Rich talked to me just before the start of Bill Gunn’s Townsend town hall last night:

I was pleasantly surprised to find out he is the uncle of my friend Paul Howley owner of That’s Entertainment two of the best comic and hobby shops you will ever find in the Massachusetts

Today on the Hill Obama partisan Plouffe is trying to set unrealistic expectations to give the left the chance to say: Republicans fell short.

White House senior adviser David Plouffe — Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign manager — said that a bevy of races were in play, from the national to local level.

“There are a lot of competitive races out there. There’s going to be at least 70 House races in play, about 15 competitive Senate races, a couple dozen tough gubernatorial races,” he said in a video to supporters of Organizing for America, the president’s political arm.

Plouffe painted a picture of a dire electoral landscape in which, if Democrats were to lose the majority of those races, their losses would be massive.

Plouffe is trying to scare the troops into action and paints the most dire picture you have ever seen. Glenn Reynolds (by who I first saw the story) asks if he is inflating. The answer is he THINKS he is. Certainly on the senate side 15 is unrealistic, but the dynamics are very different.

For example Ma-1 is not on a lot of people’s radar, but Sitting congressman John Olver has challenged Bill Gunn to 3 debates. Think about that a second. A sitting congressman with nearly two decades in the house has been reduced to challenging a political newcomer to debate him on the issues in MASSACHUSETTS. And the 1st district includes the Berkshires, I guess the ‘Bama redneck area is now extending to the mountains.

This is likely being repeated all over the country. Plouffe is trying to spin but once people believe they can win they work harder. Once people are convinced they can make a difference it gets them off their rears and into the fight.

Plouffe is trying to reset what a “win” is just as the media and democrats. He is instead creating a self fulfilling prophecy it’s isn’t just money candidates need but willing workers. This speech is going to provide workers for republican candidates all over.

Remember congressional democrats, you did this to yourself.

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Started the evening in Townsend Mass. Where Bill Gunn was holding a town hall after his return from Washington

Standing out for Bill Gunn (r) Ma-01 in Townsend

His fans were already out in force holding signs large and small:

The big sign at the Corner

Some of the younger guys not only took signs but as the event started went back to parade them for motorists returning home via Route 119

All the cool kids are supporting the guy who rides a motercycle

And Bill took the time to meet with some of the voters before things got started:

I once cast a ballot this big

Bill gave me a few minutes telling me a bit about the Beck Rally (he attended), approving of any pro-business moves the administration makes (while stating bluntly they are trying to buy votes at the last minute), He told me his plans for September 11th (Event at Fitchburg State University) and broke some news telling me that John Olver has challenged him to three debates and he has accepted. (I was under the impression that 20 year incumbents generally don’t see the need to have multiple debates with new challengers. Better get Olver off the triage list STAT!)

From there my next stop was the Reading Tea Party where 4 other candidates for Congress spoke:

Keith Lepor ma-09

Keith Lepor never told me he was a combat reporter in Afghanistan who is only alive to challenge Stephen Lynch because his body armor stopped a short that hit him square in the heart:

The difference between a dead combat reporter and a live republican candidate

When I asked him why he never mentioned it during my interview with him last week he answered “You never asked.”

I met two candidates for the republican nomination to face John Tierney in the Mass 6th District first Rob McCarthy

Rob McCarthy (r) 6th district

And secondly Bill Hudak who I first met and Scott Brown’s victory party and who gets a lot of credit for announcing early way before the republican tide started to sweep the land:

Bill Hudak republican candidate ma-06

Either would be a better alternative that Tierney we also met Gerry Dembrowski one of two republicans seeking to retire Ed Markey in the 7th district:

Gerry Dembrowski (r) for ma-7

He emphasized that the current economic woes can be traced to longtime congressmen like Markey who let things get this far. We also had state rep candidate for the 9th Essex district airline pilot Ray Igou:

Ray Igou (r) 9th Essex District

I found him very impressive, we need more like him on the state level.

The Axis of Fedora strikes again!

Of course the big news of the night was the expansion of the axis of fedora.

I’ll get the video up later, big day ahead tomorrow.

Back in Aug of 2009 I ran this chart of Vietnam vets against the war on Google news in a story of how Vietnam vets against the war decided not to back up Cindy Sheehan’s protest against the Obama administration:

Funny how they dropped off the radar in Jan of 2009.

