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Social Media is great for putting out both information and disinformation (aka Bravo Sierra) at the speed of light. I wonder what the mixture ratio is for this story.

A Texas woman was drawn into an intense racial debate on Hobby Lobby’s public Facebook page after she took offense to the company selling cotton stems.

In what appears to be a now deleted Facebook post, Daniell Rider, of Killeen, claims the store’s cotton stalks were “WRONG on SO many levels.”

“There is nothing decorative about raw cotton… A commodity which was gained at the expense of African-American slaves. A little sensitivity goes a long way,” Rider wrote on Facebook, according to CBS 7.

Rider’s comment, and photo of the cotton, inspired thousands of comments on other Hobby Lobby Facebook posts, many of which were from people defending the store.


Hobby Lobby is still selling the cotton stems on its website, where they have been marked down from 29.99 to $15.

This sort of thing piques my paranoia, in that it makes me suspect that there are groups out there who are dedicated to stirring up racial animosities by putting forth faux racial outrage – outrage which is so ridiculous that observers will begin to despair for racial conciliation. (Side note: the notion that racial conciliation is needed for the great majority of Americans is also suspect.)

And, believe it or not, my paranoia is the optimistic option.

The cynical one is that people come up with this type of nonsense on their own.

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By:  Pat Austin

SHREVEPORT – I read Tim Imholt’s post a few days ago on this blog with great interest.  I’ve done more than my fair share of “monument blogging” to the point that I’m wary of ever writing about another monument in my life, but it is a cause I think is important.

Tim makes a great point and one I appreciate; the media wants us to be freaked out about this.  They want controversy, they want protests, they want huge crowds of protesters with signs and firearms.  Drama sells.

I watched the “protests” in Dallas, too.  It made me sad to see the statue removed. I didn’t know the Robert E. Lee replica house was back there and that makes me feel a little better.

In Shreveport, I have been a little anxious as we have a “rally” coming up in a week or so.  There’s been a “call out” on social media for attendance (on both sides) at a rally around our Confederate monument.

Our case is a little different that those we are seeing nationwide.  Shreveport’s monument is on private land that just so happens to be in front of the courthouse.  The land was given to the United Daughters of the Confederacy in 1903 along with a $1,000 donation for the monument, and all this is recorded in the minute books of the governing body at the time, the Police Jury.  Our monument was commissioned in 1905 and dedicated in 1906.

So removing it is a bit more of a problem for opponents than in other cities.   The issue is now in the courts.

As far as the protests though, everyone saw what happened in New Orleans.  The problem there is that many locals didn’t want the monuments there removed.  Poll after poll proved that; of course a few did, but most did not.  The protests we saw on television and social media were driven by outside agitators.   One lady came from Oklahoma, dressed in Confederate garb and carrying a battle flag; as much as I admire her dedication and spirit, she was not from NOLA.  Another woman was from Florida and a man from Oklahoma.  These people brought protesters out in force because of their high-profile social media status and then comes the media.

What happens then is that perception is distorted.  In truth, on a local level, these monuments have stood with dignity and peace for over a hundred years in many cases. This sudden outrage is questionable.  The local people, as we saw in Dallas, aren’t outraged.  These monuments are part of their landscape and most people don’t even know what they are or who they represent, it’s just “a guy on a horse.”

A while back, an attorney in Shreveport appealed his convicted client’s case because the attorney said the monument interfered with the man’s right to a fair trial.  (He lost the appeal).

Shame on the media for perpetuating this nonsense. Let the locals decide what they want to do with their monuments and stop encouraging the frenzy.

Pat Austin blogs at And So it Goes in Shreveport.

Like a lot of families at this time of year, life has been hectic this week for mine. It was our first full week of Homeschooling for the new school year, I took my girl puppies to get spayed, observed September 11th by talking about it with my kids, and have been worrying over my cats after six out of the seven got sick – I think most of them have colds, we have had some damp and chilly weather lately, on days when it wasn’t hot and humid or pouring rain.

The dogs got through their operations just fine and are already running around with their mother and brothers like nothing happened. My puppies will have their first birthday next month. The kids are settling into their new routine and seem to be alright with the “school” books I selected for them this year. Every year I ask them if they want to go back to public school, and every year they politely decline. They have become hooked on freedom, apparently! It’s the cats that I have been losing sleep over.

