It looks like Microsoft has heard the cry of the Customer again and is extending the OEM period of windows XP through May 2009.

Microsoft system builder partners who’ve been feeling queasy about the impending Jan. 31, 2009, deadline for selling PCs with Windows XP pre-installed can now breathe a bit easier, as Microsoft is giving them a way to obtain XP licenses through distribution after the deadline.

In an e-mail to ChannelWeb, a Microsoft spokesperson confirmed the existence of a flexible inventory program that will allow distributors to place their final orders for Windows XP OEM licenses by Jan. 31, 2009, and take delivery against those orders through May 30.

At Amazon Aric Annear has a theory why this is the case:

Some are speculating that Microsoft is extending this deadline to ease the overlap into the release of Windows 7, slated to drop in mid-2009, rather than risk losing Vista-averse customers in the downtime between XP’s demise and Windows 7’s arrival.

Of course if windows 7 is the dog Vista was then I might see my grandchildren buying XP systems.

Full disclosure: I am typing this on a Vista system that I “upgraded” from XP two years ago.

You know Microsoft actions concerning Windows XP remind me of the old Robin Williams live performance mocking Libya and the “line of death” back in the 80’s. Maybe he can modify it as Bill Gates with the a “deadline of death” skit.

Remember this name Abdallah bin Bakhit. He is a Saudi columnist in Saudi Arabia and he is a brave man:

Abdallah bin Bakhit, Saudi liberal and columnist for the Saudi daily Al-Jazirah, stated in an interview on Al-Arabiya that “the time has passed” for the Saudi religious police, and that it should be abolished.

He has been banned from writing for Al-Jazirah hopefully that is the lest of what happens.

Via LGF who notes its a start. I think it is huge. A Saudi writer publicly coming out against the religious police in a state where the death penalty is in full force? That is bravery.

Well all kind of round ups are taking place over the hits of Gaza this week and there are quite a few surprises. Lets start a Powerline Blog.

In Calling Hamas pt 2 they look at the tactic of hiding being civilians:

The video vividly illustrates how Hamas uses civilians as shields against a humane enemy, making the avoidance of civilian casualties virtually impossible. Hamas’ conduct is illegal and evil. Under the circumstances, the Bush administration’s instruction to Israel to avoid civilian casualties at best represents a kind of confusion regarding the challenges Israel faces on each of its borders. The challenges are akin to those the United States faces in its own engagements in the region, so it is hard to believe that the problem is one of intellectual clarity rather than political cowardice.

They also touch upon coverage and attempts to scrub things in Hamas’ favor. Referencing the blogs Mere Rhetoric and I*Consult. Note also this post at I*consult concerning the Washington Post ended up pulling some “fake” photography.

Powerline further notes that the Arab governments are not following as blindly in these two posts.

Our next stop is Hotair where the Captain notes a change in the air:

The Sunni Arab nations see less of a threat from Israel than from Iran, the Persian Shi’ite nation bent on establishing regional hegemony. Hamas gets its funding and direction from Tehran, in part through its Syrian ally. Egypt has no desire to see Iran establish a satellite nation on its border and on the Mediterranean, and the Saudis won’t much care for it either. Hamas’ war gave the Sunni moderates an opportunity to isolate their leadership among Arab nations, enough of an opportunity to do it publicly.

Personally I think this is part of the success of the Iraq war, they know which horse is strong and they know who the #1 killer of Muslims is, and it isn’t the US or Israel. Iran is giving them an excuse and they are going to take it.

Gateway pundit notes the reactions of CAIR and Hamas and sees that they are the same. Funny I don’t recall CAIR condemning the rocket attacks on Israel.

He notes that Egypt is not towing the line and has video:

Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit harshly censured Hamas today (27 Dec), placing responsibility for the current situation on Hamas. At a noon press conference broadcast on Egyptian television, he said that Egypt had repeatedly cautioned against continuing the situation and that whoever did not listen (Hamas) should assume responsibility and not blame others.

Michelle notes Israellycool’s liveblogging but you already knew about that didn’t you.

