Howard Kurtz today talks about Mika Brzezinski and her gigs on both Morning Joe and the New Radio program that I haven’t listened to yet.

“I’ve been in a box as a journalist for 20 years,” she says. “That is a very safe and lazy place to be. You can hide behind objectivity. It is much harder to put yourself out there.”

Brzezinski’s comeback occupies the eroding line between news and commentary, but it reflects more than that. In a fickle culture that swoons over celebrities and spits them out, media people can be hot and then, suddenly, not –particularly women who reach a certain age and are supplanted by younger rivals.

The fact that she puts is not shy about her opinions out there makes me trust her on a subject more than any other liberal who pretends otherwise.

A lot of things on the mind again so we are just going to have to steal the style of Jay Nordlinger’s Impromptus column and say a few things;

And since I’m stealing his style may I say that you should read his column regularly and consider buying his book right off the top.

The last time I did this I wrote the following:

The day the New York Times can call itself the Instapundit of Newspapers is the day its stock will not be tanking its building will not need to be mortgaged and will be worth reading again.

Gateway pundit who I read regularly and you should too, hit the New York Times over this front page story that was frankly; a bunch of nonsense. He makes a very obvious point:

Obviously, if Democrats really believed that Republicans were responsible for the housing crisis we would be seeing mock show trial after mock show trial in front of the various Congressional committees. We are not seeing that today.

You can tell what is reality by what people actually do vs what they say every time.

A little more on the New York Times; you know there is nothing wrong with serving a niche market as long as you can make a profit doing it. The New York Times and a good chunk of the media in general is writing for a niche liberal east coast market and is tanking in value. If you can be happy being #2 or #3 and still make a buck all well and good (Read MSNBC) but if you are losing your shirt you can be doing this?

And is it just me or do liberals seem to forget the existence of YouTube and video tape? From the same Gateway pundit link above we see members of congress with a D by their side defending Fannie Mae. Then we see the media and those same congressmen pretending it didn’t happen. Have they forgotten a computer is now an appliance? People can see this stuff.

You know when I was working I had the 1 to midnight shift. Since my wife is a light sleeper and always had trouble getting back to sleep I would crash on the couch and moan when my early rising family would wake me up. Now that I’m not working I’m sleeping in my bed much more. My wife and kids have no school and I’m still waking up before 6. The only good side of it is Morning Joe.

Speaking of Morning Joe, it is the best show on MSNBC and not just because Mika Brzezinski is one of the most handsome women on television but the chemistry between her and Joe Scarborough is fantastic. It really seems that the people on this show genuinely like each other and are not afraid to disagree without being disagreeable. Watching them talk is like watching my friends talk with me, we come from all over the political and religious spectrum and we are friends and always will be.

Don’t forget that it was Morning Joe that grilled Axelrod when nobody else would.

Plus Mike Barnicle is from my home town.

However the hardest thing about watching the show is the ads for Rachel Maddow and Countdown, even the promos are over the top in their worship of liberalism and demonetization of conservatives.

Whenever I see Harold Ford Jr. on Morning Joe I think of Satchel Paige THE greatest pitcher of all time. Page resented that Jackie Robinson made the majors before him with his long record of accomplishment. I look at president elect Obama and Ford and think the same thing.

Then again we all know what Jackie Robinson did, maybe the president elect will do the same. But remember that Jackie won his world series ring in 1955. Satchel won his 7 years ahead of him.

Do you know who got the last hit against Paige? Carl Yaztrzemski in 1965. 1965! It was the only hit he gave up in three innings work, at the age of 59. And that’s assuming his listed birth date is correct.

Of course the Red Sox were one of the worst teams in baseball that year too. They lost 100 games and finished 9th in a 10 team league. Rico Petrocelli and Jim Lonborg were rookies and Tony Conigliaro was only in his 2nd year. They were two years away from greatness. They were also still the most lily white team in the league. Earl Wilson the great slugging pitcher was about it.

These days the Sox are perennial contenders with two world series under their belt and look like the UN by comparison.

It’s quite a thing to be a Boston fan of any sport this year. The Sox just missed the series this year, the Pats are 10-5 WITHOUT Tom Brady, the Celtics are the World Champs and have won 18 straight. and the Bruins are in First place. I don’ t know how long this can last but you’ve gotta love it if you are in Boston.

It almost makes up for the two feet of snow in my front yard, there is no place to put the snow and it isn’t even winter yet. And we have another storm due this week.

Did I just hear people comparing Sarah Palin to Caroline Kennedy and saying the comparison is unfair on Morning Joe and in print? Yes I did but they have it backwards. Gov Palin has actually run a city and a state. Caroline Kennedy hasn’t. Kennedy is so much less qualified that Palin that it isn’t funny.

