The AP reports that the democrats can’t pass heathcare without the republicans:

Democratic and GOP officials acknowledged Sunday that Obama’s ambitious plan would not pass without the aid of a doubtful GOP, whose members are almost united against the White House effort.

“Look, there are not the votes for Democrats to do this just on our side of the aisle,” said Sen. Kent Conrad, D-N.D., the chairman of the budget committee.

The reality is not that they can’t it is that they won’t. These people know what this bill will do to the country and to their electoral futures. Those democrats are not going to give up their political futures just to give president Obama a cheap win (well not cheap).

Don Suber has the right idea:

Republicans should say to hell with the Democrats and the unprecedented and infantile partisanship of the president. The way to win back control of Congress and the presidency is to deny Obama the nation-breaking health insurance program that he wants.

He is right about that, but the big thing is we also need to deny the democrats in General and President Obama in particular the chance to shift the blame. In the Senate our famous Republicans from Maine will provide him with some cover but in the house he won’t get cover unless we give it to them.

If republicans in the house choose to give them that cover then they don’ t deserve our votes, if the republican party aids this monstrosity then they don’t derseve our funds.

I was driving today, off to pay the mortgage and my property taxes, and had the radio on listening to Rush, during the 12:30 break the local station has one of those CBS moneyline breaks and they were talking about sports temas and the economy and the idea of dropping ticket prices and there was a quote from someone who was opposed to the idea.

The person said that they thought dropping the ticket prices was a bad idea since it might mislead the customer as to the value of their ticket.

THE VALUE OF THE TICKET? I think that changes in the way things have been done lately might be confusing something.

If I have a ticket to a Red Sox game it has value because I want to go to the damn game. It has no value otherwise.

If I want to sell the ticket it’s only value is the desire of someone else to see that particular game.

Now you might have a special event at a particular game but a game is a game is a game. If you are a fan of a particular starter or say of a team that is visiting the ticket might command a larger price (Read: Sox Yankees), but the idea that you might confuse fans as to the value of the product by dropping the price in this case is just plain foolish.

One of the things that I enjoy about Doctor Who historical stories are the reactions of the Tardis crew to the mindsets of various ancient times and the clashes in culture that take place. One of the weaknesses that can take place is when a person taken from their own time ends up acts with 21st century reactions.

The Very good Blog Just one Minute forgets this fact when making his case for the president mother et/al having a motivation to provide false documents concerning her child’s birth. He says as follows:

My point, then and recently – Barack’s mom and maternal grandparents had a strong incentive to create a paper trail documenting Obama as a US citizen back in 1961 and it had nothing to do with assuring his future viability as a Presidential candidate. Alll they needed to do was imagine a day when the white Ms. Dunham would be engaged in a custody fight in a Kenyan court contesting the fate of a black Kenyan baby sought by the black Kenyan father and his African family, and their course would have been clear.

To us in the year 2009, a land where Gay marriage is debated and legal in some states, where Christianity is openly mocked on television cartoons to win awards, where 77 year old men are surgically altered to be 77 year old “women” and where father’s day affairs don’t drive governors from office and where an Anglican priest can describe Abortion as a blessing, that might fly….

However in 1961 Culturally all of those things would be impossible, rejected and scandalous. The concept of divorce itself was not very well excepted outside of Hollywood or the elites. Hell a pre-nup would have been considered off the wall. The thought particularly at the time of marriage that it was going to end in a custody fight just didn’t wash.

The US was at it’s height of self confidence as well. The idea that a US court was going to rule against a US citizen in a fight over a child, particular in favor of a non Christian Black African was far fetched. Cripes; Miranda rights didn’t even exist at the time.

It would be like going to 1896 and saying to someone “Michael Jackson is cool.” They would tell him to come closer to the fire. The idea that she was planning for a custody fight in 1961 would be a foreign to her as the idea of e-mail.

This is exactly the opposite of the mistake the AP is making with bloggers. AP is trying to win an argument using the norms of the past. This argument is applying the norms of today to a different culture. It just doesn’t wash.

Update: My own argument concerning this is here.

Suddenly the president has gone before the press to try to back off, suddenly instead of being stupid Mr. Gates and the police are both good people and might have over reacted.

The policeman in question has apparently been called by Obama and there is a great exchange over getting the press off his lawn.

It is interesting to note that it was after the Gates incident that his polls dropped below 50%.

This was actually a smart move by the president, this was going to bleed until they backed up, what will really be interesting will be how the liberal media which was all over the police over this will now react to the president’s sudden volte face.

This is now the only story on every Boston network.

Update: MSNBC is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen they are saying that Obama has handled this exactly right. I’m hope Patterico & Sister Toldjah weren’t drinking when they saw that.

