I wish I had, I would have enjoyed getting a 1 min interview with her if she consented, but I have to give her high marks for #1. Showing up in person to see for herself and #2. Having fun and joking around with the Newsbusters guys.

As long as people who disagree can do that then the country is in better shape than we think. It is so damn American.

for the other side. I talked to a some transit workers on my way to McDonald’s, they are democrats but like I’ve always said if our ideas are worth anything they can stand up under an opposing argument:

UPDATE: That is so the wrong video, I was using it as a test when the YouTube videos were not appearing properly last night, that’s one of the dangers of blogging at 2 a.m. or so. Replacing it with the right one now.

You will note that the interviewer becomes the interviewee in this briefly, but it’s all for the good.

Update: Bumped it because I had the wrong video so if you are wondering why it is on top again that’s so Lee opinion gets the shot it deserves.

….owe this man their very existence

Who is he? He is the last survivor of Enola Gay. If he hadn’t done what he did that day. Hundreds of thousands of Americans and millions upon millions upon millions of Japanese would have died horribly.

My father served in the pacific, I don’t know for a fact if it would have made a life or death difference for him, but in my mind I owe this man the lives of myself and my children. How do you replay such a debt?

…prevented a lot of posting. By the time it was up I was packed up and on the way to the Bloggers party where I had no net access. I hope to make it up to you tonight before I hit the sack and schedule the interview posts I’ve done asap.

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