USA-UK flagsBy John Ruberry

“This is the issue of this election: Whether we believe in our capacity for self-government or whether we abandon the American revolution and confess that a little intellectual elite in a far-distant capital can plan our lives for us better than we can plan them ourselves.”
Ronald Reagan, A Time for Choosing, 1964.

If you substitute “Great Britain” for “American revolution,” this could have been something UK Independence Party leader Nigel Farage said during his victory speech early Wednesday morning after United Kingdom voters voted to leave the European Union.

Great Britain is having a Reagan moment–and to be fair to the UK you can argue it had a Reagan moment before we did nationally. After all, Margaret Thatcher became prime minister a year before the Gipper’s election.

Is Britain having a Trump moment before America does?

In his victory speech, Farage called his Brexit win, “A victory for real people, a victory for ordinary people, a victory for decent people.”

That sounds like Trump.

“We have fought against multinationals,” Farage added, “we have fought against the big merchant banks, we have fought against big politics, we fought against the big merchant banks, we fought against lies, corruption, and deceit.”

That sounds like Trump too.

The driving force in Brexit referendum of course was unfettered immigration of Syrian migrants, refugees some say are fleeing war. Yes, some are. But curiously, many of these refugees are males of military age.

John "Lee" Ruberry
John “Lee” Ruberry

Few of these migrants show any desire in assimilating into Western Civilization. But no one dares call the migrants “nativists.” That would be racist.

Other EU nations, such as France, Italy, the Netherlands, are considering their own vote to bail out. Mrs. Marathon Pundit, who grew up in tiny Latvia, tells me that there was even talk of a “LatExit” last year when Brussels bureaucrats, yes that “little intellectual elite in a far-distant capital,” told them they had to accept some of these unskilled migrants, even though Latvia, one of the poorer EU nations, has benefited greatly since joining.

When the bureaucrats don’t listen, “the decent people” do the expected thing and throw the bums out.

John Ruberry regularly blogs at Marathon Pundit.

bible-with-magnifying-glassby baldilocks

Dr. James Dobson of Focus on the Family fame reports that the presumptive GOP presidential candidate Donald J. Trump has “accepted” Jesus the Christ.

I believe he really made a commitment,” said the highly influential evangelical leader. “But he’s a baby Christian. We all need to be praying for him, especially if there’s a possibility of him being the next executive officer.”

Dobson’s comments came in an interview following the “historic” meeting between Trump and about 1,000 evangelical leaders on Tuesday. Pastor Michael Anthony, president of Godfactor and founder of the National Week of Repentance, caught up with Dr. Dobson to get his thoughts on the event and Trump, whose strained relationship with evangelicals has resulted in him ramping up his Christian outreach efforts.

If this is so, then I’m happy for Donald Trump and would not presume to question whether his conversion is a true one or not. That is between him and God.

And I especially like this.

Anthony said Trump was particularly passionate about ending the ban on endorsing political candidates from the pulpit, a law introduced by Lyndon Johnson, saying, “When I get in, we’re going to change that.”

You may recall that I wrote about the Johnson Amendment of 1954 a while back. You may also recall that Trump had already claimed to be a Christian but said that he had not repented. Presumably, now he has corrected that error.

Who do I have a problem with then? It’s these pastors and their language— the language of adherence to man-made so-called Christian traditions, rather than adherence to the Word of God as is.

First of all, one does not “accept” Christ, nor can any person lead another to Christ. One can only present another with the Gospel and that person makes his/her own choice. God the Father draws individuals to Jesus Christ—a supernatural occurrence. There is no other way.

And this conversation between Dobson and Anthony made me twitch.

“I think that he’s open,” he  continued. “He doesn’t know our language. … We had 40 Christians together with him, he used the word hell four or five times. He doesn’t know our language—he really doesn’t. He refers a lot to ‘religion’ and not much to ‘faith’ and ‘belief’ in Christ.” [From Dobson.]

“I’m sure Saul when he became Paul didn’t know much of the language either,” said Anthony.

The word ‘Hell’ is not in the vocabulary of these Christians? Okay, then.

And Paul didn’t know their language? Whose language are they referring to?

Paul was the author of much of the “language” which this pastor claims to use. Additionally, Paul was a Pharisee–mentored by the great Jewish teacher Gamaliel, a Pharisee doctor of Jewish Law—and knew scripture backward, forward and sideways. That scripture? It was the Torah or what we now refer to as the Old Testament. It was the Torah which Jesus quoted from and which Paul and the rest of the Apostles used when spreading the Good News.