The only cat that didn’t get sick this week is the one who hardly ever comes home (she seems to think that she is the neighbor’s cat). Everyone else had stopped eating, and became listless, and “The Kitty Family” of three (mother & father cat and their year and a half old baby) got some kind of scabby rash on and under their noses – none of them wanted to be touched and spent much of the week hiding in the ceiling of my basement. My oldest cat, Zeke, is fifteen years old. I don’t think he has what the others got, I think he is just suddenly really feeling his age. All Zeke wants to do is sleep in the sun on the driveway or sleep cuddled next to me or my husband on the bed. I have a feeling that Zeke may be fixing to join dear friends and family on the other side of that famous bridge, you know, the rainbow one, some time soon. One kitty had a sore paw, which thankfully got better after a few days. None of the cats wanted cat food, even when I tried different kinds, so I finally gave them first the “juice” from people tuna cans and then they graduated to eating the actual tuna and the kitty family seems better – they came upstairs today and are friendly again. So I bought more people tuna for the cats.

I have been struggling all day trying to think of what to write about today and hit a complete mental block, so I figured I would just start writing about what was on mind, and what is on my mind are my pets. They are all wonderful friends and our lives are infinitely better for their company. If you are the kind of person who is willing to pray for animals, I’d sure appreciate it if you could send some words to the man upstairs for mine.

The world outside my little woodland shack continues to go on spinning, so here are some links to some things:

Remember when comic books used to be fun? I do. It was before the social justice warriors got hold of them. Leftists have to politicize EVERYTHING. Superman is now defending foreign invaders from a “white supremacist”. Nothing is sacred, and no entertainment venues are safe from the long preachy arm of leftism. (H/T Instapundit)

Someone posted an improvement to the new Superman story at Reddit:

People still can’t tell the difference between former trump staffer Sean Spicer and his parody, Sean Spicier, on Twitter, and it is still hilarious. Related: a while back I wrote about fun Twitter parodies here.

Maybe I will stop asking my kids if they want to go back to public school. Report: Tuscon High School Forces Students to Attend Pro-DACA Rally

John McCain continues his streak of being wrong on every issue, and being an obnoxious, obstructionist, #NeverTrump Democrat operative in the Republican party.

Don’t get your news about President Donald Trump from far left kooks like Ninny Piglousy.

They will take my July 4th Independence Day celebration away over my dead rotting body! Australia Day banned for being raaaaacist.

Don Surber teaches us a new word, and gives an important lesson about chemistry and swamp draining.

And finally, a roundup of mayhem at Adrienne’s Corner, and some words of hope for the times we live in.

Have a nice weekend, everyone.


MJ Stevenson, AKA Zilla, is best known on the web as Zilla at She lives in a woodland shack near a creek, in one of those rural parts of New York State that nobody knows or cares about, with her family and a large pack of guardian companion animals. 

I spent most of Sunday night in my closet.

Not in the coming-out-of-the-closet figurative way: I actually was lying on a down comforter on top of a foam pad with two pillows while hurricane Irma pounded away outdoors. I’m fortunate to have a closet large enough to sleep in, and it was the quietest place to be. I played my old Gregorian Chant by the monks of Santo Domingo de Silos CD that I had uploaded into the iPod years ago, and dozed on and off.

By 5:00am or so the wind had died down enough that I went back to my bed. Power was cut off at 5:45am with a “pop!”

Living through Irma in Central Florida was as frightening as when I spent hurricane Sandy in the family room of my Princeton house in 2012. I would have much preferred to have been dining with Pete and Stacy instead.

However, the amount of damage where I live was minimal. No flooding, a few tree limbs down, no electricity, but the house was completely intact, and we had natural gas and running water. We were under tropical storm warning until 4pm on Monday and it remained cloudy, but the strong breeze helped to dissipate the humidity and cool the house.

This is the view from the back porch at 10am Monday,

My sister in Miami, who had fifteen (!) people staying at her house, also had no damage to her property – and neither did any of her guests.

We are grateful beyond measure.

The local FM radio station has been covering live on talk radio since before the storm, and they have done a great service to the entire area with very informative updates and a great amount of emotional support to all the callers. Local officials, utility company spokespersons, rescue personnel, owners of private businesses, all regularly call in with updates.

Electricity was restored yesterday, much to our delight. The food in the freezer didn’t thaw.

Parts of Florida are greatly affected, but every person and organization (private and public) in the state is working towards restoring normality. The coordination between public and private is extraordinary. I have never experienced anything like it.