Hotair comments it is a good distraction from Healthcare, but I don’t agree since it was a lead balloon to his popularity. 40 years ago Johnson figured if he lost Cronkite he lost middle America. Obama must have figured that if he lost Jon Stewart then it was time to cut bait, Rosa Parks not withstanding.

Question: If MSNBC and the other Obama media were all ready to lynch the police over this as little as a few hours ago, how are they going to re-spin themselves now that the president has backed off?

Update 2: Here is the actual video:

Let just hope that this means we will be seeing him working with Big Finish sometime soon:Tombakerdoctor

Tom Baker is to return to Doctor Who in four new audio adventures for BBC Radio, reported to be airing from September.

Baker discusses his return to the role which made him a star in the latest edition of Doctor Who Magazine, which is in shops today.

You don’t get much more earth shattering in the Who-verse than this. Tv Squad says:

This is big news. Until David Tennant, Baker was synonymous with the role yet absolutely refused to do any performances related to it. Big Finish has been doing Doctor Who audio dramas for a decade with four of the other actors who played the part, yet the company was never able to snag Tom Baker for one.

Den of Geek provides Details:

The latest information on these new additions to the Fourth Doctor canon is that there will be five of them;

1. The Stuff of Nightmares (September 3rd 2009)
The Doctor recruits Mike Yates to help him defeat an enemy of enormous power.

2. The Dead Shoes (October 8th 2009)
The Doctor travels to Cromer’s Palace of Curios in 1932 and discovers the horrific truth behind…a pair of ballet shoes!

3. The Circus of Doom (November 5th 2009)
One hundred years earlier, the Doctor encounters a sinister circus that exerts a strange influence over the population of the town of Blandford.

4. A Sting in the Tale (December 3rd 2009)
A sinister Mother Superior is running awry in the Wintertime. It’s up to the Doctor to find out quite what’s going on.

5. Hive of Horror (December 3rd 2009)
The Doctor and Mike Yates and an unwilling accomplice must do battle with their fearsome enemy.

…during today’s impromptus here is the whole section:

In preparing to write about this, I was looking at a news article, which had a photo of Dr. Benjamin. And I thought, “Hang on, I think I know this person.” I had forgotten her name. I had not forgotten her act. Some years ago, I was at a large conference, dominated by liberals. I was one of the handful of conservatives there. And, at a big plenary session, I made some statements about race: I said I thought the country was too soaked in race; that we could use a rest from race; that race-consciousness was killing us; that separate graduation ceremonies, and separate proms and so on, were heartbreaking and wrong; that we should not give up on the integrationist ideal; that we should cling to E pluribus unum; that we should not be black and white but Americans and human beings; etc. You know: my usual anti-racialist spiel.

These remarks fell pretty flat, I figured. And, when the session was over, I made a beeline out of the hall. And as I was leaving — racing — someone was chasing after me. Running, I think — in high heels, I think. It was a woman, and one of the few blacks in attendance. When I turned to greet her — not knowing what was coming — she said, “I just wanted to thank you. That was great. It really needed to be said.” Do you think I was touched?

And I realized, looking at the news article, that this was Dr. Regina Benjamin. Which has nothing — nothing — to do with my feeling about the “fat” controversy. Just so you know. I was going to write what I’ve written about the controversy before I realized that I had encountered this woman.

I must say, I will love Regina Benjamin forever.

Now this is a nice feel good piece about Dr. Benjamin and I’m very pleased that she had this reaction to Jay’s words, but when I read this two particular sentences jumped out at me, from paragraph 1:

I was at a large conference, dominated by liberals. I was one of the handful of conservatives there.

So we have a large conference of liberals with a token conservative or two and his remarks on race fell flat but as he was leaving one person rushed to say something to him about those remarks…

It was a woman, and one of the few blacks in attendance.

One of the few blacks in attendance.

So you have a statement suggesting that we should treat blacks not like “blacks” but like the Americans and human begins that all of us are and the mostly white liberal crowd didn’t like it, after all blacks are NOT like us, they need to be cared for, they need to be shepherded, and only only person to agree with the idea that all needed to be created equal was one of the FEW blacks in attendance.

The modern liberal would be the kinder gentler plantation owner, they would “care” for their blacks and provide them with a living wage as they support the owners, and to raise their standard of living they would make sure that abortion very available so that say 1/3 of the costly black children. And maybe the smartest who see things the owner’s way would be able to attend the big parties and conferences with the rest of the beautiful people.

It reminds me of the reference to Augustus Caesar in this poem from I Claudius:

He shall give Rome marble in place of clay
And fetter her fast with unseen chains,

Augustus governed wisely and temperately for his times and reconciled Rome to monarchy instead of a republic. Our liberal friends through their kind intervention are fettering people of non-white race to dependence on government so they will be able to take care of them from seats of power and privilege that they will be able to hold for life.