One wonders if Pastor Anthony knows that when Paul was out spreading the Good News that the Gospels, Epistles and the Revelation hadn’t been written yet; or that the New Testament is partly composed of Paul’s letters.

The upshot is that these shepherds may be leading their flock astray, and that flock includes Donald Trump.

I’m am skeptical of what these men say and of where their focus lies. They presume to tell Donald Trump about Jesus but I wonder if they know Him themselves.

I wondering if these alleged men of God have lost their proper focal point–assuming they ever knew what it was supposed to be. I think they’re looking to use their role in Trump’s conversion as a means of holding some sort of sway over him–especially if he should become president.

Good luck with that.

Juliette Akinyi Ochieng blogs at baldilocks. (Her older blog is located here.) Her first novel, Tale of the Tigers: Love is Not a Game, was published in 2012. Her second novel will be done in 2016. Follow her on Twitter.

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I love that Question. What a good guy. Who are you?

Donald Trump to DaTechGuy Aug 19th 2016

Part of an occasional election series on the things Trump does that conservatives should celebrate:

Apparently Donald Trump held a press conference while I was asleep and it was everything a conservative could dream of:

“I”m going to continue to attack the press,” he added. “I find the press to be dishonest. I find the political press to be extremely dishonest.”

Well they are. Just ask Katie Couric, Dan Rather, Brian Williams, Scott “Holocaust Denier” Pelley, Face the Nation host John Dickerson who advised Obama in 2013 to ‘Destroy the GOP,’ etc., etc.

All of which is why, “If this news conference turns into a press-driven referendum on how the press is doing,” Ari Fleischer tweets, “Trump will have won the day.”

The Press? Dishonest? I haven’t seen someone so shocked since Captain Renault found gambling at Rick’s Cafe American!

But even funnier is the NYT explaining to their readers why they can’t help but cover him:

But the New York Times headline: “Television Networks Struggle to Provide Equal Airtime in the Era of Trump.” Oh, yes. Five pages this baby prints out. And the New York Times has another story: “Hillary Clinton Struggles to Find Footing in Unusual Race.” This is also related.

They’ve got two stories here on how the Times is actually apologizing to its readers for being unable to balance coverage in favor of Hillary. If Trump were any other Republican, they would have practically destroyed him by now and they’d be worried about rehabbing Hillary’s image and building her up. But she’s so unexciting, she’s so dull, she’s so scandal ridden, they’ve got nothing to work with. All they can do is try to destroy Trump, but they don’t know how. Because they didn’t make Trump, they can’t destroy Trump.

That’s why Trump can do things like this:

“I’m not looking for credit [for the donations] but what I don’t want is when I raise millions of dollars, have people say — like this sleazy guy right over here from ABC,” Trump said, pointing toward ABC News reporter Tom Llamas. “He’s a sleaze in my book.”

Llamas asked why Trump called him a sleaze.

“You’re a sleaze because you know the facts and you know the facts well,” said Trump.

The point is that people KNOW what he’s saying about the press is true, that’s really good but that because of ratings they media don’t dare not report this, that the best.

If you’re a conservative and aren’t enjoying Trump taking down the press there’s something wrong with you.

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the latest in our series of posts noting the bright side of Donald Trump’s nomination for president for unhappy conservatives.

Today’s piece comes from the Morning Joe via the Washington Free Beacon:

MSNBC’s Morning Joe panel had a lengthy discussion Monday about the “uncomfortable” facts of Bill Clinton’s relationship with Jeffrey Epstein, the known pedophile billionaire whose jet Clinton flew on dozens of times.

Presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump has been unafraid to level attacks against the Clintons for the former president’s past of sexual misconduct, calling him fair game. Fox News reported last week that Clinton flew on Epstein’s jet, the crudely named “Lolita Express,” far more than previously known in the last decade.

Panelist Donny Deutsch guessed that Trump would have no problem counter-punching with the Epstein connection whenever he was hit for his own behavior with women, as he was last weekend in a piece in the New York Times.

“Here’s the tennis game,” Deutsch said. “Donald Trump kissed a woman in a bathing suit. Trump hits back: Tell me about the president’s relationship with a guy named Jeffrey Epstein. That’s your tennis match.”

