If anyone thinks that the 900 million that Obama Wants to give to the Palestinians is not going to end up helping to kill Jews, then they must be true blue Obama supporters:

The United States plans to offer more than $900 million to help rebuild Gaza after Israel’s invasion and to strengthen the Western-backed Palestinian Authority, U.S. officials said on Monday.

The money, which needs U.S. congressional approval, will be distributed through U.N. and other bodies and not via the militant group Hamas, which rules Gaza, said one official.

Sure we all know how well the UN has kept money out of terrorists hands in Gaza.

Stop the ACLU is not amused:

So, let’s see: blaming Isreal? Check. UN and others getting the credit for spreading US money (which seems to be appearing out of a unicorns a**)? Check. None of the money going through Hamas? Good luck with that! Remember Hamas taking the international aid sent to Gaza during the last conflict?

I wonder how much the UN will siphon off before it even gets to Gaza?

Riehl World View:

$900 Million To Gaza? Are They Insane?


Wasn’t one of the left’s chief criticisms of Israel’s Gaza operation that there was no Plan B if Hamas disintegrated? Fatah couldn’t ride in as the white knight on the backs of Israeli tanks to restore order or else they’d be seen as stooges and collaborators, we were told, not unreasonably. How is this de facto bribe of Gazans by Uncle Sam to restore Abbas to authority any different?


With the US economy struggling, US Secretary of Hilary Clinton plans to announce a $900 million pledge of US aid for Gaza and the “good” terrorists of the PA. But don’t worry. The money is not going to Hamas.

Meryl Yourish.com:

Martin Peretz one of Barack Obama’s most prominent pro-Israel supporters is starting to express doubts about the administration’s stand towards Israel.


It will be used for humanitarian purposes, of course, so that the Hamas “government” can spend all their money on bombs, weapons, and ammunition, instead of building a decent society for their children.

Joshua Pundit speaks a basic truth:

Make no mistake about it – UNRWA is in bed with Hamas, hires terrorists and facillitates the attacks on Israel. Any money given to UNRWA will end up in Hamas’ hands.As a matter of fact, it already does. Things will be even more cut and dried as soon as the unity government Obama is pushing for between Hamas and Fatah takes hold.

My final thought: To some administration supporters the dead Jews that will result from this is a feature, not a bug, but hey US Jews voted overwhelmingly for this president. No whining allowed!

Update: National Review The Corner:

If an organization comprised of American citizens attempted to do this, they could be prosecuted and imprisoned for decades on charges of providing material support to a terrorist organization. (I would say “would be prosecuted,” but with this administration, who knows?) Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (an old hand at empowering Palestinian terrorists) are now proposing to give nearly a billion dollars to a Hamas subsidiary — knowing full well that this funding must inevitably result in the murder of innocent people.

Congress can stop this from happening. Michael Steele and Republicans can show real leadership and moral clarity in the war against Islamic radicalism while the many Democrats who support Israel can step up to the plate. It’s one (foolish) thing to “engage” our enemies in self-loathing negotiations; it’s quite another to fund them.

Will they act?

My Review of Jason Stark’s Book: The Stark Truth. is available at Amazon.com here.

It is definitely worth the $1 I paid for it but I wouldn’t have paid more for it. I must admit I am a fan of anyone who trumpets the virtues of Yogi Berra as the greatest catcher of all time.

His Overrated list
RHP Nolan Ryan
LHP Sandy Koufax
Relief P Lee Smith

DH Ron Blomberg
C Benito Santiago
1B Steve Garvey
2B Steve Sax
3B Greg Nettles
SS Phil Rizzuto
LF Lou Brock
CF Andruw Jones
RF Dave Winfield

His Underrated List

RHP Bob Feller
LHP Babe Ruth
Relief P Goose Gossage
DH Edger Martinez

C Yogi Berra
1B Hank Greenberg
2B Craig Biggio
3B Ron Santo
SS Barry Larkin
LF Stan Musial
CF Duke Snyder
RF Frank Robinson

How Berra, Snyder, Robinson and the Duke can be as ignored as they are is criminal. I should point out that he gives a 2-5 list on each position. I like including Dwight Evans as the 2nd most underrated Right Fielder but I question the absence of Harold Baines in the top 5 underrated DH’s.