I was reminded of that story when I saw this:

Several factors — war fatigue; a deep, lingering recession; and the presence of a Democratic president they helped elect — have drained the energy from organizations that led the fight against the Iraq war. Some of the most influential anti-war activist groups that once summoned half a million people to march against the Iraq war and the policies of former President George W. Bush are straining to raise the money and attention to fight what they see as Obama’s military entrenchment in Afghanistan.
“We don’t have a very vibrant anti-war movement anymore,” lamented Medea Benjamin, co-founder of Codepink, one of the anti-war movement’s most visible organizations. emphasis mine

Politico seems to be confused by this. If they had been paying attention a year ago they would not be so surprised. Have they given the anti war much attention in print themselves? Or perhaps they might remember this famous line:

If George W. Bush becomes president, the armies of the homeless, hundreds of thousands strong, will once again be used to illustrate the opposition’s arguments about welfare, the economy, and taxation.

George Bush is no longer president, those who oppose him politically who provided finances and manpower and media coverage in an attempt to bring him down will absolutely not do the same with Barack Obama.

BTW I figured I’d update my check of Vietnam Vets against the war on Google News since last year.

Vietnam vets against the war updated graph

A blip, we have a blip! Is it a press release, is it a march, is it a national event, no? What can that one blip be?

This is defiantly NOT the time to get out of politics. Some people feel threatened by the Tea Party movement. While I don’t subscribe too many of their viewpoints, I welcome them to the political fray. Their movement is probably the best thing to happen in politics since the Vietnam Vets against the War staged a million person demonstration in West Potomac Park in March of 1973.

One mention in a side article on the tea party in February. That’s it?

Don’t despair Cindy, Medina, it takes time to create true believers. Come November 2012 I’m sure many on the left who decided that American Military power is not something to protest will suddenly come around. Rest assured that you will have all the support and manpower George Soros and the Democratic party can buy.

Vincent is the man in charge of the Plymouth County GOP straw Poll and we get his perspective at the end of the event.

This was a very successful event, if we keep up the good work success will be a regular experience for the GOP in Mass.

Just before 10 p.m. after the Plymouth County GOP Straw Poll I went next door to Bella’s restaurant for a bite and in the Bar next to Corey Welch & his party all of whom joined the Axis of Fedora:

You might be asking. Pete, what’s with the grainy film? I owe Cory an apology, it was very late and I was very tired so I didn’t think to relocate to a spot with better lighting but then again the entire restaurant was very dark. It was the best tweak I could manage with Movie Maker to make him more visible

Corey Welch joins the Axis of Fedora

However I have an excellent still of him joining the Axis of Fedora, in fact his entire party joined the axis that now perhaps reaches into the Palin home. (Alas no.)

I actually had already uploaded the original and a black and white version until I settled on this as the best and deleted the other two from youtube.

I talked to Candidate for Auditor Kamal Jain about his campaign and vision for the office:

Q: How has your campaign been received.

A: People love my message. They get the idea of using technology to create transparency it appeals to them.

Q: Why the appeal?

A: They appreciate that I respect their intelligence. Government might write bigger checks and buy other things but if you can balance your checkbook and unit price shop you have the basics at looking at government spending

Q: How do you think Government went wrong?

A: Government got larger and less local, as it became a profession it meant that we lost the ability to see what is going on.

Q: And how is this solved?

A: The internet is more of a game changer than the printing press. By using the internet as a vehicle to make a new relationship with the people. The idea is to allow the people to audit government themselves.

Q: So big government is the problem?

A It is easy to forget that there are hardworking people in government but you also have to remember that Government by nature is not efficient. It consists of people spending money that isn’t theirs on a different group of people. With 537 agencies each functioning as fiefdom protecting themselves you need a more objective eye to see what is happening.

Q: Surely this information is already public?

A: True but its release is not only slow but expensive if you try to obtain it. That is government trying to protect itself, but 13 states already have public checkbooks. There is a massive appetite for this.

Q: I first saw you at the twin city tea party, how long have you been involved in the movement?

A: I’ve been involved in the tea party movement since 2007 long before it became a national phenom. In 2008 when people were saying “Yes we can” we were asking “Yes we can what? I would serve no more than 2 terms, accept no pension and take a 10% cut in pay if elected. I’ve also been endorsed by Tea Party Favorite Ron Paul.

Here is a quick video of him at the twin city tea party in March:

I absolutely love Kristine’s story:

The truth is there is nothing you can do until you decide to do it. Kristine is the perfect expression of the change in this country, people deciding to get involved. She got involved. Plymouth county and the PCRSP should be pleased to have her. I don’t know if she is involved in the tea parties but she is a perfect expression of them.