If you are traveling to Florida, make sure to check your route/airport in advance. For instance, Miami International airport is still under limited schedule.

On the bright side, the Gainesville Police Department promises a calendar, and perhaps the officers from Sarasota may, too.

In thankful praise to Our Lord,

For the win,
Nun With A Chainsaw Becomes Symbol Of Post-Irma Cleanup: ‘She Rocks

Fausta Rodríguez Wertz writes on U. S. and Latin America at Fausta’s blog

Since Robert Stacy McCain’s arrival circumstances and sleep patterns had not made daily mass possible but when I woke up around 7:45 AM still a tad groggy and worrying about the potential lack of a projector I decided if there was ever a day I wanted to make daily mass it was this one, so I threw on the nearest clothes I had and rushed down to the church in hopes of making the 8 AM daily mass.

After a blessing from father post mass I decided that while we had plan B in place it would be a good idea to do what I could to guarantee plan A.  I hit the road taking advantage of the time to squeeze in as many of my sixty daily decades of the Rosary as I could before I was too occupied to pray.  My first stop was WalMart which had several such projectors for sale online at a very good price but when I got there I discovered (not to my surprise btw) that while I could order one and have it in the story by Tuesday they didn’t carry them in stock.  I then hit three other rental places none of which carried laptop projector when a glimmer of an idea hit me, at Rent a Center they rented monster flat screens at $49 a month.  After talking to the manager and telling him my situation he made me a deal, if I called him before noon he could have one delivered to Tang Dynasty for 1 PM so that Stacy’s Slide show could be seen.  This gave me a Plan C to go along with my plan B so when I got home I knew that at least one potential fire was out and I informed Stacy who was now awake of same.

Grabbing a quick shower and changing into my suit I headed down to Tang around 10:30 AM not only finding Mike Rogers of Granite Grok and Matt O’Brien of the Worcester Tea Party already there but discovering that all the worries about projectors had been for naught as Skip was able to get all the equipment including a projector to Mike before he left.

Going inside I found there had been one change, the Buffet area was set up next to the check-in table rather than at the Sushi bar, it turned out to be a wise move for easy access and I discovered that our lack of a projector was replaced with a different issue, the lack of a screen.  Our plan A was to use the reverse of the Worcester Tea Party banner when it hit me that back in the house somewhere my old DaTechGuy on DaRadio banner was bopping around.  After being sure that all was proceeding smoothly at the venue I headed back home able to tell Stacy the projector problem was solved.

 Now the only problem was herding Stacy out on time something that anyone familiar with the erstwhile Mr. McCain knows is not as easy as it sounds and the fact that I managed to catch my suit paints on something and rip a huge gash in them and had to affect a quick change didn’t speed things up but by 11:45 Robert Stacy McCain, my youngest son and myself pulled in to see his name in lights.  The Worcester Tea Party’s resident radio talk host Christopher Maider had arrived with the promised electric sign and Pat Humpheries of the Boston Tea Party had brought a projector screen so the last of the roadblocks had been overcome.

But as anyone could tell you who has put on such an event, road blocks continues to crop up, there was a delay in both the food and some delay in the equipment setup however that not only allowed additional people to get to the event without missing the meal but it gave people a chance to schmooze a bit both with Stacy McCain and each other.  Of particular interest was Dianne Ploss of Act For America who had been a late addition to the program due to the cancellation of Act’s nationwide events and proved particularly popular with the assembled guests.  It was during these moments that Matt O’Brien’s expertise in this kind of thing

really paid dividends. By 12:35 the majority of the Buffet was laid out (and the sushi nearly so) and I was able to announce to the assembled guests that food was served.

The response to the food was incredible.  People simply gushed over both the variety of the food (fifteen different items not counting variations in sushi were offered from the standard boneless spareribs, chicken fingers, wings and General Cho’s chicken to the Curry , Dumplings and the house specialty coconut shrimp) the quality which was to be expected by anyone familiar with Tang Dynasty, and the quantity as they were informed that the buffet was not only all you could eat but would refilled and available throughout the program if anyone wanted just one more bite.  The real lesson here was the hidden advantage of an all you can eat buffet served at the start of an event which is if technical/setup issues crop up it give the crew a chance to iron them out and Mike and Chris used said advantage to its fullest extent of this before joining the end of the line to eat so that when Stacy was ready to go, so was were they.

