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Colorado also says no. Credit:
Colorado also says no. Credit:

At least half of the governors in the United States have refused to take the Syrian refugees and “refugees” or called for a halt to the resettlement which the federal government, meaning President Obama, is intent upon seeding in cities all around the nation. But, it appears that these governors have no legal leg on which to stand, since it is the US Congress that establishes “an uniform Rule of Naturalization” and, back in 1980, the Democratic Party-majority 96th Congress passed the Refugee Act, which, of course, was signed by Democrat President James E. Carter. (I would say something cutting about Democrats here, but I’m sure that the Act seemed like a good idea at the time. However, it is important to know which party did what.)

And of course, President Obama knew this going in, or at least his advisers did. So, in spite of state executive orders, like the one accomplished yesterday by Governor Bobby Jindal (R-LA), the die is likely cast.

So what can we expect?

My friend, Everett Powell, says this:

The one thing the Feds can’t do is force the states to provide services and support for Obama’s refugee program – which by all accounts makes it EXTREMELY difficult for them to continue the resettlement.

I suspect what you will see done is vast numbers of people just being dumped at bus stops and train stations in the States resisting for the sake of creating images for a media campaign of people suffering sleeping in the streets. We are entering winter and there will be such a caterwauling out of the White House about cruel uncharitable Christians and GOP barbarians as the world has never seen.

That is certain, but there is something else to expect. If the mean, horrible Red and Reddish states (like Michigan) will not provide services for these people, they will migrate to those which will, like California and other states which are already overloaded with people on various forms of welfare. This will speed up the financial reckoning for these states–and for the country–something which is already in view.baldilocks

And even if there is not one terrorist among the new arrivals, this will bring chaos.

As was planned; as in Europe.

(Thanks to Jeff Bishop)

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As I watch the planned parenthood story unfold I’ve wondered about the Democrats who have sold their own moralities, particularly those who claim Christianity.

As I’ve pondered it occurs to me that this is a parallel that we’ve seen twice before in living memory.

In the Soviet Union if a person wanted power or position one had to be a member of the communist party and if one wanted to advance in the party there are things one had to do.

When millions were starved to death, when others were banished, or locked up one had to either deny it, convincing oneself that it wasn’t happening and or justify it as necessary for the safety and security of the state. There was no other choice if one wanted to maintain position or even life.

In the Third Reich if a person wanted power or position, one had to be (Col Klink not withstanding) a member of the Nazi party and if one wanted to advance in the party there were thing one had to do.

When Jews business were rounded up, their property confiscated and finally shipped away and killed, one had to either justify it, or ignore it, there was no third choice if one wanted to maintain one’s position or even life.

In the Democrat party of today it is the same.

If you want to advance in the party on the national level one had to go along. If you failed to do so then you would never advance beyond local politics. And today even images of dead children, dissected with people buying and selling them, joking about it over dinner or laughing about it in a lab the party demands that one obey.

Thus the democrat if he wants to maintain his party position has to either pretend that he doesn’t see these atrocities or defend them.

But unlike the Germans of the 30’s and the Russians from the 20′ to the 80’s these democrats have another option. They can always reject their party and join the other. They don’t risk life, only position.

Yet given that choice between rejecting the slaughter and dismemberment of innocents and risking position or staying the course, ignoring or defending those who would do those things today’s Democrat party chooses the latter.

That BTW is why it was so critical for the Democrat party to become secularized, because how else can one continue to live particularly for so many pols over seventy getting closer and closer to their makers. Much better to them not believing in one at all.

I will never get over the willingness of these people to go along with this for the sake of power.

Update: this Piece at Hotair really makes my point

how on Earth can Earnest stand there and earnestly (sorry..) claim that that neither he nor anyone on the Oval Office staff has even seen the videos? He’s “relying on news reports that I’ve seen” from other people who have seen the videos? How many stories have we heard now over the course of the last six years where the White House is claiming that they found out about an important issue by watching television? And given the red hot nature of the story, nobody was dispatched to go watch the videos themselves so that the administration could generate an informed opinion? It simply beggars belief.

I don’t think it begger belief, I think it’s Vital for the white house to make sure nobody follows Jake Tappers suggestion that Well, “somebody at the White House should maybe watch the videos in full.” because once a person in the White House watches them then their deniability is gone.

And that is the single most important commodity when you are defending the indefensible.


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You know, when you’re that deep in the hole, a vote isn’t going to make much of a difference. It’s like someone falling past the 40th floor and voting for a soft landing.