Meryl Yourish notes that the causalities seem to be the right ones.

The bad news is that Ismail Haniyeh is still alive. The good news is that it seems the casualty rate was about 94% terrorists.

She also names names:

Three senior terrorists bought the farm today. Unfortunately, we don’t know of any more. But still, the loss of two hundred Hamas terrorists is a good thing.

The 230 Palestinians killed in the Israeli air raid on Gaza Saturday included three senior officers: Tawfik Jabber, the commander of Hamas’ police force in Gaza; his adjutant, Ismail al-Ja’abri, commander of the defense and security directorate; and Abu-Ahmad Ashur, Hamas’ Gaza central district governor.

And targets:

IAF jets struck tunnels connecting the Palestinian and Egyptian sides of Rafah, a Gaza Strip border town which has become a main entry point into Gaza of weapons, dynamite and other smuggled military equipment and consumer goods.

And Snark. Oh bother, just keep going to her blog and keep scrolling.

Kos decries progressive response:

I remain confounded by the American progressive movement’s widespread refusal to stand behind the Palestinian people as they are subjected to an endless barrage of colonialist, racist aggression.

While Little Green Footballs, celebrates progressives inner Chester Arthur.

I, on the other hand, see it as a rare sign of wisdom. Not all “progressives” are as gullible and blind as “Daisy Cutter,” apparently.

CNN reports the president elect has been briefed bye Sec Rice but Obama is saying nothing. This looks like a vote for Chester Arthur to me.

Jules Crittenden also sees the hand of Bush in the Hamas’ lack of support in the Arab world and notes that the Washington Post doesn’t:

The Post must have missed the part about Bush and the unprecedented gathering of Arab states with Israel and other world powers, united in their revulsion of Hamas.

National Review has some debate; Cliff May on getting what you pay for:

Instead of proving to the world that they are capable of building a free and democratic state, the Palestinians voted in the militant Islamist group Hamas which – with support from Tehran — quickly turned Gaza into a terrorist enclave.

Hamas then took over full control of Gaza in a bloody operation against the Palestinian Authority and its supporters.

In June of 2006, Hamas “commandos” invaded Israel and kidnapped an Israeli soldier, Gilad Shalit. The “international community” has been virtually silent about Shalit who — unlike the detainees at Guantamo – has never had access to the Red Cross much less to an attorney.

The real question now is will Israel do to Hamas what it failed to do to Hezbollah: demonstrate clearly that terrorism is a dead end – figuratively and literally — for those who employ it, sponsor it and support it?

Andy McCarthy dissents from the dead end theory:

For myself, I don’t think terrorism is a dead-end: It’s been a very successful strategy for Hezbollah and Hamas: the more atrocities they commit, the more the Europeans and factions of our State Department and our intelligence community want to negotiate with them — just as they want to embrace the Muslim Brotherhood, which ostensibly has given up terrorism but in actuality continues to preach it.

As for demonstrating that it is a dead-end, I suppose that depends on whom the demonstration is intended for. Hamas, for example, exists to be a terrorist organization. They are incorrigible, and there has already been enough demonstration for them that their methods work.

The question is whether the Palestinian people are educable. Which brings me back to the first point: the Palestinians voted to put in power — i.e., vest with the power of a quasi-sovereign government — a terrorist organization which thinks legitimate governing consists of bringing about the annihilation of its sovereign neighbor and, meantime, targeting the said neighbor’s civilian population with bombing attacks. When you do that, you make yourself a target.

As I recall in 1861 the southern states voted for secession and got what they voted for too. Lucky for Gaza Sherman isn’t in Israel.

Time will tell how this will all come out. Was Hamas testing Israel with the attacks this week? Did Iran want to see what would happen before their proxies hit from the north?

My take on it. This is a strategic move by Iran and a smart one. I personally think this is Iran’s war by proxy. Their best next move is an attack by Hezbollah as soon as possible. This would serve two purposes. It will divide the Israeli response and if it suckers Israel into Lebanon it could not only bog them down but might change the direction of the propaganda war.

