Ok the silly poster wasn’t bad enough. now Hamas has an animated YouTube video for kids showing terrified Israeli soldiers being defeated and declaring victory and the mythical victory.

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This is specifically made for kids, It is likely too soon to fool the kids actually there right now but it will be used to re-write history in a little bit for the next generation and with the help of the Arab media might con others.

As far as I’m concerned It’s the Palestinian version of the Rimmer Experience from Red Dwarf.

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It still remains to be seen what the actual people of Gaza will do.

UPDATE: Well Hamas is using a solid tactic to keep Fatah from getting more popular, round em up:

They are reporting that George Mitchell may be named as a middle east envoy:

George Mitchell, the former Senate Democratic Majority Leader, is under serious consideration as the Middle East envoy for the Obama administration, Obama officials confirmed on Monday.

Mitchell is highly regarded as a negotiator for his work in the successful Northern Ireland peace process, and his selection would put a clear stamp on the Middle East as a top priority. In keeping with the tradition of presidential transitions, President-elect Barack Obama has said very little about the ongoing violence in Gaza in recent weeks, but is preparing to assume responsibility for foreign policy at noon on Tuesday.

This is a really bad idea right now. Not the choice of Mitchel per-se but the timing. Politically I can see why it would be done but Hamas will wrap him around their finger at this time. It will give them cover if they choose to launch rockets again since his main job will be to restrain Israel.

If it was given a month before this took place that would be a different story. Right now I think not.

Oh and BTW Israel actually had a 24 hour period without rockets. The Muqata stopped liveblogging Israellycool didn’t figuring that the ceasefire won’t hold we will see who is right.

Update: The Muqata has decided to start liveblogging again that might be a bad sign. They have this message for the new president:

Today is Barack Obama’s Presidential inauguration. Good Luck America. We hope that the Obama administration doesn’t start turning thumbscrews on Israel to negotiate with Palestinian terror organizations like Hamas and Fatah.

This might be a forlorn hope.

Surprise surprise Hamas intends to re-arm:

“Do what you like, but manufacturing holy weapons is our goal,” masked spokesman Abu Obaida said at a Gaza press conference on Monday.

Where was the press conference held? Under the hospital, behind a schoolyard?

Again the ball is in the court of the people of Gaza. Are they going to put up with these loonies again or not? If they decide to do so at what point is Israel going to just say the hell with it and crush the lot regardless of what is hit? (I suspect that point will never come.)

Hamas is weak now and unpopular if there is ever a time for a change it is now. If it doesn’t happen and the rockets continue or return then Obama in the house or no Israel is unlikely to sit back and take it. The Jews have aptly demonstrated that they are not going to sit back and die just so the rest of the world can feel good about themselves.

Meryl Yourish’s site elaborates on the defiant Hamas. As long as they think that Israel won’t hit back they will talk tough. Will the people fall for it?

Oh and between Hotair and Israellycool the blog has had the busiest day since I started it. Hamas and their inane toughguy poster gets a good chunk of the blame.

Still waiting for that elusive Instalance but I’m still fairly young.

via Israellycool on the Hamas English site you have this Hamas poster:

Where are the kids to hide behind?
Where are the kids to hide behind?

This is very funny. Where are the kids they hide behind, where is the cowering under a hospital? Show this to any actual soldier and say this is supposed to be Hamas and they will die laughing.

It’s as python as you can get.

They’ll call it a draw for a week then they will call it a victory. Just you wait.

UPDATE: Didn’t even take a day.

Update 2: Welcome friends from Hot air. Take a gander. Today we are saying thanks to President Bush, shaking our head and Morning Joe and to our shock agreeing with Bob Herbert.

We even fix computers!

Update 3: This one is even more ridiculous and made for kids.

Atlas Shrugs has a live feed of a March in London where people are just saying the nicest things about Jews.

It’s hard to pretend things aren’t happening when you see them live.

And if you want more Meryl Yourish has plenty more. And this to say:

So please, opinion writers, spare us the hypocritical commiserating over how Israel has damaged its world image due to the war in Gaza. Israel hasn’t damaged her image at all. You’ve damaged it, and all the Israel-haters out there chanting Hamas slogans aren’t making us feel too confident that things will ever change.

