I was uploading some video for the church social post that went up a bit ago and I noticed that I totally forgot to put this video up during CPAC so although I planned on closing with Grace we can’t leave Dale out:

His site Teaparty.org is here.

Update: The thing about interviewing random people is you never know what you are going to get.

If there was ever a blogger who was aptly named it is Nice Deb.

One interesting note I was showing off a picture of Stacy and Smitty to some friends and the only question they had was the identity of the lady sitting behind them (Nice Deb). This demonstrates that my friends have excellent vision.

Update This is the picture via Little Miss Attila

This was the final interview I did on the final day before I left. Grace was shy about doing the interview but James convinced her to do it and I think she was spectacular.

If there was a person who put the feeling of what CPAC meant to all the average conservatives who spent their hard earned money to come here it was Grace.

Well done!

…in the process of being interviewed. I was going to interview him myself but believe it or not I couldn’t think of what I wanted to ask him. Total brain freeze.

I get the strangest feeling that some of the people who see this photo will not notice that Steven Crowder is in the picture at all for several minutes.

Update: This is my most popular post of the day. I wonder why?

Update 2: The actual interview that this photo is from is here.