I must confess I’m getting kinda antsy being home. December had Christmas and the ice storm to keep me busy. January had the open house and the College search. Now Feburary is here. The boy has picked has almost finalized his choice. (I think Das Full Boat has it) the house is empty and I find my mind turning toward the lack of success in my job hunt.

It’s a depressing situation, my lot is shared by an awful lot of people these days and its perfectly normal to worry. It is not however healthy or normal to let these worries overwhelm you.

I’m sure there are things I can improve and I’ll be taking those measures as I can but that doesn’t lesson the feelings that come up. That has to still be dealt with in some ways.

If you are Catholic then might I suggest a solution. When this is getting you down offer a small prayer set (Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be) and close by offering your feelings as a sacrifice your sins yours and others, and maybe for the souls in Purgatory too.

This turns the source of weakness into a source of spiritual strength and sticks it to the other side that wants you discouraged and depressed and inactive.

Even if you are weak in faith or not Catholic it certainly can’t hurt. If we have to deal with bad times lets use them to humanity’s advantage.

For reasons that are beyond me I not motivated to work on my taxes. Considering the fine job our chief tax cheat Secretary of the Treasury is doing, the motivation provided by Sen Daschle and the leadership shown by the administration on simulating the economy I can’t see why.

Update: This might have something to do with it too.

Update 2: Nobody’s Perfect? Are these guys that lame?

Well the latest batch of acceptance letter has come in and now a big decision has to be made.

Anna Maria is the #1 choice of the kid at the moment. That would leave us counting the college fund with about 9k to come up with.

Fitchburg State College however has offered him a full boat including all fees.

He would also be in a position to live at home, that is not necessarily a good thing.

The question is can we come up with enough funds or scholarships to make up the Anna Maria difference? Will another college (offers at the moment run from 2k-12k but leave a gap as large as Anna Maria).

We have some serious thinking to do but at least if a job isn’t forthcoming it won’t keep him out of college.

And a note to teenagers who read this blog. This guy does his homework every night and hasn’t partied at all. This is why he is in this spot. You could be too if you put your mind and effort into it.

Two months before I lost my job I got a new mortgage.

Forgot all about the fact that the property taxes are rolled into the mortgage so last week on the 20th I went to city hall and paid them. (I own 2 properties so I would have had to go anyway).

Didn’t realize until I got my mortgage bill what I had done.

No worries the bank can refund me if I present proof of payment of the tax or in May they’ll cut a check for the excess on Escrow.

That sounds like a no brainier but if I don’t have something by May that’s about the time when my unemployment will run out. It might be worthwhile to have that “banked” till then.

Something to think about.

Going over the press’ feeding frenzy over the Pope’s decision some things struck me:

If Williamson had been an Iman the press coverage of him would either be non-existent or be considered a hate crime in Canada, Sweden and Holland. It would be really nice if just once the antisemitism in Islam got a tiny bit of attention.

Have you noticed that on any given week you can find a story that starts with “Pope’s decision/action on” and ends with “criticized”. You can bank on this with the media. In fact You can see the same thing with “Israel decision/action on” “criticized” the same way with the same media. All the “beautiful” people seem to hate both. Then again the pope is unlikely to cut off anyone’s head, nor is Israel. (This comes under my “indirect proofs” theory concerning God and Catholicism).

Other than Charles Johnson I haven’t seen anyone mention the truther/Kennedy conspiracy stuff in reports. These are things that the media doesn’t want to touch for some reason.

And speaking of this stuff have you ever noticed that people never seem to believe in only one conspiracy? On occasion they might be short one but they never believe in only one. Sort of like a Lays commercial.

You know just once in one of those dramas where the lone cop is cautioned by their higher ups about being wrong or the doctor who defies all convention over an odd diagnosis or the investigator who is so convinced that that guy is innocent if they were actually wrong once on the screen itself and then have them deal with that over and over during the rest of the season.

Everyone knows that they are wrong sometimes, but they never know it at the actual time they are wrong.

There is no darker time then the time between the last game of the World Series and the begining of spring training.

Once you reach a particular age a rather large percentage of your social calendar is spent at funerals.

And you know you are getting old when your regular doctor is younger than you. Once that happens its very rare that it changes.

Speaking of Chips once Cape Cod Chips came out suddenly everybody had kettle cooked chips for sale, that’s how you know your product is good.

How do you know times are bad? The wonder bread thrift store. The guy who runs it tells me his business is up 40%.

How many of studies that we hear about on the news actually pan out? Someone should do a study on it.

100 years from now people will still be laughing at the three stooges.

There is nothing that brings inner peace more than sitting in a room with your spouse, even if you aren’t doing or watching the same thing. I don’t know how widows or widower’s handle it.

Do you remember what you did with your time 20 years ago when you didn’t have a PC or internet to play with? It’s almost like that time didn’t happen isn’t it?

I still have high hopes that I will be able to make it to 50 without a cell phone, if I can make it to 60 without one it would be even cooler.

And finally I noticed this on election day. If you spend 8 hours watchhing traffic you will be shocked at how many accidents don’t happen.

Had a fun little day hitting three locations with the youngest going from pinball machine to pinball machine to pinball machine. We started with The Adams Family , progressed to Theatre of Magic, and finished off with Terminator 2.

Well for $4 and a couple of small pizzas we got 3 hours of serious pinball. Its a great bit of fun and a great way to relieve stress. I recommend it as the best therapy in the world when you need to unwind.