…Never give Robert Stacy McCain a legitimate reason run a photo of an attractive blonde in a bikini.

Conveniently enough, she managed to get herself involved in a serious political news story:

She’s certainly is a pretty young lady, I can certainly understand how a man could be tempted in this regard but I’ll have to defer to Harry Reid to establish her “hotness level” (BTW D.K Jamaal says this about Reid’s assertion Maybe Harry Reid has a point? ) oh and there is some bribery to be talked about as well.

Jessie Jackson Jr. Bringing rule 5 Four days early.

memorandum thread here, I understand the other story was the lead but this one has a song reference.

P.S. Is it not a shame that it takes something like this for us to notice a fine candidate for congress like Ill-2 Isaac Hayes? The fact that the address of his site is “www.issac4honesty.com” is priceless.

who were so dying to get rid of Martha Coakley that they wrote in either GUY A. CARBONE ( * ) 9,505 or JAMES P. MCKENNA ( * ) 27,711.

This race reminded me of the Auditor race in that I liked both candidates very much and it’s a shame one had to lose, I would love to see Carbone and Jain both involved in government or as candidates in the future.

Delaware voters are being bombarded by the MSM’s laugh a minute message on Christine O’Donnell, in the spirit of getting things focused on the issues I submit this speech for the O’Donnell’s campaign’s consideration. No charge:

You know the left and the media have had a lot to say about my candidacy, most of it involved laughter.

First laughed saying about how my candidacy was a joke, until we received significant endorsements

Then they laughed at the endorsements that we received saying they were too late until we started to close in the polls

Then they laughed at my chances of winning the primary right up until the actual results were announced.

Then they laughed at our war chest saying even though I DID win we couldn’t compete in the money race, until people like you kicked in nearly $2,000,000 to finance our campaign.

Now they are laughing again, grabbing sound bites from as far back as when I was in high school to persuade you that I’m not ready for this office. They are desperate to change the subject from the issues facing the working families of Delaware and onto sound-bytes from years ago.

So lets get the message out clearly:

There are times in my life when I haven’t spoken clearly but when I get to Washington and vote to Repeal Obamacare that vote will speak loud and clear.

There are times when I’ve been misunderstood but when I vote against Cap and Trade that message will be understood by Washington.

There was a time when I had trouble with student loans, but when I vote against bailing out banks with your tax money you’ll have no question of how I’d manage your tax dollars.

I can tell you these things because I’m proud of the vision I have for Delaware, my opponent and in fact the entire democratic party nationwide wants to change the subject because they know their vision is contrary to what the voters want and need. So they will talk old TV clips and laugh and make jokes, while you struggle to pay your mortgage and get by.

They may think what’s going on is funny. I don’t. I know what hard times are, I’ve had them myself, and when elected I promise that I won’t forget those times while I try to help bring us out of them together.

And that’s no laughing matter.

…in Time all I could think of was Robert E. Lee’s quote about Union Generals:

“I fear they may continue to make these changes till they find some one whom I don’t understand,”

Until the left gets someone who figures it out they will continue to live by their golden rule: There is no issue, so pressing, so vital, so damning to their philosophy that it can’t be countered by the cry: Palin Sucks!

Update: Yup I misspelled his name, that’s what I get for scheduling posts at 3 a.m.

I visited every ward in Fitchburg to check on the turnout on Election day

My voting place Ward 6

As always the ladies were delightful

Checking the names

In every ward except ward 1 the turnout was reported as light, below avg. There were plenty of signs for Scott Bove who was my first choice for Sheriff (lost 52-48 in the dem primary to Tom foley) and people stood at ward 1 for him, but most of the turnout looked like this:

I think the contested race on the republican ballot hurt Bove, oddly enough there was a libertarian primary ballot with absolutely NOBODY on it.

The Ballots

My last stop was Ward 2, I had actually planned on stopping there later with my camera but I had time to kill while waiting for my son to finish golf practice. The ladies there were pretty much democrats and we talked for a bit. I told them about the travels of my hat, they asked me what I thought would happen in the election. They were not fans of Martha Coakley, John Olver or Sarah Palin although I did defend Sarah and they seemed to moderate. One thing they were united about was her daughter Bristol.

I mentioned how people where going after Palin because of her daughter getting pregnant and mentioned how I saw high school students attacking her for it back in 2008. To a lady they defended Sarah at this point and VERY strongly.

The gist was that you raise your children the best you could and taught them the best you could but you can’t make them make the right decisions. They had only venom for people who hit her on that. Each of those ladies had children and knew that those kids didn’t always hold up the side.

