…manages to downplay the schism being caused by the ECLA’s decision that we covered here.

However stories like this are being repeated all over the country:

When First Lutheran Church of Washburn, which has about 600 members, took its final vote May 9, it was no squeaker. Eighty percent voted to sever the church’s affiliation with the ELCA, said the Rev. Erik Johnson.

First Lutheran has not yet decided which denomination it will join, he said. But it has talked with LCMC (Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ) and also with CORE, a group of congregations formed in protest of the ELCA’s proposal for changing clergy standards, Johnson said.

Hey if the ECLA is looking for more priests? We Catholics have three we would love you to take off our hands.

Memeorandum thread here.

…then this is going to hit this administration:

Correspondence obtained by The Sunday Times reveals the Obama administration considered compassionate release more palatable than locking up Abdel Baset al-Megrahi in a Libyan prison.

The intervention, which has angered US relatives of those who died in the attack, was made by Richard LeBaron, deputy head of the US embassy in London, a week before Megrahi was freed in August last year on grounds that he had terminal cancer.

The document, acquired by a well-placed US source, threatens to undermine US President Barack Obama’s claim last week that all Americans were “surprised, disappointed and angry” to learn of Megrahi’s release.

Back when this happened I said this:

I can’t see how England did this without at least informing the US if this is true the big loser is Not going to be president Obama.

Back when Hillary was named Sec of State it seemed a shrewd move for both parties. By making Mrs. Clinton a part of the administration she is tied to it, and by taking State she not only avoids having to deal with a declining economy but she puts herself in a position to resign in protest at a key moment if she wants to make a move.

Since Mrs. Clinton has become almost an afterthought in this administration it looks like I’m going to be wrong, it will not hit Clinton it will hit President Obama.

memeorandum thread here

Will Morning Joe and everyone else who have been pushing this story continue to do so if this blows up in the Administration’s face. I think Mika still will, but I wouldn’t be on anyone else in the MSM.

Update: Michelle Malkin: So much for Smart Diplomacy.

Considering how much I liked the Lodger it would take an extraordinary episode to go higher in my ranking. The Pandorica Opens pulls it off. It is the single best episode in the entire 5th series.

The direct tie ins with previous episodes work very well. Alex Kingston not only gets an incredible array of interesting costumes (her final costume is in my mind stunning on her, particularly the hip hugging belt, it is absolutely unrevealing yet incredibly attractive, The perfect uniform for the character.) but show stealing scenes and scene stealing lines: “I hate good wizards in fairy tales, they always turn out to be him.“.

However everybody gets into the act, simply manic moments and lines such as:

The Doctor: “Look at me! I’m a target.”,

The Doctor: No, I’m missing something obvious, Rory! Something big, something right slap in front of me, I can feel it!
Rory Yeah, I think you probably are
The Doctor: I’ll get it in a minute.

The Doctor: Remember every black day I ever stopped you. And then, and then, do the smart thing. Let somebody else try first.

Roman General: “I leave camp for one week and find out we’ve been hosting, Cleopatra who’s in Egypt…and Dead!”

And in case you think this is only comedy, the drama is so thick you can cut it with a knife, A lot of answers are provided in this episode but even more questions. It leaves you emotionally drained yet desperate for more. This episode is a dramatic tear jerker and an emotional roller coaster with sizzling aliens of every type for good measure. The cliff hanger is surpurb

It doesn’t get any better than this, but lucky for you it gets damn close.

Rating *****

Last Episode: The Lodger

Next Episode: The Big Bang

I actually watched all the Clinton Hearings and fully supported and still support the impeachment of Bill Clinton, I trace the decline in democratic honor from the moment of the disgraceful press conference after the initial vote.

That being said, Tancredo’s case for impeachment of president Obama is just off, it has no more justification than the left’s nonsense of the same toward George W. Bush.

I think this president has been disastrous domestically and adequate at best on defense (which was way ahead of my expectations for him) but certainly not impeachable. Most of what this president has done is bad policy, bad decisions, based on a bad philosophy but you don’t impeach that. (The virtual ceding of parts of Arizona to the Mexican Cartels has potential in that direction but we are nowhere near there yet).

Clinton directly lied to a grand jury, this is an actual crime, and he used the power of the presidency to cover that, he was disbarred for this.

There is nothing that Barack Obama has done to this point that rises to that level, being wrong or mistaken is not an impeachable offense and both legally and politically we waste our time going in that direction.

Memeorandum thread here.

Oh and one note, I’m not arguing that Clinton was a worse president than our current one or was worse for the country, I’m arguing the legalities and the purpose of impeachment as a constitutional tool. It should be used sparingly for actual crimes not as a political club.

