You might remember this concerning the war from some weeks ago:

This is a strategic move by Iran and a smart one…

…Unfortunately no matter what happens even a total Israeli victory the winner here is Iran. As long as the world is talking about Gaza and rocket attacks and responses they are not touching the ongoing building of Nukes by Iran. I think this is all a sucker punch to keep the heat elsewhere. If Israel is hitting Gaza and or Lebanon they are not hitting Iranian nuke sites. They are buying time with Arab rather than Persian lives.

Today Hot air has this post linking to this story from the from the Jerusalem Post:

Iran is exerting heavy pressure on Hamas not to accept the Egyptian proposal for a cease-fire with Israel, an Egyptian government official said on Sunday.

The official told The Jerusalem Post by phone that two senior Iranian officials who visited Damascus recently warned Hamas leaders against accepting the proposal.

I wonder why? The Captain has an answer:

Why do they want Hamas to keep provoking Israel? The Egyptian official speaking with the Post believes they want to distract the world from their nuclear program, but I’d bet the Iranians have Israel specifically in mind. The rest of the world won’t stop Iran from producing nuclear weapons, but Israel probably will, if given the chance. Iran wants Hamas to fight an open war with Israel to keep the IDF from attacking its nuclear sites in the near term.

What does that mean for Iranian nukes? It suggests that the Iranians are closer to actual production than people have estimated prior to now. Hamas’ sudden desire to lift the cease-fire in late December, using a November 4th incident as the supposed provokation for their rationalization, makes a lot of sense in that context. The Iranians would worry most about covert strikes as they near completion of their effort, and they need Israel tied up for months, not weeks, to keep them distracted.

I’d say he’s likely spot on. I wouldn’t want to be the leader of Israel who has to make that decision. It’s not going to be a lot of fun for the president elect either. There will be a big party in 8 days but in 9 days the party will be over and Joe Biden’s prediction will come true in a hurry.

UPDATE if you came here from the Dissenting Justice link it was wrong. The actual post you want is here but this post does have some background on the subject.

I’ll have to find the podcast but it looks like this was something heated and full of passion. I saw only the tail end and it was something.

Here is my personal take, there are two sides to this a legal and a moral one: Continue reading “I missed the great Morning Joe “Torture” debate”

The list of people questioning the CNN story we mentioned here and here are growing.

The Volokh Conspiracy:

Indeed, not only is there no crater in the roof, but lawn furniture and clothes hanging out to dry on a line are right there in the background, undisturbed. Given that CNN’s own staff can’t vouch for the video first-hand, and that very serious questions have been raised about its credibility, I don’t see why CNN would want to double-down on this one.

Reihl World View:

At the very least it seems it might be an attempt by someone to alter the time-line of events and that a Channel 4 report actually pointed out that the family stayed home for some time and waited for the camera man / brother before taking the boy to the hospital.

In the third video (bottom) – of CNN’s full report – it claims the boy was taken home after the hospital – see 47 seconds in.

But in the second version posted from the UK’s channel 4, they use the same footage to suggest the boy “might” already be dead. That would mean the living room video was shot before taking the boy to the hospital – see 55 seconds in of that video. And at 2:20 in, the video actually says they drove from the hospital directly to the cemetery. That supports the living room video being shot after waiting for the cameraman to come off the road to the home. Why wouldn’t they have taken the boy to the hospital immediately?

Also in the first edited CNN video posted by Charles it clearly states that after the hospital the boy was “taken home” – possibly the same footage but it drives home the point. See 1 minute in of the top video at lgf link. And that language goes with the very same footage from the living room also in the other videos.

This is likely going to keep up until something gives.

Cnn now insists that the footage from Gaza mentioned here is genuine:

There’s no truth to accusations by bloggers that a Palestinian camera crew staged a video showing the death of the videographer’s brother after an Israeli rocket attack, said the team’s employer.

and has re-posted it.

Ed Morrissey isn’t buying it. His evaluation of the video:

It’s not only a fake, it’s an absurd fake. It’s not even done well, and Gilbert’s dramatic headshake at the end of the supposed CPR — in which Doctor #2’s hands keep coming off the body — is only the cheesy coup de grace. Why did CNN republish this?

His evaluation of CNN’s Explanation:

Maybe Martin can explain how a missile hits a roof and kills two boys but does no more damage to the roof than what a pickaxe could do in five minutes — and how the furniture didn’t get disturbed.

The Confederate Yankee isn’t buying it either:

Premium clients can commission the writing filming, and broadcast of specific stories. Commissioned news, sold at a premium. Isn’t that another name for mercenary propaganda?

If so, I wonder who commissioned these… or if they were done pro bono.





Martin is trusted by Hamas on at least a professional level, and has a financial stake in the credibility of his employee’s story. Neither of these conflicts of interest were disclosed by CNN, for the rather obvious reasons it undermines their claim of the story’s credibility.

Charles Johnson not only isn’t buying it but does some the basic research that CNN might do if it decided to bother:

The company that provided this video story to CNN and several other news outlets is World News & Features, as we pointed out yesterday after CNN published their defense of the piece.

