What the next best thing to having a Sicilian American Blogger with Fedora and cannoli covering your story for a Mere $1000 a week plus expenses? Having the Robert Stacy McCain road show visit your town:

if you’re one of the people who hit the tip jar to help fund my travels during 2009, thank you very, very much. I’m now actually considering a sort of “Victory Lap” road trip in a few weeks to celebrate the past year’s successes, meet up with some friends and do some campaign coverage. Our good friend Barbara Espinosa lives in Arizona (where a certain crazy cousin of mine thinks he’s too young for retirement), and I’m thinking I might stop in Kansas City to see my buddy Nathan Cossey en route.

This expedition could even go all the way to California, where JSF at Valley of the Shadow has been soliciting my interest lately. The itinerary is sketchy at this point, but once I pay back the rental-car company for that deer I hit in Tupper Lake while covering the Hoffman campaign . . .

Sounds like a worthy cause to me.

Once back at Smitty’s House my pattern began. Uploading videos to my newly created YouTube account DaTechGuyblog and scheduling posts. The most dynamic of those was bar none was Andrew Harper and Afro conservative. (She blogged about it here).

His statement “I’m not a token because I know who I am!” should be a rallying cry and his advice on the subject of not conceding the black vote to the democrats should be required listening to every conservative. Jumping in Pools and Capt. Ed should both interview him.

When morning came Smitty was making some business cards and although not insisting, suggested strongly that I follow suit. This advice was one of the best of CPAC.

Smitty conversations were one of the three great pleasures of CPAC. He is an intelligent and well read person with excellent opinions and insights on, well everything. On the ride to his house when I was picked up we talked a lot and on the Metro we talked even more. I can see why Stacy (hat grabber) McCain brought him on.

We headed to the Metro each with our fedora on and ready to roll. (I actually was wearing two, one for Barbara and one for myself. Strangely enough this didn’t elicit many stares). While traveling on the Metro I noticed something I had never seen before; a hard copy of the Onion. I took a snap shot of it and made conversation with the gentleman holding it. He had moved recently to the area and was a very interesting fellow.

On arrival at the Hotel I paid my registration (Thank you so much kind readers!) Upon seeing Barbara of the American Freedom blog handed her the Fedora she would be wearing and got in line to get our credentials. Barbara and Smitty had no problems, mine took a little longer as the young lady had trouble finding mine in the box. The most amusing thing was Stacy McCain, the actual professional reporter couldn’t get his. They couldn’t find them anywhere. (I put it down to his lack of Fedora which he left in Barbara’s room).

There was a slight mix concerning rooms. The media room was a little confined area that seemed totally inadequate for anything, but lo and behold the bloggers area was MUCH better. I don’t know if this was a reflection of CPAC’s opinion of the media or no.

I took advantage of this moment to break out the Cannoli, the first going to a group who I’d interviewed the night before.

We then got started with meeting bloggers. One of the things you find out right away is that bloggers in general are very accommodating and friendly people the second thing you discover is they love cannoli and fedoras.

Marco Rubio led things off and was very impressive taking me back to the Scott Brown election but Liz Cheney and the Vice president stole the show. They were delightful.

Shortly afterward some problems turned up on Barbara’s machine. Geek Squad migrated the data to her new machine without putting things where she wanted or installing certain programs. So I spent some time working on the computer and talking with Barbara who is simply fascinating. She combines practicality and a zest for life undimmed by years with a touch of a romantic streak.

By the time her machine was where I wanted it to be I discovered I missed Scott Brown. So I went back to shooting short films and taking a look around. One thing you find out right away is there is simply too much to see so I decided to concentrate on the short interviews and make plans to attend particular events. It was so weird to simply walk by and see so many people you read about or see on the news from Dick Armey (who thought I was trying to ambush him) to Doug Hoffman and many others. I also discovered that I had bad timing when it came to big names in the bloggers room, but to me the story of CPAC wasn’t there.

Since hotel food was so expensive and I was a little self conscious about people buying for me I walked to McDonald’s where I ran into some transit workers and got a few opposing views concerning CPAC from the locals.

That evening I was on a bus with a flock of bloggers on the way to the Freedom works party. This was wonderful as not only did Michelle Malkin film a greeting to my older brother but I got to meet Cynthia Yockey, Mary Katherine Ham and Captain Ed’s wife who is one of the most delightful people there is.

I caught the metro from there meeting Smitty with a bunch of material excited from an interesting day. Little did I realize how interesting and long tomorrow would be.

Update: If you missed part 1 (and even if you didn’t) it is here.

Update: Part 3 is up.

This should be interesting.

“We would have won a primary”…”the notion that liberals would have rejected me is wrong.”

Joe: “Why did the establishment want to beat you up.”

Harold: “At the end of the day I’m a democrat and the last thing I want to see is the seat going republican…this seat could decide the senate…if you can’t hold Massachusetts…” blah blah blah.

He isn’t answering the questions. Joe puts it succinctly, the party is painting him as a right wing nut, but then again playing games with his “evolving” gay marriage position to tailor it to New York. Apparently it is no longer “Gay Marriage” it is “Marriage equality”. When you start changing the names of things that means you can’t win the argument otherwise.

