…comes from this huffpo story than yesterday.

FreedomWorks Chairman Dick Armey and President and CEO Matt Kibbe today refused to endorse Delaware Tea Party favorite Christine O’Donnell in the state’s GOP Senate primary. “We stayed out of that race because we’re not convinced that Christine O’Donnell can win,” said Kibbe.

However if you read deeper in the article you see this:

However, Kibbe didn’t have kind things to say about O’Donnell’s primary opponent, Mike Castle:

I think the question for Mike Castle is, if he can’t win his primary, does he deserve to win the general? And we’ll see what happens tomorrow, but it’s always a judgment call as to who is the most competitive candidate, and I think the vetting of the primary and what the Tea Party activists have really asked for is an open primary where their candidates get a chance to run and compete and prove themselves, or lose.

The Goal? Set one batch of conservatives against each other. The Huff po and the left are salivating at the back and forth on the right over Christine O’Donnell, I don’t blame them, it is the only hope they have for any sort of victory, but I would suggest to my fellow conservatives that we should disagree politely rather than writing their fall campaign scripts for them.

As for Mr. Kibee I have to disagree with his premise, He call is a pragmatic one and there are limited resources to be used, but one supports a positions for a reason. If you think that Christine O’Donnell and her positions are better for the cause and the country you fight for her so she CAN win. I ventured deep into yesterday’s crowd they would agree with me. Pragmatism has it’s place, but if you want to lead, you have to do so from the front.

Update: Stacy says it well:

Stacy & I discuss the vital issues of the day

Public opinion is a moving target, and the purpose of politics is not merely to react to public opinion, but to change public opinion. You will never win a fight if you walk away from the fight, and that’s what happens when you say to yourself, “Well, Delaware is a liberal state; there’s no point even trying to elect a real conservative there.”

Conservatives ought not succumb to the defeatist argument that we should retreat, ceding political terrain to our anatagonists, simply because they are strong and we are weak. When will we be stronger?

If Republicans can’t elect a conservative in Delaware this year, at what future point will such a victory be possible? In 2012? 2014? Ever?

He’s got a great point there. He would have had it up earlier but as you can see he was busy last night

…as the Stacy McCain gonzo blogcon side road trip fizzled out but people I like and trust have had things to say about her positive and negative, that’s cool, friends disagree all the time and remain friends but this “unelectable” nonsense needs to be refuted right now. To Wit:

Every person who is going on about her “unelectable” needs to read that quote and the story it came from.

I’d just as soon win with you, than without you.

Update: Michelle Malkin absolutely nails it:

Guess what? You can be a “TRUE CONSERVATIVE,” a blogger behind a keyboard, a talk show host behind a mic, a prime-time TV host in front of a camera, a Beltway pundit, or a heartland Tea Party activist and come to different, good-faith conclusions about this race. I know people in both the Castle camp and the O’Donnell camp. I’m not going to deride or disown my friends in the blogosphere or anywhere else because we disagree. That’s, well, unhinged.

Everyone get a grip. Take a deep breath. Fight your best fight. Make your best arguments. Wait for the votes to be counted. Then march on and move forward.


This news via Twitter is interesting:

Christine O’Donnell leading longtime Congressman and Governor Mike Castle 47-44. That 3 point lead is well within the poll’s margin of error.

If Castle is indeed defeated Tuesday night it will be yet another sign that conservatives have a strangle hold on the Republican Party and moderates may or may not be welcome anymore. Castle has an overwhelming 69-21 lead with moderate voters but they only make up 33% of the likely primary electorate. O’Donnell has a 62-31 lead with conservatives that’s more than enough to propel her to the overall lead.

Your one stop source for all things Delaware has no extra news on this yet, but this totally changes the game in the state.

Why has Mike Castle lost so much popularity? Maybe he was at this meeting:

One day, DeMint had had enough. He rose up in a seminar to question why representatives of the party of smaller government were so focused on earmarks and political fundraising. Why aren’t we talking about reforming the federal tax code or addressing the health care mess?

Midst laughter, someone shouted, “You’ll catch on to the system, DeMint.” But DeMint never did.

And if that poll was off before this news will cement it

“If the only option I have is to vote for those at 250 and below, of course I’m going to do that,” Boehner said. “But I’m going to do everything I can to fight to make sure that we extend the current tax rates for all Americans.”

Earth of Boehner it will be the only option till Jan 6th with the new congress comes around. That kind of talk angers and energizes conservatives…
…and this is simply nonsense:

The best estimates of observers in the state put turnout in Tuesday’s closed Republican primary around 40,000 voters. For Tea Party-backed Christine O’Donnell, the lower the turnout, the better on Tuesday.

