For reasons that are beyond me I not motivated to work on my taxes. Considering the fine job our chief tax cheat Secretary of the Treasury is doing, the motivation provided by Sen Daschle and the leadership shown by the administration on simulating the economy I can’t see why.

Update: This might have something to do with it too.

Update 2: Nobody’s Perfect? Are these guys that lame?

Last week Fox reported that the president was going to cut defense 10%.

Today Congressional quarterly says that instead he will be increasing defense 8%.

Somebody has it wrong unless we are talking about cutting the rate of growth. Economic problems or no I wouldn’t be too fired up to cut war spending. Economic cycles come and go, but you can’t unlose a war.

UPDATE: Max Boot sees the -10

Byron York is a solid reporter and one of the best examples of a person who can report facts without without letting one’s ideology mess with them. Check out his archive to see what i mean.

He anounces today that this will be his last week at the National Review as he moves to political reporting at the Washington Examiner and blogging at

This is a huge loss for the corner. The graveyards may be full of irreplaceable men but as noted earlier real reporters who actually report are a rare commodity these days.

Father Z offers a sucker bet:

This is probably the week we will start to see an acceleration of expressions of real hatred of the Holy Father and the SSPX.

The nastiness is starting to seep out cracks in the foreheads of the progressivists which split open when Benedict lifted the excommunications.

These people are terrified.

I wouldn’t bet against this if you were giving 100-1. Just because it is the Catholic Church doesn’t mean we don’t have our own angry left.

Boston has a really good Cardinal in Sean O’Malley. Damian Thompson recommends him for his comments on the St. Pius X society but he really shines on his blog over the Right to life march:

Last week, the March for Life was a great success. The numbers of people who participated — particularly the number of young people — and the enthusiasm of the people for the cause was very encouraging. However, it is disturbing to see that the secular press, for the most part, chose to ignore a gathering of this proportion.

This week someone shared an article with me written by Don Feder, whom many of you will remember as a long-time Boston Herald columnist. In the article, he expresses dismay that the March for Life did not even receive a mention in the New York Times. He makes a strong point when he says that, had the cause been one that the liberal media was in favor of, even if there were just a few people there, it would be given prominence of place.

Sadly, the pro-life cause frequently receives this sort of unfair treatment. The media often seem to prefer to ignore the fact that huge numbers of Americans are dismayed at the lack of legal protection for human life in our country and are willing to express that in a public demonstration. This is certainly indicative of what a lacuna there is in our national media when it comes to the pro-life cause.

Indirect proof?

Victor David Hansen nails it with a column today President Hamlet:

Sometime around mid-2007, during its coverage of the Democratic primary, it ceased to be investigatory and chose to become an adulatory megaphone. A news story on the front pages of the New York Times or Washington Post, or a piece aired on NPR, or a feature in Time or Newsweek, is simply a disguised op-ed on yet another underappreciated moral or intellectual gift of Barack Obama. He has transcended the traditional doctrinaire support for liberal governance and become a sort of talisman that offers exemption to our elite from all sorts of guilt and anguish in matters ranging from race at home to multicultural sensitivity abroad.

The whole article is something Hanson bottom lines the choice for the president:

In the next year Obama can continue to run against George Bush and whine about the “mess” that “they” left him as he tries to turn the U.S. economy and government into copies of those in Spain and Greece. He can print money and label as “stimulus” a pork plan that is designed to empower Democratic constituencies at the price of leaving generations to come with decades of debt. He can use his formidable powers of rhetoric to talk of ethical progress while he allows Clintonian ethical regress. He can hope-and-change the world—and learn to his dismay that its thugs take such magnanimity for weakness to be ridiculed and indecision to be exploited. And he can end up a mediocre president who counts on historians to whitewash his presidency just as the media once ensured it.

Or President Obama can decline to be worshiped and instead stop the monstrous borrowing, unsustainable debt, and endless expansion of an increasingly incompetent government. And as solace, he can remember that his idol, Lincoln, was as hated by his contemporaries as he was worshiped by posterity—and that the latter is often predicated on the former.

The either or is the meat of the Carter/Arthur watch but I’m reminded of the Book I Claudius . Claudius goes on the how Caligula could have been Caligula the good , or Caligula the wise, but concludes of course if he was that type of person he wouldn’t have survived to rule. Same thing.

Update: Exhibit B at newsbusters and Michael Bates Blog.

Well I’m actually not shocked but some will be:

The chairman of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs tried to meet a top aide to Iran’s supreme leader in mid-December but was rebuffed at the last minute, a snub that illustrates the challenges to dialogue with Tehran pushed by President Barack Obama.

Rep. Howard Berman, a California Democrat, notified Mr. Obama’s transition team and the Bush White House of the planned meeting in Bahrain, according to senior Obama administration officials.

You mean making nice doesn’t work with these guys?

I’ve been looking for the Cox and Fordham cartoon “I’m a communist dictator you fool” to illustrate this but absent the cartoon it will have to stand for itself.

Charles Johnson almost goes Kryten reading the AP and Martin Kramer on the Gaza war:

This is one of those ludicrous media memes that refuses to die: fighting against evil only makes evil stronger. You’ll see it in articles about every conflict; it’s a kind of nihilistic philosophical tic that is nearly universal, a counterintuitive observation that’s supposed to impress you with its depth.

Here’s the dirty little secret: it’s not deep, it’s stupid. The emperor really is naked.

The question they never ask: if fighting terrorists only makes more terrorists, and only makes hard-liners stronger in every case, what’s the alternative? Giving up?

Did these guys report St. Louis as the winner of the Superbowl? Hamas has won in the same way Dallas Acadamy did; only in the minds of the press and now they want the same after result,.