David Anderson came from RI to volunteer for Sean Bielat

I went to two different Bielat offices yesterday, in both I’ve seen volunteers come in and help make calls. When you talk to these people you very much get a Scott Brown meme.

Stacy & I interviewed Sean Bielat at his Newton hq:

Byebyebarney.org is the moneybomb site and feel free to spread a little for Bill Gunn in Ma-1 to retire John Olver, Tom Wesley in ma-2 to retire Richard Neal and Marty Lamb in ma-3 to retire Jim McGovern as well! They don’t build robots but send them some love ace

Update: The link for byebyebarney was right but it said .com instead of the correct .org, my bad

The biggest news from the interview than Stacy and I had with Sean Bielat (other than byebyebarney.org) was the news the president Obama will be coming to Massachusetts to campaign for Deval Patrick.

I seem to recall that the president came to Massachusetts just before election day in January and it had an excellent effect…for republicans.

With republicans dying to link their opponents to the president I can’t think of any move that the democrats can make that will cause them more grief in congressional races in the state, that being said since there is a three-way divide for Governor this might actually help Patrick rally his base…if his base was pleased with Obama.

But what do I know? I’m just a fat guy in a fedora.

Yeah I know he got it up first, but he’s a faster typist than me….but I’ll have VIDEO shortly Heh Heh Heh!

While I was interviewing Bill Gunn, Tom Wesley, and Marty Lamb Sen Richard Moore was on the Air at WCRN, he talked to me right after he finished:

Conservatives I’ve talked to speak and think well of Sen Moore but it’s interesting to note that he talked to me about being a conservative democrat and opposing the majority in the state often.

The Times they are a changing!

Stacy McCain’s report from the Bielat HQ includes this gem:

Moe Lane reports that Charlie Cook just upgraded MA-4 from “safe” to “likely Democrat,”

I also noticed that ma-5 (Jon Golnik vs Nikki Tsongas) is also no longer listed as “safe” either.

In three weeks the whole state is going to be upgraded to “Holy S*#@!” People have no clue what is going on here.

OK Stacy McCain is here in Massachusetts on a one way ticket. Once he is done here he has to get home. He could buy a plane ticket but that would leave a lot of congressional races in states between Massachusetts and Virginia uncovered by dynamic Fedora wearing bloggers and you not informed about them.

How can we get Stacy home and make sure you know about the races you need to hear about? The Solution: Road Trip!

The plan would be to rent a car here, then once Stacy was done with Massachusetts we would drive him home, stopping at key districts to cover different races along the way (Think Tea party express with less singing and more Fedoras) once we get to Stacy’s house, I turn around the car and drive for home (About 10 hour drive straight through).
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I’ve been having an ongoing debate in twitter with a fellow from my district named LoudLiberal about republicans chances in Massachusetts in general and Bill Gunn’s chances in ma-1 in particular.

He’s a nice guy but I think he would not enjoy Stacy McCain’s post about the Frank/Bielat debate on WRKO:

It was blindingly obvious that the 4th District’s Democratic incumbent is not accustomed to defending himself or his record. Barney repeatedly filibustered, responding to simple questions with meandering stream-of-thought rambles that might have continued ad infinitum if no one had stopped him.

Then again Stacy is a known conservative republican it’s not like the Glove is reporting that democrats are in trouble…oh wait:

Solomon, one of many manifestations of an energized GOP electorate this year, illustrates the political zeal Massachusetts Democrats are up against as they try to hold back a Republican Party determined to make major gains on Election Day. What Democrats lack in enthusiasm, they’re trying to make up for in organization.

It gets worse:

Through vast suburban swaths, independents turned out in much larger numbers to vote Republican, while Democratic turnout in the big cities fell way below the statewide average.

In Haverhill, Leominster, Marlborough, Melrose, Methuen, and Waltham — six nominally Democratic cities that can swing Republican in competitive elections and tilted to Brown in the January special election — independents took more Republican ballots in September than Democratic, often by large margins.

If things are going so bad that the Globe feels the need to report it then Democrats be afraid, be very afraid.

And Republicans, take Roxeanne’s advice and keep working hard.

Update: It gets worse, even the NYT won’t back up the dems on the chamber of commerce attacks.