Tim Blair on Greece and debt

I didn’t agree with having a vote but why have one then ignore the result?

While Nichols calls these people the “new totalitarians,” they’re not all that new. They’ve been with us for decades. The difference is they have now accumulated a significant amount of power, and the Silent Majority has now become the Silenced Majority.

D C McAllister on the White Guilt Card

This has been the goal since day 1.

While we may say it is always “irresponsible” to get drunk and have sex, this is something college kids do quite routinely. When two people are both in “these circumstances,” how can anyone fairly assert that the male is guilty of a felony, while a drunken hookup makes the female a helpless victim? How does such a claim — that males bear 100% responsibility in heterosexual encounters, and that females never bear any responsibility — comport with the idea that feminism is about men and women being equal?

Robert Stacy McCain on U of Minnesota Yes means Yes campaign

Basically we are re-creating puritanical rules without the whole messy worshiping of God thing.

If Kim Kardashian announced in October she was running for President (it’s when she turns 35), I am sure she would attract large crowds as well. Should she be taken seriously?

Jay Caruso on the Trump Phenom

12% isn’t a whole lot when it comes down to it.

If Republicans consider Trump a danger to the Republican party in the 2016 general election, then they should start by feeling the people’s pain over illegal immigration, standing with the victims, and looking in the mirror — not at Donald Trump.

Bill Jacobson at the National Review

Your enemies always grow stronger on what you leave behind

It’s curious. So many families, fathers and mothers, tell me, “We are at the table with our children and they have their cellphones and…” It’s another world. It’s true that the virtual language is a reality that we cannot deny. We must take it on the good path because it is a progress of humanity, but when this takes us away from communal life, from family life, from social life and even from sports, from art and I remain hooked to the computer, this is a psychological illness, for sure.

Pope Francis during a return flight to the Vatican 6-6-15

Yes I get that there is some irony in typing this quote while my wife lies in bed next to me

the list of admired (or once-admired) writers who in turn admired fascism is quite long; some later paid a price in terms of their reputations, others—in common with the large cadre of writers who embraced the Soviet Union—have had their embarrassing politics reduced to footnotes.

Charles Paul Freund at Reason

This kind of evil doesn’t advance without an awful lot of help.

This is not an art project. This is what we call “a cry for help.” Feminism often functions as a substitute for therapy, but not an effective substitute. Crazy women who become involved with feminism just keep getting crazier.

Robert Stacy McCain on Emma Sulkowicz video Ceci N’est Pas Un Viol

Nothing says “Hero of feminism” like a video destined for Xhamster.

When higher education was a booming industry, and when Democrats controlled most state governments, turning academia into an activist arm of the Democratic Party seemed like a good idea. Now academia’s seen as bloated and dysfunctional, the party it’s tied itself to is at record low influence in state governments, and the chickens are coming home to roost. It would have been better to have stayed out of politics, and focused on providing value to students.

Glenn Reynolds

 Colleges were once the way to escape poverty, now it’s an extended high school drinking party that leaves you in debt for life.

The United States lacks the will for this fight: Americans could defeat the Islamic State on the battlefield – certainly in Iraq, and probably in Syria, too. But the odds of this administration, or even one led by a Republican successor, being willing to make the necessary commitment to both battlefields, seem very small indeed.

Aaron David Miller:  5 Reasons why the US Cannot beat ISIS

I’ll say this for Lindsey Graham he’s going nowhere but he’s exactly right about what is needed to defeat ISIS.

Do any liberal activists ever have their motives similarly questioned? How often did CNN wonder if protesters in Ferguson were hoping to get their heads cracked open by police batons in hopes of generating sympathy for their cause? When lefties agitate against police violence, they’re speaking truth to power; if violence results, it only proves how right they were. When Geller agitates against jihadi violence, she’s a cynic trying to bait unrepresentative members of a particular group into lashing out so that she can falsely claim vindication. How does that work?

Allahpundit on the MSM reaction to plans to behead Pam Geller

I still think the reaction is all about her courage highlighting others cowardice.

After World War 2 we were not only a superpower but Europe was decimated, Asia was in ashes,  Africa was, as always, a non starter and the Muslim word was primitive.   We held in our hands a weapon that all we had to do is go to any other nation and say: “We will use this if you don’t let us take you over.”  We had that power and we didn’t even take over Canada!

Evan Sayet who will be performing in Boston this Wednesday, you can buy tickets here

I’ll be there

it would seem so.

We are bombarded daily with news that even a few short years ago would have been unimaginable.

