You don’t keep it as a pet.

Authorities in northeastern Pennsylvania say a woman was killed by her pet black bear as she cleaned its cage.

State police say 37-year-old Kelly Ann Walz was mauled to death Sunday evening by the 350-pound bear.

I’ll say it again we need more Sgt. Garcia and less Pam Anderson on this stuff.

Yes there was a time when Disney said it was OK to shoot a bear.

Hey I LIKE Zorro so I’ll push it when I can.

…in a battle in the war in Afghanistan.

You know I wonder how many of the other guys were killed?

Remember the battle of Mogadishu? The enemy lost anywhere from 10 to 60 times dead as we did, and that is a loss?

You know it would be nice if the media wouldn’t play cheerleader against our army, but then again we made fun of the president over the Olympics so I guess we’re even.

Just a thought. The number of Americans killed in that battle is the same number that were killed at Lexington Green in April of 1775. If the same media and pols where in charge at that time Joe Scarborough would be in trouble for his Queen on Trampoline line this morning and we would be flying the Union Jack over our public buildings.

Update: It’s the top story at Michelle’s

…in a column that will not rate an above the post position at lgf:

What we are seeing, then, in the latest hysterical resort to “Racist!” is a growing realization not only that this once-effective scapegoating has become obsolete, but that it has become a boomeranging liability for all who employ it.

I guess he still takes the dictionary seriously.

…who has spoken out on the Polanski stuff.

Polanski-admitted raping a 13 yr old-whys every1 in the arts upset hes facing jail? cause hes a gifted director? what am i missing?

The Hollywood guys better keep an eye on this because Morning Joe is just slicing and dicing Hollywood to pieces on the Polanski stuff.

Mika is not letting the Grayson stuff go.

Even Willie thinks if it was a republican it would be big. Barnicle is using the moment to of course call Palin out on death panels.

Mike meet Jayden Capewell.

I give them points for consistency but I think it’s more a bad talking point than anything all that outrageous.

After all they wouldn’t hit Kennedy for this:

Why would we expect anything better?

Oh and Dennis Hopper got sick all at once, I wonder if he didn’t want to answer a Polanski question?

…and what fits your template, can be illustrated by a simple YouTube video:

Note: Stacy really deserves the hits on this has he has done the legwork while I’m sitting on a couch a thousand miles away, but I’m posting it here in case you are unwilling to go to his site because Charles says you can’t.

Now tell me, you might believe her you might not but which is more solid reporting? The AP story quoted in the post, or the actual film of what she claims to have said. Given the choice which report would you believe?

I’ll bet that if the AP guy knew this:

Miss Brown says she is not a Republican, but is a registered Democrat and, during her 2008 senior year at Corbin High School, was actually a leader of students supporting Barack Obama for the presidency.

And the reports themselves? Stacy links to this story that says in part:

Rudzinski did comment on some of the reports circulating about the death.

“Misinformation is one thing, but pure speculation is another,” She said. “What we’re seeing the bulk of is speculation by people who don’t have direct access to the investigation.”

I’ve objected to some of the speculation myself, the bottom line from the story:

“Misinformation is much more damaging to our investigation than the correct or no information,” he said.

But hey who cares about facts or actually catching a killer when there are points to be scored against the right?

Consider this: She will be leaving high school and either going to college or looking or work, what do you think will happen when her name is googled (and you know it will be) and that quote comes up? That is messing with a young woman’s future. That’s despicable and dishonorable.

If you want to know why this reporter is worth a ten spot, that is why.

Got a comment on an old post from a Lizzardoid who disagreed with me his conclusion:

What’s really happening here is the right is in la la land right now. CJ is merely the messenger. I’ve voted Red my whole life and I’m as conservative as anybody: the Right has serious problems right now. Attacking CJ is shooting the messenger.