At the lower right of the World News & Features front page, we find a link to as the designer of the site.

A WHOIS lookup for reveals that the domain is hosted by

(who is info follows)

…And the primary contact and general manager for is none other than the “freelance photographer” who filmed that staged hospital scene, Ashraf Mashharawi.

How about that.

I’ve interviewed Ed Morrissey, for the HiWired podcast a couple of years ago. He is a very good guy. I’ve been reading Charles Johnson for almost 8 years. He has a record of exposing fake news and its a good record. Neither pretend to not have the biases they have.

Meanwhile we have CNN the network that didn’t report on the Eason Jordan scandal until he resigned. And who can forget the famous article in the New York Times The News we kept to ourselves? If you don’t remember it read Bill Hobbs rundown on it an excerpt:

By keeping its bureau open and its mouth shut, CNN sent Saddam a powerful message: do what you want, we won’t tell anyone.

What should CNN have done? Stopped hiring locals, for one. And if that wasn’t possible, CNN should have closed its Baghdad bureau and stopped putting Iraqis at risk by being there. But mostly, CNN should have told the world what is going on. CNN Iraqi staffers were tortured while CNN stayed silent. It’s ludicrous after-the-fact corporate ass-covering to suggest the speaking out would have put its Iraqi staffers in danger. They already were in danger. Reporting that to the world might well have pressured the regime to change its ways. But we’ll never know because CNN was more interested in keeping its prestigious Baghdad bureau open than in fully reporting the horrors of the regime that hosted them there.

Given that history the choice between believing Ed and Charles (and Bob who I’m not as familiar) or CNN it is no contest. In fact what evidence do we have that CNN hasn’t changed its ways. Remember it wasn’t until 2 years after Jordan’s admission that he had to resign over false statements that Barney Frank and Chris Dodd called him on.

I’d say they are full of it.

Noticed this at the Muqata:

According to PA law the presidency now automatically goes to the Speaker, but (Hamas) Speaker Aziz Dweik is currently in jail in Israel, making (Hamas) Gaza-based Deputy Speaker Ahmed Bahar next in line. Abu Mazeen is claiming he can extend his presidency for up to another year (he has been taking lessons from Ehud Olmert).

I don’t know if anything will come of this but with the UN now trying to bail Hamas out it will be interesting to see if this serves to blunt the impact of the French deal that Hamas rejected that was a PR win for Israel.

Update: Remind me to not hit save while running out the door, I meant to copy and paste one piece of the post and grabbed the whole thing. Just got back and noticed it now. My apologies to the muqata for snarfing his full post it was unintentional.

We mentioned yesterday how Little Green Footballs confirmed that a photo that was thought to be fake on the war was in fact real.

However this one is bull

And CNN which put it out there had to pull it. But didn’t acknowledge its falsehood and left the article that went up with it. No Correction.

Confederate Yankee points out significant:

It has also been determined that the videographer who filmed his brother’s “death” is the general manager of a company that hosts web sites for Hamas.

Dr. Gilbert was allowed into Gaza by the Israelis just 2 days ago to provide medical care. He was involved in faking war crimes less than 48 hours later.

Remember this next time you hear a reporter whining about access to Gaza.

Did I just hear Pat Buchanan say on Morning Joe that the reason there is no peace is that there is not a Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital?

Yup land for Peace has worked REALLY well hasn’t it?

6:41 a.m. Joe asked Pat why the international community never reacts before Israel has to strike? Pat is ducking dodging and weaving.

6:42 a.m. “Would prime minister Buchanan go after Hamas?” I would go in but chase like Pancho Villa. Accuses Israel of operating a penal camp.

6:45 a.m. How does Israel get the UN to intervene before they have to go in? Nobody wants to answer, because it is impossible.

Am I the only guy that things that Joe the Plumber will make a better reporter than most of the MSN when it comes to the Gaza war?

Morning Joe thought it was a joke as does Israellycool. I don’t think so.

A good reporter, reports on what he actually sees, a regular person also tends to recognize bull when he sees or hears it.

He will also have one big advantage of major news networks. Any retaliation by terrorists for reporting they don’t like would be directed at him, a single target. Major networks and news bureaus have people all over the world. It isn’t hard to target them.

Reports this morning of Rockets coming from Lebanon into Israel were only surprising in the sense that it took so long for Iran to open the 2nd front.

However Hamas is denying that they have anything to do with it, the “Government” of Lebanon has condemned it and Hizbullah denies that it has anything to do with it.

I’m not sure I buy it, very little happens in Lebanon without the consent of Hizbullah/Syria/Iran. It could be a sip of coffee to see what Israel will do. They may be allowing it on the condition that they have plausible deniability.

I still maintain it is the logical counter move, particularly with Hamas getting handed its rear in the south. There is no way that Hamas can give in without losing face, a 2nd front would allow them to try to get additional concessions from Israel to save face.

I have no idea what is going to happen next.