Of course the newly popular Kathleen Parker makes that point in her column today too, but can’t do it without kicking Palin:

Palin’s demonstrated lack of basic knowledge, her intellectual incuriosity, her inability to articulate ideas or even simple thoughts all combined to create an impression of not-quite-there.

Few doubt that Palin is here to stay. She is the GOP’s chosen closer, as demonstrated in Georgia when she roused the crowds to help re-elect Sen. Saxby Chambliss. What she possesses by immeasurable orders of magnitude – personal power, presence, pizazz – one can’t purchase. The rest – theoretically – she can learn.

Kennedy, a relatively erudite person who has authored several books, may have the political clout to get herself a Senate seat, but it isn’t clear that she has the people power needed to sustain her. The electorate eventually will sort out the differences that matter.

In the meantime, a Sen. Caroline Kennedy would not be a nuclear-enabled leader of the free world, whereas a Vice President Sarah Palin might have been.

Gotta love the theoretically it sounds like Admiral John Jervis Lord St. Vincent in 1804 describing the threat of a French Invasion.

‘I do not say the French can’t come, I only say they can’t come by sea.’

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, God they must hate her!

Been reading about Jervis in The Line Upon the Wind the Great War at sea 1893-1815. Once I finish it I’ll link to the Amazon review but there is one thing worth mentioning up front.

I’ve read a lot of naval histories, this is the first one describing the Chesapeake Leopard incident from the British side of the coin and it seems to give justification for the act, although saying the cost was high in terms of international relations. It also repeats the nonsense suggestion of the Admiralty at the time that US frigates such as the USS Constitution was in fact more of a Ship of the Line than a frigate. 200+ year old biases die hard.

And if you’ve never visited the USS Constitution in Charleston Mass do so.

Some more recient biases include everyone’s favorite game “Name That Party!

How bad is the bias? It’s gotten so bad that yesterday when my totally non-political wife was reading the paper I pointed to this AP story and asked what was wrong with it. She took one look and said they must not mention he was a democrat.

She wouldn’t know the AG of Ohio from a hole in the ground. If my wife is figuring this out then the cat is out of the bag.

A little religion, did you see this:

He may not be a Catholic but it is the best description of Sin and the fight against it i’ve ever heard.

Played BANG, the wild west card game with my gaming crowd last Thursday I’m very surprised that the expansions are available at Amazon but the game is not.

And the Talisman game we played after it was the best I’ve ever seen, 4 people made it to the crown and the fate markers really add to the game even if I was turned into a frog. It was the most exciting single game that I’ve played in 30 years.

And if you are interested in all things Talisman check here.

Well I’ve been typing this for almost two hours and I haven’t even talked about battery cars and the coal that will be needed to power them. I’ll finish with this totally unrelated stat and thought.

Just before the storm this blog was being found, my hits were up by a factor of 3-5 and it looked like it was growing. The loss of power slaughtered my stats and they haven’t recovered, it is quite annoying but if that is the worst problem that I have (particularly with people on my street STILL without power then I’m a real lucky guy.)

And only three days to the Doctor Who Christmas Special The next Doctor; Huzzah!

Powerline reports on riots in Sweden by “Youths” but if you dig a little you find out that you might be able to categorize them a bit narrower:

She said the trouble was linked to the closure of an Islamic centre. The owner of the building, in an immigrant neighbourhood, had decided not to renew the centre’s lease. The centre, which included a mosque, had to move out.

Mark Stein is shocked shocked that it might be an area dominated by Muslims.

Let’s take a wild guess here. Would the “Swedish city” happen to be “Malmo”? Why, amazingly, yes:

Dozens of youths have rioted in the southern Swedish city of Malmo for a second consecutive night, setting cars on fire and clashing with police.

While we’re on a roll, would it happen to be the part of Malmo known as “Rosengard”? Why, right again!

People stand near a burning barricades on the main road in the immigrant-dominated suburb of Rosengard…

“Immigrant-dominated”, eh? Is that a way of saying it’s the most heavily Muslim neighborhood of Sweden’s most Muslim city? Ah, well, let’s not go that far. All the BBC is prepared to say is that the otherwise non-specific youths’ riotous activities were “linked to the closure of an Islamic centre”.

Down under, I got into a little spat with a rather dour lady leftie on Australian radio who disputed my characterization of Malmo, and in particular my claim that ambulances would no longer respond to emergency calls in certain youthful neighborhoods without a police escort. I offered to buy her lunch in Rosengard and show her the town so she could judge for herself, but she declined to take me up on the offer.

