The ground war in Gaza is a very risky move for Israel.

Unless Hamas can actually be destroyed on the ground and unless there is intelligence that can allow them to find them I can’t see how a sustained ground war will help.

One might go in and destroy the tunnels and the infrastructure of terror to make things complicated for Hamas and then pull out but I can’t see anything sustained. If the incursion is too brief however then it has the potential to turn into the 7 days when McClellan won 6 of seven battles but treated them as defeats or Tet which was a military disaster for North Vietnam but was portrayed as a defeat for the US.

The wild card here is Fatah. If they are actually giving underground support to Israel in this offensive then Hamas is in trouble. Of course it is not unlikely that if or when Hamas is neutralized Fatah will go back to their normal support of their own terror objectives but we will see.

The north is still the wild card. If we see strikes from Lebanon, and I’m very surprised we haven’t already the whole game will change in a hurry.

Gateway Pundit reports on some huge news in Iraq:

The US turned over control of the Green Zone to Iraq today in what is being called a restoration of Iraq’s sovereignty.

This would seem huge news to me but apparently to nobody else since I don’t see it being widely reported.

In a few years you will read about how “we” succeeded brilliantly in the Iraq war and the we will be used by pols and commentators who opposed it bitterly. It will be like France post WW II where there saying went if everybody who said so was in the resistance then there would have been nobody left to collaborate.

Jim Wooten’s round-up in the AJC contains this interesting paragraph:

The city of Ringgold is betting that erecting a statue of Confederate Army Maj. Gen. Patrick Cleburne next October will bring tourists with fat wallets eager to spend. It’s on my list —- just after the Golf Hall of Fame, the Music Hall of Fame, the Sports Hall of Fame and the various others that were to be the salvation of some place or other. But give the people of Ringgold credit. The statue was not financed by taxpayers.

Cleburne was one of the most effective commanders of the war, particularly on defense. His men were were renowned for holding back the enemy, it was his men that at Lookout mountain that held Sherman on the right flank while the center gave and who covered their retreat.

What he was not so renowned for has his proposal to emancipate the slaves in 1863 by the south and enlist them.

We can do this more effectually than the North can now do, for we can give the Negro not only his own freedom, but that of his wife and child, and can secure it to him in his old home.

He believed that it would also remove the “all selfish taint from our cause” he figured that slavery was doomed anyway so why not, particularly since tens of thousands of black soldiers were already in the Northern ranks.

It was considered so incendiary that it was suppressed for over 30 years after his death at the battle of Franklin. Foote states that the result of his paper Cleburne was never promoted from that point.

A luckier break the Union never had.

Was doing some channel surfing and briefly came across the Monk Episode Mr. Monk and the Three Julies.

There was a brief scene (couldn’t find the scene) where Randy names his 2nd theory on a case of the person killing Julie Teagers, and it is the T2 theory.

I couldn’t help but think of this clip.

This is a perfect example of comedy about religion without defaming it. And most important it is funny!

Well I guess we can remove the presuming line this post. It appears the raving atheist is now definitely the raving theist. His first non comedy post confirms it.

Yes, my conversion is real and sincere and heartfelt. It is not a mean atheist hoax or prank. At first I was offended that anyone could suspect me of such monstrous cruelty, but I realize that most people don’t know me well enough to understand how my character would so absolutely preclude such a charade. And having written my share of skeptical posts about the conversion of other atheists, I understand how impossible it would be for anyone who has perused my archives to conclude that I am anything more than fraud.

He promises an explanation for his conversion:

The atheists have justifiably pointed out that I have not supported my new thesis with anything more than a picture and an oath. As noted above, I will in time supply my reasons. I did not do so at first because the announcement was intended as consolation rather than argumentation. Furthermore, the calls for a full and immediate explanation of my beliefs and their justifications are unreasonable. I spent years on the exposition of my atheist views, and as I have noted, atheists disbelieve for a wide variety of reasons, and not all subscribe to the same rationales. I will pontificate at my leisure, in between silly headlines.

His blog will be the place to be for anyone interested in these issues.

Woke up with a headache this morning which wouldn’t be so bad except I didn’t have a drop last night and fell asleep around 10.

So I’m starting the year with a bit of a headache, some low dose asprin, no job, a new mortgage, my kids college fund down half its value 5 months before he graduates, a house that needs cleaning before Saturday, and a house full of people due in 54 hours (which means my wife will be in panic mode for the next two days).

Of course things are not so bad, I have my health, the family is well, her sauce is in the fridge, the oldest has been accepted to one college and looks like his hard work will pay off with some serious financial help.

One nice thing about thing starting the year in a bit of a hole is that you are bound to climb out of it.

So welcome to the year 2009 AD and a happy new year to all.

And Yes I typed AD not “Common Era” or “Before Common Era”, common era refers to the common time scale used and what marks the use of that “common era”? Why the birth of Christ!

It’s another cheap trick to deny history, I don’t seem anyone in a rush to call Thursday day 5 because they don’t want to say “Thor’s” day.

You know there are a lot of what I like to call “indirect proofs” of Christianity. Little things that indicate something funny. The obsession some people have with removing Christianity from sight is rather amazing particularly when they don’t have that same obsession with Islam or Buddhism or Hinduism or even Judaism.

Why such venom at only one target? Why even be bothered by something that one believes is a myth?

And even within the Christian community is a protestant goes from one denomination to another there is hardly an eyelash blinked, but if one converts to Catholicism its a big fuss.

Why be so angry when an atheist converts?

Interesting questions over the year I’ll talk about it more.

Anyways a happy new year to all.

As an apparently Jihad friendly YouTube bows to the whims of those who support Rocket Attacks to Kill Jews the IDF’s Videos have gone elsewhere. Powerline decided to host the videos for a start even offering the code to embed them to others.

It didn’t take long for the Pro Hamas types to respond:

Talk about disproportionate response. Just an hour or so after Power Line posted a series of videos from the Israeli Defense Forces–videos that, as Scott discovered, YouTube had pulled–we experienced a Denial-of-Service attack from a cabal of a half-dozen servers in the U.S. The attack sought to make Power Line and the videos we are hosting inaccessible by overloading our server. Our data center promptly registered the attack, and then defeated it by placing Power Line behind an advanced computer called a Cisco Guard.

I think the fear here is not so much that the world will see the Hamas guys loading rockets or the precision of the attacks, I think the fear is that the Hamas guys will see how they can be targeted without being noticed.

Well Hamas is doing its level best to maximize civilian casualties among their own people to boost the body count as a propaganda tool.

What? You don’t believe me? Well lets quote their own spokesman:

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for the Al-Qassam Brigades said that If Israeli soldiers enter Gaza, “your children will collect your soldiers’ corpses.”

“Hamas and Al-Qassam are in every house. They will attack you from under the debris. If you believe shelling homes will make us retreat, you will learn that your plans are wrong, and we will surprise you,” Hamas spokesperson Abu Ubayda said in a televised speech.

That sounds like hiding among civilians to me.

Under the rules of war a “protected building” such as a church or hospital loses its protected statue when you take fire from it. These guys care as much for their own people as the rest of the Arab world does.

via Israellycool which if you read this blog you should have already bookmarked by now.