He’s certainly welcome to his opinion (read his whole comment). I wrote him a long response and as there as been little action on the McCain/Johnson front I figured it would be a good promotion to explain my position to late comers to the debate. I won’t blockquote it since they are my words just promoted:

…I have to disagree with you on that one. My initial comment on the Rush issue was deleted when I was banned but it certainly didn’t rise to the level you were describing, in fact I didn’t know I was banned until I tried to put up my follow-up comment and found myself logged out.

Also if Charles was simply holding the right to the same standard he does to the left why the particular timing? I would point you to my follow up posts here and here concerning timing and Irony.

As I’ve said, I’ve never met or talked to Charles, he might be a very nice guy. I’m more than pleased to have him as an ally even now on both Israel and the War on Terror. I would love to have him sign my statement of common principles (you are welcome to do so too). I’ve defended him in the past and will agree with him when he is right.

But I think his current actions are due more to spite than anything else, that’s just my opinion. I saw his stuff and I talked to Robert Stacy McCain and given what I’ve seen and heard I’m going to have to take Robert’s side over his in fact I’m honor bound to do so.

Like the 20% who once approved of the president who now do not. The people who no longer support Charles didn’t suddenly become wrong or racist or nutjobs overnight. Rush didn’t go from Rush Limbaugh, Honorary Lizardoid to racist overnight either. The timing seems to suggest that once Beck hit him any ally of beck or once removed ally of Beck is to be suspect. It reminds me of an Aunt of mine who is rapidly running out of people she will talk to.

Something has changed and the logical conclusion is that it is Charles.

But you never know; I haven’t given up on him, I’ll tease him a bit but hey we all have our faults. If his attacks on the right get some liberals to take his posts on the war on terror seriously maybe it will work out in the end.

I’ll say a prayer for him and keep an eye open. When I see him willing to hit the left and Soros like he used to then I might change my mind but until then, I’ll remain in happy exile and just have to wish you all the best in your personal lives.


Oh and Big Papa, you are welcome to comment here any time, and so is Charles. As for me ever going back to LGF if allowed; I owe it to Peg who stood up for me and was banned for it to not to even consider re-registering until and unless she is invited back.

medicinal purposesMy review of Big Finish Doctor Who audio #60 Medicinal Purposes starting Colin Baker as the 6th Doctor and David Tennant as Daft Jamie is available at here.

Tennant appeared in several Big Finish products notably the Unit Mini series, this is one of two episodes in the primary range where he appeared in supporting roles (the other being #25 Colditz with the 7th doctor.) Now that his run on the show is done perhaps we will see him back again.

As always this product (and all the Dr. Who Audios) is also available from Mike’s Comics.

While looking through lgf to find his opposition to Trig Trutherism. (Thumbs up on that one Charles!) I stumbled upon something interesting, the LGF Dictionary

Whatever one might thing of Charles behavior lately it can’t be denied that he has been an important figure in the blogosphere and going through the dictionary is like a glimpse through it’s history.

However there is also this gem:

racist – A statement of surrender during an argument. When two people or disputants are engaged in an acrimonious debate, the side that first says “Racist!” has conceded defeat. Synonymous with saying “Resign” during a chess game, or “Uncle” during a schoolyard fight. Originally, the term was meant to indicate that one side was accusing the other of being racist, but once it was noticed that people only resorted to this tactic when all other arguments had been exhausted, it acquired its new meaning of “indicating one’s own concession of defeat.”

By his own definition he has been conceding an awful lot of arguments lately.

What was that Alinsky rule again?

… most of all, make them live by their own rules. If you make them live by their own rules, you destroy them. And never forget that ridicule is man’s most potent weapon. Comedy is our friend.– from Saul Alinksy’s “Rules for Radical Comedians.”

Maybe he was riding without a helmet and took a fall affecting long term memory or something?

Of course there is no entry for Raaaaacist in there.

That’s worth a Nelson award

That’s one good get.

Good and fair article but she keeps calling Hanna her “Accomplice” that implies wrongdoing.

Joe talks about how it is amazing that he could do this, I can’t help but think of Kung Fu:

Old man how is it that you hear these things

Young man how is it you do not?

MSM how is it you did not do what he did?