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The latest in our series of posts on subjects that should surprise nobody who is paying attention:

Today’s piece highlights the blog Israel Matzav and both Jeffrey Goldberg and Hamas & Fatah

At first glance it would seem that Jeffery Goldberg’s piece in the Atlantic this week concerning the attack on Jews at worship in Jerusalem would be our primary argument but a closer examination of it shows that he doesn’t quite get it.

One of the most shocking aspects of the murderous attack on a Jerusalem synagogue this morning by men with guns and axes is not the attack itself—we’ve seen, from time to time, this sort of sectarian barbarism take place in places like Jerusalem, and Hebron. The most shocking aspect is the wholesale endorsement of this slaughter by Hamas, a group that, during this summer’s war in Gaza, half-succeeded in convincing the world that it wasn’t what it actually is: a group with actual genocidal intentions.
There is an inherent contradiction in that paragraph, in the same sentence that he notes that Hamas is a bunch of murderous bastards, he expresses shock that said murderous bastards expressing the opinion expected of murderous bastards:
This is how a Hamas spokesman reacted to the massacre of Jews at prayer: “The new operation is heroic and a natural reaction to Zionist criminality against our people and our holy places. We have the full right to revenge for the blood of our martyrs in all possible means.”
I suspect  he is speaking in a PR sense.  He’s shocked they’re not playing the game that has fools his readers and friends in the media.  Yet he himself  is falling for that very same game when it comes to the Palestinian Authority:
The Palestinian Authority leader, the more moderate Mahmoud Abbas, has condemned the attack, but it is also fair to say that he helped create the atmosphere in which attacks like this one become more likely.
Goldberg implies that the PA & Abbas are moderates.  They would certainly would NEVER celebrate the massacre of Jews at prayer, and they certainly would never say one thing for western consumption & something different to their own people.
And above all they certainly wouldn’t post an explanation on Facebook to explain their condemnation are just for show , would they?

Following the Palestinian Authority’s condemnation of this morning’s terror attack in which 4 Jews were murdered while praying in a Jerusalem synagogue, Abbas’ Fatah showed on its official Facebook page that Abbas’ condemnation is not sincere.

Fatah explained Abbas’ condemnation of the murders by using Palestinian Media Watch documentation showing Arafat’s bodyguard explaining that Arafat would lie and condemn terror attacks due to international pressure to do so, but that “it wasn’t true.”

via Israel Maztav who notes:
Until Goldberg and his friends in the media are willing to be honest about all the ‘Palestinian’ leadership’s genocidal intentions, those who depend on the media for their news will not understand the true nature of the threat facing us. The Temple Mount is just a sideshow. If it weren’t that, it would be something else.
Goldberg willingness to continue to play this game while Fatah’s military continues to train for war costs lives.

The latest in our series of posts that will not surprise any person who has been paying attention.

Today’s installment comes a post from Robert Spencer’s Jihad’s Watch on a case in England from this story in the Indian Express

An Indian-origin Islamist activist facing trial on terrorism charges skipped bail and fled the country with his family on Wednesday, headed through Paris to the Islamic State, British media have reported. The escape, first revealed by The Daily Mail, came after Abu Rumaysah failed to surrender his passport, a condition of his bail, and has led to opposition charges of police incompetence.

Seriously, they didn’t get the passport first before they let him out on bail?  Well it must be because he wasn’t charged with anything series lie inciting terrorist, oh wait….

Born Siddhartha Dhar, to a family Indian diplomatic sources in London told The Indian Express was of Bihar-Bengal origin, Abu Rumaysah had been arrested in September along with nine others, on charges of inciting terrorism, as part of an ongoing investigation of the London-based pro-jihadist group al-Muhajiroun.

Well nobody finds this more unexpected that Robert Spencer who writes…

He was forbidden to leave the country; Britain wants to keep its jihadis. But he eluded authorities, which is no doubt very easy to do in Clueless Britannia, and fled to the Islamic State. But not to worry, Abu Rumaysah, if you have “good intentions,” you can come back whenever you wish and be showered with goods by the Ministry of Appeasement.

The real question what is the source of this story’s place in the “Unexpectedly Chronicles”, that a supporter of Jihad in the west flouts law or that a bureaucracy is this inefficient?

FYI have you seen Robert Spencer’s latest book?

Or perhaps some of his other ones?

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In Flanders fields the poppies blow
      Between the crosses, row on row,
   That mark our place; and in the sky
   The larks, still bravely singing, fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below.

Lt. Col John McCrae In Flanders Fields Stanza 1 1915

The latest in our series of posts that will not surprise any person who has been paying attention.

Today’s installment comes from Pam Geller concerning Islamists in England, but before we get to the piece some necessary background

Since John McCrae wrote his poem In Flanders Fields from the front lines of World War I the red remembrance day poppy has been a symbol throughout first the British Empire and then the British Commonwealth of nations to remember those who have died in war.  It has been a sacred symbol in those nations for almost a century.

In that time this has never happened.

An Army cadet suffered burns in an unprovoked attack after selling poppies for Remembrance Day.

The 15-year-old boy was waiting at a bus stop in his camouflage uniform when a man holding an aerosol can and cigarette lighter approached him.

He then sprayed the terrified boy with blazing fumes before walking off without saying a word.

Police report this was done in broad daylight:

‘This happened at a very busy time in the city centre, near a main bus route, and there could be lots of people who saw this man staggering around.’

What kind of person does something like this?

The attacker, who appeared to be under the influence of alcohol, was described as black or Asian, 5ft 8in tall and wearing a dark hooded top.

While Asia is a pretty big place, Pam reminds us that while in the USA “Asian” generally refers to those from China or Japan in England “Asian” is “media sharia-speak for Muslims” .

Furthermore in the 100 years that such sales of poppies have taken place, an age when heavy drinking was common, somehow no other drunk has torched a person selling Remembrance Day poppies.

Who would have thought those sympathetic to Islamists trying to kill soldiers might target the most visible symbol of western forces?

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The latest in a series of regular posts containing stories that should surprise nobody who is actually paying attention.

This entry is concerning a source of frustration for a Massachusetts parent highlighted by the web site Fix This Nation.

For years, liberals have done everything in their power to make sure Christianity is kept out of the public school system. In this, they’ve largely been successful, erasing school prayer, condemning student Bible readings, and even crushing private clubs that hold meetings on school property.

After all we wouldn’t want exposure to Christianity, a religion that was intimately involved in the building and development of this country to be mentioned in a public school as it might offend the delicate sensibilities of non-Christians.

But when it comes to Islam, they’re predictably less concerned about appearances.

Apparently those worried about non-Christians getting the vapors over a hint of the cross believe Christians are made of sterner stuff

At least one parent in Revere, Massachusetts is concerned about how his son’s history book teaches about Islam. Anthony Giannino told a local news outlet that, “No religion should be taught in school. It says Allah is their only God. That’s insulting to me as a Christian who believes in just Jesus only.”

While the textbook in question stops short of endorsing Islam, it portrays the religion in an overly-celebratory context that might run at odds with how many view it in light of recent events. It reprints the Muslim Call to Prayer in full, which includes such statements as “I bear witness that there is no god but Allah.” It also includes a rather biased overview of Muhammad’s life. “Muhammad never expected to change the world,” the book tells us. “He had a strong sense of right and wrong.”

The lack of a formal endorsement of Islam was almost enough to disqualify this story from the #UNEXPECTEDLY series but given Massachusetts status as the father or gay marriage that might be a bridge too far even for us.

More here.

The first in a series of regular posts on stories that should surprise nobody who is actually paying attention.

This entry concerning a source of Frustration for Elder of Ziyon:

A UN agency with a billion dollar budget is covering up information about its teaching hate to hundreds of thousands of students, and I cannot get a single mainstream reporter to cover this.

It’s worth noting that the Jihad promoting UN web sites all were “disappeared” shortly after he highlighted them.


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