Around 1:15 or 1:30 it was time to being and Emcee John Weston came to the front and the meat of the event began. Both the Worcester Tea Party and Granite Grok were filming, the Worcester tea Party to the left of the table and the Groksters who also livestreamed the event as it happened for those who did not live close enough to come, on the right. It is the Grok video that I link here.

The Worcester Tea Party’s cameras were set up to the left of Stacy (when facing him) and the Grok Cameras which were live streaming to the right.  I didn’t care much for Stacy’s opening joke on the death of Kate Millet that morning which was far inferior to his excellent post on the subject that he wrote that evening that I quote here:

While other feminists (notably Adrienne Rich) made interesting arguments about the social pressures that led lesbians into such shams as Millett’s marriage (her husband, Fumio Yoshimura, was a Japanese avant-garde sculptor), this wasn’t mentioned in the book that made Millett famous, nor did she disclose her lesbianism to Time magazine or in any of the other press coverage that accompanied publication of Sexual Politics. Millett’s anti-male arguments, which had been presented to the mainstream press as being made by a heterosexual woman with a husband, took on a whole new meaning in light of the revelation of her lesbianism. It was somewhat like the discovery that Rev. Ted Haggard was hooking up with rentboys….People who are successful and happy with their lives, or who at least are able to cope with their disappointments, do not write radical manifestos denouncing “society,” nor do they join movements dedicated to revolutionary agendas.

This was the real issue with Kate Millett’s Sexual Politics — it was a lesbian’s indictment of heterosexuality, written from within the closet.

But the for me the real story of his presentation was this.  The audience was an educated and politically informed one, far more informed than the public in general, yet to this audience Robert Stacy McCain’s revelations of what feminist authors were actually saying in their own words directed quoted from his huge collection of books and textbooks that he personally owned (including at least a dozen that he had brought with him)  were a complete surprise.  Some were open jawed, some were disgusted, at least one thought they were ridiculous to the point of hilarity but whatever their varied reactions the fact that these people had absolutely no idea of what was actually read, said and taught by feminists to students who are taking such courses vs the false harmless image of simply “equality” that feminists and their accomplices in the media thrust forward to an unsuspecting public is a testament to the success of their desired deception.

When Stacy had finished the plan had been a strait Q & A but I had given the Emcee John Weston wide discretion and he used that, combined with the presence of Dianna Ploss and my suggestion that she be given a little extra time compared to the rest of the panel to make a change.  He invited Dianne to the presentation area with Stacy and allowed her to conduct an impromptu interview Q & A.

It was a brilliant move. John was very familiar with Dianne and she perfectly complemented Stacy on the stage. It was a great presentation.

When they were done it was time it was 3 pm and we took a break as the panel started to assemble. At this point I took the time to go to the owners to pay the food bill. The owners were delighted, with the buffet already out and it a communal area, other customers who came in saw it and while this was not the initial plan, offered it to those customers who very wisely took advantage of it. That had increased increased their bottom line beyond their expectations and they showed their gratitude when the bill was presented to me.

By this time the panel was seated and John again made an adjustment, rather than Emcee the panel he handed the mic to me and had me do the topics / Q & A. I though it worked pretty well but I’ll let you decide for yourself

In terms of time this was the longest portion of the event. Given the number of people on the panel, Myself, John Weston, Matt O’Brien of the Worcester Tea Party, Dianne Ploss, Stacy McCain, Mike Rogers of Granite Grok and Patrick Humphreys of the Worcester Tea Party. even if each person only 5 minutes on a question it would mean each topic would take a minimum of a half hour but I found the various takes so fascinating that the time seemed to be going by very fast and it was with regret that seeing the time I brought the proceedings to a close.

Dianne was gracious enough to give me a few minutes before she left to speak of the event and her impressions of it:

At this point she had to run as I did to get a couple of the attendees home taking advantage of this to get their thoughts on the event. They were impressed both by Stacy’s presentation and the folks on the panel, and it was a source of pride to have gotten a call the next day from an attendee who wished to complement me on the same.

By the time I got back the equipment was all packed up and we checked the figures, there had been a few no shows whose tickets had been paid for and the competing pro-life event and speech running at the same time doubtlessly cost us a few bodies, but as the person who was on the financial hook if we failed to meet expenses from Stacy’s Travel to the guaranteed money for both him and the restaurant the fact that there was was still cash in my pocket when all the bills were paid was not only a source of relief, but a friendly harbinger of events that we hoped would follow.

