My attitude, pretty much.

Events are turning me into a radical skeptic. I no longer believe what I read, unless what I am reading is an empirically verifiable account of the past. I no longer have confidence in polls, because it has become impossible to separate the signal from the noise. What I have heard from the media and political class over the last several years has been so spectacularly proven wrong by events, again and again, that I sometimes wonder why I continue to read two newspapers a day before spending time following journalists on Twitter. Habit, I guess. A sense of professional obligation, I suppose. Maybe boredom.

The fact is that almost the entirety of what one reads in the paper or on the web is speculation. The writer isn’t telling you what happened, he is offering an interpretation of what happened, or offering a projection of the future. The best scenario is that these theories are novel, compelling, informed, and based on reporting and research. But that is rarely the case. More often the interpretations of current events, and prophesies of future ones, are merely the products of groupthink or dogma or emotions or wish-casting, memos to friends written by 27-year-olds who, in the words of Ben Rhodes, “literally know nothing.” There was a time when newspapers printed astrology columns. They no longer need to. The pseudoscience is on the front page.

And, the worst thing about this state of affairs is that much of the public cannot tell the difference between reporting and opinion/speculation. That’s no accident.

As I said at my blog last month, what we are seeing isn’t new and it’s a manifestation of the spirit of lies. The target: the souls of all humankind.

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Uncertainties are never good for the insurance industry. The current debate surrounding the Affordable Care Act and the new American Health Care Act is creating uncertainties that may soon jeopardize the whole healthcare industry. The Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois is committed to a return to the Obamacare exchange next year, but the same can’t be said for other insurers.

This state of limbo is causing more problems than anticipated. In fact, health care uncertainties are starting to hurt millions of Americans, even before the new AHCA is signed.

Obamacare in Trouble.

The Affordable Care Act is clearly in trouble. The series of uncertainties that have been covering ACA now leave many counties with no health plans to sell in 2018. Insurance companies are pulling out of these counties, citing the uncertainty around the Republicans’ health care bill and the future of healthcare law in general as the reasons for the move.

Republicans’ efforts to drive Obamacare into collapse is becoming increasingly successful. Unfortunately, it is also causing millions of Americans to lose access to affordable health insurance in just a few months. This is a situation no one can afford to face, especially without a new health care bill to replace the ACA.

The latest statistics by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation reveal 47 counties with zero health insurance plan to sell. While Blue Cross and Blue Shield Illinois is committed to making a return next year, companies like Anthem and Blue Cross Blue Shield Kansas City are exiting their respective markets. Anthem is leaving Ohio with one fewer option, while Blue Cross Blue Shield Kansas City has pulled out already.

The Political Incentives

It is easy to see why Republicans don’t want to fix the problems with ACA. Republicans and the Health and Human Services Department of this administration are using the failing health insurance market as an excuse to repeal Obamacare. The approach is a smart one, at least from a political standpoint.

Without a clear replacement for Obamacare, however, this will only lead to more problems. The 23 million Americans that will lose health care under the House version of AHCA may even lose their healthcare before the new healthcare bill passes the Senate.

A Push for More Certainty

What the Trump administration and Congress need to do is create a climate of certainty. The health law and policy department of Hofstra Law recently compiled studies that suggest plugging the ACA while formulating a better, stronger AHCA are the things to do to reverse the damages being done today. Students who are studying for their health law degree are using the current healthcare debate as the perfect case study.

It is also unfortunate to note that such an ideal situation may never be implemented. As mentioned before, the political incentive of a failing Obamacare is too good for the Republicans to miss. We can only wait and see as Republicans try to formulate a better AHCA and get it passed as quickly as possible, regardless of the consequences that come with the new healthcare bill.

The title of this article is not just a slogan; those are words amateur radio operators live by.  Whenever there is a major disaster, such as an earthquake or a hurricane, amateur radio proves to be the only form of communication into and out of the disaster area.  This was especially true during Hurricane Katrina.  The winds and storm surge devastated the regular telephone service, cellular communications networks, police communications, fire communications, and the internet, along with the electric power grid.  Over a thousand amateur radio operators converged on the disaster area and very quickly re-established communications with the affected agencies and over 200 evacuation centers.