A recent article in Salon written by an abortion worker refers to an aborted baby as an “unwanted growth” and by removing it they “preserved the woman’s chosen course.”  Seeing tiny arms and legs floating in a bowl made her even more pro-choice pro-abortion.

Planned Parenthood, the leading abortion provider in the country, tweeted that they thought telling girls to protect their character on prom night was “despicable.”

And the latest Gallup poll states:

Americans are more likely now than in the early 2000’s to find a variety of behaviors morally acceptable, including gay and lesbian relations, having a baby outside of marriage, and sex between an unmarried man and woman. Moral acceptability of many of these issues is now at a record-high level. source

One glaring observation of this poll is that while support for abortion has gone up by three points, support for the death penalty has gone down by the same three points.

To see these findings in action, I need go no further than my own very conservative area where the illegitimate birth rate among teenagers has skyrocketed. Marriage is no longer important, and multiple children by different fathers is common.

Marriage and family, the bedrock of a civilized nation, is all but destroyed.  I have no doubt that when the Supreme Court issues it’s ruling on same-sex “marriage”, it will come down on the side of the homosexuals, thereby completely changing the definition of marriage.

Benjamin Franklin emphasized that without virtue, free societies could not properly function.  He said, “Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom. As nations become corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters.”

When was the last time you even heard the word “virtue”?  If people conformed to accepted virtues, none of what is going on would be possible.

There is much talk on many sites, usually the ones focused on the economy, about some big event coming along to collapse our country.  Trust me on this, it won’t happen like that.  In fact, it’s already happening and has been for decades.  The slow drip of immorality and depravity has already transformed our country into something most of us don’t recognize anymore.

The elites don’t want a collapse, they want slaves who will be willing to do their bidding.

John Adams, in a letter dated October 11, 1798, to the Officers of the First Brigade of the Third Division of the Militia of Massachusetts said:

[…]we have no government, armed with power, capable of contending with human passions, unbridled by morality and religion. Avarice, ambition, revenge and licentiousness would break the strongest cords of our Constitution, as a whale goes through a net. Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.

I have no intention of being anyone’s slave, and I hope you don’t either.


An occasional feature

Those who don’t fight evil hate those who do.

This is a defining characteristic of the American left.

Dennis Prager via Pam Geller as to why the left Hates her

Nothing embarrasses those who lack courage than those who have it.

Heterosexuality is oppression. Motherhood is slavery.

‘Could It Be Any More Obvious?’

Stacy McCain on what Feminism teaches

The best way to discredit Feminism to normal people is to quote feminist leaders verbatim

this situation could have been avoided had the Obama administration heeded the warnings of military brass that urged them to keep a residual force in Iraq to maintain the peace that America and our allies fought so hard for.

Gov Sarah Palin via Conservatives for Palin

People would ask this question if it didn’t disrupt the whole “Blame Bush” narrative.

So much for Obama making the world a more peaceful place.

The Lonely Conservative on the fall of Ramadi

I keep asking, is this a bug or a feature. (actually I don’t ask this at all)

“It goes without saying that if George Bush had done this, he would have been Hitler,”

Kirsten Powers via the Daily signal & American Power on the left & Fox news

In fairness this line could be repeated on a daily basis concerning almost everything the left does.

One of the biggest of The Big Lies the Left has successfully sold to the peoples of The West is that Man is, in fact, not Fallen, that the mass of Mankind can achieve Perfection, that Heaven On Earth, as it were [since they’re Atheists], can be brought about if just everybody would wake-up and drink the Kool-Aid of the Masterminds, of the Enlightened possessors of the Gnosis [‘Secret Knowledge’].

The acceptance of this deranged way of thinking, or looking at the World, leads inevitably to a profound and utter disappointment when Reality finally intrudes and the Believers find themselves threatened with Destruction, Misery, and Death.

Bob Belvedere on the left’s worldview

 Actually I suspect with our modern left they would be the first to convert and demand the execution of those who do not.

I would like to thank Turd Burgelstein for pointing out that all the whiners offended by micro-aggressions, BMI’s, white privilege and harsh stares are really just this year’s crop of POWS – People of Occupy Wall Street.

Michelle’s Mirror

The titles change but the left always remains the same

ABC’s refusal to pull George Stephanopoulos off of all 2016 coverage makes it crystal clear that ABC has no intentions of being an objective news outlet.

Brent Bozell via the Washington Times

In fairness if it took George Stephanopoulos for you to figure out ABC & MSM aren’t objective then you haven’t been paying attention.


