Jihad event and sure enough by an odd turn of events I ended up getting in the door 30 minutes late.

After seeing it I’m convinced my original thought was correct. This is the single most important issue facing this nation and if it is ignored we will suffer for it and deservedly so. I can’t say enough about the courage and dedication of Ms. Geller. She is an international treasure!

I includes some clips and photos here:

And some short clips:

…I agree with his assessment of Woodrow Wilson (Horrible president) but disagree on WW 1. (yes we had to fight on one side or the other) I also disagree with the position on the war (both necessary) and the bases. I think that if we spend the money now we don’t spend the blood later.

But I’ll tell you this, here is a man of true principle. I think he’s wrong on a few big things but not only is he wrong honest but he makes the case with germane arguments.

I don’t think I’d want him as president, but I hope he spends the rest of his life in congress for the country’s sake.