I’m up way too early this morning and noticed Willie Geist pushing the CREW vs O’Donnell story. He joins CBS and Kos in dare I say it, masturbating over the prospect of a scandal.

Unfortunately the internet has a very long memory, including this Roll Call article about CREW, that bastion of non-partisan thought:

But a review of entities against which CREW has filed complaints and information about its donors suggests that the organization may be guilty of the same practice — attacking groups and individuals who are the foes of CREW’s donors.

Hey that’s a citizens watchdog group you are talking about it’s not like they have something to hide…oh wait:

The organization refuses to reveal information about its donors, and Deputy Director Naomi Seligman told Roll Call that “donors play no role in CREW’s decisions as to the groups or politicians we target.”

Well OK but it’s not like they target republicans or anything…oh wait again:

And all but a handful of its complaints against Members of Congress have targeted Republicans.

Cripes Peter you would think they were doing quid-pro-quos or something:

In February 2006, CREW asked the Senate Finance Committee to investigate the Center for Union Facts, an anti-union group, and its sister organization, the Center for Consumer Freedom, which CREW claimed are “front organizations for for-profit industry entities.” The complaint noted that the Center for Union Facts Web site had “negative information about unions,” including the Service Employees International Union. Later that year, CREW launched a Freedom of Information Act request, followed by a lawsuit, to get the Department of Labor to hand over documents regarding the department’s contacts with the founder of the two centers.

On Sept. 1, 2006, CREW received $75,000 from the SEIU, according to documents that the union filed with the Department of Labor.

And the SEIU is only one of the big liberal groups that fund them.

Will anybody in the MSM report this case of liberals quoting liberals? Morning Joe starts in 10 min, we’ll see.

10 quotes, pick out the ones from Jimmy Carter and the ones from Christine O’Donnell.

I missed #2 & #4. Go take it and see how you do. Of course the

Meanwhile via Glenn here is the clip that encompass my thoughts on O’Donnell

Oh and read Glenn’s whole thread of that post, first-rate!

I stand with Christine O’Donnell, I invite you do to the same.

Memeorandum thread here

Had a blast at the WCRN studios for Conservatively speaking: Here are a few shots:

John Weston in the WCRN studios

And the co-host of the show:

Co Host of Conservatively speaking

Tom Wesley
candidate for ma-2 congress joined the Axis of Fedora:

Tom Wesley running for Ma-2 the latest member of the axis of fedora!

And Jim McKenna sans Fedora was on the set:

Jim McKenna the next AG of Massachusetts

Stacy McCain called in during the second hour and talked a bit about the Tea Party Movement.

There is every possibility that I will be back on that station again, stay tuned!

I have written two reviews of Allie Winegar Duzett’s new book How to Save America A Tactical Guide for Practical patriots. You can find my Amazon review of the book here and my review for Lunch.com is here.

No matter which review you choose, it is an excellent book at an excellent price by a remarkable young lady.

You can view my interview of A. E. Duzett for the Field guide here.

…the idea that Mike Castle was a better chance to retain that seat is a legitimate opinion and I have absolutely no problem with anyone

Please don't hinder the Axis of Fedora! (photo Sissywillis pulled from video by RS Mccain)
who thinks that and maintains that opinion.

Charles Krauthammer, the Powerline Guys, Allahpundit, Patterico, Ace, Karl Rove et/al are allies. They have been allies before and I will be very happy to have them as allies again.

But the primary is over, the choice is clear. A Marxist democrat to the LEFT of Barack Obama or Christine O’Donnell. That is no choice at all.

If you don’t want to help win that race in Delaware that’s fine, there are hundreds of deserving GOP candidates running that I’d love to see you write about, talk about and gin up support for (cough Bill Gunn Ma-1 cough) and I’d be thrilled to link to you as you do.

But for God’s sake guys if you aren’t going to help us, don’t try to hurt us.

btw William Jacobson had the same thought as me at the same time but adds an apropos Lombardi quote on a Football sunday:

“The object is to win fairly, by the rules – but to win.”


…then there is a real problem:

The idea of natural rights is only a philosophy. At its core is the idea that we are owners of our own person. The alternative is that we are owned by other individuals or owned by a collective (the State). If we are not “endowed by [our] Creator” with these rights, from whence do they come?

The upsetting question is not whether Obama believes in God, or whether he’s an Atheist—I don’t care about that at all. The upsetting question is this: If Obama doesn’t believe we are endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights, then what is his explanation for the source of the endowment? I have an awful feeling in my gut that his answer is “the government.”

We go from Pellucidation to Gateway Pundit and Jim Hoff:

What a shock.
Barack Obama dropped “that are endowed by our Creator” from the Declaration of Independence in a speech he gave this past week.