This is exactly wrong, the conservative and tea party base that at one time didn’t bother to vote is going to come out in droves. I suspect the urban base that the writer is looking for to turn out for Castle might not be able to vote in a republican primary.

I’d keep an eye on this space the next day or two but If I had to put a $20 down, it would be on Christine.

This report suggests that the Delaware GOP will endorse the democratic candidate Chris Coons.

There are tens of thousands of Tea Party activists who will be on the mall today. I can’t think of anything that would disgust them more than something like this.

During my set of interviews one group specifically stated that they no longer give to the National GOP they give to specific candidates. I suspect they would expect the national GOP to act.

In fairness a rumor of this type shouldn’t cause a reaction but life isn’t fair. The GOP is going to be on a short leash anyways, they need to nip this in the bud as quick as possible before it generates a facebook post from a certain personage unafraid to say what she thinks.

I had a chance to talk to Renee Ellmers on Friday morning about her campaign to unseat Bob Etheridge:

I will be talking more about Renee in my next examiner article. North Carolina 2 is lucky to have her.

State Rep Candidate Ray Igou (9th Essex) at the Reading Tea Party 9/7/2010

he is an airline pilot by trade and another great example of a regular guy who decided to step up to make a difference. He not only talks sense, I look forward to seeing him at the statehouse.

This is why we will win and continue to win, we are inspiring not people looking for a career but people with lives and careers to step forward to lead. This guy has class and sense.

…that a person is only “unelectable” until they are not.

…that I’d rather have Sarah Palin on my side than Mitt Romney, she is willing to risk political capital to fight for you. This is what a leader does!

…and Angel Clark’s skill as a reporter/writer is only matched by her niceness as a person.

If it is not then it says more about the fantasy world of Brent Budowsky than anything about the administration:

Within hours and possibly minutes I expect the president will name Elizabeth Warren to lead the new consumer protection agency, and if he does, the Democratic base will erupt and turn out to vote in far greater numbers than any current poll suggests.

I could be wrong; Obama might give up at the last minute, which would be the last betrayal of the Democratic base and very possibly the death knell of the Democratic House of Representatives. But if he names Warren, the pundits be will amazed, astonished and flabbergasted by the lift this would give to the Democratic base and by the voter turnout that would follow.

After all the one thing the American people are worried about is who is going to lead the consumer protection agency.

Assuming it is not a parody the amount of delusion necessary for such belief is ….interesting.

memeorandum thread here. Why does such nonsense have a thread?

Just one minute nails it:

I think Mr. Budowsky has lost the distinction between “the base”, live voters, and people with whom he Tweets, i-chats, and chirps. I have no doubt the nomination of Elizabeth Warren will prompt lefty bloggers to swoon, for a day anyway. But over in reality, the economy will still be what it is, and Obama will still be talking about something else and preparing his imminent pivot to jobs, jobs, jobs.

Has this guy ever met anyone who lives outside of the beltway?

Update: Professor Bainbridge maybe wrong about Sarah Palin but he nails it here:

This has to be about the dumbest piece of political prognostication I’ve ever read.

Look, I have tremendous respect for Elizabeth Warren. She is a very smart bankruptcy law professor with an enviable publication record and tremendous success as a policy entrepreneur. On the couple of occasions that I’ve met her, moreover, she has been unfailingly courteous and friendly.

But the idea that her appointment would turn around the fundamentals driving the 2010 elections is just absurd

I dearly hope that the left believes this nonsense, not only will it help them lose, it will make it very funny…”it’s not possible that we lost Elizabeth Warren has been on the job for three weeks!

Gerry Dembrowski’s story is a very sad one as he is lost his wife during this campaign:

The idea that a person like Ed Markey who has been a real enabler for a lot of the nonsense we are dealing with is considered safe is disgraceful. Dembrowski’s presentation about who is to blame has an awful lot of truth to it, with one exception, we do bear some responsibility as we elected these people over and over again.

It’s our own fault we are in this mess, but by electing people like Gerry we can solve it.

Bill Hudak is looking to win the 6th district republican primary on the 14th. This is his presentation at the Reading Tea party on Sept 7th:

Hudak is an excellent speaker who did something that instantly made me like him. He started to run MONTHS before Scott Brown was elected and way before anyone thought the democrats were in trouble.

Rush Limbaugh said that the pioneers take the arrows. Hudak has gotten an awful lot of flack from the MSM and if he wins the nomination he will get even more (of course EVERY GOP candidate will) but Hudak seems to get their special ire as he was willing to stand out when nobody else was. I was also pleased with the answer to my question concerning helping the State GOP if he won, he said: Win or lose I will be helping the GOP locally.

Media attacks not withstanding I think Mr. Hudak will be a valuable asset to the Republican party in general and the conservative movement in particular for years to come.