Removing the Reasons

by baldilocks From the Daily Wire: Illegal immigrants are opting out of government welfare programs out of fear of Trump Administration crackdowns coming done the pike, reported POLITICO on Monday. Due to a proposed Trump Administration rule to deny legal status to illegals on welfare, both legal and illegal immigrants have been inundating health care providers with … Continue reading Removing the Reasons


I’ve joined a growing number of conservatives who have been censored under Facebook’s community standards. It is unclear what my crime was. My weekly column for included an analysis that the Mueller investigation was not similar to Watergate—a constant refrain from the media. Here it is: “We have people in 11 offices around … Continue reading Censored!

It Ain’t Watergate

As a young reporter in 1973, I worked in Washington when the Watergate scandal started to unravel. Despite numerous comparisons to the Watergate, the Mueller investigation isn’t anything like what happened to the Nixon White House. Watergate centered on the illegal activities of Nixon and his aides while they were working for the government. The … Continue reading It Ain’t Watergate

Facts and the Media

The media want people to think that Donald Trump’s attacks on the press have been responsible for reporters being injured while covering news events. Simply put, that’s just fake news. The U.S. Press Freedom Tracker, which is frequently referenced in media reports, details attacks against media types. See The press apparently didn’t look very closely … Continue reading Facts and the Media

Slouching Toward Damascus

As the Syrian civil war slouches toward its brutal end, it’s time to take stock of one of the most significant diplomatic and military failures in my lifetime. More than 200,000 civilians have died, including more than 25,000 children, and many more have been critically injured. Six million refugees have created havoc in Europe and … Continue reading Slouching Toward Damascus

Popularis Socialismi delenda est

"Carthago delenda est", or "Delenda est Carthago" (English: "Carthage must be destroyed"), is a Latin oratorical phrase. Originating in the Roman Republic in the 2nd century BC prior to the Third Punic War against Carthage, by the party advocating destruction of Rome's ancient rival Carthage, which was thought to be rebuilding its capacity for further … Continue reading Popularis Socialismi delenda est


A.G. Sulzberger Publisher The New York Times 620 Eighth Avenue New York, New York 10018 Dear Mr. Sulzberger: I have been a subscriber to your newspaper for much of the past 30 years. During that time, I have stood by you when Jason Blair made stuff up. I stood by you when Judith Miller made … Continue reading #CancelWhitePeople

Why You Should Believe Very Little of What You See

by baldilocks And now for something completely different. Monika Glennon has lived in Huntsville, Alabama, for the last 12 years. Other than a strong Polish accent, she fits a certain stereotype of the All-American life. She’s blonde. Her husband is a veteran Marine. Her two children, a boy and a girl, joined the military as … Continue reading Why You Should Believe Very Little of What You See

Lord Monckton speaks in Worcester MA

The Worcester Tea Party is most famous for hosting Educational Events where we discuss topics of public interest. Most have been free due to the generosity of our members, but occasionally there must be a charge to cover expenses. Over the years we have heard from many famous people: Mark Fisher, Evan Falchuk, Professor Maurice … Continue reading Lord Monckton speaks in Worcester MA

Reason That I’m Taking a Road Trip Instead of an Air Trip

One of them anyway ... by baldilocks Well I guess I understand why the DHS is doing this, but ... Federal air marshals have begun following ordinary US citizens not suspected of a crime or on any terrorist watch list and collecting extensive information about their movements and behavior under a new domestic surveillance program … Continue reading Reason That I’m Taking a Road Trip Instead of an Air Trip

Don’t Know Much About History

The teaching of history in high school has become so appalling that few students arrive at a university with any coherent understanding of the past. As an example, I’ve been asked to be on a panel for my college’s students who are too young to know much about 9/11. Think about that. Somehow college students … Continue reading Don’t Know Much About History

Diagnosis: TDS

by baldilocks Anatomy of mass psychosis. For the past two years, a particular power group has sought to explain away its loss of power – or rather, its loss of the Presidency, as it still holds a predominance of institutional power – by creation of a myth. Mainstream media is known for its herd behavior, … Continue reading Diagnosis: TDS

The Press, the CIA, and the FBI

A journalist, a CIA operative, and an FBI agent walk into a bar. Journalist: Why are we having drinks? I hate you guys! CIA operative and FBI agent: Yep. Journalist: You made illegal recordings of Martin Luther King Jr. and threatened to make them public? FBI agent: Yep Journalist: You launched coups in South America, … Continue reading The Press, the CIA, and the FBI

Washington Post is Racist Against Mexicans

by baldilocks The New Rules In Effect Jazz Shaw at Hot Air notices some interesting things about a Washington Post editorial. In 2002, the United States and Canada secured [an] arrangement, known as a “safe third country” agreement. It has worked because Canada is, in fact, a safe third country: Migrants who apply for asylum … Continue reading Washington Post is Racist Against Mexicans

What is the Most Important Virtue for an Activist?

Writing for Pete’s blog allows me the opportunity to speak to a nationwide and perhaps international audience. While it's not uncommon for me to have a choir to preach to, I feel I have to up my game a little and speak not about local taxes issues or individual corrupt politicians or odious ordinances, but … Continue reading What is the Most Important Virtue for an Activist?

Homage to Cowboys and Wyoming

Since nearly all of my family hails from Wyoming, I’m proud to claim cowboy blood. My grandfather herded cattle along the Chisholm Trail. He later served as the sheriff in Rawlins, Wyoming. I even herded cattle in Torrington, Wyoming, just after a graduated from high school. At Newsweek, I was a junior member of the … Continue reading Homage to Cowboys and Wyoming

Sex and Journalism

The embattled reporter at The New York Times who had an intimate relationship with a top Senate staffer was one of my students. After a quick rise through the ranks of journalism, Ali Watkins was demoted last week for having the affair. I didn’t know her well, but she struck me as energetic and intelligent, … Continue reading Sex and Journalism

Don’t Forget: They Want You Dead

by baldilocks #MeToo What is the relationship between complete disarmament of the entire American populace, open borders, and opposition to the so-call Muslim ban? Mexico is a nightmare of a nation-state, totally controlled by the demonic drug and human-trafficking cartels. The operational activities of these cartels rivals those of ISIS. Mexico’s murder rate is number … Continue reading Don’t Forget: They Want You Dead

Crime Stories in China

Almost everyone loves a good crime story or murder mystery, and the Chinese are no exception. Zhou Haohui, a 41-year-old school teacher, has written a series of potboilers called “Death Notice.” In fact, American readers can get a taste of the books when Doubleday publishes the first of three of the novels later this year. … Continue reading Crime Stories in China

Social Media Produces Lots of Unfinished Business

by baldilocks From our beloved Mr. Reynolds: I think a lot about whether social media are good or bad for society. I’ve written about how they make it easier for people to form mobs, facilitate the weaponization of emotion, and allow bad ideas to spread like disease through early civilizations. But I also have to wonder: Are social media bad for … Continue reading Social Media Produces Lots of Unfinished Business