But even with this positive knowledge when Stacy and I left stopping for another meal of Mexican food which is apparently his favorite and relaxed for a moment as we talked about how things went, we knew that this was only a pause. Our lack of sleep, very long and busy day didn’t remove our obligation to get our posts up, or mine to get a podcast and radio show recorded or to get ready for tomorrow’s coverage of the EWTN event in Worcester and it certainly didn’t remove my Sunday Mass obligation. There is only so much time to take stock of the last story before you begin writing the next one.

Robert Stacy McCain in Massachusetts the Story so far

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9/6 Robert Stacy McCain Now in Massachusetts

At the Other McCain

9/9 Feminism Is a Totalitarian Movement to Destroy Civilization as We Know It
9/8 VIDEO: Kent Haeffner, President of Harvard University College Republicans
9/7 Heading to Harvard Yard
9/6 Fear and Loathing and BWI


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Two Dangerous White Supremacists

With the cancellation of the radio and TV promotional events earlier in the week Stacy McCain’s appearance at the Friday Morning Group became vitally important as the only promotional event before our day at Tang and that speech before a closed audience was only possible because the good folks in charge had graciously added Stacy to the program when I informed them he was here and adjusted the schedule to make sure both of us had speaking slots.

We had gotten home late from Harvard and stayed up to watch the utter destruction of the New England Patriots (much to DaWife’s consternation) the gap for getting a post up and getting sleep while still getting up on time for the Lexington event was tight.

Things initially looked good as we managed to get out of the driveway by just after 8:30 AM late enough to miss rush hour traffic but early enough to make the event with time to spare even with planned stops to fill up the tank and grabbing some coffee for Stacy but unexpected lines at Montouri’s fuel and Dunkin ate up some time and to my shock the backup from the Concord rotary, usually minor at best by 9 AM particularly on a Friday was backed up as if had been 8 AM on a Wednesday.

The delays took their toll and while we were at the building by 9:30 the parking being completely full meant that we walked though the door during the first presentation on the newly proposed increases in income taxes.

As I set up my stuff and pulled out the copies of my book that I didn’t have the previous month and set up I looked at the speaker list.  I was up 6th scheduled to talk about what I had seen on the Boston common while Stacy was set up to follow.  I found the various speakers engaging but I couldn’t help but worry that Stacy’s topic was outside the normal fiscal conservative wheelhouse of the audience of activists. Stacy being Stacy seemed unconcerned. He had spent the drive in discussing feminist theory and was busy in the zone both checking news stories and listening to speakers, given our experience at Harvard he was particularly interested in the presentation by the head of the Massachusetts College.

I must confess when my time came to speak my mind was still on Stacy’s speech to follow. While several people approached afterwards complementing me on the coverage of events on the common I thought it wasn’t as good as my previous speech the month before (I have no audio or video as Stacy still in the zone wasn’t filming).

As I wrapped up my speech, plugged Saturday’s event and finished taking question Stacy was already coming down the stairs (we were in the upper left corner of the room and took the stage and all my concerns were immediately found to be unwarranted.

Note the reaction when he mentioned the SPLC. When the speech was done he took questions:

and it was clear that the audience who were not acquainted with what is actually being taught in woman’s studies classes around the country, was enthralled. If Stacy had been Tom Jones he would have been buried in knickers.

When the event was over several people approached him to buy his book and he found himself approached by many to discuss his presentation further. One of those people was a person of color who had been on that Gazebo on the common. After posing for a picture with fellow evil white supremacist Robert Stacy McCain he agreed to an interview describing the danger he faced.

As Stacy Continued to smooze I grabbed interviews with the head of Camp Constitution Hal Shurtleff

The Head of Massachusetts College Republicans

and Carlos Gonzalez the GOP candidate in Ma-6

By the time I was done with the Interviews Stacy was nowhere to be found, I searched around and he had apparently found a cafeteria around the corner of the room we were in (the building is shared by several companies) and had stopped for a bite. Our friend Matt O’Brien of the Worcester Tea Party was stuck in a meeting and would not be avaialble to meet so we headed back to the house having to take a bit of a detour to avoid an accident on route 2.