Amateur radio operators work very closely with the Red Cross, the Salvation Army, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, Homeland Security, local police and fire, along with many other agencies to provide emergency communications.  Emergency communication is what amateur radio operators do best.  Immediately after a disaster we can get on the air because our equipment is portable and can be powered by a car battery or a small generator.  A slingshot and some rope are all it takes to get a wire antenna up into a tree.   A mast of PVC or metal pipe will also work as an antenna support.  With that simple setup an amateur radio operator can talk to just about any part of the globe.

The knowledge and expertise that is essential for successfully handling communications during an emergency is far more important than the specialized equipment.  Throughout the year amateur radio operators practice for emergencies by providing communications for events such as parades, road races, and other similar events.  In October amateur radio operators take part in a simulated emergency test.  There are two organizations within the amateur radio community that specialize in training and organizing emergency communications.  They are the Amateur Radio Emergency Service and the Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service.

The fourth weekend in June is set aside for the single largest emergency communications exercise in the United States.  This exercise is called field day.  That weekend 30,000 amateur radio operators converge at thousands of locations, such as parks, across this country.  They set up complete stations, housed in tents or trailers, where no facilities exist.  All of the equipment is powered emergency power and all antennas are set up using temporary supports or trees.  The setup takes only a few hours and the stations are kept on the air for 24 straight hours.  This year field day begins at 2 pm on Saturday June 24th and ends at 2 pm on Sunday June 25th.  Many groups will begin the setup process on Friday the 23rd at 2 pm.

The club I belong to, the Eastern Connecticut Amateur Radio Association will be holding field day at the Pomfret Recreation Park in Pomfret Connecticut.  We will set up six complete stations.  All are welcome to visit us this weekend.  Here is a map of field day sites in the North America.  All will welcome visitors.

The Terra Cotta warriors in Xi’an

My students in China made me smile today.

One of them sent me a heartfelt message that I had made a difference in her life. It wasn’t the usual end-of-the-semester note from my American students, who often are looking for a slightly higher grade.

The note read: “Thank you for your patience and kindness all of the time. I always learned a lot from your courses. Those good websites and videos opened new worlds to me. And sincerely, it was the practice of finishing your assignments that made me decide to be a journalist in the future. I’ll keep on going. I wish that someday I can be a good journalist as well as a cool person like you! “

Several others agreed with the student, sending me notes that echoed the sentiment. My Chinese colleagues told me that such praise is rare.

For the past two months, I have tried to teach more than 20 students how to become better journalists. As they often do, the Chinese students came up with some interesting stories, which you can see at

It’s not an easy path becoming a journalist in China. The rules are complicated; the work difficult. But I think some of my students may well make it.

Several young journalists wrote about health issues, including Bipolar disorder, cerebral palsy, child abuse and nursing homes. Others focused on providing interesting slices of life in Guangzhou, the third-largest city in China with more than 13 million residents.

One story even centered on news kiosks, a Chinese cultural icon that has been facing tough times because people don’t buy newspapers and magazines anymore because of the internet. Another story told of student entrepreneurs, who are creating businesses like barber shops while they are still in school.

Also, I have a greater understanding of China from my third trip there. I traveled to some fascinating places, which I had not seen in my previous trips.

A buddy I met along the way in Chengdu.

Chengdu, for example, is the heart of China’s efforts to save pandas from extinction.

Dunhuang is an ancient link on the Silk Road, the transit route from China to Europe from roughly 400 to 1400 A.D. On the opposite side of the Silk Road stands Xi’an, the home of the Terra Cotta warriors.

Hangzhou is the home of Alibaba, the Google of China, and a lovely city on a lake.

I also traveled to Thailand, Vietnam and Myanmar, where Bagan, a site like Siem Reap in Cambodia, is home to some awe-inspiring temples.

All told, it was an exhilarating trip—one that I will never forget.

By:  Pat Austin

SHREVEPORT —  It’s officially summertime and many of us are looking toward to vacations and hitting the great open road to discover America, or other parts of the world.

For us, we head to the Midwest. There’s some truth in the old adage about the grass being greener, and all that; the living is always better where you aren’t.

Every summer we travel to Iowa. Now I know there are some people in Iowa wondering why in the devil dog would anyone want to come to Iowa, but we love it. My husband’s family is there but it’s not just that. It’s the road trip along the way. We take the backroads whenever we can and avoid interstates.

