Jack was about to go see a show when the march passed by. He gave me a few minutes of his time:

Unfortunately for me he started talking before I was ready so there is no real intro he just jumps in and the crowd at the end drowned him out a bit.

Marcus Neshay is a performer from the Bread and Puppet theater in Vermont

He is commenting on one of the more violent episodes of the narcissist labor movement the Chicago Haymarket Riots of 1886. I think we can safely say that things have improved a bit since then.

This is a great example of a movement that has achieved a real gain looking for a new cause. It deserves a longer post and I’ll write one on the subject later this week.

BTW he can really recite. I think he would be great at any kind of dramatic reading.

Joya was the only person who made the argument concerning escaping the violence in Mexico which I think is the best argument the open borders people have (choice between getting shot by drug cartels or breaking immigration law is no choice at all)

Her history in central and South America is iffy. She should read Gulag. Like most of the protests she was very ignorant of the actual Arizona law. Unlike the others she was the only one to suggest actually raising the legal quota.

I’m really surprised that she has been going to Mexico City regularly. I sure hope she stays safe when she travels there.

I’ll be continuing to put up the various interviews but for now we have a series of short clips of the lead up to and the actual march in question with my commentary and some photo links.

First there was the revving up of the crowd:

Before anything else I want to say the two speakers there gave me access to the Gazebo to take some shots and were extremely polite to me. I may disagree with them but they get full marks on that. Here is a pan of the crowd:

It was pretty small at that point but small contingents kept showing up during the day, here is the second to last that came:

By the time the final batch came the total was about 300 or maybe a bit under. Here is the second Pan after the contingents showed up. It still added up to maybe 3% of the Tea Party crowd.

In a few minutes they were about to Watch, I checked with the Police and asked if I could walk ahead and take pictures, they smiled saying it was a free country. So they started to line up to do their march through the streets:

The Crowd started down the street with the police clearing the way. The public watched with some amusement and some bemusement as they continued on.

They basically marched a block down, two or three blocks over then back up toward city hall. Their cry was “education not deportation”. I would highly recommend education particularly on the subject of economics which was sadly lacking in this group. I would suggest for that they begin with Don Boudreaux, a bit of history perhaps, I would recommend Anne Applebaum’s book Gulag to reacquaint people with all the good that Che and socialism did for people and perhaps some current events with Byron York as none of these people seem to be actually have read it. Maybe even a lesson in English like the difference between “immigration” and “illegal immigration” which the entire march seemed to try to blur rather dishonestly.

The March then stopped near city hall where the Big Apple Circus was in town. It gave me a chance to show the entire crowd.

It was not the brightest idea of the marchers to stop in front of a large tent with the word Circus on it where one could take pictures. From there they marched by the graveyard where James Otis, Sam Adams and the dead from the Boston Massacre are buried. That would have been the place to stop and talk but they didn’t think of that.

The Democrats on the Sunday shows like Al Sharpton who said: “Nobody is talking about Open borders” certainly wasn’t talking about this rally nor was Katrina Vanden Heuvel who lionized these rallies as significant while minimizing the tea party rallies that not only in Boston drew 33x more people but did so on a Wednesday rather than on a weekend. It was blatantly dishonest. And I’m sure they would have loved some of the things said about the military in front of the recruiting center where it ended.

The truth is this march and movement has absolutely no chance of convincing average Americans of anything if their ideas are presented unfiltered. A great example of this was Diane a black woman who was working one of the two jobs she had worked for the last 20 years. She was unimpressed with the march, the marchers and their cause. Media outlets should be ashamed of themselves for pretending they are something they are not.

Update: Apparently the low Boston turnout wasn’t unique.

Update 2: Smitty provides links to other coverage in LA and NY and Charlotte NC.

Antonio gave me the strongest urge to actually coming out and arguing with someone. His views on genocide are some of the worst pap I’ve ever heard. Gives you an idea of what a free European education will do for you:

God knows how he will function in a society where you have to earn your way but I wish him luck. BTW he is talking about a dispute between Shaw’s and its unions.

I never shop at Shaws anyway. Their union workforce means that the prices there are higher than anywhere else so I go elsewhere. This is called the law of unintended consequences.

Today I’ll be posting a series of interviews etc with people at the MayDay March.

As a rule these are going to be people who I strongly disagree with, however I’ve given them the same forum that I give people that I agree with. I’ve been criticized by the left for not challenging the people from the right that I interview, if you have that same reaction from the other side consider.

I’m wasn’t there to try to change minds, I was there to report what I saw. I think their arguments make the case against them better than almost anything I would say and some of them are horrifically misinformed.

But all did the courtesy of giving me their time on Camera not knowing me, so I am returning said courtesy by letting them make their case unimpeded. Feel free to make the case against in comments (I may make one or two) or via a link on your blog.

I figure our case is strong enough to withstand the other side.

I want to give credit to Michael. After the camera was off I asked him a tough question concerning abortion. Namely this: “If it is determined that being gay is genetic and a parent found their child if born would be gay, would it be wrong to for them to have an abortion?”

He said: “It would be morally wrong but they would still have the right.”, “Just because something is a right doesn’t mean that it can’t be abused.” I thought it was a very good answer. I think the kid is smart enough that it will cause him to think about that question in the future. He has a lot of potential and has a mind worth changing.

I met Imad at the Tea Party rally, he and his crew were filming people. In my opinion he was asking a few rather leading questions but he is a nice enough fellow and was kind enough to send me a copy of his work as I requested today.

Take a look at fruits of his efforts:

Take a look at the edits and the presentation. Do you wonder what was left on the floor? What other interviews he left out. Were there people who made a better case that he didn’t decide to present?

Now compare this to my interview of Chris Gonzalez today at the Boston Immigration March/Rally on Mayday today:

If you’ve read this blog for any length of time you know I think Chris’ opinion is nonsense, but rather than attempting to make him look the fool I play my entire interview with him, not editing it or trying to trap him, simply letting him give his opinion and allowing the listeners to make up their own minds.

Chris may not like my opinion or what I have to say concerning his but when he sees this post and the video on YouTube he can not honestly say that his opinion was either misrepresented or altered in any way. It stands or falls on its own two feet.

Imad is a grown man and I as I’ve said a nice fellow but given his presentation I see no reason why any conservative should give him the courtesy of granting him an interview until he returns that same courtesy by respecting those people he talks to.

After all as one of Her Majesty’s subjects should know, to do otherwise just wouldn’t be Cricket!

Andrew Breitbart has been around longer than the tea parties but I think nobody symbolizes the style of the movement more than him:

About the only thing that makes the left more crazy than Breitbart is the would tea party movement