What the world has done is exchange the word “Zionist” for “Jew”—for a while. Or “Israel” for “Jews.” Now it’s coming back into fashion to hate Jews again, using the excuse of the treatment of the Palestinians. The reasons behind that treatment are immaterial. It gives the Jew-haters the chance they’ve been looking for since the news of the death camps first hit the papers. Now, the David Dukes of the world are feted instead of hated. They’re quoted on educational listservs. And they’re out in public, shouting for the end of the Jewish State, at protests all over the world.

Don’t think we haven’t noticed. Spare us your crocodile tears for Israel’s “soul.” We don’t need them, and neither does she. Israel’s soul is intact. It is the souls of the deranged Israel-haters that need looking after.

I get the feeling that Israel doesn’t give a damn what the world has to say, nor should it.

Well Israel has declared a unilateral cease fire:

In accordance with the cabinet’s decision to accept the Egyptian proposal and the announcement of a unilateral ceasefire in the Gaza Strip, the IDF is currently taking the necessary measures to implement the decision.

The cabinet’s decision was made after the IDF achieved the objectives it set for Operation Cast Lead, chiefly dealing the Hamas terror organization a heavy blow to its infrastructure, weaponry stockpiles, rocket launching program and its terror operatives.

As the decision goes into effect, the commander of the operation, GOC Southern Command Maj. Gen. Yoav Galant, will order the redeployment of IDF forces within the Gaza Strip in accordance with security assessments. Furthermore, the forces will be briefed on the specifics of the ceasefire rules of engagement.

The IDF emphasizes that its forces will respond to any attack against Israeli civilians and IDF soldiers, and that any such attack will be met with a harsh response. The IDF stresses that the current Home Front Command safety instructions to residents of southern Israel remain in effect in light of the possibility that the rocket fire will continue as Hamas cynically seeks to “have the last word.”

And Hamas has its answer:

“We the Palestinian resistance factions declare a cease-fire from our side in Gaza and we confirm our stance that the enemy’s troops must withdraw from Gaza within a week,” said Damascus-based Hamas official Moussa Abu Marzouk.

Ayman Taha, a Hamas official in Cairo for talks with Egypt on a truce deal,
demanded that Israel open all of Gaza’sw border crossings to allow in food and other goods to meet the “basic needs for our people.”

Hamas still seems to have fired 8 rockets at Israel since their cease fire, but I suppose it depends on the meaning of the words “cease” and “fire”. Deutsche Weld says 18.

The Muqata and israellycool are going to continue to liveblog just to play it safe.

Public opinion in Israel doesn’t like it they seem to want the job finished, and it looks like from this post at the Muqata this will likely have to be done again:

12:19 PM Ashdod Port: Customs seized shipment of humanitarian aid to Gaza, found to be full of weapons, and warfare related electronics.

It is now up to the Palestinians are they going to stop the rockets or are they going to go through all of this again. That is when we will know if the war is actually over or not. It also remains to be seen if Israel is going to be willing to go back in during an Obama administration.

It may have already happened, but if it hasn’t yet I predict that someone will credit Obama with the cease fire, it will be the Obama effect as the world suddenly becomes wonderful.

I hit Islam pretty hard on this blog so when they do something right they deserve credit.

More than 20 prominent British Muslim leaders have signed a letter denouncing the rise in anti-Semitic attacks resulting from Operation Cast Lead and calling on Muslims to help prevent attacks on Jews in the UK.

The best part is these people are not allied with Israel.

“The ongoing killing of Palestinian civilians in Gaza by Israeli forces has angered us all. However, this does not, and cannot, justify attacks on our fellow citizens of Jewish faith and background here in Britain,” the letter reads.

It goes on to say that British Jews should not be held responsible for Israel’s actions: “Most Muslims are completely against such behavior. However, we call on all Muslims to continue to remain vigilant against attempts to bring our own faith and community into disrepute. British Jews should not be held responsible for the actions of the Israeli government.”

This gives the statement legitimacy. If action follows then it will be first rate. Via the Muqata.

I didn’t cite Bob Owens as a reason to trust the debunking of the CNN tape that they still insist is accurate but after this post I think I ought to:

I asked Mr. Martin a series of questions about the video, including queries about the apparent inconsistencies in the timeline in various versions as told presented by CNN and Channel 4 as noted by Dan Riehl, and why the family was so adamant that an Israeli drone fired a missile that targeted the two boys playing on the rooftop. Did the family members directly witnessed a drone firing a missile, or did they hear the explosion, go to the roof, see a drone, and assume it was a drone that fired?

I also asked Martin, who is in the business of selling news footage, if CNN and Channel 4 were clients, and if so, if they purchased the edited versions of this Masharawi video, or if they purchased the raw footage to be made into a finished product by these news organizations.

Martin responded this evening via email that:

We plan to post the entire unedited videotape of the whole event, on our website, as soon as we can obtain the whole thing from Gaza… something which can happen when there is an end to hostilities.

There you have it, folks. CNN’s alibi hasn’t seen the unedited footage(emphasis mine dtg), and we can’t expect to have them even attempt to provide it until the conflict is over.

So a blogger who questions the accuracy of the video goes directly to the source and asks a series of probing but non hostile questions and gets a response saying we will post it after the war is over. Sounds a lot the the “Jenin massacrenonsense and the Haditha stuff to me, a lot of hand ringing and denouncing at the start and little coverage of the exposure of the fraud.

One of the reasons why I haven’t posted this stuff every day is because it is so common that its just not news. Kevin Libin at the National Post elaborates further:

On Saturday in Montreal a thousand or more protestors marched downtown chanting ‘The Jews are our dogs,’ and cheering not one, but two, banned Islamist terrorist groups — Hamas and Hezbollah — in the company of labour leaders and politicians. It didn’t make front-page news. Save one or two exceptions, it didn’t make back-page news. In Canada, this is, it seems, not news.

He points of the compromise of the media that this is and asks why?

For whatever reason, we are seeing rallies in major cities calling for genocide, celebrating terrorism and spouting hatred against a minority group — but the media is missing the story. Maybe calling out certain groups makes Canada’s media uncomfortable, or maybe they have become inured to the extreme radicalization of Palestinian supporters here.

I think Mr. Goldman might say the reason is they agree with them, or perhaps they are afraid of having their throats cut. After all its the same silence of the left that followed Theo Van Gogh’s murder.

Theo van Gogh was murdered for making a film about the abuse suffered by a Muslim woman at the hands of her husband. Yet liberal opinion has largely kept silent about this outrage. Bestselling author Douglas Murray argues that this is symptomatic of a wider refusal by opinion leaders – and European governments – to face up to growing threat of radical Islam.

Ezra Levant talks about the double standard

Imagine if hundreds of Canadians marched, some in KKK white sheets, calling blacks “our dogs”. You can make your own example — if it were any other group besides Jews being demonized.

Or, frankly, any other group other than radical Muslims doing the demonizing. If a thousand skinheads had marched, burning Stars of David, calling Jews “dogs”, and swearing a bloody death to Jews, you can imagine the response — starting with the SWAT team.

And how it will end:

Marches like this one, in the streets of Canada, are the bigger problem. Waving the terrorist flag of Hezbollah; singing praise for Nasrallah, the leader of Hezbollah; calling for the destruction of the Jewish state.

They didn’t have YouTube back in Germany in the 1930s, but I bet the S.A. marches looked a lot like this.

If this goes unchecked — if the Prime Minister, the Premier, the Mayor of Montreal don’t sharply rebuke this Lord of the Flies anti-Semitic flourish, this domestic recreation of the Durban hate-fest — then, as sure as night follows day, we’ll have our own Kristalnacht.

Because, really: how many steps is it from masked men waving terrorist flags, calling Jews dogs and burning the Star of David, to breaking some windows and torching some shops?

Montreal Jews can ask Parisian Jews how long it took. Not long.

This is why the Jews in Gaza are ignoring the UN and why they should.

Update: Tweaked the title.