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What do these three things have to do with each other?  Glad you asked.

Have you noticed that over the past 10 or so years, it seems like everyone is “offended.”  Sometimes these offended people act out in murderous rage, since their level of “offendatitis” has reached some sort of critical stage.

It has become a national past-time to be offended.  I’m rarely offended.  Put a crucifix in a jar of urine?  Ho hum.  These things are just stupid things, done by stupid people, who don’t deserve any sort of attention for being stupid.

To be so constantly offended is a sign that you consider yourself the center of your own little universe, and all these so-called offensive things going on somehow hurt your precious little psyche.  I’d have to label that sort of thinking as narcissistic.

Facebook is a breeding ground for a budding narcissist.  Spend some time randomly scooting around Facebook, and you will witness not only the narcissistic habit of posting selfie after selfie to garner unwarranted praise for your beauty, but also the daily complaints over everything and anything.  To complain about every trivial thing in one’s life is a form of attention seeking.  “Oh, look at me. Poor me. Feel sorry for me.  Pay attention to me.”

The next logical step is to be “offended” over the perceived injustices being heaped upon your pitiful puny little self.

My advice is to get over yourself.  You’re not the center of the universe, or even the world.  And, by the way, you’re not as pretty as your friends are telling you.

Adrienne blogs at Adrienne’s Corner.  Her writing muse has been released from Purgatory, but is making a slow (very slow) recovery.

It only takes a little digging to see that if racism were to die in America… hell, you’d be out of a job. Nobody has more of a financial interest in the continued systemic racism in this country than you, Al Sharpton.

Steven Crowder Dear Al Sharpton: You Lying, Race-baiting, Hobbling Bag of Human Feces…

Crowder has never been a subtle person.

President Obama won’t meet with the parents of the kids he wants to throw under the bus of inner-city crime, unrest, and poverty.  

Donald Douglas: Obama Wants to Kill the Opportunity Scholarship Program, Thus Torpedoing Hopes of Inner-City Blacks

Black America has paid a high price for Obama bragging rights, I don’t’ think it was worth it

Hillary will not be the next President of the United States.

However, Barack and Michelle Obama will be the next Bill and Hillary Clinton when it comes to running a multi-million (billion?) dollar foundation whose existence outwardly is predicated on being philanthropic, but whose main purpose is to be a means by which the couple makes lots of money and remains relevant among the power set globally.

Just One Minute Hillary Will Not Follow In Obama’s Footsteps

Well this truth will actually be very comfortable for the Obama family.

Female members of the FDNY are mad, too, because they passed their fitness tests and this could diminish their accomplishments.

The Lonely Conservative: Woman Who Failed Fitness Test Will Still Become NY Firefighter

This person is going to transform every woman who has passed this test into an affirmative action hire in the eyes of the public.

The SPLC is a hate group and is no longer a resource for the FBI (although I defend the SPLC right to free speech–even if it is often slanderous, libelous and wrong).

Evil Blogger Lady Blaming the Victims of Jihadi Terror: Leftist Media calling Pam Geller, AFDI, and Jihad Watch “hate groups”

The one thing worse than a useful idiot is one with a huge bank roll.

Mind your own business. You are not there to tell the priest the bad things your husband has done and how long suffering you’ve been.

Fr. Dwight Longenecker Ten Things Every Catholic Should Know About Confession

Confession is about the forgiveness of sin, it’s not a personal pity party.

And now uncomfortably true tweets

Liberalism defines courage as making fun of anything they hate.

I didn’t know Jewish bookstores were considered an insult to Islam.

There is a difference between education and knowing things.

This will only shock you if you haven’t been paying attention.

Do you have a suggestion for Uncomfortable truths, send us the link here.

Even after spending trillions of taxpayer dollars fighting poverty since 1965, Democrats tell the poor and blacks they’re gettin’ screwed by rich white folks. They’re playin’ y’all.

Lloyd Marcus Dear Baltimore Family and Friends: Y’all Bein’ Played!at the American Thinker

It looks to me that Democrats who replaced Slavery with Jim Crow replaced Jim Crow with an urban thunderdome that their elites have escaped.

My ads drove them crazy because they fell outside of that spectrum; I was vaulting over their controls and bringing truths to the public that they didn’t want known. They had to move to shut me down.

Pam Geller at Breitbart after NYC banned all political, religious and opinion ads in response to losing a lawsuit to block her ads on Hamas.

The liberal narrative can’t survive in an open marketplace of ideas.

He’s an affirmative-action President. Nobody expects him to produce much.

