If you read this blog at all you know that I consider Byron York one of the finest reporters in the United States. I was very flattered that he gave me a few minutes of his time at the Tea Party Express Rally.

His latest is here.

I was even more flattered that he had heard of me. Very nice guy.

…bringing up everything I eat and drink, and doing a fair impersonation of a confederate soldier with his favorite disease. (After all it’s confederate history month).

Believe it or not my wife is even worse shape (different but worse) so regular posting will resume when it no longer hurts to look at the screen.

Meanwhile let me give you the video of the cab driver that both Barbara and I commented on this weekend. If the tea party people are wise they will have him speak.

This man is amazing.

And now a word from the press specifically the Japanese press’ Yushin Sugita:

He is a very nice guy but I had bad luck with him, my initial interview was corrupted and his business card seems to have disappeared.

Nick’s class attended the Boston Rally on a field trip.

The downside of getting on that bus is that I wasn’t able to follow up with people I would have liked to, so Nick if you are reading this e-mail me or send a comment so I can e-mail you.