…If Iran is successfully launching satellites:

The Iranian regime announced it launched its first homemade satellite into orbit today.
FOX News reported:

Iran has successfully sent its first domestically made satellite into orbit, state radio reported Tuesday, another development in the country’s ambitious space program that has worried many international observers.

Once Iran can put a nuclear warhead on one of these babies the war will come. I wouldn’t be surprised to see an Israeli first strike and I don’t know if I would blame them.

If there is a more horrible prospect on the horizon then I don’t know what it is.

Back in December on the war in Gaza I said this:

My take on it. This is a strategic move by Iran and a smart one. I personally think this is Iran’s war by proxy. Their best next move is an attack by Hezbollah as soon as possible. This would serve two purposes. It will divide the Israeli response and if it suckers Israel into Lebanon it could not only bog them down but might change the direction of the propaganda war.

Unfortunately no matter what happens even a total Israeli victory the winner here is Iran. As long as the world is talking about Gaza and rocket attacks and responses they are not touching the ongoing building of Nukes by Iran. I think this is all a sucker punch to keep the heat elsewhere. If Israel is hitting Gaza and or Lebanon they are not hitting Iranian nuke sites. They are buying time with Arab rather than Persian lives.

This news might be the confirmation. Maybe that’s why the rockets are flying from Gaza again. Disrupt and distract any kind of planned Israeli move against Iran wasn’t as odd as it sounded.

Not stopping Iran will be the biggest failure of the Bush administration. The question is soon going to become if it will cost thousands of lives to do so or millions of lives not to.

Lets all pray I’m dead wrong on this.

Update: Hotair points out that this makes the president dropping starwars unlikely:

Time magazine warned the left two weeks after the election not to get their hopes up about Obama revisiting Star Wars, citing quotes from during the campaign like, “I actually believe that we need missile defense because of Iran and North Korea and the potential for them to obtain or to launch nuclear weapons.” I’d say their prediction is safe.

Will it be enough?

There are two Americas, the one that pays taxes and the one that doesn’t.

What is it with the Obama administration and tax cheats? First Obama puts a tax delinquent in charge of the IRS, and then he nominates another revenue renegade to be his secretary of Health and Human Services. Sure, he’s against tax cuts for the rich, but rich Democrats who ignore their taxes are welcome in his cabinet.

As always we get the government we deserve and if we as Americans accept this then its our own fault. On a political level if the republicans can’t exploit this, biased media or no, then we have no business in politics.

Is anyone really surprised about this:

They said Obama, who pledged during the campaign to overturn the law, does not want to ask lawmakers to do so until the military has completed a comprehensive assessment of the impact that such a move would have on military discipline. Then, the president hopes to be able to make a case to members of both parties that overturning the 1993 law would be in the best interest of national security.

After all nobody who has advocated repeal has studied this for 15 years. This is so phony but not as phony as the issue itself. With control of congress the Democrats could have repealed this two years ago if they choose, but they were afraid of the elections and they and colleges loved the issue as a club to use against ROTC. Via Glenn and yes the lack of speed is deliberate.

6:57 a.m. Blago going on Letterman Mika taking out the gun

6:58 a.m. Oh Lets laugh at Joe the Plumber speaking to a republican group, after all why would any batch of Pols need to hear from a normal average person who will have to pay the Obama taxes?

7:00 a.m. Hey there may not be such a thing as a free lunch but apparently till 2 p.m. there is a free breakfast.

7:01 a.m. I’ve said it before, Harold Ford is to Barak Obama as Satchel Page is to Pumpsie Green.

(The sound just cut of of my Cable)

Oh and the Pumpsie green interview that I linked to is from Oct 2004. In it he says the Sox and Cubbies have it equally bad, what a difference a few weeks would make.

7:06 a.m. The NYT wants Dashcle under the bus, I have to agree with this.

7:07 a.m. Oh my God Joe has just come down on Rangle on this.

7:08 a.m. Where is the Times, Post, Daily News and Washington Post on Rangel. This is why this is the best show on MSNBC. A low bar to be sure.

7:09 a.m. “I like Rangel and Dashcle.” , “I’d like them better if they paid his taxes.”

7:11 a.m. Cohen at the post is read by Mika says that the message the new broom of the administration sweeps like the old one. How many Tax Cheats did the president Bush name to cabinet positions?

7:14 a.m. Mika mentions that the Iraq elections went well. Gives it 30 seconds. I woke up late so I can’t say if she gave it any attention in the first hour.

7:19 a.m. I agree with Joe on the Clinton marriage, it would have been very easy for both to walk away. The fact that they stuck with it, particularly Mrs Clinton who could have left with her head held high says something very positive about her.

7:24 a.m. There is never a better time to leave the set then when Andrea Mitchell comes onto it.

7:28 a.m. Mika says to Andrea Mitchell “We’ll get some republican support”. Considering what she things of the bill the “We’ll” is telling.

7:40 a.m. We need say it is going to hurt and not apply band-aids. Gov Sanford.

7:43 a.m. Moneyparty: “Why not nationalize the Banks?” He is supposed to be an economics expert?

7:50 a.m. Mika and Tina Brown agree that people are only shocked because it’s PC to be shocked about the stupid moves by banks.