Glenn Reynolds saying the Truest words about Barack Obama you’ll ever hear

A lot of people knew this from the start but many more learned it as the years went by.

Since living my Catholic faith, I’ve been mocked, talked about, and I’ve faced people that can state every way the Church doesn’t work for them, in a matter of seconds, and with hate!

Norma Robertson at via Lisa Grass

There is nothing that produces more anger in this modern world than a faithful Catholic living their faith.

Wait … what’s that? A date? Are you kidding? No way! The nice guy doesn’t set off sparks. No sizzle. Oh, he’s good for comfort when the boyfriend goes wrong. But to actually be the boyfriend? Are you crazy? He’s just the nice guy. No way could he be Mr. Right. Just no way. Besides, what if you did date him and things went wrong? Who would you turn to? No, can’t risk it. Gotta keep him at arm’s length.

Jerry Wilson saying it aloud 

I know many such nice guys who are alone.

Unfortunately it will take some time to repair the damage done both internationally and nationally by President Obama and his policies.

Right Wing Granny Losing Friends in the Middle East

In fairness to the president I don’t think he’s been a failure, I suspect the end result we have is what he was shooting for from the start


How did they turn out the way they did? Nobody knows. We wanted our kids to have a better life than we did. We didn’t want them to have to fight to preserve their way of life; we just wanted them to enjoy the freedom we fought for. We thought we gave them that; but they took that freedom and buried it in the mud at Woodstock. They burned that freedom in smoke that tuned out their brains. They blurred that freedom in kaleidoscope eyes. They degraded that freedom in wanton and perverse sex. They stomped out that freedom with their heels on an American flag that we died defending.

Then they had children. And their children had children. And here you are today: An amoral generation spawned by an immoral generation.

Susan D Harris Marching into Hell A Blunt Message to the Young People of America via The Radio Patriot

This is something I’ve talked about for years.


I’ve let one person go since April 1, I’ve cut hours since April 1, I’ve taken them myself because I don’t pay myself

Ritu Shah Burnham on the steps failed steps she took to keep from closing her Seattle Pizzeria Z’s Pizza after Seattle raised their minimum wage via Patterico.

You can’t legislate away the business balance sheet.


And now some tweets:

I didn’t pay the dollars to see Mayweather vs Pacquiao but Mike Tyson saw it

Like Tyson or no this opinion seems to be the general consensus.

Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce had definite ideas about taking things that didn’t belong to you and selling or giving them away.


you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.

Jesus Christ:   John 8:32

The first in an occasional series highlighting uncomfortable truths from blogs and or twitter:

“Throughout the current crisis, Rawlings-Blake has represented her constituency, rioters, with great zeal.”

Democrat-Run Baltimore is a Gangsters’ Paradise  Matthew Vadum: American Thinker

Frankly that title would qualify as an uncomfortable Truth as well.

“Spoiled, intolerant, ignorant brats.”

Elizabeth Price Foley writing about Brandies Students “Microagression” issues at Instapundit

If PT Barnum was alive today he would be running a university, because that’s where the suckers willing to pay $60K for this is.

“Why is this being taught in a Catholic university? Do the parents who are paying $33,060 a year to send their children to Regis University have any clue what is being taught there? Does anyone even care?”

Robert Stacy McCain in a piece titled Teaching Literary Feminism.

And in my experience the answer to his question is “No” the parents don’t know but most importantly the old faithful catholics who give money to the university don’t know.  It would be interesting to see what happens to that money if they were informed.

The HipHop generation parents quickly are appreciating that time outs, going to ones room and much of this new age feel good malarkey doesn’t work for childhood recalcitrant behavior.

 Dr Ada Fisher quoted by Barbara Espinosa at American Freedom by Barbara

We didn’t spoil the child by sparing the rod, we spoiled an entire generation.

 when you speak the hard truth about race issues in America – and not just the liberal progressive talking points – and you’re white, you’ll be branded a racist. And if you’re black, well, y’all just watch the comments below and see the denigrating drivel.

Col Allen West (ret) quoted at Common Cents blog

Dissent is the highest form of patriotism, except when it’s dissent from the liberal line of course.

There are a lot of people in this country who feel disrespected, and who are increasingly seeing the law as “hollow” and the current social order as “failed,” and most of them don’t live in poor black neighborhoods. What “forest fire” might result from that, and has Coates — or The Atlantic — given this any thought at all?

Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit asking a question I’ve raised before

And we’ll close with our true tweet of the day:

The end result of this will be a company completely immune from pressure coming from the left.