This Sunday our parish priest talked about the importance of taking time to relax and rest, so this week we spend a large chunk of the day on Salisbury beach.

We got there fairly early and I had a wonderful time, a bit of a dip followed by a combination of a good book and audio doctor who’s on my temporary Ipod.

Once done after a quick bite we went to Joe Playland where we absolutely demolished the Family Guy Pinball machine and had our first look at the new Indiana Jones Pinball that includes all four movies. The original game is one of the single best pinball machines I’ve ever played.

This new machine was expensive (75 cents a game) but was very creative. Here is a brief film I found on the machine elsewhere:

Is it superior to the old game, I’m not ready to say that but it is pretty good.

We then drove north toward Hampton beach and the strip there, then further up the coast for a bit and saw some of the most expensive houses you’ve ever seen. They were a sight almost as beautiful and incredible as the coast itself.

From there the next stop was Kimball’s farm for ice cream in Westford Mass. I remember when it was just an ice cream stand with a few farm animals. After a time a gift show was added. The last time I visited they had mini golf, bumper boats and a driving range. Monday when we went down a new BBQ grill area serving all kinds of fried grilled and BBQ meats and fish, an exotic animal area, a midway/arcade (no pinball how barbaric) and finally hot air balloon rides where for $15 bucks you get 8 minutes at 300 feet.

If you are looking for an excellent first date to take a girl, this place is it.

So in the end it was a fun and relaxing day, I haven’t gotten in a lot of blogging and a lot of it hasn’t been political, but you know what, I’m not going to let my problems or this president keep me from living and enjoying the one life I have. All these things are important and I’ve expressed my opinion on them and will continue to do so, but not at the expense of my life.

Presidents and supreme court justices come and go, but real life is always there.

There is a simple reason why Matthews is focusing on the Birther stuff. It’s a variation of the reason why MSNBC spends all its time focusing on the minority republicans.

If they fail to focus on Republicans they have to focus on Democrats as the people in charge and thus the people who are at fault for the current situation.

The end result of focusing on attacks on Rush etc have created an additional demand for Rush and the arguments against Obama’s programs. Since public opinion is starting to turn they want to avoid featuring what is basically a series of successful republican arguments.

So if you won’t focus on what the democrats are doing and you don’t want to focus on republican arguments that have resonance what do you do?

You focus on the one argument that is off the wall, the argument that has the least credible supporters and are the easiest to be used to make their supporters look like fools, the “birther” argument.

The ultimate goal is to paint the tea party people with the same brush as the birthers so they will attempt to forge a link. I suspect the Ron Paul supporters will be an excellent tool for this.

Paul is mostly awful but his is correct on two significant issues, abortion and spending, many of his supports were at the Boston Tea Party that I attended. If I was Matthews et/al I would not miss a chance to paint all tea parties as an extension of this.

Update: Even worse it forces people like Charles Johnson to agree with Matthews. If the GOP chooses to embrace this then we are shooting ourselves in the foot.

Well the new B system is in the Dining room (yes you read that right) but since it’s in the dining room it can’t reach the router. So the time came to get a wireless for the system. (This predated the download of video drivers).

Since I didn’t want to spend a lot on a “B” system I picked up the least expensive product. A Netgear Wg111 wireless G adapter. This is the low end product in terms of speed but this is meant as a “B” machine so speed isn’t a vital consideration at this time.

The install was fairly routine, I disabled the netgear manager to use the standard windows one and after a few false starts connected without issue, that’s when I got my surprise.

After reboot the standard friendly interface for XP logon was gone and the enterprise style logon replaced it.

When I went to switch it back (I don’t mind that version but it can be a pain for the non-pc people) I got a grey screen and the following error:

A recently installed program has disabled the Welcome screen and Fast User Switching. To restore these features, you must install the program. The following file name might help you identify the program that made the change: RtlGina2.dll.

Lucky for me a simple fix was written by a fellow named Doug Knox. Simply click here and download the fix file, and run. Reboot and Viola! You have your screen back without losing your internet!

Have just finished getting a new “b” machine all ship shape and Bristol fashion.

It’s an old P4 2.40 with a gig of ram that I’ve threw xp home onto, to replace the old Dell laptop that has finally bit the dust for the last time.

It’s amazing what you can do with leftover parts. The machine was a cast off from my nephew that wouldn’t boot. The Monitor was a gift from a friend who had an extra, the monitor cable came from a neighbor.

I of course since I buy dells had the xp cd’s and simply added my spare mouse and a new keyboard and presto, a worthwhile system to use as a B machine in the other room!

the only other thing necessary was a few drivers. Sound video and LAN drivers were not functioning so I popped open the box and discovered we were using the Intel D865GBF. All the drivers were available online here.