One year we left for the Midwest from the Dallas area after attending my grandson’s birthday and we ended up on Route 66 in Oklahoma which we rode out as far as we could, stopping to see all the cool Americana, road stops, signage, that we could. It was one of our more memorable trips.

To me, it’s the things you discover by accident as you roam, it’s not having a fixed plan or a rigid time schedule. When I was a child my father would throw us in the car and we’d head for the beach, but there would be only one stop along the entire fourteen hour trip. Maybe two. And they were fast. Get it and go.  Now I prefer to take things slower.

We love the Midwest, especially around the Fourth of July holiday because truly that’s where the heart of America can be found. The small town parades are the best.  In Shreveport, where we live, the Fourth is celebrated with a huge fireworks extravaganza and massive crowds, traffic jams, in the hot, humid Louisiana night. Give me the small town tractor parades any day.

Maybe it doesn’t matter where you go, just that you go. Sometimes we all need to get away and recharge our batteries, have some real down time.  What I’ll be doing next week is sitting in my sister-in-law’s backyard in the evenings while kids roast hotdogs over a fire pit, watching fireflies light up the dark corners of the yard…in the morning the tornado siren will go off at 7 a.m. for it’s daily test (and again at noon). The Amish buggies will clap down the streets and at the Sale Barn down the road the farmers that fill up America’s bread baskets will meet to solve the world’s problems over eggs and coffee. We will drive up to my husband’s family’s generational farm, breathing in gravel dust from the road as we traverse some of the prettiest rolling hills I’ve ever seen.

The biggest decision I will have to make all day is if we want to drive to the WalMart in the next county to pick up a few things.

The people are nice, friendly, and as down to earth as you’ll find anywhere. They want to know where you’re from, who your people are, and they’ll wish you a nice stay.

“Iowa?  You’re going to Iowa?”

Yes, I am, and I can’t wait.

Pat Austin blogs at And So it Goes in Shreveport.

We are getting yet another threat from our Democrat Friends concerning the potential firing of the Special prosecutor:

Several Democrats in Congress warned President Trump on Friday that he will face consequences if he fires special counsel Robert Mueller and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

“All Americans, regardless of party, agree on the fundamental principle that no one is above the law,” Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) told MSNBC Friday. “And if President Trump were to fire Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein, and then [get] special counsel Mueller fired, I believe Congress would begin impeachment proceedings.”

Now normally I would not get in the way of the Democrats shooting themselves in the foot but if I was Donald Trump I would find Democrat threats to bring up impeachment in the house an incentive to fire the entire Special prosecutor team rather than a disincentive, in fact if I’m Donald Trump the thing I’d want most of all is a Democrat filing a resolution of impeachment on the floor of the House of Representatives as soon as possible, maybe by the end of next week.

Now you might find this an odd thing to think, but there are two simple reasons for this, the first being that as I’ve already explained the people who actually buy all this impeachment nonsense are hyperpatrisian Democrats and such a move would not only politically hurt him with is base, it might actually help

But more importantly getting the Democrats to push impeachment now would be learning a lesson of Watergate, To Democrats and the left, that word is magic, but the reality is it was an actual political event and if President Trump studies that event he would know how the Democrat’s impeachment push would end.  Let me explain:

In 1973 Fr. Robert Drinan who was a member of congress from Massachusetts introduced an impeachment resolution in the house, primarily on the grounds of Nixon’s actions on Cambodia.  Tip O’Neill one of the savviest Democrats in the house understood that this had the potential to blow up in their faces, the evidence for impeachment was not there and once one vote failed it would be hard to get another passed.  O’Neill talked about the issue in his autobiography Man of the House

At (Speaker) Cal Albert’s request, I went to Drinan and tried to talk him out of it.  “The timing is wrong,” I said, “It’s premature.  Let’s wait a few months until the evidence is in and we get the votes we need.”

Drinan agreed not to press the issue, but by then the resolution had already been filed and could not be withdrawn.  According to the rules of the House, any resolution on impeachment is, by definition , a privileged resolution, which means that any member, at any time can call it up for an immediate vote.  We could certainly see to it that no Democrat would bring it up, but who knew what the Republicans might try?  If I had been in their shoes, I would have brought up Drinan’s resolution immediately, because an early vote on impeachment would have been an excellent insurance policy against having to vote on a similar resolution at a later date.