He also gives a top 3 over/under for each team. Yaz tops the overrated Redsox list.

…then I know I’m on the right track:

Seems increasingly like all the “Fascist Bush” caterwauling was the usual fake, dishonest theater meant as a means to an end – the end being to destroy the hated “election stealer” and his legacy, and not much more.

But you know, for someone who “did everything wrong,” his policies suddenly seem wise and right to some surprising people.

It’s easy to campaign and criticize. It’s much more difficult to govern, especially knowing that if you don’t keep the country safe, you don’t get re-elected.

And if you don’t get re-elected, good heavens! How can you continue and complete the coup?

Even with restrictions to free speech and the press watching your back as much as possible, and destroying all possible rivals, it will be very hard for them to spin it if people start saying, “at least Bush kept us safe, not like Obama.”

The whole article is one of the best things I’ve read in a while. She put it much better then I did and launches a defense of the Bush Administration that is well deserved.

I wonder if there is going to be a global warming story as they freeze at the White house.

6:40 a.m. Mika looks like Davros wanting to shout EXTERMINATE!

6:42 a.m. President Who and Why, Abbot and Costello live!

6:44 a.m. They are right Clinton has grown. It was a fair statement that she got her position in NY due to her association with her husband, but nobody could say that about her now.

6:46 a.m. I’m very interested in seeing what actual troops think of her vs what Andrea I know NUT-THING Mitchel says.

6:59 a.m. Chuck and Willie in the briefing room, Willie sure is tall next to Chuck

7:09 a.m. Well we all know how well the federal government runs things, particular Fannie & Freddie

7:38 a.m. Oh joy our governor Deval (Obama Jr, lets have the highest gas tax in the nation) Patrick is coming up.

7:42 a.m. Patrick: “Is it budget cuts? What happened to the studio?”

7:44 a.m. Patrick: We will use the money for bridges and road work, don’t trivialize job preservation.

7:46 a.m. Barnicle asked him about the gas tax business. He is saying its that or tolls etc…

8:08 a.m. My Helicopter seems totally adequate to me.

8:10 a.m. It sounds like they are ranking him high on BS, because he can crack a joke about himself, just what we are needing in a president for a crisis.

8:13 a.m. The Republican Senator from South Carolina points out its how you ask the question as to the reason why the package polls so well.

8:23 a.m. Schumer seems to be on the attack Jindal mode, that seems to be contrary to the they want him to be the nominee.

8:25 a.m. Todd asks about the other governors. “They won’t have to raise taxes for two years.”

8:35 a.m. Why should there be a department of education? Todd asks. Sec: They are competing with people all over the world. Not much of an answer.

8:49 a.m. Now we see Gibbs office, it would be nice if he asked if he read the stimulus bill itself.

8:52 a.m. Don’t take it personal but make it personal if it is asked by a certain CNBC person.

8:54 a.m. It never hit me that Mika hung around here as a kid, I totally forgot about that.

8:56 a.m. Is it just me or is Mika over layered today in terms of make-up.

…for the Obama administration to get this low:

The Obama team was not only silent on the new “Israel is racist” language, it also said nothing when faced with Holocaust denial. Negotiators from the European Union suggested on Wednesday a new provision to “condemn without reservation any denial of the Holocaust and urges all states to reject denial of the Holocaust as an historical event, either in full, or in part, or any activities to this end.” Iran–whose president is a Holocaust-denier–immediately objected and insisted that the proposal be “bracketed” or put in dispute. The move blocked the adoption of the proposal and ensured another battle over the reality of the Holocaust in April–at these supposedly “anti-racism” meetings. After Iran objected, the chair looked around the room, expecting a response. He said: “Is there any delegation wishing to comment on this new proposal by the European Union? It doesn’t seem the case. We move on.” U.S. delegates said nothing, even after the prompt.

The official US delegation of the Obama administration was not willing to officially object to Holocaust being in dispute. Can’t make Iran angry.