Update: And of course here are the democrats also talking smack in the other direction, pure hogwash.

in this post. With one exception it’s pretty good, but lets take a look at the exception because it deals with the future of race in America.

DB hits Shirley Sherrod Maybe it’s just me, but if I had my father murdered in my teens by the Klan I might just have a chip on my shoulder for a bit. The fact that the chip is in any way off her shoulder is the amazing thing. Yeah her actual positions are wrong but I’m inclined to give her more of a pass.

More importantly it explains why in terms of race it will be another 60 years at least before conflicts concerning it are nipped in the bud. Consider:

To someone like me born in ’63 I look at this country and see us way past these things, but to those born just 10 years earlier who lived though a fight, this is not only something they experienced in their youth but their parents and grandparents told them about it and that will stick with them. That’s human nature, as long as the stuff of the 60’s and before is in living memory there will be people who carry it (and for some like Jackson, Sharpton and unfortunately the NAACP will make their living off of it) and let their opinions be shaped by them.

It will not be until the living memory of those times are gone that the next generation will be able to advance. The real danger here is that the race hustlers manage to keep the ball rolling or revive it in the same way that Griffith’s Birth of a nation did for the Klan.

Oh and if you want to understand how that can be done, read Roger Ebert’s review of the Birth of a Nation, it should be read by anyone who wants to understand film and history. (Ebert’s political views are nutty but he knows film)

…even before this the Tea Party express and some of the other groups didn’t see eye to eye. Back in April there was some friction between the pair in Washington and a Worcester Tea Party leader advised some members not to show up to the Boston Rally.

When Confederate Yankee asked why the entire express was booted over Williams the answer is, in my opinion because they could. It is clearly unfair to taint the tea party express over this but they had a chance to knock off a rival so they took it.

What really gets me angry about this is that reading what he said, how could he not realize what he was doing? You can make the case that government dependence is holding back the black community. (Candidate Cory Ruth made that case to me in GA-4) but this was just over the top offensive.

Because of said stupidity the NAACP has a scalp and the media story Monday will not be about the phony charges that were made, it will be about validation of their meme. Mr. Williams did that and for that alone he deserves plenty of grief.

Mr. Williams I have to give you the Wheel of Fish award for this one.

Bad Form Mr. Williams, bad form.

Memorandum thread here.

Update: Williams’ statement is here, it’s pretty good and deserves an airing. It should be noted that he admits that he screwed up big time. Waiting for the same from New Black Panthers, Rev Wright and Louis (The Pious) Farrakhan in 3….2…1….(billion).

They’ll slaughter anyone who opposes them regardless of race, creed, sexual preference or national origin!

In fact Mr. President Radical Islamists and Al Qaeda will even slaughter their own children if they violate Islam. That’s not racism, that’s Barbarism!

Two Memorandum threads on this.

and the following occurred to me:

I didn’t recognize Victor Garber as the friend, I still think of him from Godspell

It’s amazing to think that there was a time when Rosie O’Donnell was not only cute, but was funny. She is a pretty good supporting actress.

You know it must be odd to be in a movie with your wife when the entire story of the picture is falling in love with someone else.

And isn’t it nice to see a Hollywood marriage succeed. No matter what you hit Hanks for, he gets credit for that one.

Meg Ryan has not been so lucky.

You know one of the bad side effects of a movie like this is how it makes people decide that good people are not good enough because you think magic is going to happen. Both main characters were seeing nice people who deserved a better fate then they got.

Maybe if the idea was getting a good person rather than “the” person the question of finding a mate by the age of 40 v terrorism wouldn’t have come up.

The “Paul is dead” bit is an important reminder that just about everything you’ve noticed has been seen by someone before.

Did anyone else notice Hank’s wife was played by a Bond Girl?

The Dirty Dozen crying scene is one of those great guy moments.

You know if the sexes of Tom Hanks character and Meg Ryan’s character were reversed, this could have been made as a “stalker” drama.

If this movie came out 15 years later Jimmie Durante singles might have been selling on Itunes.

Then again if it was 15 years later Jonah would have had a photo of Anne via linkedln.

And the private detective would have had a digital camera and would not have made a sound. In 20 years would people watching this movie wonder what that sound was?

Even before the twin towers came down the Empire State building had more style. No matter what building were taller how could you have the romantic moment elsewhere.

I wonder how many copies of An affair to Remember were sold after this movie came out?

A lot more than the dirty dozen.

Politically Rob Reiner is a nut but he is still funny and does underplayed comedy very well.

Is it odd to you that a nine year old kid would be watching the front for her mother’s business? It was to me.

And finally “If it is in the computer they believe it.” That hasn’t changed one bit.