You know one can deny reality for only so long before it bites you, or in this case torches your city.

Update: This must be a coincidence too.

In his New York Times column today Nick Kristof talks about Arthur C. Brooks book Who really Cares. The book contends that by all measures that conservatives tend to be more charitable with their money than liberals.

Arthur Brooks, the author of a book on donors to charity, “Who Really Cares,” cites data that households headed by conservatives give 30 percent more to charity than households headed by liberals. A study by Google found an even greater disproportion: average annual contributions reported by conservatives were almost double those of liberals.

A lot of this has to do with religion. Brooks study concludes religious Americans tend to be more generous than secular ones. There is one question that I would have on the subject myself. What is the source of the data?

As I haven’t read the book I can’t say but I know for myself I never claim any of my charitable deductions on my taxes even though I itemize my taxes. If I’m giving I’m giving I don’t need a tax break to do it. I don’t know how many other people think this way.

That’s why I always wince when people use tax returns to say “Oh this guy is stingy.” unless we know if they are claiming their gifts we don’t know.

In the end looking at what other people do is just fuel for pride. If you want to give; give. Don’t worry about what other people are doing.

Three years ago a complaint was launched by the aptly misnamed Canadian Human Rights Tribunal against a Christian pastor named Stephen Boission for a letter to the editor speaking against homosexuality.

The tribunal ruled against him:

the Alberta Human Rights Commission ordered Alberta pastor Stephen Boissoin to desist from expressing his views on homosexuality in any sort of public forum. He was also commanded to pay damages equivalent to $7,000 as a result of the tribunal’s November decision to side with complainant and homosexual activist Dr. Darren Lund. The tribunal has also called for Boissoin to personally apologize to Lund via a public statement in the local newspaper.

Whatever one’s view of homosexuality this sure seems like the stifling of free speech. At the time I wondered how Canada would react if he had been a Muslim iman rather than a Christian preacher, well we don’t have to wonder any longer. as the national post explains:

In April, a Quebec blogger named Marc Lebuis brought a complaint to the commission over a book published on the Internet by a Montreal-based fundamentalist Muslim, Abou Hammad Sulaiman al-Hayiti. Lebuis claimed that the book exposed gays, Jews, non-Muslims generally and other identifiable groups to “hatred or contempt” under the plain meaning of Section 13 of the act.

Mr. Lebuis’ purpose, he admits, was to “test the objectivity of the commission” in light of commission rulings against Christians for publishing equally or less strident language.

Considering the Boission case this should have been a slam dunk, guess again:

CHRC officials told Lebuis that they would not proceed with an investigation of his complaint. They argued that Mr. al-Hayiti was free to say whatever he liked against “infidels,” and particularly non-Muslim women (what with their disturbingly wanton habits of dress and behaviour!) because they do not constitute an “identifiable group.” As for Mr. al-Hayiti’s imprecations against groups established as “identifiable,” like gays and Jews, the commission reported vaguely that these “do not seem” to meet the criteria for promoting hatred.

Well in that case Mr. al-Hayiti must not have said anything strident right?

Allah, Mr. al-Hayiti warns, has taught that “If the Jews, Christians, and [Zoroastrians] refuse to answer the call of Islam, and will not pay the jizyah [tax], then it is obligatory for Muslims to fight them if they are able.” Christianity, in particular, is denounced as a “religion of lies,” which is responsible for the West’s “perversity, corruption and adultery.”

At one point, Mr. al-Hayiti’s book refers to “the incredible number of gays and lesbians (may Allah curse and destroy them in this life and the next) {emphasis mine}who sow disorder upon the Earth and who desire to increase their numbers.” In one short passage, this combines a seeming accusation of demonic “recruitment” with an open wish for the complete elimination of homosexuals and a claim that they are a source of social chaos.

Gee maybe Ann Currey can interview him about his views on gay marriage.

I agree with the Post that free speech demands that Mr. al-Hayiti views should not be censored, but neither should Mr. Boission’s. The unreality of the difference is clear and Glenn Reynolds has pointed out the danger of this:

Will other religious groups take the lesson that violence works? Because, in a world of the spineless, it does, and at very low cost. Thanks, guys, for establishing this incentive structure.

The best way to answer speech that is disagreed with is more speech and the best way to call out either a spineless worm or a bigot is with courage. So in that spirit:

My favorite of the cartoons
My favorite of the cartoons

This is my favorite of the infamous Mohamed cartoons. Think about it, Canada thought that this image was beyond the pale but the words of the Iman above were not.

Update: Nothing to see here either.

So Gov Blagojevich has loudly declared his innocence and vows to stay and fight.