When we got there both of us found our tiredness from the previous day catching up to so he napped briefly while I grabbed our dry cleaning for the big day. By 5 pm Stacy, my family and one of my son’s friends headed to Happy Jacks for a bite. The owner, who had been an advertisers on my radio show back in the day, remembered Stacy from the old Boarder Grille when he had held court with friends and admirers when last in town and picked up a pair of tickets for Saturday’s event.

If we hadn’t been inclined to nap before after that full meal we were ready to crash knowing that we had a big day ahead alas for myself because I’d been on the go with Stacy for days I didn’t have a chance to get the event outline done and submitted to the emcee. I had it done and out by 10 but discovered that there was a question concerning the projector or the supposed lack thereof for the event but by then I found I simply needed to crash myself.

At 2 AM I found myself up and saw Stacy working on his presentation. I mentioned the projected business and he remarked that as he recalled the Granite Grok crew had it covered but as there had also been some issues concerning who would be making it we decided that plan B would be a 39 inch flat screen for gaming. I hit the sack again but was up a 3 and found Stacy still typing away preparing his slides completely in the zone. At this point there was nothing left for me to do but to try and get some sleep because regardless of any questions about what tomorrow or rather later that day would bring, events themselves would answer them.

Stacy McCain DTG at Work

Fitchburg ma Sept 7th 12:49 PM

Yesterday was a wirlwind of delays, downpours and driving as our detour to the nearest McDonalds Ray Kroc Memorial Media Filing Center in Revere meant that we were in the middle of Rush Hour Traffic on Routes 1, 60 and 2 all the way back to Fitcburg during which I finished my Rosary and Stacy when not talking about various stories and giving me some history on radical feminism that will be a component of his talk tomorrow morning in Lexington with the Friday morning group and his speech on Saturday. Today has been the same while we managed a bit of breakfast taking the time to get a glimpe of excellent writing while dealing with several reverses.

One had to do with the New England Patriots Thanks to the Thrusday game WPKZ is giving Stacy a miss devoting Friday morning to the aftermath of the Patriots/Tom Brady quest for ring number six.

Beer and Pizza the meal of bloggers

The other two had to do with Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. Irma has knocked the primary member of Granite Grok out of Saturday’s event as he’s been called in to cover for people displaced by Irma while the Mayor of Leominster bumped Stacy from his live tv show tonight for something of Hurricane Harvey.

Yet even with these reverses there are still stories to find. With this evening now free we are off to Harvard College where members of the college republicans will be showing Stacy around, while last night our delay gave us a glimpse of a feel good story that provided quite a contrast to a piece Stacy had written at the American Spectator.

Our late arrival in Fitchburg meant I was in time to pick up my son from work rather than him walking in the rain, as it was Wednesday we suggested pizza and as Stacy prefers a beer we headed down to Espresso Pizza on main street.

Espresso has been a Fitchburg fixture for over fifty years. Neither fire, nor the city’s decline nor family problems nor the death of the founder has kept Espresso and it’s famous recipe from feeding generations of Fitchburg and now Leominster residents and as usual the place was full of workers making pizzas, spinning dough and cooking grinders.

But what was most noticeable to us were three young kids who were manning the phones. People who came in seemed rather taken by them and had wide smiles as they did their job. In a rare lull, Juan the manager and father of the boys took time to talk about them:

In an age when so many kids are couch potatoes and video game addicts the idea of kids doing useful work give people like Stacy McCain & I hope for the future.

Of course for us as a pair of Christian Conservatives what gives us hope is different than what gives hope to someone like radical feminist and marxist Katha Pollitt who Stacy wrote in the American Spectator column gushed over what she saw at a NYU :

In a column in Sunday’s New York Times, Pollitt claimed to have at last found the vanguard of the forthcoming revolution in a sociology seminar at New York University. When she asked how many of those at the NYU seminar were feminists, Pollitt was pleased to report, “All the students raised their hands — including the two men.”

Katha Pollitt apparently did not wonder why there were only two male students in that class. Nor did Pollitt bother to remark that NYU is a very elite school where the cost of attendance is more than $60,000 a year ($49,062 annual tuition plus $17,578 room and board). Basing one’s political forecasts on the opinions of rich girls in a sociology seminar might be unwise, but Pollitt’s enthusiasm could not be restrained. One of the NYU girls told Pollitt that feminism is “cool” because of “the movement against sexual assault on campus… and the influence of pop culture idols like Beyoncé and Emma Watson.”