Since the Obama administration is not a Pseudo Bishop without actual standing in the Catholic Church I suspect the media will not jump on this at all, but the Arthur Carter Watch does:

Carter 11 Arthur 4

Via Glenn

The American Spectator has a first rate article tweaking the attempt to Blame Hoover for the actions of Bill Moyers during the LBJ era:

The Washington Post’s scoop, and Moyers’s non-denial denial, regurgitates a familiar excuse: Hoover did it. In this time-worn script, the FBI director plays the role of Mephistopheles, with various liberal presidents cast as the innocent with the pesky devil upon his shoulder.

He goes through the litany of the Democratic/liberal and concludes thusly:

J. Edgar Hoover is necessary to square the soaring liberal rhetoric on civil liberties with the atrocious civil liberties records of liberal presidents. With an ideology extolling civil liberties crashing into its record of smashing civil liberties, ideologues reshape the facts to fit the ideology. The blame-Hoover template asks readers to believe that the president takes orders from the director of the FBI rather than the reverse. It portrays the world-class arm-twister Lyndon Johnson as a man prone to crying uncle, Woodrow Wilson as secretly opposing his administration’s policies, and the Kennedys acceding to electronic surveillance on Martin Luther King only for his own protection.

If Hoover didn’t exist liberal authors would need to invent him.

Unrelated thought, would you like the idea of Hoover in charge of homeland security right now? I would.

We can’t be surprised when we see stories like this:

The Tibetan New Year, or Losar, is normally the most festive holiday of the year, when Tibetans burn incense, make special dumplings and set off fireworks. But this year, Tibetans have declared a moratorium on celebrating their own holiday, saying they will instead observe a mourning period for people killed last year during protests against Chinese rule.

Amazing and I thought everyone loved a holiday!

“Instead of the usual celebrations marked by singing, dancing and other festivities, silence will be observed and butter lamps will be lit in the temples and homes to pray for the deceased,” they announced in a statement last month.

The tactic appears to be driving Chinese authorities crazy. They’re countering with their own campaign of forced merriment, organizing concerts, pageants, fireworks, horse races, archery competitions.

And you VILL haf fun or else:

At Beijing’s Central University for Nationalities, Tibetan students who had applied last year for permission to hold a Losar celebration informed the university recently that they wished to cancel. But the university told them that the party must go on, said a university source who asked not to be quoted by name.

“Celebrating is compulsory,” he said.

And ve haf vays of making you party:

On Feb. 14, a 39-year-old Tibetan monk set off a furor when he walked through a public market in the Tibetan plateau’s Lithang county carrying a photograph of the Dalai Lama and chanting, “No Losar.” Hundreds of people reportedly joined the protests, which continued into the next two days, according to the Dharamsala-based Tibetan Center for Human Rights and Democracy. The group said that Chinese police detained 21 people, some of whom were badly beaten, and that the county has been locked down for the holiday.

Reports say that as many as 20,000 additional soldiers and paramilitary troops have been deployed in Tibetan areas and that in Qinghai province, village leaders were threatened with arrest if they urged people not to celebrate the holiday.

Well its a good think that we are concerned about human rights, aren’t we:

Clinton told reporters covering her tour of Asian nations that human rights violations by China should not stand in the way of cooperation between the two powers on financial, environmental and security crises, The Washington Post (NYSE:WPO) reported.

And we all know how softplaying human rights worked with the Olympics:

Well, advocates of granting the Olympic Games to China all said that having the Games would force the PRC to liberalize. It would be good for human rights, people said. Even Chinese authorities themselves said that the Games would cause them to liberalize!

That was the great selling point.

And what happened? Not only did the Games not have a liberalizing effect; they had the opposite — moving the PRC to crack down all the more. I documented this extensively in a five-part series on this site last August. You can find it in my archive, here.

What a surprise, as the old Cox and Forkum cartoons say: “I’m a communist dictator you fool!”

Update: Darren Hutchinson notices other interesting aspects.

Via Hot Air Time makes fun of indulgences:

Indulgences are a handy marketing tool for the Church, a way of encouraging people to amp up their spiritual life. But figuring out exactly what they are and how they work can be confusing. “It brings people who aren’t Catholic up short,” said David Steinmetz, a professor of the history of Christianity at Duke Divinity School.

It’s not a “marketing tool” or a very tough concept but the tougher or odder you make it seem the less likely that one will do a devotion. Good works and faithful acts are like anything in life, repetition breeds habit, habit leads one closer to God and that is why it must be made trivial.

Indirect proof time.