Joe goes about how insane it is to care about the abortion issue. this speech could have been made about the Slavery Issue in 1850. Why should we obsess about Slavery when people are hurting about the Tariff?

The Nation’s representative now says it’s about Racism, of course. Morning Joe has become a full employment program for people from the Nation magazine. They might be nice people but they are so far left that they would never be out there otherwise. This is a bone to their base far left Niche market.

Abortion is again being painted as “reproductive rights”. Again sanitizing things.

The reason why Abortion is such an issue because it is a basic issue of right vs wrong and evil vs good. People may not like to hear it, but that’s the way it is.

The idea that we should “divide” ourselves we should put aside social issues, religious issues and make them not a part of ourselves. That is not the way humans are, and if a person does do that they become well false to themselves.

Joe: “If you are prolife and a democrat in NY you can’t win” and of course if you are a republican in Massachusetts you can’t win Ted Kennedy’s seat.

Isn’t this the same argument that we’ve heard over and over again here that has been proven wrong over and over again? When conservatism fights it tends to win or inspire.

Ford’s bottom line is any primary winner would be too bloodied to win. Personally I’m glad he pulled out. I thought the move to NY was even more cynical than Hillery Clinton’s. I think he let his position on Morning Joe go to his head and make him think he could win. I think he really need to look in the mirror and examine himself and decide what he wants to do personally and what he wants to achieve.

This entire conversation paints a false choice. There are plenty of leaders out there who are pro-life and against gay marriage who are leaders and good ones. To pretend that people don’t want leaders is ridiculous, but it is the MSM that constantly paints people who disagree with their liberal outlook as kooks, who can’t lead.

That abortion love-in this morning was disgusting, I don’t know how many people sitting there were Catholic but if any were and kept silent they ought to be ashamed and more importantly worried.

If Joe and company want to see what leadership is I suggest they broadcast from one of the April 15th tea parties and see what kind of leaders the average people bring up on their own. It was leadership enough to stop an administration with Supermajorities in both houses.

Update: The Lonely conservative is disappointed.

R.S. McCain hits Frank Rich upside the head, which apparently is highly necessary for this man since he is acting like an idiot, except for the acting part:

Accusing opponents of dangerous insanity has become so commonplace in the Age of Obama that such discourse is now taken for granted. Frank Rich devoted the entirety of his Sunday New York Times column to insinuating that the Tea Party movement is a paranoid aggregation motivated by “frothing anti-government, anti-tax rage,” and thereby complicit in the Feb. 18 crime of Andrew Joseph Stack III, who piloted his Piper airplane into an Internal Revenue Service office in Texas.

Of course Stacy, my soft fedora in hand, is still recovering from my 20/40 parry of Rule 5, so he was a day late hitting Rich, but he is not the only one going after him:

Frank Rich of the New York Times retired as a drama critic in order to take up his new role as the paper’s full-time drama queen. As an op-ed columnist for the Times, his assignment, apparently, is to write in such a hysterical fashion that Paul Krugman seems rational by comparison.

Read the entire Fisking by Mr. Hinderacker and wonder what kind of readers the Times must have for this story to be recommended by anyone.

Now all of this is well and good but what does this have to do with the famous line from the Sherlock Holmes short story Silverblaze?

Well nothing but Morning Joe does…

Morning Joe often touches on Frank Rich’s columns. I had it on this morning from about 6:30. It is certainly possible that I missed something they said because I haven’t been just sitting in front of the TV this morning but as Rush would put it on the subject Zip Zero Nada.

It’s fair to say that the Healthcare bill and the McCain stuff is much bigger and maybe they can get to it tomorrow but Morning Joe is the dog that didn’t bark.

I suggest there is no way to look at the Frank Rich Column without concluding that it is one of the most idiotic pieces of writing that a person has ever been paid to paper or pixel. It has no basis in reality. The only reason why I don’t give him the Mike “Dishonorable” Huckabee treatment is because I expected better from the Gov.

I would very much like Joe and Mika to tackle this column this week. I suspect MSNBC would very much like them to stay away from it, I suspect the reason is because they are honest enough to call it the pap it is. This might be a bridge too far for their niche market.

Next year they should broadcast from CPAC.

Update: No sheeples here offers a restrained image of Mr. Rich, who in fairness has more hair than me, but no fedora.

Tim of Jumping in Pools caught me in between throwing away tons of bags of stuff in my cellar after it flooded and conducted an e-mail interview with me.

there’s a little CPAC, a little Scott Brown and a little Stacy McCain.

The interview in its entirety is available here.

Update: The interview appeared at Lucianne.com under blogs lucianne loves.

Baldilocks in profile.

A good face

I don’t think her head is so big, there just isn’t a lot hair to contrast it.

I really wish I talked to her more. There was just not enough time in the day to make the difference.

I don’t care what the disagreement was I can’t believe that even Mr. Johnson could have banned her if he had ever met her.

so this is to let you know.

I still have a ton of photo and video and intend to post it during the week.

I did very little “writing” this weekend but I will make up for it shortly, the reason being that I can write at any time but I will only have access to the actual people of CPAC when I did.

They along with you are the heroes of the conservative movement.