The Brains of Your Children on Socialism

by baldilocks Roger L. Simon: Amidst the welter of good and bad news we are assaulted with every day, by far the most dangerous long-term are the new polls showing America's youth tilting significantly toward socialism. Not surprisingly, these same young people haven't the slightest idea of what socialism really is, its history or what it … Continue reading The Brains of Your Children on Socialism

Mass Shootings: Journalists Are Accessories After the Fact

After the New Zealand massacre, the media need to consider a serious problem about how journalism encourages mass murderers. It’s interesting that a voice from left, investigative reporter Mark Follman of Mother Jones wrote in DaTimes that journalism is part of the problem—a stance I’ve taken for years. “There is a growing body of forensic … Continue reading Mass Shootings: Journalists Are Accessories After the Fact

On Refusing to Let Others Pull Your Strings

by baldilocks Randall Kennedy: A student read a sentence in class from James Baldwin’s The Fire Next Time: "You can only be destroyed by believing that you really are what the white world calls a ni**er. [edited for DTGB sensibilities throughout]" Airing the N-word caused a commotion. The professor leading the class, Philip Adamo, asked the students … Continue reading On Refusing to Let Others Pull Your Strings

New Mexico Gun Battle Only Metaphorical For Now

Keep an eye on the long game  by baldilocks Because the majority of the American side of my family lives in New Mexico, I have been keeping a close eye on the state legislature’s gun-grab and the statewide push-back, led by the county sheriffs. From Reason Magazine: New Mexico is the battleground for the latest … Continue reading New Mexico Gun Battle Only Metaphorical For Now

Washington: A City of Losers

When it comes to sports, Washington is the home of losers and crybabies. That’s why the city can’t understand why Bryce Harper left. The Washington Post described his decision to leave DC for Philly: “He left adulation and a city that loved him for a new start in America’s No. 1 town for boos.” Actually, … Continue reading Washington: A City of Losers

Into Africa

by baldilocks The New Colonialism's tentacles are well in place. As part of the trillion-dollar international development strategy, the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), Chinese companies have been instrumental in providing artificial intelligence and facial recognition systems to African governments. In 18 out of the 65 countries assessed by Freedom house, Chinese companies including CloudWalk, Hikvision, and … Continue reading Into Africa

Bill Maher, you need to take a closer look at blue states and why people are leaving

By John Ruberry Elitist Bill Maher, an alleged comedian, attacked red state America a couple of days ago on his HBO program, claiming that there are "two Americas." “We have a problem in America called spatial geographic inequality which means the most affluent and educated people are clustered in just a few cities," the leftist … Continue reading Bill Maher, you need to take a closer look at blue states and why people are leaving

Why Do Hoaxers Hoax?

by baldilocks Sgt. Mom at Chicago Boyz: To the surprise of practically no one outside the Establishment Mainstream Media and a handful of social justice race-warriors who live to perpetuate the ‘White Americans Are Teh Most Raaaaacist Evah!’ meme, the Jussie Smallett racial beat-down-and-bleach soaking has been confirmed by local law enforcement as a put-up … Continue reading Why Do Hoaxers Hoax?

She Didn’t “Build” That

by baldilocks When Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) took credit for driving Amazon away from her district and out of her state, she was taking credit for the work of others. Surprise! To wit: … the "credit," such as it is, doesn't belong to her social media campaign or the protesters with makeshift signs marching around. … Continue reading She Didn’t “Build” That

Not Dead, Just Resting

by baldilocks Many are linking to Victor Davis Hanson's piece Autopsy of a Coup at American Greatness. Here's a taste: All through the 2016 campaign and during the first two years of the Trump presidency the media’s treatment, according to liberal adjudicators of press coverage, ran about 90 percent negative toward Trump—a landmark bias that … Continue reading Not Dead, Just Resting

The Times and Flyover Country

With its myopic view of flyover country, The New York Times has designated Wyoming as one of its 52 places to visit in 2019. The reason: In 1869, the Territory of Wyoming passed the first law in the United States giving women the right to vote. The state should be applauded for its acknowledgment of … Continue reading The Times and Flyover Country

Democrats, a Union, and Corruption

John Dougherty may not be a household name, but he is the kingmaker of Philadelphia and much of Pennsylvania. Dougherty, known as Johnny Doc, is a classic example of Democrat machine politics that have nothing to do with making people’s lives better. Take, for example, the much-heralded tax on sweetened beverages that became law in … Continue reading Democrats, a Union, and Corruption

The Left’s Failures on Crime, Drugs, and the Environment

Here in Philadelphia, a bastion of leftist ineptitude, the city is facing mounting problems with crime, drugs, and even recycling. The head of Philadelphia’s police union attacked District Attorney Larry Krasner, charging that Krasner had decimated the prosecutor’s office, turned it into the public defender’s office, and harbors “great disdain and dislike for law enforcement.” … Continue reading The Left’s Failures on Crime, Drugs, and the Environment

More on Nathan Phillips

by baldilocks From the blogger formerly known as Neo Neocon: The role of [Nathan] Phillips himself was (and still is) felt by the right to be the following: that he purposely stirred up the initial face-to-face confrontation, that he lied about his military service, lied when he stated the boys had said “build the wall,” … Continue reading More on Nathan Phillips

While We Weren’t Looking

by baldilocks A transformation. Fundamental? When most people think of citizenship, they think of their nation’s constitution or the rights guaranteed to them in the law. They will think of their obligations to their country, like paying taxes, obeying the law and defending the nation. In the West, a citizen is pretty much as the … Continue reading While We Weren’t Looking