Of course her optimism about feminism future keep running into that brick wall of reality outside of liberal enclaves like NYC

Exactly how is this “grass-roots movement” among elite university students supposed to help Democrats regain the political power they have lost? Does anyone beyond the NYU campus imagine that sociology majors are going to give Democrats a decisive advantage in next year’s mid-term elections? Will issues like “racial justice” and “prisoners’ rights” turn the tide against Trump? If Pollitt’s fantasies of a feminist-led revival for Democrats are their best hope, they’ve got no hope at all. Having lost touch with voters in Middle America, Democrats now seem to be losing touch with reality.

While as a rule predicting the future is notoriously difficult I have every confidence in my claim that when the time comes when these boys become men and Ms Pollitt or her disciples try to sell feminism liberalism and radical justice to these boys they will be disappointed.

Having watched their father work hard to make a living and having worked beside him taking orders as pizza after pizza is served will give the a grounding in reality that will inoculate them to the appeals to “race” and “social justice” from people who might consider the spinning of dough and the spreading of flour on a tab.

If you want to bet on a future American success I’d bet on Juan’s sons over Ms. Pollitt’s disciples every day of the week and twice on sunday.

The greatest unreported achievement of President Trump is that he’s knocked income inequality — the most divisive, yet silliest, issue in recent years — off the radar screen.

Spurred on by the thuggish Occupy mob, the predecessor of today’s even more thuggish Antifa gang, income inequality became the main obsession of Democrats and other elements of the Left in recent years. Throughout the 2016 campaign, the double “i” words were on all leftish lips. But then Trump became White House-bound, and “income inequality” vanished from the public forum even quicker than “The era of Big Government is over.”

You can’t blame the Dems for ginning up a brouhaha over income inequality. It’s the perfect weapon to wield when class warfare’s your game and dividing the country’s your aim.

The most important thing to know about income inequality is that it was never about helping the unfortunate poor. Most people mired in poverty are far too busy trying to simply survive to join protest movements. The spearhead of this egalitarian drive was forged from people of privilege whose social level was stages above the mere middle class.

But, to be fair, the allies egging on the hordes against the 1 percent did have their grievances. Their rage was stoked by frustration — they’d never have that plush Manhattan apartment, Ivy League cred for their spawn or vacations in the south of France on an annual household income of only $250,000.

It just plain wasn’t fair that corporate CEOs, hedge fund managers and investment bankers could afford such trifles, while folks earning a quarter-million bucks a year who considered themselves middle-class stalwarts were shut out of the good life.

Similar outrage was evident each step down the line, as people who were financially well off howled over the status of those who had just bit more (and obviously didn’t serve it).

Complaining about income inequality was a game anyone could play except maybe Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos and Warren Buffett. It united the Democrats like no other issue.

The protesters who claimed to represent the 99 percent of American society constantly accused the 1 percent of greed. In actuality, the activists were guilty of envy, which is considered one of the Seven Deadly Sins because it can corrode the soul itself.

The foolishness of getting angry over someone else’s wealth came home to me as I was mowing my lawn in the summer of 1996. I was minding my own business when my neighbor motioned me over to the fence. After I turned off my mower, he launched into a 15-minute diatribe about Michael Jordan’s new contract.

It was, indeed, a monster of a deal that boosted His Airness’ salary from $3.85 million to an unprecedented $30 million — giving him more money than the combined salaries of entire NBA teams. I listened politely and nodded occasionally but wondered why he was so mad. After all, not a penny of Jordan’s pay was coming out of our pockets. Then it hit me: He was a Democrat.

When I got back my mowing, I couldn’t help but chuckle. My neighbor and his wife were both teachers whose combined pay was three times my annual salary — yet he was the one blowing his stack over a stranger’s good fortune.

Yes, income inequality, as an issue, has left the building, primarily because Democrats and the media are too busy raising a clamor over Trump, Russia and Melania’s stiletto heels. But while it’s gone, don’t expect a farewell tour.

It all boils down to envy, and that’s always in style for some people.

By:  Pat Austin

SHREVEPORT – In a move that should be a surprise to no one at this point, the Orpheum Theater in Memphis has pulled the 1939 film, Gone with the Wind, from its annual summer screening after 34 years, citing complaints from offended citizens.

In a statement to the New York Times:

Brett Batterson, president of the Orpheum Theater Group, said … “The Orpheum carefully reviewed all of them. As an organization whose stated mission is to ‘entertain, educate and enlighten the communities it serves,’ the Orpheum cannot show a film that is insensitive to a large segment of its local population.”

The slippery slope is now in our rear view mirror, folks.  We’re done here.

We can’t screen certain films because they are “insensitive to a large segment” of the local population?  Just imagine where this will now lead.  Let your mind wander and just imagine the films that could be offensive to any large group of people.  The list could be staggering.

I expect we won’t be seeing To Kill a Mockingbird on television or in libraries anymore, or The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, or even Harry Potter, because certainly people might be offended.

Let me guess – these are probably the same people walking around in their Che Guevara t-shirts.

The merits of the film are long established and don’t need my small voice to vouch for it; it won ten Oscars including one for Hattie McDaniel who was the first black woman to win an Oscar.

Margaret Mitchell once said that the theme of her novel is survival.  “What quality is it that makes some people able to survive catastrophes and others, apparently just as brave and strong, go under?”

I’m not sure the history of our nation will survive censorship.

The point is less the film itself but that our selective outrage has moved from statues to film.  We truly are in Ray Bradbury’s world.  When will the book burnings begin?

As for The Orpheum I would have applauded them had they had the nerve to stand up to intimidation and rejected censorship.

Pat Austin blogs at And So it Goes in Shreveport.

“Hey baby, you got fries with that shake?” – some dopey guy to some random female walking past

Everylady and her mother has likely been the subject of catcalls at some point in her life. Some people can shrug it off, some can’t – some write articles complaining about it and some write articles complaining about the complainer. I expected, before reading the first article, that I’d find myself siding with the writer of the second, but after reading both I find myself agreeing and disagreeing with both.

Cosmo writer, Alex Berg, decided to keep a log of every time she got catcalled at by random men and what she thinks it means in the context of social justice (or whatever). Daily Caller contributor, Jena Greene, wrote an article fisking the Cosmo piece.

Greene mocks Berg for recalling the exact date, twenty years ago, when she was catcalled for the very first time, which seemed worthy of mocking until I saw in Berg’s article that the event was significant for her because she was only eleven years old and that she had also been groped.


She starts with a fateful lede: “The summer of 2017 marked a less-than-illustrious anniversary for me. It’s been 20 years since I was first catcalled.”

Oh come on. I was expecting something like a 20 year anniversary since you were bitten by a shark or had to relocate because your house was swept away by a hurricane. Those are things worth mourning.

Marking the anniversary of your first catcalling is like marking the date you first had to wait in line for a public restroom. It stinks but everyone goes through it.


But, I wasn’t nearly as shook up then as when I was catcalled and groped for the first time when I was just 11 years-old, waiting outside of a recreation center for my parents to pick me up from gymnastics practice.

And here I thought I was going to enjoy watching an SJW snowflake get melted for over-reacting to “microaggressions” and I find myself thinking I don’t blame Ms. Berg for feeling traumatized at all by the unwanted attention and assaults on her person.

Greene goes on to criticize Berg for what Berg says she had been wearing or doing during the incidents she had logged and suggests she find something better to do and cover herself up. She accuses Berg of being inflammatory, while flaming her.

Berg wrote of confronting some of the men hollering at her, and says she learned that some men were not aware that what they were doing was offensive and could make a person feel unsafe.

I never understood what would compel a man to shout stuff at strange women passing by about her appearance or what they’d like to do to her; do any of them actually expect that a lady is going to be impressed in a positive way to the point of wanting to date or hook up with them? What would they think if they saw some guy talking to their mother, wife, sister, or daughter in such a manner?

I agree with Greene that nearly all females deal with this garbage at some point or other and that there are bigger things to worry about in this life, but I also agree with Berg that it can feel intimidating. I give Berg credit for calling out some of the catcallers and making them think about what they are doing.

The title of Greene’s article sates that Berg’s article on catcalling “backfired” on her, but I don’t quite see it that way, which is a surprise to me since I generally disagree with the type of social commentary that can be found at places such as Cosmopolitan. In fact I never would have found that Cosmo article at all had it not been for the article criticizing it in The Daily Caller, so in that sense, I guess it is actually the DC post that “backfired”.


MJ Stevenson, AKA Zilla, is best known on the web as Zilla at She lives in a woodland shack near a creek, in one of those rural parts of New York State that nobody knows or cares about, with her family and a large pack of guardian companion animals.