Unfortunately no matter what happens even a total Israeli victory the winner here is Iran. As long as the world is talking about Gaza and rocket attacks and responses they are not touching the ongoing building of Nukes by Iran. I think this is all a sucker punch to keep the heat elsewhere. If Israel is hitting Gaza and or Lebanon they are not hitting Iranian nuke sites. They are buying time with Arab rather than Persian lives.

I could be wrong but we will see.

You know as the 10th doctor era winds down I’ve been thinking of the Character. I can’t help but see a parallel in current events.

Over and over we see the doctor knowing what has to be done. He sees and knows what war is. He has fought a desperate war for survival of his race. He despises war and despises himself for having to fight it in the past.

He teaches the same to his daughter

And in the end it kills her (apparently) but even after his child dies in front of his eyes he still won’t kill in cold blood:

Even the most heartless and warlike are given a Chance. The Daleks only wish to exterminate and rule over those who are different, due to their own superiority. They are given a chance in Daleks in Manhattan & Evolution of the Daleks.

The Sontarans who use those who serve them but only worship war and consider it glorious to kill and be killed. They are given a chance in The Sontaran Stratagem and The Poison Sky.

Even the Cybermen who are determined to convert all to their “superior” ways abandoning feeling and emotion but not beyond falsehood. They are given a chance in the latest episode The Next Doctor.

In each case the Doctor hesitates, he doesn’t want to strike and destroy, he even restrains himself when one he likes are killed but when his help is refused he strikes putting the responsibility where it belongs on those who refuse to stop killing and live in peace.

Some other examples here

In all those cases even after many deaths the Doctor give a chance, but when that chance is refused he strikes knowing what will happen. And each time he does it kills a part of him.

Gee who does that remind you of?

“We’re not saints, we’re just doing our jobs. It’s not easy, I admit. And it gets hard when they cheer when the bodies are brought in.” I looked at her. What did you say? She sighed. “Yes, it gets hard when they cheer.” This was one of the times during my trip when I held up my hands and said, “Stop. Wait.” I turned and walked away to breathe deeply for a minute. I wonder if they’ve restocked that mini-bar. Yeah, probably. It’s a good hotel.

I didn’t meet one Jew the whole trip who didn’t think there would be peace, not one. “We can work it out. We have to. They’re not going anywhere. Neither are we.”

Of course, it gets hard when they cheer.

I guess it does.

Yup that’s it.

For the 2nd time Israellycool is liveblogging a war.

If you want a comprehensive update from our last post this is the place for it.

The most ridiculous statement is not from the left or even the Ron Paul forums from which I don’t expect better but comes from Pajamas media. Not from the article which is fine but from the title:

Israel Furiously Attacks Gaza — And Braces for Reprisal (emphasis mine)

Braces for reprisal? Braces for reprisal? As opposed to what?

The Arabs sent 300 rockets at them this week and thousands during the “ceasefire”. They have been under constant attack. They are already braced, and what is coming isn’t “reprisal” it’s the same violent attacks that those Palestinian bastards (yes I said bastards) have been launching against these guys for years.

Calling Arab attacks “reprisals” is a sin against language. What have the previous days, weeks months, years and decades of attacks these Palestinians be in reprisal for? The Jewish sin of breathing?

The only reason why these Palestinians are still alive is the fact that they are fighting Israel. Any other country would have destroyed them decades ago and not batted an eyelash.

I have never understood the irrational hatred of the Jews that exists.

This post is of a slightly personal nature so if you don’t know me personally it will mean very little to you.

Due to circumstances described in this post the Christmas Open House Scheduled for Jan 3rd (9th day of Christmas) at my place has one minor change.

I now have a small supply of booze that I didn’t expect, this includes:

1 Jug Lambrusco (Italian wine) there is no chance that I will finish it in a week
1 Case of Budweiser
1 Case of bud light
1 bottle of Chivas Regal (over the normal supply)
1 bottle Grand Mariner Liqueur

This means that the BYOB part of the invitation to the open house will not apply to you if you drink any of the stuff above assuming that it isn’t polished off by the time you get here. (Odds are very slim most of my friends aren’t drinkers).