Now this story isn’t all that new, in fact I wrote about it two years ago and my own post was derivative of Stacy McCain’s that preceded it.

and you also might wonder why this piece goes under the “Always Look on the Bright Side of Trump” category, well take a look at the video

and two things become immediately clear.

Everybody at the Table knows who Jeffery Epstein is, and what the story is

Nobody at the table wanted to talk about it

Joe Scarborough notes he has been hearing about this for a year and a half but the fact that the viewers of MSNBC are just hearing about it now goes to something I wrote about this story in April 2014

If there is one thing the media that loves to play the War on Women® card doesn’t want to touch it’s a story about people using their own private island to get laid that involves Bill Clinton.

What could the media do if this story involving the former father of the year? They would call it old news, not relevant, dirty tricks from a salacious lawsuit that doesn’t even involve him and an attack on Hillary that crosses the line. In fact the left will deploy a plethora of adjectives to discourage further discussion of this story from antiquated to zany, but there is one adjective that could not come out of their mouth to dismiss this story:


The last few years have proven that the left can convince a low information voter of a lot of things, but even the full power of the mainstream media and the strongest zealots from the War on Women® brigade would not be able to convince the American public that Bill Clinton would have no interest or business on a private island where orgies took place.

That’s why you didn’t see this story in the news last month and why as the case moves forward you’ll not see it covered period.


It’s very clear that the MSM has been sitting on this stuff for almost two years and had no intention of ever talking about it, and it even clearer that if the GOP voters had elected any other nominee MSNBC’s Morning Joe would have happily kept their viewers in ignorance.

But Donald Trump nomination throws those rules out the windows.  He’s willing to do what Stacy McCain & I Couldn’t do and what Mitt Romney and John  McCain wouldn’t do, force a story like this onto the national stage.

Mind you Trump hasn’t even bothered to say a word about Epstein yet and the table does its best to spin this in a different direction, but the very fact that Trump is who is forced MSNBC to deal with the story even if most of dealing with it was talking about Trump’s willingness to go there.

Take a look at the set of dejected faces on that video, remember those faces are being broadcast on MSNBC to liberal viewers who would never do a web search of the words “Jeffery Epstein + Bill Clinton”

Donald Trump did that and if you’re a conservative it’s a joy to behold.

Closing thought: They mentioned the word “enabler” used in the context of Hillary, would it not that word be better applied to the press who has known about these stories but have kept silent to protect their hero?


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♫ When you’re chewing on life’s gristle
Don’t grumble, give a whistle
And this’ll help things turn out for the best…

…always look on the bright side
of life…

Always look on the light side
of life… ♫

Monty Python Life of Brian 1979

In keeping with the optimistic “Always look at the bright side of life” theme of my very first post here back in Nov of 2008, when the Obama administration was just a few weeks old and I didn’t know my days as a mostly anonymous but comfortable member of the middle class with no debt and money put away were about to be consumed by eight years of his misrule, begin an occasional 2016 election year feature called: Always look on the bright side of Trump where we highlight stories that highlight the bright side of Donald Trump being the standard-bearer of the GOP.

Today’s highlight comes from Gateway Pundit who notes that in an appearance on Good Morning America Mr. Trump reminds the audience of some facts that his interviewer George Stephanopoulos would like his audience to ignore: (emphasis mine)

During the interview Stephanopoulos asked Trump to release his tax returns. That’s when Trump snapped back, “It’s none of your business.”

When George continued to push Trump on his reluctance to release the documents so Democrats could scour the pages for possible hit pieces, Trump fired back:

George Stephanopoulos: You said you’d release your tax returns when Hillary has turned over all of the emails in her possession.

Donald Trump: She didn’t turn them over. There are plenty missing. I read yesterday where there are a lot of emails missing. I know she’s a good friend of yours and I know that you worked for her and you didn’t reveal it but you know she did not turn over her emails. There are a lot of emails missing.

Stephanopoulos: There are emails from her staffers missing. She turned over all of her emails.

Trump: There are emails missing all over the place.

Can you picture Mitt Romney doing that? Or John McCain?

Furthermore bloggers like me can point to Stephanopoulos past as a Clinton damage control hack till we’re blue in the face and it will not only never be noticed by the good folks watching GMA but if we ever did it on air we’d never see the light of day again.

Donald Trump however has a much broader reach so not only will the folks watching GMA pay attention but because he brings so much of an audience Stephanopoulos and ABC will bring him back over and over again.

and I hope Trump mentions it every time they do.

Cue the music


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