Tip O’Neill Man of the House pages 247-248

They were so concerned that Tip, then majority leader, and the two whips made it a point to make sure one of them was always on the floor to make sure such a resolution was tabled on the spot until finally he got assurances from minority leader and future President Gerald Ford that the GOP had no plans on bring it for a vote.

The fact is President Trump is much more like Tip than he is like Nixon, he has finger on the pulse of the working class of the nation and knows that an impeachment resolution would energize his base to no end, furthermore such a resolution would expose every Democrat in the place as the radical leftist they are and would have laudable effects on election 2018.

If I was President Trump I’d take careful note of this example and do all I could to bait one of the house radicals like Maxine Waters to introduce a resolution of impeachment as soon as possible, perhaps by baiting the very gullible radical left, particularly in Hollywood and in the black lives matter movement to demand such a resolution. It would take little effort to make it an internet cause celebe. In fact I would beat the bushes of the left to find a radical democrats on the state level demanding impeachment and quietly encouraging them to primary sitting democrat congressmen and bankrolling pacs backing them with the express purpose of pressuring a member of the Democrat caucus to introduce such a resolution.  Because those democrats would be a lot easier to beat in the general election in anything that isn’t a completely blue state.

Furthermore an impeachment vote now would put any republican in the house who might consider for one moment to vote for it on the spot.  Such a pro-impeach vote would guarantee a pro-trump primary challenge that would likely not end well for the sitting congressman, after all consider what Robert Costa discovered about GOP voters when he left his bubble.

The left lives in a bubble amplified by Culture, but Trump has actual power backed up by the law.  I suggest he use it.

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Half-Faced Man: You will be destroyed.
Clara: Destroy me, then. And if you don’t, then I’m not going to believe a single threat you make from now on. Of course, if I’m dead, then I can’t tell you where the other one went then. You need to keep this place down here a secret, don’t you? Never start with your final sanction. You’ve got nowhere to go but backwards.

Doctor Who Deep Breath 2014

If there has been one consistent over the last few weeks it’s been the drumbeat from the MSM that if Donald Trump dares even consider firing Robert Muller and end the independent counsel investigation the resulting backlash with end his presidency.

That’s balderdash.

It’s not only balderdash, it’s one of the most ridiculous bluffs in the history of Washington.

The problem with the argument is that it’s totally dependent on the idea that the people who currently support the president will decide to abandon him, but that isn’t going to play and a great reason why this isn’t going to play was illustrated by the last questions that Jake Tapper, one of the harshest critics of the president asked to congressman Adam Schiff:

Jake Tapper: President Trump tweeted, among many tweets today, he’s been very prolific on Twitter today. Quote: You are witnessing the single greatest witch hunt, all caps, in American political history, led by some very bad and conflicted people. 

Let’s just talk about the witch hunt part of that. Is there any evidence of obstruction of justice or collusion with the Russians that you have seen? 

Congressman Adam Schiff: Well, you know, let me take the obstruction issue first. I think what James Comey testified to a week ago, if accurate, is very well evidence of an effort to impede or obstruct the investigation. If he was fired as a way of changing the course of that investigation, that seems to me evidence of obstruction. Now, whether it’s sufficient evidence is another story. 

Similarly, I believe there is evidence of potential collusion that we need to get to the bottom of. Again, there is a profound question of whether we will be able to corroborate, get sufficient evidence, and of course, sufficient evidence for what. 

Jake Tapper:  You think there is evidence of potential collusion? 

Congressman Adam Schiff:  There is, I believe, evidence, yes. 

Jake Tapper:  Is this the circumstantial evidence you referred to several weeks ago or something new? 

Congressman Adam Schiff:  It isn’t something new, but we continue to investigate and I think continue to learn new things. Again, we are much closer to the beginning of this investigation than the end. So, I don’t want to overstate what we know at this point. But we have, I think, very good reason to conduct our investigation in a thorough way. I think there’s ample reason why the FBI began their investigation last July. And there’s ample reason for them to continue it to this day. 

I don’t think that’s something the FBI does — open an investigation of a presidential campaign, without a reason. I don’t think they do it on a hunch or mere speculation. So, I think there is a factual basis for that investigation, and ours, that we need to get to the bottom of. 

Note the answer to Tapper’s final question, with the very same evidence or lack thereof suddenly Adam Schiff is suddenly crying “obstruction” while at the same time keeping the weasel words “I believe”, “it seems to me” what does that say?