Other than the fact both of these bloggers are part of DaTechGuy’s field guide to bloggers you don’t get much more different than a Transgendered atheist and a Devout Roman Catholic, when both are on the same page here you know there is trouble.

How much trouble? This much:

Byron York Tweet 9:18 a.m. 9/19/2010

How powerful is the wave that is heading toward capital hill? So powerful that it has actually driven Barack Obama to Church!

I like the guys at powerline. It is a good blog and has been for a long time, however I think this post needs to be answered:

Lest there be any doubt, if I were a resident of Delaware, I would vote for O’Donnell. That is because she is far preferable to her “bearded Marxist” opponent. But O’Donnell is, nevertheless, a lousy candidate. I’m sorry, but politics is not about snatching random people out of the crowd and making them one of 100 United States Senators. Those who seek high office need to be qualified as leaders. They must be thoughtful and intelligent; they must have accomplishments in the public, or, better yet, the private sphere.

So in the same paragraph John goes on about how lousy a candidate Christine O’Donnell is but he would vote for her anyway (shades of Mike Castle here) but lets examine the part I emphasized.

What is the most important quality of a leader?…The willingness to lead. The willingness to put oneself out there with all the warts and issues (and we all have them, it’s just that most of us are too obscure for them to come out) that one has in life. The willingness to instead of saying “Someone ought to do something!” to saying “I’m going to do something!

No matter which way you cut it, in Delaware all those qualified leaders with accomplishments in the public and/or private sphere that John and those who agree with would like to have supported decided that the prospect of facing Mike Castle in a primary was too much for them. They may have thought “Someone ought to do something.” but for all their accomplishments and qualifications they just were not willing to invest the time and expense to act. In other words, they were not willing to lead.

Christine O’Donnell is a young lady, she was even a younger lady when she was on the Bill Maher show. She knows what her past is, and knows what her warts are. Nobody knows them better than her. Yet when nobody else was willing to step up and say: “I’m not going to let another RINO get elected to the senate.” she was willing to do so. In other words she led.

I’m sure there are a whole lot of more qualified people in Delaware with impressive resumes who would make fine senators , but none of them are on the ballot, none of them had the courage to lead. Christine had the courage to lead and has been rewarded with both a primary victory and the outpouring of Millions of dollars of support from the average American.

As Rush says “The pioneers get the arrows.” Christine O’Donnell is willing to take the arrows for conservatism. She knew what was coming but was willing to do it anyway.

That’s what a leader does. Yeah she’s qualified.

As I was leaving the 9/11 marches there was a large event on the mall, it was the Black Family Reunion an annual local DC event that I was not familiar with.

I’ve always wondered why black Americans who are so religious are so loyal to the democratic party.

….has it’s uses.

Does the left actually understand how they look when they decide the Delaware election should turn on WitchCraft and masturbation as opposed to say….jobs and the economy?

The fact is the left would likely actually approve of the witchcraft business, the idea is to convince people who might vote for O’Donnell on the right that she is unsuitable for support, electoral or financial.

The problem here is that their vision of the right and the tea party is a parody of what they think the right is.

As long as that parody is their vision they will continue to fail, so more python moments please.

Oh and Mr. Soros, whatever you’re paying your guys, it’s much too much.

Update: It’s Michelle for the defense

Update 2: Instalanche thanks Glenn (love the Taft line). Hi people, nice to have you around. Got a lot of new entries (including gateway pundit) in DaTechGuy’s field guide to Bloggers, livebloged from WCRN this weekend (might be able to get a show of my own if I can get sponsors hint hint), I covered the 9/12 rallies extensively (the most important interview is here) Check out my interview with Jim McKenna whose successful sticker campaign has set him up to beat Martha Coakley and Bill Gunn who will send John Olver home in MA-1. Learn why Christine O’Donnell is a leader and I invite you to join me in defying murderous barbarians.

This afternoon I interviewed Jim McKenna (R) who ran an successful write-in/sticker campaign to get on the ballot to face Martha Coakley in the fall elections:

DTG: A write in campaign is tough, in a primary doubly so and would be considered impossible for a Massachusetts republican before this year. What happened?

JM: Experienced political people told us we couldn’t do it but the people got involved, there seemed to be more homemade signs and individuals pushing the candidacy than we ever expected. Between myself and Guy Carbone another fine write-in candidate we know at least 20k went to the polls motivated for this race. I’ve never seen people so involved.

I think this is the most significant event from election day INCLUDING the O’Donnell victory in Delaware.

I’ll explain in some detail later today on WCRN 830 AM between 4-6 p.m.