7:51 a.m. Crimes of lifestyle? Great term. Our “green” friends know all about this.

7:54 a.m. Does Obama own the economy? Moneyparty says now, Forbes say after Labor Day. He will need an economic surge.

7:55 a.m. “We are going to spend more money on this then we have on Iraq war.”

8:04 a.m. The report that Senate Democrats are lining up behind Daschle means that he likely knows something. He was the majority leader for a while, he knows where the bodies are.

8:12 a.m. Very interesting discussion about incentives for regulators. Generally if a group is given power it will be abused it to some degree. Which abuse do we fear more?

8:15 a.m. One of the great things about this show is they can not only have a serious discussion like they just did, but when it is done they don’t take themselves too seriously.

8:23 a.m. Is it just me or has Robert Gibbs become a lot less relaxed since he’s had to defend an administration rather than a scripted campaign?

8:25 a.m. Richard Shelby is talking filibuster. Politically it might be better to let it pass and let the democrats live with it. For the country it would be better however to fix it.

8:36 a.m. Erin: We don’t want to be killing banks. You want the banks to pay the Gov bank so we need to let them make money.

8:42 a.m. That’s what’s cool about technology, Mika can ask Gibbs questions over her Blackberry while McCaskill is on the show.

8:44 a.m. “If we don’t pass this thing its Armageddon.” Weren’t we told this two months ago? If you believe this you’ll believe anything.

Promoting this from this post’s comments:

Ivan says I am wrong about Rendition and writes:


Read the order:

” “1. No State Party shall expel, return (“refouler”) or extradite a person to another State where there are substantial grounds for believing that he would be in danger of being subjected to torture.

2. For the purpose of determining whether there are such grounds, the competent authorities shall take into account all relevant considerations including, where applicable, the existence in the State concerned of a consistent pattern of gross, flagrant or mass violations of human rights.”

It’s pretty clear. And this is pretty much a 180 from the bush administration when we extradited prisoners to places like Egypt and Jordan to be tortured. Even national review and glenn reynolds has had to backtrack a bit on this:

First: Looking at both NRO and Instapundit, NRO mentions the other article while Instapundit says “possibly” not much of a retraction if any.

Second: Reading what you have it would seem to me that the law mandates things be examined but the people doing the stuff decide what weight to give stuff. Plenty of room for interpretation.

Third: This is an administration made of of ex Bill “depends on what the meaning of the word is is” Clinton people. I’m sure they will interpret words by their clear meaning.

Fourth: You have an administration that in only 3 weeks has appointed a Treasury secretary that doesn’t pay its taxes. Whose answer to another potential cabinet officer with similar issues is “Nobody’s Perfect” and who deliberately disabled fraud prevention measures on contributions. Yeah they’re going to respect the law as written.

Fifth: You already have human rights groups twisting into pretzels to defend him and a protective media. Who is going to pursue this stuff if it happens? Why would this administration have any fear of it?

Sixth: Without such pressure how long will it take such cases even if brought to make it through the courts?

Your interpretation isn’t quite the move the mountain into the sea level but in my opinion it isn’t far off.

Hey he could prove me wrong, we’ll see.

Dissenting Justice has my back:

After reviewing much of the pro-rendition liberal pushback, I have collected my thoughts and written a response. Here’s a summary: the liberal defense is strained, dishonest, surprisingly nuanced, and contrary to true progressive politics because it elevates “party” over principle.

Over to you Ivan.

Update: Talk left agrees with Ivan.

Powerline reports on this rally by Hamas and Fatah members in Minnesota:

They have this to say:

How did Minnesota get to the point where its state capitol can become an outpost of a terrorist organization from the Middle East? Until a few years ago, I wouldn’t have believed it possible.

Powerline is a really good blog but anyone surprised by this just hasn’t been paying attention for the last several years. Or hasn’t been reading Israellycool, or Meryl Yourish, or lgf, or atlas shrugs or Jihad watch or Front Page Mag etc etc etc…

Oh and that chant that Hamas is an elected government…so was the Southern Confederacy. And apparently in the same state of denial.

For reasons that are beyond me I not motivated to work on my taxes. Considering the fine job our chief tax cheat Secretary of the Treasury is doing, the motivation provided by Sen Daschle and the leadership shown by the administration on simulating the economy I can’t see why.

Update: This might have something to do with it too.

Update 2: Nobody’s Perfect? Are these guys that lame?

Last week Fox reported that the president was going to cut defense 10%.

Today Congressional quarterly says that instead he will be increasing defense 8%.

Somebody has it wrong unless we are talking about cutting the rate of growth. Economic problems or no I wouldn’t be too fired up to cut war spending. Economic cycles come and go, but you can’t unlose a war.

UPDATE: Max Boot sees the -10

Byron York is a solid reporter and one of the best examples of a person who can report facts without without letting one’s ideology mess with them. Check out his archive to see what i mean.

He anounces today that this will be his last week at the National Review as he moves to political reporting at the Washington Examiner and blogging at http://ExaminerPolitics.com

This is a huge loss for the corner. The graveyards may be full of irreplaceable men but as noted earlier real reporters who actually report are a rare commodity these days.