Today’s entry is yet more proof that conservative woman combine brains and beauty, Adrienne Royer of Cosmopolitan Conservative.

As I’ve mentioned one of the great things about CPAC was discovering excellent blogs that I didn’t know before. Her blog is one of them.

Update: I should point out that the reason Glenn Reynolds wasn’t what she expected was because someone was passing himself off as the blogfather. That’s certainly not her fault and the dishonorable fellow who caused her embarrassment in this fashion was unworthy of her company.

Q: What is the best way to keep a marriage going strong?

Some shops have bargain flowers but the place where I go when I have the spontaneous urge to buy is ZuZu’s Petals on Summer Street in Fitchburg.

Hey it is going to be 22 years next month I must be doing something right.

Oh and if you mention this blog post they will give you 10% off for a limited time.

So get her flowers NOW!, Don’t wait for the birthday, the anniversary or when you screw up.

Newsrealblog is one of David Horowitz’s blogs. Although I was familiar with Frontpagemag I wasn’t acquainted with either Mark or this blog, until CPAC…

Since the blog is kinda new I feel better about not knowing it before the interview.

Are you a blogger who wants to be part of the field guide? Drop me a line. If you are able to get to the 5th street diner I’ll meet you there, give you a short interview and include you in the general “Field guide to bloggers” that I plan on keeping up. We can have lunch (you don’t even have to pay for mine!) and have a nice little chat.

Conservative, liberal, whatever, if you are a blogger and want to be included in the field guide, let me know and we will set up a day for the diner and get you filmed. Hey maybe we can put your photo under Stacy McCain’s?

…BTW, youtube is iffy tonight so the next part of DaTechGuy’s field guide to CPAC bloggers will have to wait till tomorrow.

One thing that caught me by surprise was the number of bloggers who were here from particular organizations. Jordan Forbes was here via the National Taxpayers union.

A lot of these people are so YOUNG!

My youngest and myself are both Pinball fanatics so on the occasion of his rising grades we took a trip up to Funspot with his friend Kevin and DaHospitalityGuy. A young lady who was to also come with us begged off due to sickness.

The drive itself in a couple of hours as it is located in central NH’s Lake’s Region. The entire area is rather beautiful although each time I visit it seem to be developed just a little bit more.

There are a series of photos that will show up in the Gallery below but there was one sight that caught me totally by surprise when we pulled up, so much so that everyone had to wait for me while I waited for the sign to refresh to the same spot:

In NH conservatives aren't the silent type

Being from Massachusetts I was a little surprised but much less so after I had the great pleasure of meeting the founder:

When you have an arcade that has been in business since 1952 and at it’s present location since 1964 customers are unlikely to make choices based on your political leanings, particularly when you provide a good product at a great price. Particularly when you offer free tables and space for Birthday parties.

We didn’t confine our interviews to management…

UPDATE: His name is Dylan not Ian my bad there.

The food is pretty good, but if you want something more substantial there is no shortage of restaurants nearby, but they don’t give you the free tokens that you earn for buying a Pizza.

There are more interviews, and a photo gallery below the jump
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One of the wonderful things about St. Anthony’s church is the strong music ministry of players and singers that appear regularly at Mass.

Robert Memo is one of several people who give their time and effort to the people and the Lord, much to the pleasure of the congregation.

Remember if you have a talent like this, you can add a lot to a worship service. Robert considers himself an amateur but as far as we are concerned he is a pro. A gift that is shared is a gift doubled, and maybe you will inspire someone to take up the mantle as well.