The point being that a room that was maybe 30-70 against Palin in Mass was 100% defending her when you went after her kids. If Democrats have 24 months to get this through their head.

Update: As for myself, my first thought when I see a young girl like that is “Is this wife material for my sons?” Stacy is right, she is as he calls her fine but if my boys brought her home I’d hesitate. It would be a tough slog to be raising another man’s kid at this stage in life. One mistake, even a big one doesn’t disqualify a young lady, and I’d wager I’d like her if I met her, but I’d ask my boys to think hard and soberly if by some miracle they came home with her on their arm.

I’m up way too early this morning and noticed Willie Geist pushing the CREW vs O’Donnell story. He joins CBS and Kos in dare I say it, masturbating over the prospect of a scandal.

Unfortunately the internet has a very long memory, including this Roll Call article about CREW, that bastion of non-partisan thought:

But a review of entities against which CREW has filed complaints and information about its donors suggests that the organization may be guilty of the same practice — attacking groups and individuals who are the foes of CREW’s donors.

Hey that’s a citizens watchdog group you are talking about it’s not like they have something to hide…oh wait:

The organization refuses to reveal information about its donors, and Deputy Director Naomi Seligman told Roll Call that “donors play no role in CREW’s decisions as to the groups or politicians we target.”

Well OK but it’s not like they target republicans or anything…oh wait again:

And all but a handful of its complaints against Members of Congress have targeted Republicans.

Cripes Peter you would think they were doing quid-pro-quos or something:

In February 2006, CREW asked the Senate Finance Committee to investigate the Center for Union Facts, an anti-union group, and its sister organization, the Center for Consumer Freedom, which CREW claimed are “front organizations for for-profit industry entities.” The complaint noted that the Center for Union Facts Web site had “negative information about unions,” including the Service Employees International Union. Later that year, CREW launched a Freedom of Information Act request, followed by a lawsuit, to get the Department of Labor to hand over documents regarding the department’s contacts with the founder of the two centers.

On Sept. 1, 2006, CREW received $75,000 from the SEIU, according to documents that the union filed with the Department of Labor.

And the SEIU is only one of the big liberal groups that fund them.

Will anybody in the MSM report this case of liberals quoting liberals? Morning Joe starts in 10 min, we’ll see.

10 quotes, pick out the ones from Jimmy Carter and the ones from Christine O’Donnell.

I missed #2 & #4. Go take it and see how you do. Of course the

Meanwhile via Glenn here is the clip that encompass my thoughts on O’Donnell

Oh and read Glenn’s whole thread of that post, first-rate!

I stand with Christine O’Donnell, I invite you do to the same.

Memeorandum thread here

Had a blast at the WCRN studios for Conservatively speaking: Here are a few shots:

John Weston in the WCRN studios

And the co-host of the show:

Co Host of Conservatively speaking

Tom Wesley
candidate for ma-2 congress joined the Axis of Fedora:

Tom Wesley running for Ma-2 the latest member of the axis of fedora!

And Jim McKenna sans Fedora was on the set:

Jim McKenna the next AG of Massachusetts

Stacy McCain called in during the second hour and talked a bit about the Tea Party Movement.

There is every possibility that I will be back on that station again, stay tuned!

I have written two reviews of Allie Winegar Duzett’s new book How to Save America A Tactical Guide for Practical patriots. You can find my Amazon review of the book here and my review for Lunch.com is here.

No matter which review you choose, it is an excellent book at an excellent price by a remarkable young lady.

You can view my interview of A. E. Duzett for the Field guide here.

…the idea that Mike Castle was a better chance to retain that seat is a legitimate opinion and I have absolutely no problem with anyone

Please don't hinder the Axis of Fedora! (photo Sissywillis pulled from video by RS Mccain)
who thinks that and maintains that opinion.

Charles Krauthammer, the Powerline Guys, Allahpundit, Patterico, Ace, Karl Rove et/al are allies. They have been allies before and I will be very happy to have them as allies again.

But the primary is over, the choice is clear. A Marxist democrat to the LEFT of Barack Obama or Christine O’Donnell. That is no choice at all.

If you don’t want to help win that race in Delaware that’s fine, there are hundreds of deserving GOP candidates running that I’d love to see you write about, talk about and gin up support for (cough Bill Gunn Ma-1 cough) and I’d be thrilled to link to you as you do.

But for God’s sake guys if you aren’t going to help us, don’t try to hurt us.

btw William Jacobson had the same thought as me at the same time but adds an apropos Lombardi quote on a Football sunday:

“The object is to win fairly, by the rules – but to win.”