed that on any given week you can find a story that starts with “Pope’s decision/action on” and ends with “criticized”. You can bank on this with the media. In fact You can see the same thing with “Israel decision/action on” “criticized” the same way with the same media. All the “beautiful” people seem to hate both. Then again the pope is unlikely to cut off anyone’s head, nor is Israel. (This comes under my “indirect proofs” theory concerning God and Catholicism).

Other than Charles Johnson I haven’t seen anyone mention the truther/Kennedy conspiracy stuff in reports. These are things that the media doesn’t want to touch for some reason.

And speaking of this stuff have you ever noticed that people never seem to believe in only one conspiracy? On occasion they might be short one but they never believe in only one. Sort of like a Lays commercial.

You know just once in one of those dramas where the lone cop is cautioned by their higher ups about being wrong or the doctor who defies all convention over an odd diagnosis or the investigator who is so convinced that that guy is innocent if they were actually wrong once on the screen itself and then have them deal with that over and over during the rest of the season.

Everyone knows that they are wrong sometimes, but they never know it at the actual time they are wrong.

There is no darker time then the time between the last game of the World Series and the begining of spring training.

Once you reach a particular age a rather large percentage of your social calendar is spent at funerals.

And you know you are getting old when your regular doctor is younger than you. Once that happens its very rare that it changes.

Speaking of Chips once Cape Cod Chips came out suddenly everybody had kettle cooked chips for sale, that’s how you know your product is good.

How do you know times are bad? The wonder bread thrift store. The guy who runs it tells me his business is up 40%.

How many of studies that we hear about on the news actually pan out? Someone should do a study on it.

100 years from now people will still be laughing at the three stooges.

There is nothing that brings inner peace more than sitting in a room with your spouse, even if you aren’t doing or watching the same thing. I don’t know how widows or widower’s handle it.

Do you remember what you did with your time 20 years ago when you didn’t have a PC or internet to play with? It’s almost like that time didn’t happen isn’t it?

I still have high hopes that I will be able to make it to 50 without a cell phone, if I can make it to 60 without one it would be even cooler.

And finally I noticed this on election day. If you spend 8 hours watchhing traffic you will be shocked at how many accidents don’t happen.

Nordlinger’s column and the new Blame Bush catagory has prompted me to promote this from comments:

As far as the press goes I actually think that there is a chance that the worm might turn on this one. This president has already made it clear that he is above the press by his actions. It is as if he is royalty and bestowing his favors on his faithful subjects. I can’t believe that the members of the press are going to be willing to take this treatment for long. Oh they will keep their mouth’s shut for a while. Their resentment will be whispered and building, but it will take only one prominent reporter on the left to say it aloud and it will come pouring out. I actually have an opinion as to which two reporters/opinion journalists will do it. But I’m keeping that to myself for now.

It will be hard for the press to re-direct their anger to conservatives when we have so little power. Of course as we get nearer to an election their dislike of us may override their abuse, just like the fear of being alone will sometimes keep an abused woman with a violent husband. I think it can’t last for the full four years but it might make it through two. I could be wrong of course. We will see.

The whitehouse will use the Blame Bush stratagem to deflect this when it comes but I think it will come.

Haven’t talked about Jay Nordlinger lately. In his Impromptus column today he as always makes great point but has two in particular that need to be quoted at once:

“Don’t listen to Rush Limbaugh,” say the Obamas and the Powells and some other people. They are giving “free advice” to the Republicans. Well, since when has the GOP listened to Rush? If it did, we would not have nominated Senator McCain last year (for all his virtues, which are considerable). Moreover, Rush did not ask for many of the policies of the Bush administration, particularly in the domestic realm.

Rush says what he regards as true, political consequences be damned. He is not a party strategist, or a party anything. He’s a man with opinions, and they are sound, and that’s why so many people are drawn to him, and them.

Keep it up, Rush—and stay “in their heads.”

The second touches on something I wrote:

The question was raised in our office late last week, “How long will the Obama administration be able to blame George Bush for every problem under the sun?” And the answer is, Indefinitely—because the media will permit it, and abet it: participate in it (given that so many in the media share the worldview and attitudes and style of the new administration).

Is that too dark and cynical a view? Well, I hope so. Maybe we should revisit this subject at regular intervals.

I think that’s a great idea, I’m going to create a Blame Bush Category to cover that from this point on.

…because we don’t have to rely on talking heads and the government to know what’s in the stimulus bill. We can just check online at

Not only can we read the bill but we can search it to find particular things that are hidden within it.

This means we have no excuse for ignorance and puts the blame for inaction on our part squarely on us.

Peter Robinson notes something:

Although I thought I’d already grown numb to the statistics, this one very nearly brought a fresh tear to my eye: In its present form, the bill, which contemplates spending about $825 billion, runs to 940 pages. That comes to about $877 million per page.

Hey we’re paying for this bill.