It’s amazing how you can sleep when you’ve been taking apart and moving Pinball machines around the house etc. Slept right through till 7.

7:02 a.m. Sooner or later Businesses need to be allowed to act like businesses.

7:07 a.m. This is one of the fun parts of the show that they don’t take themselves seriously, and Mika does look nice in blue.

7:08 a.m. Gibbs fireman analogy isn’t bad, but being a spokesman is a lousy job, but it beats unemployment.

7:10 a.m. A very important point, they didn’t start the fire but they campaigned for the job of Fire Chief.

7:14 a.m. Joe nails it on the Rich and taxes. Have you noticed that we haven’t seen much of Crammer on the show lately?

7:22 a.m. Hass ugh!

7:24 a.m. Todd is correct when you hear someone say “99%” of what he says I agree with means they don’t agree with them.

7:26 a.m Great point by Barnicle, they will talk to Iran, Syria and the Taliban but won’t talk to the Bankers. I would add they won’t talk to Rush either.

7:31 a.m. When China stops buying our notes up go interest rates. My 6 1/2% mortgage is looking good.

7:32 a.m. Speak of the Crammer and on he comes.

7:36 a.m. Good point about Stewart willing to attack Crammer and Bush but not willing to attack Obama.

7:38 a.m. Joe points out that none of the late night guys will attack Obama. How about that not reporting what someone actually said. Where have we seen that before?

7:42 a.m. Self reflection by media people on MSNBC! If it wasn’t Morning Joe my head would explode.

7:44 a.m. They play the Rush clip defending him.

7:46 a.m. Maybe they should debate Cramer, yeah they will do that after they debate Rush.

7:54 a.m. Congressman Kingston points out where the money is going and what it is doing.

8:02 a.m. I’d have gone to Cincy to see Pete Rose play too. I never saw him play live but I saw him on the set. He doesn’t belong in the Hall of Fame, but he belongs on any team that wants to win.

8:13 a.m. Sniderman is talking “investing in health care reform” the question is what does she mean by it?

8:29 a.m. Nothing wrong with Non-Violence Mr. King, try it against a culture that doesn’t have its roots in British common Law and see what happens.

8:43 a.m. Is that drink of Mika’s spiked?

8:58 a.m. Mika in boots is an interesting sight.

…It is true that we do not yet have two months of the Obama presidency in the bank yet, although Geitner was in place even before that and should have had time to plan on this.

We will continue to disagree on the stuff he is doing, on the economic front June would be a better time to make a more solid decision on if this stuff is working or no.

That won’t prevent me from critiquing and attacking things that I thing are certainly incorrect but it is much too soon to declare the Obama presidency a failure and anyone who does has never read history.

…I guess he will have to make films that can pay for themselves now:

General Motors Corp. will stop bankrolling movies made by PBS filmmaker Ken Burns as it tries to conserve cash and survive the worst sales market in 27 years.

GM, which is in danger of running out of money this month and has asked for as much as $30 billion in federal aid, is curtailing corporate sponsorships and slashing marketing expenses. The automaker, which has lost about $82 billion in recent years, recently ended an endorsement deal with PGA golfer Tiger Woods and opted not to advertise during Super Bowl XLIII, the prime time Emmy Awards and the 2009 Academy Awards, among other moves.

The Civil War and Baseball (although he gave short shift to Stan Musial) are still two of the best films you will ever see and we are lucky to have had them.

Remember when Barak Obama was supposed to make us better loved around the world? Get a load of this:

The real views of many in Obama administration were laid bare by a State Department official involved in planning the Brown visit, who reacted with fury when questioned by The Sunday Telegraph about why the event was so low-key.

The official dismissed any notion of the special relationship, saying: “There’s nothing special about Britain. You’re just the same as the other 190 countries in the world. You shouldn’t expect special treatment.”

There is all this talk about getting our allies to do more but then we not only snub our best ally but we insult them after the fact. The Corner puts it best:

It would be good to know who this official is, and whether the Secretary of State agrees with this insulting portrayal of the Anglo-American alliance — especially at a time when thousands of British soldiers are putting their lives on the line alongside their American allies in Afghanistan, while most of Europe sits on the sidelines. If the State Department doesn’t support the views expressed, it should disown them immediately.

Amazing. And remember President Obama spent the better part of a year and a half begging us to give him this job. And we did.

I mentioned the letter I sent to the Bishop of Worcester Mass. concerning my visit to Anna Maria College and the letter I received in response from Anna Maria’s president Jack P. Calareso.

I stated that I would hold off putting up my letter until I talked to him to get permission to put his response up. I’m pleased to say that he has not only given that permission AND said he would welcome questions or comments from readers about the college AND referred me to specific posts at his blog , AND sent me a copy of an article of his from the Catholic Free Press.

Anyway the letters are below the fold with a few comments after them… Continue reading “A tale of Two letters”

You know it takes a lot of money and an ivy league education to say something this stupid:

Junior Emma Sloan told the Yale Daily News that the idea that men and women are necessarily attracted to the opposite sex is “antiquated.”

This quote is in the subtext of deciding “whether Yale should allow juniors and seniors to live with roommates of the opposite sex, an accommodation demanded in the name of transgender students.”

This is a Nelson award winner and then some. It deserves the full Nelson.

By an odd coincidence the youngest told me yesterday that he has a girl. They have been texting each other quite a bit this weekend. I think I won’t let Emma decide if they should be allowed in his room together upstairs unsupervised.

Instead of a propaganda organ. It’s hard to do so isn’t it? Tim Blair reports on the amazing disappearing post about bombs that vaporize everything silently:

We have taken down the blog post The wounds of Gaza because of factual inaccuracies.

Funniest line in their Mea Culpa:

We do not endorse any particular side of a debate

Nice job, I’m sure the phony report will suffer the same fate as the phony Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

I’m glad I wasn’t drinking when I read that.

A break from the WBC.

6:01 a.m. Obama says buy things, isn’t this what president Bush said and was beaten up for.

6:02 a.m. “Rush Hour” continues. It must make for good ratings.

6:13 a.m. No other ideas out there? You mean no other ideas that are publicized.

6:20 a.m. The Rock thing was very funny.

6:39 a.m. They compare what Obama is doing domestically to what President Bush did during 9/11. This is not without merit.

7:02 a.m. Let em fail says Shelby. I think he is right.

7:14 a.m. Clip of News, Joe mentions the push poll.

7:16 a.m. I know I’m small on this today, checking out the Japan/Korea Game on ESPN.

7:30 a.m. I’m not giving up my salad shooter either. I used to work in a plastic plant that made them.

7:42 a.m. Jack Welch is cool, but not as cool as a 6-2-5 double play with runners on 2nd & 3rd with nobody out. What a play by Japan!

7:46 a.m. “There is no critical thinking on Barak Obama.” Jack Welch says out loud what everyone knows but is unwilling to say; if you criticize Barak you are a pariah; Mika is horrified.

8:22 a.m. We can’t send it troops to Dafur, we have to work with other countries to do what they haven’t been doing already. This is apparently will allow us to feel good about ourselves without actually risking anything. That is liberalism in a nutshell.

8:38 a.m Jack Welch stayed on. One of the great things about being in his position is he is strong enough not to worry about what other people think of him.

8:42 a.m. Was it the right thing to save one and not the other. The author thinks a firm needed to fail.

8:49 a.m. Cortney doesn’t want to get into Barnicle’s pay per view habits.

8:51 a.m. Cortney must not know many comic book people. Those guys are going to go again and again to the picture.

UPDATE: Finkelblog spots Welch’s quote.