“I’m here to tell you right off the bat that I am not guilty of any criminal wrongdoing, that I intend to stay on the job, and I will fight this thing every step of the way. I will fight, I will fight, I will fight until I take my last breath,” Blagojevich said. “I have done nothing wrong.”

He cast himself as a victim in the case, and said he will not let a “political lynch mob” force him from office.

He must have been paying attention to this speech 10 years ago. After all the results might be similar if he sticks it out.

He also must know his Bible story of the dishonest steward; Luke 16 1-12 because he is making friends while he can:

While facing his own legal cloud, Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich decided to pardon 22 other people.

The Democratic governor rarely acted on pardon applications during his six years in office. The backlog of requests at one point topped 1,600.

At the New Media Journal Frank Salvato is giving an I told you so.

But what most around the country are just now staring to realize is that those who voted for Blagojevich are not embarrassed. In fact, if they could yawn any deeper over the matter they probably would. This is because political corruption is generational in Chicago politics. Once the Chicago Machine captured power in Springfield – Illinois’ capitol – the cancer that is political corruption spread from Cook County to infect the state. In fact, political corruption has become so ensconced in Illinoisans’ daily lives that acts of bribery, where elected officials are concerned, are even less noteworthy than a conservative point of view in a Chicago newspaper. The people of Illinois – especially Democrats – have accepted political corruption as part of the deal. Why else would they continue to vote into office those who have enjoined in corrupt activities year after year?

To better illustrate the point you need look no further that two inactions by Illinois government: the failure of the Illinois Legislature to strip our embattled governor of the power to appoint a replacement for President-Elect Obama and the failure of the Illinois Supreme Court to declare the future cell block H resident unfit to hold office.

I would dispute the statement about the Supreme Court as the charges are still pending but his words on the legislature is well founded. His conclusion is as follows:

…as you sit reading this in your home states, shaking your heads in disgust for Illinoisans’ inability to salvage their sinking political ship, spy the Cheshire-like cat grins on our faces. They are there because you all voted “change” into office last November. That “change,” my friends, was born of the Chicago political machine.

I predict this will go on until it reaches the point when it can actually do real damage to the president elect then a deal will be made. All this little stuff is trifling at the moment. Hey maybe Michael Madigan can give a speech after it is all done declaring Rod Blagojevich one of Illinois greatest governors.

The JammieWearingFool points out that the imminent birth of Bristol Palin’s son (due tomorrow) will be a death blow to people who are insisting that Trig Palin is Sarah Palin’s grandson rather than her son.

No it won’t.

You have to think of people who follow conspiratorial type stuff as people following a religion. Excuses will be followed by clarifications but in the end the belief will not be dropped, remember William Miller and the 2nd coming.

The only thing that will be missing is the tax-exempt status. (Believe me the collection plate WILL exist).

Do you remember this story from a few months ago?

Jonathan Crutchley, the chairman of the board of popular gay dating site, has been forced to resign after it was revealed he made a $2,300 (£1,235) donation to the campaign of presumptive Republican nominee, Senator John McCain.

In response to concerns that the website might be perceived as supporting John McCain, executives at Manhunt asked Mr Crutchley to step down and then went public with their request to eliminate any doubts about such support.

Well now that the Gay community is in an uproar over Rick Warren giving the invocation does that mean that Crutchley was right after all?

Maybe he should protest the rest of the gay movement and they can all resign instead. If this keeps up my Irony meter will soon explode

Update: Don Surber notes an interesting choice. Is it to calm the masses?

And from Allahpundit: Obama cries diversity!

I was reading Jay Nordlinger today. You should read him too. These two quotes show why:

Longtime Impromptus readers may remember something I had to say from Davos, one year. Lord Carey — the former archbishop of Canterbury — stood up. Sitting next to a Saudi potentate (Prince Turki, I believe), he said, “Sure, you can have your mosques on every corner of Europe. But wouldn’t it be nice to have a church in Saudi Arabia one day?” (I have paraphrased.)

I thought of him — thought of Carey — when reading this item about Russia: “The Saudis have recently asked permission to build a mosque in Moscow, a city where there are only four mosques and 2 million Muslims. The Russians, however, are saying they want, in return, an Orthodox church in Saudi Arabia.”


And another one also on religion:

Finally, a reader said, “Jay, thought you might like to see this T-shirt. We made a dozen to sell at our church — sold out in one Sunday (usually a dozen shirts will last us a couple months).” The man included a picture of the shirt. And it says, “Go ahead and say it . . . Merry Christmas!”

Interesting what qualifies as subversive and daring in America these days.

If you like this style you might also want to consider his book,
Here There and everywhere.
Amazon for some reason is out and may not restock but you can get it here.