If you wish to drink something not on that list than the BYOB stuff does apply.

Remember that the open house starts at 2 p.m. Come at any time, leave at any time, it will continue till the last person goes, current record is 1:45 a.m. the next day. Feel free to bring food if you want but it will be provided.

If you are a friend of mind and for some reason didn’t get the invite that is likely due to my error so consider yourself invited. If you are a former co-worker who wants to come but doesn’t have my address e-mail me personally. If you don’t have my personal e-mail leave your e-mail in comments or ping me in AIM. I still have the same AIM address as before.

If you are a total stranger who reads the blog and somehow figure out where I live and show up, use the word “DaTechguy blog” when you come to the door and you will be allowed entrance after all it is an open house. Remember that you will be in a house full of Sicilians so if you are not known by anyone you will likely be well scrutinized.

Basic house rules:

No one has ever gotten drunk at a party of mine, if you somehow manage and try to drive I will use my Sicilian wiles to steal your keys if you don’t surrender them voluntarily. If that fails I’ll take your distributor cap, you will NOT leave my house driving drunk

Unless you are required by law to carry one at all times you should not have a weapon in my house.

If you use drugs don’t bring them into my house, if you bring drugs into my house I’ll call the cops on you personally. And I don’t care about the new grass laws in Massachusetts, they don’t apply in my house.

Three members of my family have Asthma so there is no smoking in my house.

If you are a friend of either of my sons who has been invited by them don’t even THINK of trying to drink in my house. If I catch you trying to sneak booze in my house you will be removed, your parents called and you will not return. Ever!

And that also applies if you violate any of the other above rules.

Any questions just ask.

There is an interesting development in the HiWired situation.

According to the main HiWired site it is now a part of RadialPoint.

I checked the Radialpoint site and there is no press release confirming this but it is plain as the nose on your face on the HiWired page.

As for Ctrl-center that has apparently gone to PlumChoice. If you go to the ctrl-center page you see the re-directed address it goes to is

So the bottom line at the moment is this:

HiWired have been acquired by Radialpoint

Ctrl-Center has been acquired by PlumChoice

I’ve been acquired by nobody, but I am available.

As you might guess when a blog tracks back you tend to take a peek to see what is there. Apparently Tel-Chi Nation’s author Avi Green has a second blog devoted to comic books called The Four Color Media Monitor. Looks like a good site for comic book fans.

I’m an old Green Lantern, Justice League fan but other than Usagi Yojimbo and the occasional Groo I don’t have much interest in the new stuff, but if you want news on characters like The Scarlet Witch, this seems to be the place.

Yesterday Israellycool was very frustrated as Israel after promising retaliation for the more than 200 rockets that have hit it over the past week responded with trucks of fuel and medicine.

Well the Captain reports that the other shoe has finally dropped:

After taking more that 200 missile attacks in the past week, the IDF attacked every known Hamas security station in Gaza today, killing hundreds and wounding hundreds more. Gazans pledged resistance to any ground invasion, but Israel has not yet indicated when — or if — one will come

If our Aussie born friend is right however it might be a day late:

Most Hamas gunmen in Gaza have gone into hiding on Wednesday for fear of a harsh Israeli response to the heavy rocket and mortar barrages emanating from the Strip, Ynet has learned.

All exposed Hamas structures, including police stations and government buildings, have been abandoned.

All of this really stinks but let me say it bluntly. If their positions were reversed then Gaza would be Judenrein. In fact it already is.

Two years ago my wife gave me seasons 1 & 2 of 3rd Rock from the Sun. I liked and appreciated it but I didn’t want it enough to buy it myself. I guess some things aren’t just worth working for.

Caroline Kennedy made a little more news on NY1 tonight, telling host Dominic Carter that she finally spoke to Hillary Clinton — who didn’t initially take her call — and that, if she’s not selected, she won’t run for the seat.

Let me declare right now that I also won’t run for the seat if Patterson doesn’t pick me.

But my real motive was for this post was to get a 3rd rock clip into the blog somehow: