Did a search for “Doctor Who” in google news and found some amazing things:

First he supported the 9/11 attacks:

Ynetnews: Doctor who slammed Gaza violence supported 9/11 attacks

We now know how his 8th to 9th regeneration happened:


And the Superbowl day marathon on BBC America? His idea:

Selby Times: Doctor who prescribed marathons

He’s still full of self doubt:

Philadelphia Inquirer: Doctor who checks credentials faces questions over his own resume

And I know there is a lot more snogging on the show these days but he is getting positively randy

Mail Online: Doctor who had affair with depressed patient’s wife escapes being struck off

I blame it all on the Dalek conditioning.

If you are one of the thousands of conservatives who are bombarding the offices of Senators Collins and Snowe in Maine concerning their support of the so called “compromise” bill. Or if you are a site suggesting calling will make a difference let me tell you one word.


No amount of outside pressure is going to change the way a person from Maine votes. No amount of shouting ranting threats etc will change the way that Maine votes. And the rants that they should have been kicked out like I’m seeing at Lucianne would mean 60 Democrats in the Senate. Those two votes gave us majorities in the past. Don’t so lightly through them away.

Now Arlen Specter is a totally different story, he is not only vulnerable to pressure but we have candidates such as Rick Santorum or Pat Toomey ready who can beat him in a primary is we put in the effort. That is where the direction should lie. The reports that no republican wants to be vote 60 is certainly referring to Specter.

I’m an agnostic on this either way. As Rush suggested we are not going to stop this bill. Any change to improve it is better than none. The best we can do is to pin it on Obama and the democrats so that if it is the disaster we all think it is they will own it.

Remember if they thought it was such a good bill they wouldn’t care if republicans voted for it they would be happy to take the credit and let us twist in the wind. The media will try to twist as a bi-partisan bill. That’s the fight we need to have.

Update: Michelle disagrees.

Watching the last hour of On the Waterfront this morning I was struck by the thought that Marlon Brando’s character of Terry Malloy in fiction is Elia Kazan in real life.

A man who saw evil and was willing to talk and because of this was and still is hated by those who supported and still either support or venerate that same evil. The only question is when people will actually acknowledge it.

I think things like these are little clues to us in life.

Like the removal of Britiannia from circulating British coins it is a symbol of British ideals, liberty and identity. Now it will only be on Bullion. Something to be locked away as a memory. And what have seen happening in England? The rights of Englishman fading away. Sharia law growing.

Or remember this Danial Webster quote:

“Men hang out their signs indicative of their respective trades; shoemakers hang out a gigantic shoe; jewelers a monster watch, and the dentist hangs out a gold tooth; but in the mountains of New Hampshire, God Almighty has hung out a sign to show that there He makes men.”

On May 3rd 2003 the Old Man of the Mountain collapsed. God removed his shingle. And the very next month New Hampshire Episcopal elected Gene Robinson Bishop of the Diocese of New Hampshire.

The most graphic i can think of it Lady Diana’s death. The media fawned all over it, declared her a secular saint and turned it into an international day or morning. Then mother Theresa dies the same week as Mike Barnicle put it “A tap on the shoulder from God.” and the media was shamed into covering the Funeral live.

Gotta love indirect proofs.

On that coin site I found this link concerning counterfeit £1 coins. I wouldn’t think that it would be worth the price to counterfeit a £1 coin but this older article from the Independent gives some details:

According to coin industry sources, the economics of producing counterfeit coins, as opposed to notes, make it necessary to produce large amounts to net any kind of decent profit. Technically, it is relatively simple to produce fakes using dies made from the real thing; some are made from hand moulds, some on machines. All that is needed is sufficient nickel and brass. The kind of people doing this, in their backrooms and workshops, are most likely to be traditional criminals and gangs – Charlie Kray, elder brother of the infamous twins, was long suspected by police in London of involvement in counterfeit coin rackets.

One coin expert told The Independent that he had heard that £100 worth of counterfeit coins were being sold on the black market for £80 and £1,000 for £800 and so forth. “I think they could cost around 50p to 75p to produce, so you have to produce an awful lot to make it worthwhile,” said the expert, who added: “Frankly, if I get any, I just pass them on in my change, its not worth doing anything else.”

The real problem as far as I can see is that since coins don’t leave circulation for decades a counterfeit stays a very long time. Plus if you turn it in, you’re out a pound. I would think it is just too much work for the government to worry about it but this a newer article shows how the problem has grown:

The number of fake pound coins in circulation has doubled in the past five years and one in every 50 is now counterfeit.

The newer article has tips on spotting the bad ones and a small film as well. Apparently the fakes are getting worse, likely due to an attempt to bring down the cost of producing them. If the quality keeps dropping then the problem might fix itself.

Got the 2009 uncirculated set from the Royal mint. Other than the Darwin coin I don’t think I’ve seen an uglier set of coins in my life. Click here to see if you agree. I remember now why I didn’t buy them for the kid before.

The good news is in looking for the image I found the site that hosts it. Definably worth a look if you collect. The 2009 Lincoln penny backs for are particularly good.

A reader at National review sent in this comment after Biden said they would screw things up 3 times out of 10:

Has Joe Biden become the political equivalent of Manny Ramirez? Nothing that the VP does even elicits a questioning look anymore; it’s just “Biden being Biden” much like “Manny being Manny”.

You can’t be shocked about what you expect.

Amazing who would have thought it possible:

A UN agency said on Friday it halted aid imports into Gaza after hundreds of tonnes of food assistance were seized, but Hamas indicated the goods would be returned, saying the incident was a mistake.

“UNRWA has suspended all imports of aid into the Gaza Strip following the confiscation of hundreds of tonnes of food aid,” the UN agency for Palestinian refugees said.

And Hamas’ reaction? Who us?

“The aid supplies were loaded onto trucks by mistake as no government representative was present. The drivers did not know which supplies were UNRWA’s and which were the government’s.”

I suspect that this will be a blip and things will be back to normal shortly but you never know.

I was answering a comment in the Ben Stein thread it hit me that the answer was the post I’ve been meaning to write on the subject so I’ve promoted and expaned it.

It is rightly said that if one is not willing to have your religious belief challenged then it must not be worth much. If you can’t defend your faith it is unlikely to be worth defending

I think that is true for science as well. In fact science progresses by the process of idea, observation, experiment, deduction, and reassessment repeated over and over again.

This process has three results:

Affirmation of some existing conclusions
Rethinking of some existing conclusions
Totally new directions that we’ve never thought of

All these things have one core component; the pursuit of truth. As truth is the reason to be Christian the pursuit of scientific truth must be embraced. Continue reading “Chapter 2: My take on Science vs religion”

I posed a suggestion for Christians in general and Catholics in particular on how to cope with the problems this bad economy is hitting you with.

If you are an atheist and can’t bring yourself to try it here is another depression fighter; Amazon has a sale on chocolate and candy this month.

It’s a sweet alternative for the unbeliever, then again its not a bad deal for us believers either.

I must confess I’m getting kinda antsy being home. December had Christmas and the ice storm to keep me busy. January had the open house and the College search. Now Feburary is here. The boy has picked has almost finalized his choice. (I think Das Full Boat has it) the house is empty and I find my mind turning toward the lack of success in my job hunt.

It’s a depressing situation, my lot is shared by an awful lot of people these days and its perfectly normal to worry. It is not however healthy or normal to let these worries overwhelm you.

I’m sure there are things I can improve and I’ll be taking those measures as I can but that doesn’t lesson the feelings that come up. That has to still be dealt with in some ways.

If you are Catholic then might I suggest a solution. When this is getting you down offer a small prayer set (Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be) and close by offering your feelings as a sacrifice your sins yours and others, and maybe for the souls in Purgatory too.

This turns the source of weakness into a source of spiritual strength and sticks it to the other side that wants you discouraged and depressed and inactive.

Even if you are weak in faith or not Catholic it certainly can’t hurt. If we have to deal with bad times lets use them to humanity’s advantage.