Red-Green Omar?

by baldilocks Since I’ve already ranted today about the Justice Democrats and about shame mongering about race, I want to point you to this background on Ilhan Omar from February. It’s very interesting. Here's a taste. Omar spent the first ten years of her life as a member of a family that owed its livelihood … Continue reading Red-Green Omar?

Of course the Left is Scared of Unplanned they’ve lost the debate.

Months ago I called the movie Unplanned the China Syndrome of abortion with the exception that instead of a completely made up story, it was a story based on actual facts and events. Imagine for a moment that when the China Syndrome came out if the Nuclear Industry and their political foes did all they … Continue reading Of course the Left is Scared of Unplanned they’ve lost the debate.

Hey, the Salute to America is done and The American left is still alive and well!

I'm confused. From the moment the President announced he would have his special 4th of July "Salute to America" speech featuring the US Military the left was apoplectic. No less an authority than professor Laurence Tribe was comparing it to Tiananmen Square where thousands were slaughtered by an oppressive government, in my twitter feed folks … Continue reading Hey, the Salute to America is done and The American left is still alive and well!

A Slice of CA Voter Fraud Pie

by baldilocks I know you’re not shocked about this. An indictment unsealed in Los Angeles charged nine people accused of participating in voting fraud schemes — in which homeless people were allegedly offered cash or cigarettes in exchange for forged signatures on initiative petitions and voter registration forms. (…) Prosecutors have accused the group of 14 … Continue reading A Slice of CA Voter Fraud Pie

Let It Go

by baldilocks Originally posted in 2014. Links current. At, some point, black Americans, you're going to have to let go of it. What is "it?" It's your worship of blackness. Both you and I know that you worship your carcass. And those of you who do demand that others worship it as well. And if … Continue reading Let It Go

Association > Definition

This post isn’t really about politics, but I need to use a couple of illustrations from the political world in order to flesh out today’s topic, so please bear with. Back in the dawn of antiquity known as 2009, shortly after Barack Obama assumed his duties as President the annual CPAC convention took place in … Continue reading Association > Definition

Open Service to the Principalities and Powers

Rely not on the likelihood of the enemy's not coming, but on our own readiness to receive him. -- Sun Tzu by baldilocks A year ago, I said this: A lot of people – even some Christians -- discount the existence of satanic spiritual forces and ridicule the material-world advocates of these forces. The latter … Continue reading Open Service to the Principalities and Powers

The Irrelevance of Presidential Likability

by baldilocks From a recent conversation: Them: “I didn’t vote for President Obama either time. You know that. But I like him.” Me: “Really?” Them: “I can’t stand Trump! I know you’re on the Trump Team.” The Trump Team? We’re on teams now? Me: “I’m not on the ‘Trump Team.’ I’m on the side of … Continue reading The Irrelevance of Presidential Likability

Aftereffects of the Obama Presidency

Like a Two-Year Long Hangover by baldilocks Some people think that we should leave Former President Obama alone, since he's not president anymore. Problem is he and his minions won't leave us alone. First, there he is in Brazil -- the former POTUS -- lying about American gun laws. President Barack Obama said the United … Continue reading Aftereffects of the Obama Presidency

Superhighway Robbery in Mexico

by baldilocks I’m old enough to remember when people who stuck their money in between their mattresses were called crazy and paranoid. Nine times out of ten, it was your grandma or grandpa who grew up during the Great Depression. These grandmas and grandpas -- retired American expats -- would have been better off had … Continue reading Superhighway Robbery in Mexico

Um, Germany?

by baldilocks Courtesy of the USAF, I spent most of the late 1980s in Berlin, Germany, making a good amount of memories and many friends who are still my friends as I type this. My sister even met my brother-in-law -- the latter was also in the USAF -- when she came to visit me … Continue reading Um, Germany?

The Left’s Latest Attack Against Women

War on Women Indeed by baldilocks Usually, I'm pretty good at figuring out the motivations of the postmodernists. But this time ... Why does the Organized Left want to destroy organized women's sports? Mark Rippetoe: [The International Olympic Committee and the International Association of Athletic Federations] are participating in a lie for political purposes, to … Continue reading The Left’s Latest Attack Against Women


by baldilocks Everyone must participate in the sacrifice! On Thursday, fanatic feminist Lauren Duca, who has hitherto had a rather hostile perspective toward men, suddenly issued a highly-unlikely plea, begging men to get more involved in fighting against the state of Georgia adopting the “heartbeat bill” which outlaws abortion once the baby shows it has … Continue reading Heartbeat

Big Left Herds Its Enemies

Meaning you by baldilocks The Social Media conservative purges are part of an overarching attack by the Organized Left against all non-leftists who express unapproved thought. You will be made to STFU -- or such is the goal. They want the money you already have. From 2018. It was the SPLC’s ongoing slander of the … Continue reading Big Left Herds Its Enemies

WaPo’s Latest Weapon

by baldilocks Many Christians were angered and annoyed by the Washington Post’s editorial headline from two days ago. I’m among that number. It’s interesting to note how often most of the American mainstream media has ignored the Islamist mass murders of dark-skinned Christians just in the past few years. Examples: Nigeria and Egypt. Then there … Continue reading WaPo’s Latest Weapon