It says they have nothing, have never had anything  and the plan is basically is to keep investigating until they can trump up something, against someone, ANYONE, most likely a perjury trap.

But more importantly Trump voters know and understand what is going on, so the firing of Mr. Mueller will have absolutely no effect on them.

“But DaTechGuy”, you say, “What about the media backlash?  What about the backlash from official Washington?  What about the backlash from Hollywood?  What about the backlash from newspapers?”

Think about that argument for a second.

That argument is saying that if Donald Trump dares to fire the independent counsel the people who hate him and have spent seven months attacking him as an unfit criminal who should be driven from office, will …continue to attack him as an unfit criminal who should be driven from office as opposed to…attacking him as an unfit criminal who should be driven from office.

In other words the media and the left will act exactly the same no matter what President Trump does.

So if that is true what on earth is his incentive for him to hold back?

It could be that he might hold off a few weeks, to allow the leaks and the apparent conflicts in the investigation to allow the independent counsel and his gang the maximum loss of credibility, it might even be that he decides to let the investigation continue on the grounds figuring it hurts them more than it hurts him.

But if it was my decision I’d drop that bomb and do so on the 23rd of this month.  Give them a Friday to have to shift their conversation for the weekend shows and let them stew.

The fact is Donald Trump has the power, it’s time he uses it.

Update:  for some reason repeated a sentence fragment, removed.

Before the non-stop barrage of miserable news grinds you too far down, take a break and try to find some good things in the world. Here’s what I came across today, which I hope will help to brighten your day…

Chicago Cop rescues dog who fell into Lake Michigan:

A dog fell into Lake Michigan Tuesday morning and struggled to get back up onto land. Luckily, a Chicago police officer got there just in time.

That dog looks just like one of mine, I’m so glad he is ok! Look at him wagging his tail, good dog.

Good Samaritan runs into a burning house, rescues a woman and her dogs:

“Driving by and I seen some clouds and it was too big to be a bonfire,” Josh Leissa said.

Leissa decided he needed to act.

“I went into the front door and that part was blocked so I couldn’t go in there. So I had to go to the back and she was in the back room.” he said. ” (It was) a lot of smoke. Could barely see anything.”

Inside Leissa found a woman lying down, the only protection he could offer her was a yellow rain poncho.

“I grabbed her and her dogs and got her out of there,” Leissa said.

Bad guy attempts home invasion through a window, is thwarted by the ferocious attack of the family CAT:

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) – A family’s pet cat is being called a hero for doing something that caught even his owner off-guard.

“Binky” stopped a burglar climbing in a window at home.

That would-be burglar showed up at a house on Finley Avenue around midnight determined to get in. But the family cat had something else in mind.

“I was shocked the first time he started growling,” said Cynthia Kootz, Binky’s owner.

It turns out that Binky ended up saving the day when he heard a noise in the backyard near the garage around midnight. Cynthia immediately asked her boyfriend about the noise, but they eventually dismissed it.

“I went outside, didn’t see anything, so I shut the light off and shut the garage,” said Kootz.

A few minutes later, a man started banging on Cynthia’s front patio window. He tried to convince her to let him in and even offered to show her his identification.

“He was beating and kicking,” said Kootz, “trying to tell me there were men trying to shoot and kill him and you got to let me in.”

For her own safety, Cynthia refused and she says the man decided the window was his next move, which ended up costing him dearly.

“The next thing I knew, his hand went through that thing and then Binky went after him,” said Kootz.

Binky launched a second attack when he tried yet a second time to get in the same window. Binky has no claws, so he used his teeth on the intruder.

“Binky blew up like a balloon and got him again,” said Kootz.

As Binky attacked the burglary suspect, Kootz was on the phone calling 911. She was put on hold for a few moments, but eventually got to speak with a dispatcher who sent officers to the house. The officers arrived just as the burglar decided Binky was too much for him and ran from the window right into the police.  MORE

That is one bold kitty!

Have a nice weekend, and Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads out there.


MJ Stevenson, AKA Zilla, is best known on the web as Zilla at She lives in a woodland shack near a creek, in one of those rural parts of New York State that nobody knows or cares about, with her family and a large pack of guardian companion animals. 

