I interviewed Guy Carbone at the end of the Twin City Tea Party on Aug 30 2010.

When it comes to demographics and religion and ethnicity there is no candidate closer to me that I’ve met.

After all he doesn’t see the need to pay his taxes until he absolutely had to:

The campaign committee for red-faced state Treasurer Tim Cahill yesterday said it cut a check for more than $24,000 it owed in unpaid state taxes and penalties as gubernatorial rivals bashed him for the slip-up.

“I don’t have a good excuse for it,” Cahill said. “It was something that we missed.”

Cahill, a former Democrat who is running for governor as an independent, learned Tuesday that he owed about $15,000 in state taxes on interest earned by CDs that his campaign war chest is invested in.

I’d like to congratulate Charlie Baker on his election.

I briefly talked to Bill Campbell who is running for secretary of State in Massachusetts at the Twin City Tea Party.

People often forget that the Sec of State has important powers that can be critical if a state has been suffering under one party rule. It is a race that should not be ignored.

…at the twin city tea party on Monday:

I had a lot of trouble uploading video yesterday so a lot of the Monday stuff is coming up today and tomorrow.

…but when it comes to the health care bill she is one of the few people on the left looking at the political consequences with open eyes:

The DCCC was very good at getting not-so-savvy poll analysts to try and discredit the SurveyUSA polling. (Those same pollsters, ironically, didn’t see anything weird in the Research 2000 polls they were quoting authoritatively at the time, which many now find suspect — though Jerome Armstrong spotted it). Somehow Democratic members of Congress engaged in magical thinking and believed Rahm’s BS about the popularity of the health care bill increasing if it passed.

Rather than focus on jobs creation in a country with climbing unemployment rates, Obama spent the better part of a year focused on passing a health care bill that looks like it will play no small part in the Democratic Party’s upcoming electoral woes.

Well, we warned you.

I’ll go one step farther. The Election of Scott Brown was the real breaking of the dam and the thing that made the Brown Election was the chance to stop the Healthcare bill. Forgetting everything else, the morale factor that the Election of Brown had for the tea parties and the GOP can’t be overestimated. Without the Brown victory you don’t have Miller in Alaska you don’t have the GOP establishment defeats in Utah & NC.

Brown’s election Made the Tea Party and the election climate that we have this fall, and the Healthcare Bill made Brown.

Democrats did this to themselves, Hamsher & Co tried to warn them.

I should point out that legal insurrection dissents:

I’m not buying that spin. It is true that Hamsher had some of the most devastating critiques of Obamacare. But when I wrote my Open Letter in January 2010 to Hamsher asking her to join us in defeating Obamacare, there was no response, either directly or indirectly, in words or in action. Instead, Hamsher and others were focused on improving (e.g. public option) not defeating the legislation, an ultimately futiile quest which required a level of subservience to the Democratic leadership in the hope they would come through for you. They didn’t.

Fair point.

memeorandum thread here

Stacy and Michelle have put up excellent posts in support of Christine O’Donnell but rather than try to match their rhetoric lets bottom line it:

A vote for Christine O’Donnell is a vote for Joe Miller

A vote for Mike Castle is a vote for Lisa Murkowski and the NRCC

Any questions?

Saw a tweet today from Reesdansie that said: America Held hostage day 588. I think that is unfair.

Held hostage implies that it was against our will, we did this to ourselves.

However with Manny on the brain it led me to this SI article from a few years ago of really bad free agent signings:

1. Hampton, $121 million, Rockies (and Braves). The deals for him and Denny Neagle ($55 million, five years) set the Rockies back five years. On the other hand, the complicated trade to send him away and get the Rockies on the path to the World Series was a stroke of genius. The Braves, who got him from the Marlins in November 2002, two days after Colorado dumped him, are known for wise pitching decisions, but this has to be their worst.

2. Carl Pavano, $40 million, four (long) years, Yankees. Never really looked interested. Changed agents more times than he actually pitched.

3. Albert Belle, $65 million, five years, Orioles. Brought surly mood, diminished power and bad hip to Peter Angelos’ brand of bad baseball

His list has 13 names on it with contracts worth a combined $925 million.

That is really the way we have to look at it. Barack Obama is a free agent who came with a lot of hype and the country got carried away with it, we thought we were getting the next Jackie Robinson, instead we got Pumpsie Green.

Bottom line Barack Obama is the most expensive free agent signing in history and he still has two years left on his contract!

Remember when everyone told us that democrats should run on their records supporting Obamacare and the president when the people were screaming otherwise in polls?

I’m sure the leadership said they would stand behind them.

Apparently as the Cyberleader once told Miss Hartigan “That would be classified as a lie” as politico reports:

Facing a perilous political environment that has left the House Democratic majority in jeopardy, Van Hollen told reporters in a briefing at the National Press Club that the party faces a series of difficult decisions about which candidates to invest in this fall — and whom to leave behind

“At the end of the day, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee will look at races we can win,” Van Hollen said.

And in the same breath he insists the democrats will retain the house.

So to all you democrats who thought it would be a good idea to let Obamacare pass and to all you blue dogs who pulled a Fishbait Miller thinking that Pelosi and co would save you, I have one word.


A wheel of fish award for you!

Update: Who would have guessed the first death panel from obamacare would be a political one for ailing democratic members?

In this post concerning the tea parties and the GOP:

Here is the point, and I think this generalizes beyond NY-23 to the rest of the country: the GOP won’t take the Tea Party seriously until the Tea Party is the GOP.

One questions why the GOP establishment would be so willing to throw away a group of involved voters who match their beliefs. The answer may in fact be that their belief in fiscal conservatism and restraint is phony, that their belief is in their own power and a promise not to blow as much as the other side.

Actual spending cuts and spending restraint and tax reform decreases the power of the federal government. The goal of the establishment is apparently not to restrict such power, but to enjoy it.

The GOP doesn’t seem to understand that they are playing with fire. The tea party is going to give them two years to prove their bonafides. If they don’t you will see an actual tea party 3rd party.

I think Rush understands this which is why he constantly implores the GOP to take the conservative path.

What can we do about it? Smitty has the solution:

Get off the beanbag and support your local version of Doug Hoffman, or your sins of omission will result in a pocket-picking, and you’ll be at fault.emphasis mine

I think Bill Gunn put it very well in this interview last week jump to 3:34:

Money Quote: “If a republican is a big government republican I’m not going to campaign for him.

That is the tea party all over. The question is will republicans figure it out and act accordingly or will they destroy themselves and throw away the chance to create a lasting majority?

We will see.

BTW apparently great minds think alike, Sissy Willis put up a post making the very same argument.

Unfortunately for the Johnny Roccos of the GOP, the old way of doing business isn’t working anymore. It happened in the Massachusetts special election that sent Mr. Brown to Washington, and it’s happening again. The national GOP is being disintermediated via the Internet. No wonder they’re upset. The people’s choice, Joe Miller — endorsed by Sarah Palin and with major funding from the Tea Party Express — is battle ready

The question becomes, is the GOP establishment willing to destroy the party to keep it? So far the answer hasn’t been encoraging