Bob Owens the Confederate Yankee goes after truthism on the right with an article on Pajamas Media on the president elects constitutional qualifications for the White House:

In various courts, dozens of cases have been filed claiming that Barack Obama is not eligible to hold the presidency because of various alleged citizenship issues. The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday turned down a request to review one such case. Another case challenging Obama’s eligibility nearly identical to the first was immediately added to the Court’s docket for December 12, and yet another case looms in the wings.

What all these cases have in common is a sincere, often irrational belief that Barack Obama does not meet the Constitution’s minimal requirements to become president of the United States. Let’s look at those requirements and see if we can lay these to rest.

He lays out a great case and on his own blog asks if it is good enough to convince the doubters. The answer is no. And the reason is multi-fold.

First the leadership will never admit defeat, that hurts the book sales, conference sales and speaking fees as suggested in this post. The subject is different but the tactics are the same, make a buck. When it comes to these guys i’m not so sure about the sincere part.

Secondly there are the followers, they need a reason to follow, and be part of something bigger then themselves. By being a part of this they “know” a truth that is either in their mind denied by the more foolish or unknown to the ignorant. This increases self esteem which might be lacking.

Thirdly you have those who absolutely hate Obama and the fact he was elected. It’s hard to lose an election. As I said before I held a sign for McCain in Massachusetts for 7 hours on election day it was tough to lose. I didn’t buy the results in Pennsylvania at first but in the end the facts are the facts and one must to steal a phrase “move on”. This group actually has the best shot of being convinced because they are motivated more by hope than anything else but some will cling to this and will bring it up every time that the president elect does something foolish.

Hey some people are still not convinced that the 2000 election wasn’t stolen, what makes us think that these people will be any different?

Via Glenn who knows all , sees all and sooner or later blogs all.

Via The Captain, The Anchoress makes the correct argument in a column at Pajamas media today:

To secularists and avowed agnostics who work to expunge all religious language from governments, that idea is anathema. I doubt it makes many Christians or Jews happy, either. But the war on terror is as much about ideas and ideals as about security and strategy. If one side’s ideas are mayhem in service to transcendence and the other side is thinking about meetings and signed papers, then secular Western diplomacy is boxing with one glove.

Silencing the language of faith in public discourse and policy weakens the West’s ability to engage and defeat an enemy entirely motivated by relentless theology. By failing to speak in the same language, it has no weapons for victory, short of destroying whole cities.

Well she wanted to know what we thought. I think this is exactly right, since we don’t want to have to use the “Sherman” option. Faith is highly respected in the Islamic world as Christians as “People of the Book” should take advantage of this. I would think that our secular friends would not care how the war is one as long as it is, and any tactic that would decrease the need to kill should be plan A or at least plan B. I see no reason why it should generate the hate mail it apparently has.

Her blog is always a worthwhile read particularly if you are a Catholic like me although I must admit I did forget today was the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe. As our Hispanic population has increased it has become a bigger Catholic feast here in the US and will continue to do so. The story is here.

Well the ice slammed into us really good. No power (or heat) in the house, no power in the neighborhood, no power for most of the city (although as of this writing two sections of town have lights) and a good chunk of central mass is totally dark.

Tonight I’m writing from a friend’s house in the former Fort Devens. Our friend insisted we come to a place where the lights burn brightly.

I have my laptop with me and once I get a chance to read about today’s news I’ll have things to say but I’ll just go with a few observations:

People seem to be taking the lack of power in stride.

Trees are down everywhere, very large branches were blocking my driveway we cleared enough to pull in and out but there are huge trees and power lines all over the place.

The bright side is with school out we were able to make a trip to my favorite haunt in the days of HiWired: Mighty Subs in Needham (where you would never know a storm took place). Art and Karen have been together since high school and have run this place for decades. Their motto is “Our small is their large” and they aren’t kidding.

If you are EVER in the Needham Massachusetts area give them a visit, they are only open weekdays till 4 and serve a full breakfast as well, but it is their Mighty Subs that are the star of the show.

There is a fair amount of pleasure just reading a book or staying under the and not worrying about the rest of the world.

It’s days like this when you really have to appreciate the Police, Fire and Utility people. When the chips are down they work like there is no tomorrow.