The sand dunes along the Silk Road

Dunhuang, China, is probably the most important city you’ve never heard of.

Tucked into a corner of Northwest China, Dunhuang [pronounced DONE-hwong] was a major outpost on the famous Silk Road trading route and has become a symbol of the current government’s attempt to rebuild the image and the use of the international connection.

Marco Polo traveled through Dunhuang in the 13th century and spent 17 years as an aide to Kublai Khan, the Mongol leader of the Yuan Dynasty in China and conquered an area from Asia to Europe in the 13th and 14th centuries.

But Dunhuang played a major role in building China’s role in the world long before that.

Buddhist monks arrived in China from India by the first century AD, and a sizable Buddhist community eventually developed in Dunhuang.

The caves carved out by the monks, originally used for meditation, developed into a place of worship and pilgrimage called the Mogao Caves.

One of the Mogao Caves near Dunhuang, China

During a recent trip to Dunhuang, I had the opportunity to see the caves. I actually went back for a second look because they are simply incredible! You only get to see eight to 10 of the more than 700 caves, but they are a breath-taking example of Buddhist art from 400 to 1200 A.D. The caves also kept a secret of thousands of hidden documents about culture and religion through the world—only discovered in the early 1900s when a monk found them hidden behind a wall. A number of Christian and Jewish artifacts have been discovered in the caves, including a Bible from Syria.For more information, see

From Dunhuang, you also get a sense of the extraordinary effort and will of the people, like Marco Polo, who traveled through the deserts of the world. The nearby Gobi Desert is the third largest in the world behind the Sahara and Arabian deserts. The Taklamakan Desert, which also sits nearby Dunhuang, is the 16th-largest in the world and is almost the size of Germany and exists almost entirely of sand dunes.

Today, the central government of China is trying to make Dunhuang a major tourist attraction, particularly the Mogao Caves. I hope the leadership succeeds in the effort because the caves are one of the most beautiful sites I’ve ever seen.

Some days, the “news” just wears me right out – and today is one of those days. Here are some animal stories, plucked fresh from teh interwebz for your enjoyment.

Something a little different from the usual Russia!Russia!Russia! stuff, but still Russian, a biker bear!

A bizarre video has emerged of a huge brown bear sitting in the sidecar of a motorbike – and he looks like a seasoned rider.

The clip – reportedly filmed in the city of Syktyvkar in Russia’s Komi Republic – shows the giant predator happily playing the role of pillion.
Eyewitnesses were reportedly left gobsmacked at the unusual sight, with many of posting footage of it on social media.

The bear even seems positively happy in the sidecar , which is attached to the Russian-made IMZ-Ural motorcycle.

Nicholas Pasynkov, who captured some footage explained he was “driving Saturday in Syktyvkar when he spotted the large bruin calmly riding in a motorcycle sidecar that had been designed to resemble the face of a wolf.”

It was later revealed to have been a charity PR stunt by local biker club, the Polar Wolves, and a visiting circus to raise money for a children’s psychoneurological clinic in the city.

The circus reportedly provided the 22-year-old bear, which was decided to have the ideal temperament for the role as it has spent its entire life performing.

Locals were happy about it, but animal rights advocates were not. Read more about it HERE.

Escaped pigs caused mayhem on a Japanese highway after escaping a truck bound for the slaughterhouse:

It was a case of little piggies not going to the market – at least on schedule – as 19 of the 37 creatures on board executed a daring breakout, according to local media.

Traffic was halted as the defiant pigs opted for a more scenic route to the slaughter house and frolicked on the side of the highway, oblivious to the commotion they were causing motorists.   MORE

No word in the article about whether any of those pigs got a reprieve.

A horse is a horse, of course of course, and what better name for a horse, of course, than Horsey McHorseface – and it’s a winner!

The unforgettably named Horsey McHorseface had its maiden win in at a race in Cessnock, Australia, on Monday, proving that yes, even things named after a joke can actually win events.    RTR

They are calling him “The People’s Horse”, and I think that’s pretty cool.


I hope you enjoyed the break. Here is my dog Bellah, who thinks she is people, to leave you feeling warm and fuzzy:


MJ Stevenson, AKA Zilla, is best known on the web as Zilla at She lives in a woodland shack near a creek, in one of those rural parts of New York State that nobody knows or cares about, with her family and a large pack of guardian companion animals.