I Am a Racist Again, Not a Victim Again

Some Temple University alumni have called for me to face disciplinary charges because I wrote about a group of black female teenagers on campus who harassed me, threatened me, and spat on me. In a letter to the student newspaper, the alumni defended the anti-Semitic comments of Marc Lamont Hill, praising his analysis while disparaging … Continue reading I Am a Racist Again, Not a Victim Again

Why Big GOP Hates Donald Trump

by baldilocks People love to be lied to and smooth-talked. Conversely, they hate frank speakers who tell them the truth. This is part of the reason that there is still love and nostalgia for Former President Obama and a widespread visceral hatred of President Trump. I’m not immune, but I have recovered. Admittedly, having a … Continue reading Why Big GOP Hates Donald Trump

Guns for Teachers

After last year’s mass murder at a high school in Parkland, Florida, the media traced every micro-move of a small group of students who advocated gun control. What you haven’t heard much about is the recent recommendation that schools should have more people with guns to prevent such terrible events. The commission investigating the massacre … Continue reading Guns for Teachers

Silenced and Broke

by baldilocks Some mock as a conspiracy theory the notion of a financial elite gathering to impose its will on the rabble. Meanwhile, theory has become fact. It is the most totalitarian form of blacklisting: not just to be prevented from speaking on a university campus, or to be kicked off social media, but to be … Continue reading Silenced and Broke

My 2018 Posts That You Might Not Have Noticed

by baldilocks In order of earliest to most recent, these are some of my favorite posts from last year. They didn't necessarily get the most traffic, but I liked them -- mostly due to cracking myself up. Enjoy. Libyan Slave Markets and Jumping Into The Fire We all know that Arab Muslims have been buying and … Continue reading My 2018 Posts That You Might Not Have Noticed

The ‘Real’ Stories Behind Football

As the college and professional football seasons lumber toward their conclusion, I couldn’t help but recall and then watch the brilliant TV series “Friday Night Lights,” a wonderful program about high school football in Texas. The series' setting, Dillon, is a small town in rural Texas—not unlike my high school days in Sioux Falls, South … Continue reading The ‘Real’ Stories Behind Football

What transgender athletes will do to high school sports

Blogger on the left many years ago By John Ruberry Last week in this space I discussed the problems of allowing transgender athletes to participate in women's sports, which was inspired by a since-deleted Tweet from tennis legend Martina Navratilova, "You can’t just proclaim yourself a female and be able to compete against women," she … Continue reading What transgender athletes will do to high school sports

The Democrat Divas

Cher, a singer of limited talent, a diva with an unlimited wardrobe, and a leftist of limitless anti-Republican rants, has been chosen to receive a lifetime achievement award from the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. For those who may remember, Cher and then-husband Sonny Bono sang some pop ditties in the 1960s that rivaled “Sugar, … Continue reading The Democrat Divas

The Trouble with Tenure

The case of Marc Lamont Hill, the social justice warrior at Temple University, is a classic example of what’s wrong with tenure, which guarantees a lifetime job in academia. Hill engaged in hate speech in a presentation to the United Nations. He got fired at CNN, where he worked as a political gabber. At Temple, … Continue reading The Trouble with Tenure

I’m Not The Victim–Again!

The message from a Temple University police detective wasn’t subtle. If I carried a weapon on campus, I would be fired. When I got the telephone call, I thought perhaps the police were following up on my harassment by a group of teenagers on campus—an incident I wrote about a few weeks ago. See https://wordpress.com/post/datechguyblog.com/109528 … Continue reading I’m Not The Victim–Again!

My Colleague: Marc Lamont Hill

Marc Lamont Hill, the ousted gabber for CNN, is a poster child for what’s wrong with academia and journalism. Last year Hill contacted Temple University about teaching there, and the university bigwigs jumped at the chance to employ him. The school gave him a tenured job, coupled with an endowed chair in the Department of … Continue reading My Colleague: Marc Lamont Hill

Make Them Push You Off the Battlefield (UPDATED)

by baldilocks Julie Kelly at American Greatness: If you are someone on the political Right who might quit Twitter because it just banned Jesse Kelly, here’s my plea: Don’t. After the shocking news spread Sunday night that Twitter had deplatormed the conservative influencer for unknown reasons, some conservatives are threatening to leave the social media site. Glenn … Continue reading Make Them Push You Off the Battlefield (UPDATED)

On Being Catholic

It’s tough being a Catholic these days. Throughout the years, I have had an on-again, off-again relationship with the church. I blamed the church for the death of my mother when I was 13. She attended church almost every day, but her pastor abandoned her when she needed his help. As a journalist, I often … Continue reading On Being Catholic

I Am A Racist, Not A Victim!

It’s troubling when you see the failure of American institutions close up. As I was waiting for my takeout order at a local Chinese restaurant, five black teenagers ran into the store and started to steal stuff. I instinctively grabbed one of the five girls and held her while I asked people to call the … Continue reading I Am A Racist, Not A Victim!