You know at least one Christmas its a good idea to buy your wife $300 worth of Yankee Candles. Not only will she not need any more for years but some dark day it might pay off.

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, nobody has a better group of friends than me that you can count on. I’m really blessed.

And destructive as it was, those trees covered in ice, particularly the view of a tree covered hillside is one of the most beautiful sights you will ever see.

That nasty Ice storm that was supposed to hit us earlier today finally has gotten here, power just flickered on and off in the house.

Depending on if it goes off again and stays off blogging may be spotty for the next 24 hours, but we’ll see.

BTW If you have a PC that you normally leave on and you are in the same boat as me it would be a good idea to power it down and/or disconnect it from a plug. Electrical issues along with heat and teenagers/relatives are the top killers of PC’s.

“But tech guy” you say “I have a surge protector and/or an uninterruptable power supply connected to my PC.” Let me put it this way. It takes a few minutes to shut down the machine and disconnect stuff. If either the surge or the backup power supply fails what would you rather do: spend a few minutes re-connecting devices or putting in a claim on the guarantee provided by the makers of those things?

Cripes go to deposit the rent and eat some lunch and now we have news of a 2 hour conference call between Blagojevich and the Obamaites. Gateway pundit is on it:

This is the same call where Blags famously uses profanity to refer to his good friend, Barack Obama, “F— him. For nothing? F— him.”.

This is getting out of control rather quickly maybe even to the point where the media can’t pretend it isn’t important anymore.

What I’m really waiting for is the start of the conspiracy Reverend Wright card by that I mean when will we see somebody suggest that all of this is just a conspiracy to either disable the first black president or to keep him from taking office.

Don’t think for one moment that the same demagogues that preach black liberation theology won’t do it. It is their bread and butter. They will cash in on this in the same way the 9/11 truthers and the Obama birth certificate stuff people are doing so.

You don’t think people are cashing in? Somebody is buying those books, somebody is buying those tee-shirts and buttons. That means someone is writing them and making them. And don’t forget its guys like these that are a cheap source of attack for someone who wants to make trouble.

I think we’ll see it before my LogMeIn trial period expires.

UPDATE: Nope. I don’t know how the last three words in the first sentence of the 5th paragraph were lost but there are back there now.

Ace discovers that it all depends on the meaning of “no contact” apparently that doesn’t include a public photo of the president elect and the Gov from last Tuesday.

I guess that explains all the old Clinton hands but it doesn’t explain the title of this post. This does:

If you just want the relevant line start at 4:20 and watch till 4:45.

UPDATE: The Captain sees the Clinton link too.

Mike Barnicle is from my home town. He often talks sense and like a regular human being. He also refers to the Moran Square Dinner that has the best breakfast in the area.

I’m watching Morning Joe right now. They have Ariana Huffington on right now however and Barnicle’s intro suggested that she practically invented internet journalism.

Mike I love ya but COME ON! Did you ever hear of Drudge, or Instapundit, or Andrew Sullivan, or Kaus, or The Corner, or Michelle Malkin, or LGF, or Kos, or Eschaton, or Hotair, or Oliver Willis or Tim Blair? And that’s just naming a few!

I mean the Huffington Post is ok, but how solid is a webblog that has to shut off comments to prevent its own readers from embarrassing themselves as antisemites or as just crass when conservatives die. .

Nasty ice storm warning in my area all the way, power might be iffy today.

This is quite inconvenient since the first eBay auction is due to end today, hope I don’t lose connection at that time.

If things get really quiet around here, that is the reason why. Of course if I get a sale then I’ve got to fire up LogMeIn and get going, now THAT would be a bad time to lose power.

The AP reports that Mass cities and towns should expect aid cuts:

House Speaker Salvatore DiMasi pushed Monday for legislation that would allow cities and towns to join the Massachusetts’ insurance plan despite objections by local unions, saying the move could save municipalities millions as they brace for possible cuts in state aid of up to 10 percent next year.

Well I have a Plan B to make up for my lost job. When I went to pay my water bill today I see the assessors office has a plan B too:

Multiply that by thousands of roofs and they may have a winner, but I think my plan is better